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bepress to preserve Digital Commons e-journals with Portico


Portico is pleased to announce that bepress has entered into an agreement with Portico to preserve e-journals hosted on bepress Digital Commons publishing repositories. The journals are all participants in the new Digital Commons Publishing Services program, which is designed to give library published journals access to professional publishing infrastructure.

“Archiving with Portico is a hallmark of professionally published journals, and a key element in the long-term success of library-based publishing programs,” stated Irene Perciali, director of Strategic Initiatives at bepress.

The initial addition to Portico’s archives includes 19 journals published by 10 different university libraries and other academic organizations: AcademyHealth, Butler University, Grand Valley State University, Kennesaw State University, Pacific University, Purdue University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Western Kentucky University, and the Global Summitry Project at the University of Toronto.

“We are pleased to be working with bepress, and to further extend our relationship with libraries through this partnership,” commented Kate Wittenberg, managing director of Portico.

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