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More than 90 International University Presses Preserving E-Books with Portico


Portico is now preserving e-books from more than 90 university presses in 6 countries. This includes Cambridge University Press and university press e-books hosted by JSTOR (Books at JSTOR), Project Muse (UPCC Collections), and Oxford University Press (University Press Scholarship Online). These presses and their platform partners are contributing to the preservation of tens of thousands of e-books.

“The university press community has been a long-time supporter of digital preservation,” said Peter Dougherty, president of the Association of American University Presses and director of Princeton University Press. “It’s great to see many AAUP members working with Portico through these relationships.”

With the Books at JSTOR program, Portico will preserve e-books from more than 30 university presses as well as independent not-for-profit organizations. Project Muse and Portico partnered in late 2012 to preserve e-books from more than 70 presses. Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press have been working with Portico since 2006 and 2007 respectively; first to preserve their e-journals and then to preserve their e-books.

“Like many others, the number of e-books we’re publishing continues to grow to meet demand,” stated Charles Watkinson, director, Purdue University Press, which is part of the UPCC Books offering. “Digital preservation of this content has become a pressing issue that our community needs to continue to address.”

The community goes beyond the presses themselves. Nearly two-thirds of the university libraries at these presses’ home institutions also participate in Portico. This collaboration signals the kind of university-wide commitment to preserving scholarly publications that’s needed today. “Portico participation from both university libraries and university presses reflects the founding purpose of Portico—to create a trusted, shared digital preservation archive that the community as a whole can support,” stated Carol Mandel, dean of the division of libraries, New York University and Portico advisor.

Portico’s E-Book Service has more than 170,000 titles committed for preservation. Publishers that support this service range from large commercial publishers to university presses and small independent publishers. More information about this service is available at

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