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German National Consortium Signs Digital Preservation Agreement with Portico


Portico and a national consortium of German academic institutions today announced an agreement for consortium member libraries to join the Portico digital preservation service. By participating in Portico, German institutions and the communities they serve will be assured continued access to important scholarly content from around the world.

The consortium-wide license agreement enables any member library to join Portico. At the time of its signing, 54 libraries had already committed to join Portico – including the Max Planck Digital Library, LMU Munich and Jülich Forschungszentrum – with additional members expected to enroll now that the agreement is in place.

The decision to join Portico follows an extensive program to formulate a national strategy for digital preservation of licensed content that was undertaken by the NatHosting project, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The report from NatHosting endorsed Portico as one of the key components of a German preservation strategy, saying, “The participation of a national consortium at Portico is recommended in order to be able to quickly secure important content.”

Hildegard Schäffler, Head of Serials, Licensing, Electronic Publishing at the Bavarian State Library, who led the negotiations of the agreement, said, “We are very pleased to have implemented one important building block of a national preservation strategy for licensed content by forming a national consortium to join Portico.”

“The German National Consortium has been at the forefront in recognizing the importance of a national commitment to preservation,” said Bruce Heterick, Vice President of Outreach for Portico. “We are pleased that after a thorough review, they have opted to participate in Portico and ensure that German libraries have enduring access to scholarship.”

With the participation of German National Consortium member libraries, Portico support now exceeds 1,000 participating libraries in 21 countries. More than 400 publishers – representing more than 2,000 societies and associations – also participate in Portico. The Portico archive holds over 1.2 billion files – representing more than 470,000 e-books and 22,000 e-journals. More information is available at