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GRDS Publishing to Preserve e-journals with Portico


GRDS Publishing will preserve e-journals with Portico, ensuring that they will be secure and available into the future.

GRDS Publishing aims to disseminate knowledge and innovation through a broad spectrum of high quality journals. GRDS journals international, peer-reviewed, and open-access.

“GRDS Publishing is proud to partner with Portico for digital preservation of our online scholarly journals,” said Dr. Lazarus of GRDS. “Today in the era of open access publication and online journals, it has become an issue of paramount importance to preserve the digital content. We found Portico to be an excellent platform for meeting our preservation needs. The process of joining and sharing content is extremely smooth and user friendly. The executives and managers are well trained and equipped for sorting out minutest of doubts and ironing out smallest of creases for ensuring seamless integration of publisher’s platform with Portico’s preservation system.”

For more information, please visit the publisher’s page on the Portico website.