NRC Research Press and Portico sign archiving agreement

Portico is pleased to announce the signing of a journal archiving agreement with NRC Research Press. The NRC Research Press is the publishing arm of the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI). In addition to journals, the Press publishes a growing number of books and conference proceedings each year in fields ranging from botany to civil engineering.

Through this agreement with Portico, NRC Research Press makes certain it’s entire collection of 16 journal titles is preserved for future scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students.

In addition, NRC Research Press has agreed to make an annual financial contribution to Portico and has designated the Portico archive as an official delivery platform for post-cancellation access claims.

With the inclusion of NRC Research Press journal publications, over 5,100 titles have now been entrusted to the Portico archive. The complete list of journal titles is available at /digital-preservation/who-participates-in-portico/participating-titles/ and a list of participating publishers is available at /digital-preservation/who-participates-in-portico/participating-publishers/.

Please visit the Portico website to view a current list of participating libraries