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Digitized Print Electronic Current Content PCA
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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Acta Chiropterologica BioOne 1508-1109 1733-5329 Preserved Yes
Acta Ornithologica BioOne 0001-6454 2224-073X Preserved Yes
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica BioOne 0567-7920 1732-2421 Preserved Yes
Adansonia BioOne 1280-8571 1639-4798 Preserved Yes
Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science BioOne N/A N/A Queued Yes
African Entomology BioOne 1021-3589 N/A Preserved Yes
African Invertebrates BioOne 1681-5556 2305-2562 Preserved Yes
African Zoology BioOne 1562-7020 2224-073X Preserved Yes
Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment BioOne 0044-7447 0301-0325 Preserved Yes
American Biology Teacher BioOne 0002-7685 1938-4211 Preserved Yes
American Fern Journal BioOne 0002-8444 1938-422X Preserved Yes
American Malacological Bulletin BioOne 0740-2783 2162-2698 Preserved Yes
American Midland Naturalist BioOne 0003-0031 1938-4238 Preserved Yes
American Museum Novitates BioOne 0003-0082 1937-352X Preserved Yes
American Zoologist BioOne 0003-1569 N/A Preserved Yes
Annales Botanici Fennici BioOne 0003-3847 1797-2442 Preserved Yes
Annales Zoologici BioOne 0003-4541 1734-1833 Preserved Yes
Annales Zoologici Fennici BioOne 0003-455X 1797-2450 Preserved Yes
Annals of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History BioOne 0097-4463 1943-6300 Preserved Yes
Annals of the Entomological Society of America BioOne 0013-8746 1938-2901 Preserved Yes
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden BioOne 0026-6493 2162-4372 Preserved Yes
Anthropozoologica BioOne 0761-3032 2107-0881 Preserved Yes
Applications in Plant Sciences BioOne N/A 2168-0450 Preserved Yes
Applied Vegetation Science BioOne 1402-2001 1654-109X Preserved Yes
Arabidopsis Book BioOne 1543-8120 N/A Preserved Yes
Arachnology BioOne 2050-9928 2050-9936 Preserved Yes
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research BioOne 1523-0430 1938-4246 Preserved Yes
Ardea BioOne 0373-2266 N/A Preserved Yes
Ardeola BioOne 0570-7358 N/A Preserved Yes
The Auk BioOne 0004-8038 1938-4254 Preserved Yes
Avian Diseases BioOne 0005-2086 1938-4351 Preserved Yes
Avian Diseases Digest BioOne N/A 1933-5334 Preserved Yes
Biology of Reproduction BioOne 0006-3363 1529-7268 Preserved Yes
Bios BioOne 0005-3155 1943-6289 Preserved Yes
BioScience BioOne 0006-3568 1525-3244 Preserved Yes
Biotropica BioOne 0006-3606 1744-7429 Preserved Yes
Botanical Review BioOne 0006-8101 1874-9372 Preserved Yes
Breviora BioOne 0006-9698 1938-2979 Preserved Yes
Brittonia BioOne 0007-196X 1938-436X Preserved Yes
Bryologist BioOne 0007-2745 1938-4378 Preserved Yes
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History BioOne 0003-0090 1937-3546 Preserved Yes
Bulletin of the Biological Society of Washington BioOne 0097-0298 1943-6335 Preserved Yes
Bulletin of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History BioOne 0415-9058 0145-9058 Preserved Yes
Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology BioOne 0027-4100 1938-2987 Preserved Yes
Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History BioOne 0079-032X 2162-4135 Preserved Yes
Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences BioOne 0038-3872 2162-4534 Preserved Yes
Cactus and Succulent Journal BioOne 0007-9367 1938-288X Preserved Yes
The Canadian Entomologist BioOne 0008-347X 1918-3240 Preserved Yes
Caribbean Journal of Science BioOne 0008-6452 N/A Preserved Yes
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Castanea BioOne 0008-7475 1938-4386 Preserved Yes
Cell Stress & Chaperones BioOne 1355-8145 1466-1268 Preserved Yes
Chelonian Conservation and Biology BioOne 1071-8443 1943-3956 Preserved Yes
Coleopterists Bulletin BioOne 0010-065X 1938-4394 Preserved Yes
Comparative Parasitology BioOne 1525-2647 1938-2952 Preserved Yes
The Condor BioOne 0010-5422 1938-5129 Preserved Yes
Copeia BioOne 0045-8511 1938-5110 Preserved Yes
Cryptogamie, Algologie BioOne 0181-1568 1776-0984 Preserved Yes
Cryptogamie, Bryologie BioOne 1290-0796 1776-0992 Preserved Yes
Cryptogamie, Mycologie BioOne 0181-1584 1776-100X Preserved Yes
Current Herpetology BioOne 1881-1019 1345-5834 Preserved Yes
Economic Botany BioOne 0013-0001 1874-9364 Preserved Yes
Ecoscience BioOne 1195-6860 N/A Preserved Yes
Edentata BioOne 1413-4411 N/A Preserved Yes
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene BioOne 2325-1026 N/A Preserved Yes
Entomologica Americana BioOne 1947-5136 1947-5144 Preserved Yes
Entomological News BioOne 0013-872X 2162-3236 Preserved Yes
Environmental Entomology BioOne 0046-225X 1938-2936 Preserved Yes
Evansia BioOne 0747-9859 N/A Preserved Yes
Evolution BioOne 0014-3820 1558-5646 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana - Anthropology BioOne 0071-4739 2162-4321 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana - Botany BioOne 0015-0746 2162-4267 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana - Geology BioOne 0096-2651 2162-4348 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences BioOne 2158-5520 2163-7105 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana - Zoology BioOne 0015-0754 2162-4291 Preserved Yes
Florida Entomologist BioOne 0015-4040 1938-5102 Preserved Yes
Freshwater Reviews BioOne 1755-084X N/A Preserved Yes
Freshwater Science BioOne 2161-9549 2161-9565 Preserved Yes
Geodiversitas BioOne 1280-9659 1638-9395 Preserved Yes
Harvard Papers in Botany BioOne 1043-4534 1938-2944 Preserved Yes
Haseltonia BioOne 1070-0048 1938-2898 Preserved Yes
Herpetologica BioOne 0018-0831 1938-5099 Preserved Yes
Herpetological Monographs BioOne 0733-1347 1938-5137 Preserved Yes
Herzogia BioOne N/A 0018-0971 Preserved Yes
Human Biology BioOne 0018-7143 1534-6617 Preserved Yes
Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management BioOne 1551-3777 1551-3793 Preserved Yes
Integrative and Comparative Biology BioOne 1540-7063 1557-7023 Preserved Yes
The International Forestry Review BioOne 1465-5489 N/A Preserved Yes
Invasive Plant Science and Management BioOne 1939-7291 1939-747X Preserved Yes
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Animal BioOne 1071-2690 1543-706X Preserved Yes
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant BioOne 1054-5476 1475-2689 Preserved Yes
Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology BioOne 1523-5475 2153-652X Preserved Yes
Journal of Arachnology BioOne 0161-8202 1937-2396 Preserved Yes
Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery BioOne 1082-6742 1938-2871 Preserved Yes
Journal of Coastal Conservation BioOne 1400-0350 1874-7841 Preserved Yes
Journal of Coastal Research BioOne 0749-0208 1551-5036 Preserved Yes
Journal of Crustacean Biology BioOne 0278-0372 1937-240X Preserved Yes
Journal of East Africa Natural History BioOne 0012-8317 1026-1613 Preserved Yes
Journal of Economic Entomology BioOne 0022-0493 1938-291X Preserved Yes
Journal of Entomological Science BioOne 0749-8004 N/A Preserved Yes
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Journal of Ethnobiology BioOne 0278-0771 2162-4496 Preserved Yes
The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology BioOne 1066-5234 1550-7408 Preserved Yes
Journal of Field Ornithology BioOne 0273-8570 1557-9263 Preserved Yes
Journal of Great Lakes Research BioOne 0380-1330 N/A Preserved Yes
Journal of Herpetology BioOne 0022-1511 1937-2418 Preserved Yes
Journal of Insect Science BioOne 0970-3837 1536-2442 Preserved Yes
Journal of Mammalian Ova Research BioOne 1341-7738 1347-5878 Preserved Yes
Journal of Mammalogy BioOne 0022-2372 1545-1542 Preserved Yes
Journal of Medical Entomology BioOne 0022-2585 1938-2928 Preserved Yes
Journal of Orthoptera Research BioOne 1082-6467 1937-2426 Preserved Yes
Journal of Paleontology BioOne 0022-3360 1937-2337 Preserved Yes
Journal of Parasitology BioOne 0022-3395 1937-2345 Preserved Yes
Journal of Raptor Research BioOne 0892-1016 2162-4569 Preserved Yes
Journal of Resources and Ecology BioOne 1674-764X N/A Preserved Yes
Journal of Shellfish Research BioOne 0730-8000 1943-6319 Preserved Yes
Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association BioOne 8756-971X 1943-6270 Preserved Yes
Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Sciences BioOne 0193-8509 1533-6085 Preserved Yes
Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society BioOne 0022-8567 1937-2353 Preserved Yes
Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science BioOne 1098-7096 1938-2960 Preserved Yes
Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society BioOne 0024-0966 N/A Preserved Yes
Journal of the New York Entomological Society BioOne 0028-7199 N/A Preserved Yes
Journal of the North American Benthological Society BioOne 0887-3593 N/A Preserved Yes
Journal of the North Atlantic BioOne 1935-1984 1935-1933 Preserved Yes
Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society BioOne 1095-5674 1940-0616 Preserved Yes
Journal of Vector Ecology BioOne 1081-1710 1948-7134 Preserved Yes
Journal of Vegetation Science BioOne 1100-9233 1104-7402 Preserved Yes
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology BioOne 0272-4634 1937-2809 Preserved Yes
Journal of Wildlife Management BioOne 0022-541X 1937-2817 Preserved Yes
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine BioOne 1042-7260 1937-2825 Preserved Yes
Madrono BioOne 0024-9637 1943-6297 Preserved Yes
Malacologia BioOne 0076-2997 2168-9075 Preserved Yes
Mammalian Species BioOne 0076-3519 1545-1410 Preserved Yes
Mammal Study BioOne 1343-4152 1348-6160 Preserved Yes
Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science BioOne 1942-5120 N/A Preserved Yes
Marine Resource Economics BioOne 0738-1360 0738-1360 Preserved Yes
Micropaleontology BioOne 0026-2803 1937-2795 Preserved Yes
Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist BioOne 1545-0228 1944-8236 Preserved Yes
Mountain Research and Development BioOne 0276-4741 1994-7151 Preserved Yes
Natural Areas Journal BioOne 0885-8608 2162-4399 Preserved Yes
Neotropical Primates BioOne 1413-4705 N/A Preserved Yes
Northeastern Naturalist BioOne 1092-6194 1938-5307 Preserved Yes
Northwestern Naturalist BioOne 1051-1733 1938-5315 Preserved Yes
Northwest Science BioOne 0029-344X 2161-9859 Preserved Yes
Novon BioOne 1055-3177 1945-6174 Preserved Yes
Ornithological Monographs BioOne 0078-6594 1941-2282 Preserved Yes
Ornithological Science BioOne 1347-0558 N/A Preserved Yes
Pacific Science: a quarterly devoted to the biological and physical sciences of the Pacific Region BioOne 0030-8870 1534-6188 Preserved Yes
Palaeodiversity BioOne 1867-6294 1869-4802 Preserved Yes
Palaios BioOne 0883-1351 1938-5323 Preserved Yes
Paleobiology BioOne 0094-8373 1938-5331 Preserved Yes
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Paleontological Contributions BioOne 1946-0279 N/A Preserved Yes
Paleontological Research BioOne 1342-8144 1880-0068 Preserved Yes
Palynology BioOne 0191-6122 1558-9188 Preserved Yes
The Pan-Pacific Entomologist BioOne 0031-0603 2162-0237 Preserved Yes
Photochemistry and Photobiology BioOne 0031-8655 1751-1097 Preserved Yes
Politics and the Life Sciences BioOne 0730-9384 1471-5457 Preserved Yes
Primate Conservation BioOne 0898-6207 2162-4232 Preserved Yes
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia BioOne 0097-3157 1938-5293 Preserved Yes
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington BioOne 0006-324X 1943-6327 Preserved Yes
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington BioOne 0013-8797 N/A Preserved Yes
Radiation Research BioOne 0033-7587 1938-5404 Preserved Yes
Rangeland Ecology & Management BioOne 1550-7424 1551-5028 Preserved Yes
Rangelands BioOne 0190-0528 1551-501X Preserved Yes
RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment BioOne N/A N/A Queued Yes
Rhodora BioOne 0035-4902 1938-3401 Preserved Yes
Society of Wetland Scientists Bulletin BioOne 0732-9393 N/A Preserved Yes
South African Journal of Wildlife Research BioOne 0379-4369 N/A Preserved Yes
South American Journal of Herpetology BioOne 1808-9798 N/A Preserved Yes
Southeastern Naturalist BioOne 1528-7092 1938-5412 Preserved Yes
Southwestern Entomologist BioOne 0147-1724 2162-2647 Preserved Yes
Southwestern Naturalist BioOne 0038-4909 1943-6262 Preserved Yes
Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde A BioOne 0341-0145 2193-5513 Preserved Yes
Systematic and Applied Acarology BioOne 1362-1971 N/A Preserved Yes
Systematic Botany BioOne 0363-6445 1548-2324 Preserved Yes
Transactions of the American Entomological Society BioOne 0002-8320 0886-1145 Preserved Yes
Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science BioOne 0022-8443 1938-5420 Preserved Yes
Tree-Ring Research BioOne 1536-1098 2162-4585 Preserved Yes
Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter BioOne 1526-3096 1943-4189 Preserved Yes
Ursus BioOne 1537-6176 1938-5439 Preserved Yes
Waterbirds BioOne 1524-4695 1938-5390 Preserved Yes
Weed Science BioOne 0043-1745 1550-2759 Preserved Yes
Weed Technology BioOne 0890-037X 1550-2740 Preserved Yes
Western North American Naturalist BioOne 1527-0904 1944-8341 Preserved Yes
Wetlands BioOne 0277-5212 1943-6246 Preserved Yes
Wilderness and Environmental Medicine BioOne 1080-6032 1545-1534 Preserved Yes
Wildlife Biology BioOne 0909-6396 1903-220X Preserved Yes
Wildlife Monographs BioOne 0084-0173 1938-5455 Preserved Yes
Wildlife Society Bulletin BioOne 0091-7648 1938-5463 Preserved Yes
Wilson Bulletin BioOne 0043-5643 N/A Preserved Yes
Wilson Journal of Ornithology BioOne 1559-4491 1938-5447 Preserved Yes
Zoological Science BioOne 0289-0003 N/A Preserved Yes
Zoosystema BioOne 1280-9551 1638-9387 Preserved Yes
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