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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Animal Production Science CSIRO Publishing 1836-0939 1836-5787 Preserved No
The APPEA Journal CSIRO Publishing N/A 2206-8996 Queued No
Australasian Plant Disease Notes CSIRO Publishing N/A 1833-928X Preserved No
Australasian Plant Pathology CSIRO Publishing 0815-3191 1448-6032 Preserved No
Australian Health Review CSIRO Publishing 0156-5788 1449-8944 Preserved No
Australian Journal of Agricultural Research CSIRO Publishing 0004-9409 1444-9838 Preserved No
Australian Journal of Botany CSIRO Publishing 0067-1924 1444-9862 Preserved No
Australian Journal of Chemistry CSIRO Publishing 0004-9425 1445-0038 Preserved No
Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture CSIRO Publishing 0816-1089 1446-5574 Preserved No
Australian Journal of Physics CSIRO Publishing 0004-9506 N/A Preserved No
Australian Journal of Primary Health CSIRO Publishing 1448-7527 1836-7399 Preserved No
Australian Journal of Soil Research CSIRO Publishing 0004-9573 1446-568X Preserved No
Australian Journal of Zoology CSIRO Publishing 0004-959X 1446-5698 Preserved No
Australian Journal of Zoology. Supplementary Series CSIRO Publishing 0310-9089 N/A Preserved No
Australian Mammology CSIRO Publishing 0310-0049 1836-7402 Preserved No
Australian Systematic Botany CSIRO Publishing 1030-1887 1446-4701 Preserved No
Brunonia CSIRO Publishing 0313-4245 N/A Preserved No
Crop and Pasture Science CSIRO Publishing 1836-0947 1836-5795 Preserved No
Emu: Austral Ornithology CSIRO Publishing 0158-4197 1448-5540 Preserved No
Environmental Chemistry CSIRO Publishing 1448-2517 1449-8979 Preserved No
Exploration Geophysics CSIRO Publishing 0812-3985 1834-7533 Preserved No
Functional Plant Biology CSIRO Publishing 0310-7841 1445-4416 Preserved No
Healthcare Infection CSIRO Publishing 1835-5617 1835-5625 Preserved No
Health Promotion Journal of Australia CSIRO Publishing 1036-1073 2201-1617 Preserved No
Historical Records of Australian Science CSIRO Publishing 0727-3061 1448-5508 Preserved No
International Journal of Wildland Fire CSIRO Publishing 1049-8001 1448-5516 Preserved No
Invertebrate Systematics CSIRO Publishing 0818-0164 1447-2600 Preserved No
Journal of Primary Health Care CSIRO Publishing 1172-6164 1172-6156 Preserved No
Marine & Freshwater Research CSIRO Publishing 1323-1650 1448-6059 Preserved No
Microbiology Australia CSIRO Publishing 1324-4272 2201-9189 Preserved No
Molluscan Research CSIRO Publishing 1323-5818 1448-6067 Preserved No
NSW Public Health Bulletin CSIRO Publishing 1034-7674 1834-8610 Preserved No
Pacific Conservation Biology CSIRO Publishing 1038-2097 2204-4604 Preserved No
Preview CSIRO Publishing 1443-2471 1836-084X Preserved No
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria CSIRO Publishing 0035-9211 2204-1362 Preserved No
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia CSIRO Publishing 1323-3580 1448-6083 Preserved No
The Rangeland Journal CSIRO Publishing 1036-9872 1834-7541 Preserved No
Reproduction, Fertility & Development CSIRO Publishing 1031-3613 1448-5990 Preserved No
Sexual Health CSIRO Publishing 1448-5028 1449-8987 Preserved No
Soil Research CSIRO Publishing 1838-675X 1838-6768 Preserved No
South Pacific Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences CSIRO Publishing 1838-837X 1838-8388 Preserved No
The South Pacific Journal of Natural Science CSIRO Publishing 1013-9877 1726-0787 Preserved No
Wildlife Research CSIRO Publishing 1035-3712 1448-5494 Preserved No