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Digitized Print Electronic Current Content PCA
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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
a/b: Auto/Biography Studies Project MUSE 0898-9575 2151-7290 Preserved No
Ab Imperio Project MUSE 2166-4072 2164-9731 Preserved No
Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region / Revue dhistoire de la region atlantique Project MUSE 0044-5851 N/A Queued No
Advertising & Society Quarterly Project MUSE N/A 2475-1790 Queued No
Advertising & Society Review Project MUSE N/A 1534-7311 Preserved No
African American Review Project MUSE 1062-4783 1945-6182 Preserved No
African Arts Project MUSE 0001-9333 1937-2108 Queued No
African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review Project MUSE 2156-695X 2156-7263 Queued No
African Economic History Project MUSE 0145-2258 2163-9108 Preserved No
African Studies Review Project MUSE 0002-0206 1555-2462 Preserved No
Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute Project MUSE 0001-9720 1750-0184 Preserved No
Africa Today Project MUSE 0001-9887 1527-1978 Preserved No
Alabama Review Project MUSE 0002-4341 2166-9961 Preserved No
Al-Arabiyya: Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic Project MUSE 0889-8731 2375-4036 Queued No
Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism Project MUSE 1565-1525 1565-5423 Preserved No
American Annals of the Deaf Project MUSE 0002-726X 1543-0375 Preserved No
American Book Review Project MUSE 0149-9408 2153-4578 Preserved No
American Catholic Studies Project MUSE 2161-8542 2161-8534 Preserved No
American Imago Project MUSE 0065-860X 1085-7931 Preserved No
The American Indian Quarterly Project MUSE 0095-182X 1534-1828 Preserved No
American Jewish History Project MUSE 0164-0178 1086-3141 Preserved No
The American Journal of Bioethics Project MUSE 1526-5161 1536-0075 Preserved No
American Journal of Mathematics Project MUSE 0002-9327 1080-6377 Queued No
American Journal of Philology Project MUSE 0002-9475 1086-3168 Preserved No
American Journal of Theology & Philosophy Project MUSE 0194-3448 2156-4795 Queued No
American Literary History Project MUSE 0896-7148 1468-4365 Preserved No
American Literary Realism Project MUSE 1540-3084 1940-5103 Preserved No
American Literary Scholarship Project MUSE 0065-9142 1527-2125 Preserved No
American Literature Project MUSE 0002-9831 1527-2117 Preserved No
American Music Project MUSE 0734-4392 1945-2349 Preserved No
American Periodicals: A Journal of History, Criticism, and Bibliography Project MUSE 1054-7479 1548-4238 Preserved No
American Quarterly Project MUSE 0003-0678 1080-6490 Preserved No
American Speech Project MUSE 0003-1283 1527-2133 Preserved No
American Studies Project MUSE 0026-3079 2153-6856 Preserved No
The Americas Project MUSE 0003-1615 1533-6247 Preserved No
Anales Galdosianos Project MUSE 0569-9924 2161-301X Preserved No
Annales. Histoire, Sciences sociales (English Edition) Project MUSE N/A N/A Queued No
Annales. Histoire, Sciences sociales (French Edition) Project MUSE 0395-2649 1953-8146 Queued No
Anthropologica Project MUSE 0003-5459 2292-3586 Preserved No
Anthropological Linguistics Project MUSE 0003-5483 1944-6527 Preserved No
Anthropological Quarterly Project MUSE 0003-5491 1534-1518 Preserved No
Appalachian Heritage Project MUSE 0363-2318 1940-5081 Preserved No
Archives of Asian Art Project MUSE 0066-6637 1944-6497 Preserved No
Arctic Anthropology Project MUSE 0066-6939 1933-8139 Preserved No
Arethusa Project MUSE 0004-0975 1080-6504 Preserved No
ariel: A Review of International English Literature Project MUSE 0004-1327 1920-1222 Preserved No
Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies Project MUSE 1096-2492 1934-9009 Preserved No
Arizona Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory Project MUSE 0004-1610 1558-9595 Preserved No
Arthuriana Project MUSE 1078-6279 1934-1539 Preserved No
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ASAP/Journal Project MUSE 2381-4705 2381-4721 Queued No
ASEAN Economic Bulletin Project MUSE 0217-4472 1793-2831 Queued No
Asian Bioethics Review Project MUSE 1793-8759 1793-9453 Preserved No
Asian Journal of English Language Teaching Project MUSE 1026-2652 2333-7192 Preserved No
Asian Music Project MUSE 0044-9202 1553-5630 Preserved No
Asian Perspectives Project MUSE 0066-8435 1535-8283 Preserved No
Asian Theatre Journal Project MUSE 0742-5457 1527-2109 Preserved No
Asia Policy Project MUSE 1559-0968 1559-2960 Preserved No
AUDEM: The International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy Project MUSE 2157-8583 2157-8591 Preserved No
Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture Project MUSE 1939-6120 1944-6500 Queued No