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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
The American Journal of Gastroenterology Springer Nature 0002-9270 1572-0241 Queued Yes
American Journal of Hypertension Springer Nature 0895-7061 1941-7225 Preserved Yes
BDJ Team Springer Nature N/A 2054-7617 Preserved Yes
Bio/Technology Springer Nature 0733-222X N/A Preserved Yes
BoneKEy Reports Springer Nature N/A 2047-6396 Preserved Yes
Bone Marrow Transplantation Springer Nature 0268-3369 1476-5365 Preserved Yes
British Dental Journal Springer Nature 0007-0610 1476-5373 Preserved Yes
British Journal of Cancer Springer Nature 0007-0920 1532-1827 Preserved Yes
British Journal of Pharmacology Springer Nature 0007-1188 1476-5381 Preserved Yes
Cancer Gene Therapy Springer Nature 0929-1903 1476-5500 Preserved Yes
Cell Death and Disease Springer Nature N/A 2041-4889 Preserved Yes
Cell Death & Differentiation Springer Nature 1350-9047 1476-5403 Preserved Yes
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics Springer Nature 0009-9236 1532-6535 Preserved Yes
CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology Springer Nature N/A 2163-8306 Preserved Yes
EMBO Journal Springer Nature 0261-4189 1460-2075 Preserved Yes
EMBO Reports Springer Nature 1469-221X 1469-3178 Preserved Yes
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Springer Nature 0954-3007 1476-5640 Preserved Yes
European Journal of Human Genetics Springer Nature 1018-4813 1476-5438 Preserved Yes
Evidence-Based Dentistry Springer Nature 1462-0049 1476-5446 Preserved Yes
Eye Springer Nature 0950-222X 1476-5454 Preserved Yes
Genes & Immunity Springer Nature 1466-4879 1476-5470 Preserved Yes
Gene Therapy Springer Nature 0969-7128 1476-5462 Preserved Yes
IBMS BoneKEy Springer Nature N/A 1940-8692 Preserved Yes
International Journal of Impotence Research Springer Nature 0955-9930 1476-5489 Preserved Yes
International Journal of Obesity Springer Nature 0307-0565 1476-5497 Preserved Yes
International Journal of Obesity Supplements Springer Nature 2046-2166 2046-2174 Preserved Yes
The ISME Journal Springer Nature 1751-7362 1751-7370 Preserved Yes
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism Springer Nature 0271-678X 1559-7016 Preserved Yes
Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology Springer Nature 1053-4245 1476-5381 Preserved Yes
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology Springer Nature 1559-0631 1559-064X Preserved Yes
Journal of Human Genetics Springer Nature 1434-5161 1435-232X Preserved Yes
Journal of Human Hypertension Springer Nature 0950-9240 1476-5527 Preserved Yes
Journal of Investigative Dermatology Springer Nature 0022-202X 1523-1747 Preserved Yes
Journal of Perinatology Springer Nature 0743-8346 1476-5543 Preserved Yes
Lab Animal Springer Nature 0093-7355 1548-4475 Preserved Yes
Laboratory Investigation Springer Nature 0023-6837 1530-0307 Preserved Yes
Leukemia Springer Nature 0887-6924 1476-5551 Preserved Yes
Leukemia Supplements Springer Nature 2044-5210 1476-5551 Preserved Yes
Modern Pathology Springer Nature 0893-3952 1530-0285 Preserved Yes
Molecular Psychiatry Springer Nature 1359-4184 1476-5578 Preserved Yes
Mucosal Immunology Springer Nature 1933-0219 1935-3456 Preserved Yes
Nature Springer Nature 0028-0836 1476-4687 Preserved Yes
Nature Biotechnology Springer Nature 1087-0156 1546-1696 Preserved Yes
Nature Cell Biology Springer Nature 1465-7392 1476-4679 Preserved Yes
Nature Chemical Biology Springer Nature 1552-4450 1552-4469 Preserved Yes
Nature Chemistry Springer Nature 1755-4330 1755-4349 Preserved Yes
Nature Climate Change Springer Nature 1758-678X 1758-6798 Preserved Yes
Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine Springer Nature 1743-4297 1743-4300 Preserved Yes
Nature Clinical Practice Endocrinology & Metabolism Springer Nature 1745-8366 1745-8374 Preserved Yes
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Nature Clinical Practice Gastroenterology & Hepatology Springer Nature 1743-4378 1743-4386 Preserved Yes
Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology Springer Nature 1745-8323 1745-8331 Preserved Yes
Nature Clinical Practice Neurology Springer Nature 1745-834X 1745-8358 Preserved Yes
Nature Clinical Practice Oncology Springer Nature 1743-4254 1743-4262 Preserved Yes
Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology Springer Nature 1745-8382 1745-8390 Preserved Yes
Nature Clinical Practice Urology Springer Nature 1743-4270 1743-4289 Preserved Yes
Nature Communications Springer Nature N/A 2041-1723 Preserved Yes
Nature Energy Springer Nature N/A 2058-7546 Preserved Yes
Nature Genetics Springer Nature 1061-4036 1546-1718 Preserved Yes
Nature Geoscience Springer Nature 1752-0894 1752-0908 Preserved Yes
Nature Immunology Springer Nature 1529-2908 1529-2916 Preserved Yes
Nature Materials Springer Nature 1476-1122 1476-4660 Preserved Yes
Nature Medicine Springer Nature 1078-8956 1546-170X Preserved Yes
Nature Methods Springer Nature 1548-7091 1548-7105 Preserved Yes
Nature Microbiology Springer Nature N/A 2058-5276 Preserved Yes
Nature Nanotechnology Springer Nature 1748-3387 1748-3395 Preserved Yes
Nature Neuroscience Springer Nature 1097-6256 1546-1726 Preserved Yes
Nature News Springer Nature N/A 1744-7933 Preserved Yes
Nature Photonics Springer Nature 1749-4885 1749-4893 Preserved Yes
Nature Physics Springer Nature 1745-2473 1745-2481 Preserved Yes
Nature Plants Springer Nature 2055-026X 2055-0278 Preserved Yes
Nature Protocols Springer Nature 1754-2189 1750-2799 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Cancer Springer Nature 1474-175X 1474-1768 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Cardiology Springer Nature 1759-5002 1759-5010 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology Springer Nature 1759-4774 1759-4782 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Disease Primers Springer Nature N/A 2056-676X Queued Yes
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Springer Nature 1474-1776 1474-1784 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Endocrinology Springer Nature 1759-5029 1759-5037 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology Springer Nature 1759-5045 1759-5053 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Genetics Springer Nature 1471-0056 1471-0064 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Immunology Springer Nature 1474-1733 1474-1741 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Materials Springer Nature N/A 2058-8437 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Microbiology Springer Nature 1740-1526 1740-1534 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology Springer Nature 1471-0072 1471-0080 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Nephrology Springer Nature 1759-5061 1759-507X Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Neurology Springer Nature 1759-4758 1759-4766 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Neuroscience Springer Nature 1471-003X 1471-0048 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Rheumatology Springer Nature 1759-4790 1759-4804 Preserved Yes
Nature Reviews Urology Springer Nature 1759-4812 1759-4820 Preserved Yes
Nature Structural Biology Springer Nature 1072-8368 N/A Preserved Yes
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Springer Nature 1545-9993 1545-9985 Preserved Yes
Neuropsychopharmacology Springer Nature 0893-133X 1740-634X Preserved Yes
NPG Asia Materials Springer Nature 1884-4049 1884-4057 Preserved Yes
npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine Springer Nature N/A 2055-1010 Preserved Yes
Oncogene: Including Oncogene Reviews Springer Nature 0950-9232 1476-5594 Preserved Yes
Oncogenesis Springer Nature N/A 2157-9024 Preserved Yes
Pediatric Research Springer Nature 0031-3998 1530-0447 Preserved Yes
The Pharmacogenomics Journal Springer Nature 1470-269X 1473-1150 Preserved Yes
Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases Springer Nature 1365-7852 1476-5608 Preserved Yes
Scientific Reports Springer Nature N/A 2045-2322 Preserved Yes
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Translational Psychiatry Springer Nature N/A 2158-3188 Preserved Yes
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