AS OF 27-Mar-2015

Listed below are those e-journal titles, e-book titles, and d-collections that are committed to the Portico archive. The titles and collections below with a status of “Queued” are currently in-line to be processed and preserved. Those with a status of “Preserved” are currently preserved in the Portico archive. Post-Cancellation Access (PCA) availability through Portico is indicated in the PCA column.

A downloadable list of committed e-journal titles and holdings is also available.

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
19th-Century Music University of California Press 0148-2076 1533-8606 Preserved Yes
21st Century Society: Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences Taylor & Francis Group 1745-0144 1745-0152 Preserved Yes
24 Images Consortium Érudit 0707-9389 1923-5097 Preserved No
2D Materials Institute of Physics Publishing N/A 2053-1583 Queued Yes
III-Vs Review Elsevier 0961-1290 N/A Preserved Yes
3C ON-LINE Association for Computing Machinery 1078-2192 N/A Preserved Yes
3DTV Conference: The True Vision - Capture, Transmission and Display of 3D Video (3DTV-CON) IEEE, Inc. 2161-2021 N/A Queued No
4OR Springer 1619-4500 1614-2411 Preserved Yes
?eskoslovenská Mikrobiologie Springer 0366-662X 1874-9356 Preserved Yes