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Listed below are those e-journal titles, e-book titles, and d-collections that are committed to the Portico archive. The titles and collections below with a status of “Queued” are currently in-line to be processed and preserved. Those with a status of “Preserved” are currently preserved in the Portico archive. Post-Cancellation Access (PCA) availability through Portico is indicated in the PCA column.

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
CEAS Space Journal Springer 1868-2502 1868-2510 Queued Yes
The Comparatist Project MUSE 0195-7678 1559-0887 Queued No
Clinical and Experimental Nephrology Springer 1342-1751 1437-7799 Queued Yes
Computer und Recht De Gruyter 0179-1990 2194-4172 Queued Yes
Computational Methods and Function Theory Springer 1617-9447 2195-3724 Queued Yes
Conference Proceedings (IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts) IEEE, Inc. 2162-7568 N/A Queued No
Conceptus De Gruyter 0010-5155 2196-9523 Queued Yes
Conversations in Religion & Theology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1479-2206 1479-2214 Queued Yes
Culture della sostenibilità : forme e processi per l'educazione sostenibile Franco Angeli Edizioni 1972-5817 1973-2511 Queued Yes
Comparative Professional Pedagogy De Gruyter N/A 2308-4081 Queued Yes
CNSA Journal Elsevier 0818-8157 N/A Queued Yes
Comparative Technology Transfer and Society Project MUSE 1542-0132 1543-3404 Queued No
Children's Literature Association Quarterly Project MUSE 0885-0429 1553-1201 Queued No
Control Theory and Technology Springer 2095-6983 2198-0942 Queued Yes
College Literature Project MUSE 0093-3139 1542-4286 Queued No
Conservative Judaism Project MUSE 0010-6542 1947-4717 Queued No
Cardiology Research Elmer Press Inc. 1923-2829 1923-2837 Queued No
Canadian Review of Comparative Literature / Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée Project MUSE 0319-051X 1913-9659 Queued No
Communications in Mathematics and Statistics Springer 2194-6701 2194-671X Queued Yes
Common Knowledge Project MUSE 0961-754X 1538-4578 Queued No
CEA Critic Project MUSE 0007-8069 2327-5898 Queued No
Critical Reviews in Diagnostic Imaging Taylor & Francis Group 1040-8371 N/A Queued Yes
Clinical Science Portland Press 0143-5221 1470-8736 Queued Yes
Cosmopolitan Civil Societies University of Technology Sydney Library N/A 1837-5391 Queued Yes
Current Medicinal Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 0929-8673 1875-533X Queued Yes
Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening Bentham Science Publishers 1386-2073 1875-5402 Queued Yes
Current Urban Studies Scientific Research Publishing 2328-4900 2328-4919 Queued No
Conradiana Project MUSE 0010-6356 1935-0252 Queued No
Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal Springer 0011-4642 1572-9141 Queued Yes
Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, IEEE Trans. on (T-CPMT) IEEE, Inc. 2156-3950 N/A Queued No
Current Treatment Options in Infectious Diseases Springer N/A 1534-6250 Queued Yes
Curationis African Online Scientific Information Systems Ltd. 0379-8577 2223-6279 Queued No
Community Genetics Karger 1422-2795 1422-2833 Queued Yes
Current Drug Delivery Bentham Science Publishers 1567-2018 1875-5704 Queued Yes
Current Neurovascular Research Bentham Science Publishers 1567-2026 1875-5739 Queued Yes
Current Alzheimer Research Bentham Science Publishers 1567-2050 1875-5828 Queued Yes
Chinese Physics B Institute of Physics Publishing 1674-1056 1741-4199 Queued Yes
Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine Cambridge University Press N/A 1481-8035 Queued No
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East Project MUSE 1089-201X 1548-226X Queued No
Council on Anthropology and Education Newsletter John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0591-2202 1937-4380 Queued Yes
Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review Project MUSE 2158-9666 2158-9674 Queued No
Collaborative Anthropologies Project MUSE 1943-2550 2152-4009 Queued No
Current Organic Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1385-2728 1875-5348 Queued Yes
Comparative Drama Project MUSE 0010-4078 1936-1637 Queued No
Contact Lens Forum Wolters Kluwer Health 0363-1621 N/A Queued Yes
Calico Journal Equinox Publishing 0742-7778 0741-7778 Queued Yes
Crossing Borders: An Undergraduate Journal of Interdisciplinary Scholarship New Prairie Press N/A 2373-0978 Queued No
Cell and Molecular Biology Reports John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2332-4198 Queued Yes
Computational Molecular Bioscience Scientific Research Publishing 2165-3445 2165-3453 Queued No
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China Review Project MUSE 1680-2012 1015-6607 Queued No
Contemporary Literature Project MUSE 0010-7484 1548-9949 Queued No
Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology Springer 1865-7257 1865-7265 Queued Yes
Clinical Intensive Care Informa Healthcare 0956-3075 1473-7752 Queued Yes
Composites Manufacturing Elsevier 0956-7143 N/A Queued Yes
Calcolo Springer 0008-0624 1126-5434 Queued Yes
Clincal Kidney Journal Oxford University Press 1753-0784 1753-0792 Queued Yes
Chinesische Medizin / Chinese Medicine Springer 0930-2786 2196-5668 Queued Yes
Case Reports in Perinatal Medicine De Gruyter 2192-8932 2192-8959 Queued Yes
Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation (ETFA) IEEE, Inc. 1946-0740 1946-0759 Queued No
Costruzioni psicoanalitiche Franco Angeli Edizioni 1721-9612 1972-5744 Queued Yes
The Canadian Journal of Linguistics / La revue canadienne de linguistique Project MUSE 0008-4131 1710-1115 Queued No
Cultural Diversity in China De Gruyter N/A 2353-7795 Queued Yes
Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal ScienceDomain International N/A 2347-520X Queued No
Consumer Electronics (ICCE), IEEE International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 2158-3994 N/A Queued No
Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0266 1873-4294 Queued Yes
Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling Springer N/A 2194-3206 Queued Yes
Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture Project MUSE 1075-7201 1930-1200 Queued No
Cancer Vaccines De Gruyter N/A 2353-7809 Queued Yes
Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics Institute of Physics Publishing 1009-9271 N/A Queued Yes
Cell Death in Therapy De Gruyter N/A 2353-7817 Queued Yes
Current Directions in Psychological Science John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0963-7214 1467-8721 Queued Yes
Current Medicinal Chemistry-Central Nervous System Agents Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0150 1875-6158 Queued Yes
Current Medicinal Chemistry-Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Agents Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0134 1875-6107 Queued Yes
Changes: An International Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0263-8371 N/A Queued Yes
Current Medicinal Chemistry Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0142 1875-6131 Queued Yes
Current Medicinal Chemistry-Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0169 1875-6174 Queued Yes
Current Research in Psychology Science Publications 1949-0178 1949-0186 Queued Yes
Current Research in Dentistry Science Publications 1949-0119 1949-0127 Queued Yes
Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Infective Agents Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0126 1875-600X Queued Yes
Current Drug Target - Inflammation & Allergy Bentham Science Publishers 1568-010X 1875-5933 Queued Yes
Current Medicinal Chemistry-Anti-Cancer Agents Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0118 1875-5968 Queued Yes
Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA), IEEE/ACS International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 2161-5322 N/A Queued No
Contemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs Project MUSE 0129-797X 1793-284X Queued No
City, Territory and Architecture Springer N/A 2195-2701 Queued Yes
Current Drug Target - Infectious Disorders Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0053 1875-5852 Queued Yes
Current Treatment Options in Gastroenterology Springer 1092-8472 1534-309X Queued Yes
Current Drug Target - CNS & Neurological Disorders Bentham Science Publishers 1568-007X 2212-5299 Queued Yes
Current Drug Target - Immune, Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0088 1875-5917 Queued Yes
Current Cancer Drug Targets Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0096 1873-5592 Queued Yes
Current Drug Target - Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders Bentham Science Publishers 1568-0061 1875-5895 Queued Yes
China: An International Journal Project MUSE 0219-7472 0219-8614 Queued No
Central Issues in Anthropology American Anthropological Association (through 2007) 0739-7917 N/A Queued Yes
Contemporary Trends in Geoscience De Gruyter 2084-5707 2299-8179 Queued Yes
Current Research in Drug Discovery Science Publications 2333-3235 2333-3243 Queued Yes
Chinese Medicine Scientific Research Publishing 2151-1918 2151-1926 Queued No
Child Development & Disabilities : saggi Franco Angeli Edizioni N/A 2036-5888 Queued Yes
The Chaucer Review Project MUSE 0009-2002 1528-4204 Queued No
Computational Chemistry Scientific Research Publishing 2332-5968 2332-5984 Queued No
Clinical Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Drugs Bentham Science Publishers 2212-7070 2212-7089 Queued Yes
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Cuban Studies Project MUSE 0361-4441 1548-2464 Queued No
Clinical Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Drugs Bentham Science Publishers 2212-7038 2212-7046 Queued Yes
Contributions to Tobacco Research De Gruyter 0173-783X 1612-9237 Queued Yes
Current Signal Transduction Therapy Bentham Science Publishers 1574-3624 2212-389X Queued Yes
Contents Pages in Education Taylor & Francis Group 0265-9220 N/A Queued Yes
Crystal Structure Theory and Applications Scientific Research Publishing 2169-2491 2169-2505 Queued No
Current Legal Problems Oxford University Press 0070-1998 2044-8422 Queued Yes
Computer Law Review International De Gruyter 1610-7608 2194-4164 Queued Yes
The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle Duke University Press 1532-0928 N/A Queued Yes
Chest Disease Reports Page Press 2039-4764 2039-4772 Queued Yes
Cloud Computing (CLOUD), IEEE International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 2159-6182 N/A Queued No
Catalysis Surveys from Japan Springer 1384-6574 1574-9266 Queued Yes
Capitalism and Society De Gruyter N/A 1932-0213 Queued Yes
The Cerebellum Taylor & Francis Group 1473-4222 1473-4230 Queued Yes
Current Hepatology Reports Springer N/A 2195-9595 Queued Yes
Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders-Drug Targets Bentham Science Publishers 1871-529X 2212-4063 Queued Yes
China Review International Project MUSE 1069-5834 1527-9367 Queued No
Chinese Journal of Materials Science Hindawi Publishing Corporation N/A 2356-6132 Queued Yes
Cultural Politics Project MUSE 1743-2197 1751-7435 Queued No
CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets Bentham Science Publishers 1871-5273 1996-3181 Queued Yes
Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1871-5249 1875-6166 Queued Yes
Caribbean Studies Project MUSE 0008-6533 1940-9095 Queued No
Chinese Studies Scientific Research Publishing 2168-5428 2168-541X Queued No
Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1871-5257 1875-6182 Queued Yes
Contemporary School Psychology Springer 2159-2020 2161-1505 Queued Yes
Clinical and Translational Oncology Springer 1699-048X 1699-3055 Queued Yes
Cement, Concrete and Aggregates ASTM International 0149-6123 N/A Queued Yes
Current Environmental Engineering Bentham Science Publishers 2212-7178 2212-7186 Queued Yes
Cadmo : giornale italiano di pedagogia sperimentale Franco Angeli Edizioni 1122-5165 1972-5019 Queued Yes
Current Biochemical Engineering Bentham Science Publishers 2212-7119 2212-7127 Queued Yes
Canadian Journal of Philosophy Project MUSE 0045-5091 1911-0820 Queued No
Current Anesthesiology Reports Springer N/A 2167-6275 Queued Yes
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering Springer 1000-9345 2192-8258 Queued Yes
Culture & Agriculture John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1048-4876 1556-486X Queued Yes
Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics De Gruyter 2192-9505 2192-9513 Queued Yes
California Management Review University of California Press 0008-1256 2162-8564 Queued Yes
Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Bentham Science Publishers 1389-2010 1873-4316 Queued Yes
Current Drug Metabolism Bentham Science Publishers 1389-2002 1875-5453 Queued Yes
CSI Transactions on ICT Springer 2277-9078 2277-9086 Queued Yes
Current Genomics Bentham Science Publishers 1389-2029 1875-5488 Queued Yes
Current Protein & Peptide Science Bentham Science Publishers 1389-2037 1875-5550 Queued Yes
Communications and Photonics Conference and Exhibition, ACP. Asia IEEE, Inc. 2162-108X N/A Queued No
Clinical Physics and Physiological Measurement Institute of Physics Publishing 0143-0815 N/A Queued Yes
Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering Scientific Research Publishing 2168-1562 2168-1570 Queued No
Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1573-398X 1875-6387 Queued Yes
Canadian Ethnic Studies Project MUSE 0008-3496 1913-8253 Queued No
Chemical Research in Chinese Universities Springer 1005-9040 2210-3171 Queued Yes
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine Scientific Research Publishing 2325-7075 2325-7083 Queued No
Current Treatment Options in Psychiatry Springer N/A 2196-3061 Queued Yes
Cartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization Project MUSE 0317-7173 1911-9925 Queued No
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Current Treatment Options in Allergy Springer N/A 2196-3053 Queued Yes
Current Oral Health Reports Springer N/A 2196-3002 Queued Yes
Cinema Journal Project MUSE 0009-7101 1527-2087 Queued No
The Cambridge Quarterly Project MUSE 0008-199X 1471-6836 Queued No
Current Transplantation Reports Springer N/A 2196-3029 Queued Yes
Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports Springer N/A 2196-3010 Queued Yes
Configurations Project MUSE 1063-1801 1080-6520 Queued No
Cement Industry Technical Conference, IEEE-IAS/PCA IEEE, Inc. 2155-9139 N/A Queued No
Chemistry World Royal Society of Chemistry 1473-7604 1749-5318 Queued No
Chinese Medical Sciences Taylor & Francis Group 0258-8757 N/A Queued Yes
Current Cancer Therapy Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1573-3947 1875-6301 Queued Yes
Current Rheumatology Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1573-3971 1875-6360 Queued Yes
Current Immunology Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1573-3955 1875-631X Queued Yes
Current Pediatric Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1573-3963 1875-6336 Queued Yes
Chemical & Engineering News American Chemical Society 0009-2347 2157-4936 Queued No
Current Diabetes Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1573-3998 1875-6417 Queued Yes
Critical Philosophy of Race Project MUSE 2165-8684 2165-8692 Queued No
Complex Analysis and its Synergies Springer N/A 2197-120X Queued Yes
Chirurgische Gastroenterologie Karger 0177-9990 1421-9808 Queued Yes
Culture/Clinic: Applied Lacanian Psychoanalysis University of Minnesota Press N/A N/A Queued Yes
Colloquium Series on Systems Biology and Data Integration Morgan & Claypool Publishers N/A N/A Queued Yes
Colloquium Series on The Building Blocks of the Cell Morgan & Claypool Publishers N/A N/A Queued Yes
CytoJournal Medknow Publications and Media 0974-5963 1742-6413 Queued Yes
Current Bioinformatics Bentham Science Publishers 1574-8936 2212-392X Queued Yes
Current Developmental Disorders Reports Springer N/A 2196-2987 Queued Yes
Current Epidemiology Reports Springer N/A 2196-2995 Queued Yes
Current Behavioral Neuroscience Reports Springer N/A 2196-2979 Queued Yes
Current Addiction Reports Springer N/A 2196-2952 Queued Yes
The Conversation: An Online Journal of Liberal Studies CUNY Graduate Center Library N/A N/A Queued Yes
Czech-Polish Historical and Pedagogical Journal De Gruyter 1803-6546 2336-1654 Queued Yes
Customer Needs and Solutions Springer 2196-291X 2196-2928 Queued Yes
Calabria Antica Fabrizio Serra editore N/A N/A Queued Yes
Curved and Layered Structures De Gruyter N/A 2353-7396 Queued Yes
CIT plus John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1436-2597 N/A Queued Yes
Classical World Project MUSE 0009-8418 1558-9234 Queued No
Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society Oxford University Press 1752-1378 1752-1386 Queued Yes
Cardiovascular Research Oxford University Press 0008-6363 1755-3245 Queued Yes
Carte di Viaggio Fabrizio Serra editore 1974-0557 1974-4889 Queued Yes
Computational Particle Mechanics Springer 2196-4378 2196-4386 Queued Yes
Circuits and Systems Scientific Research Publishing 2153-1285 2153-1293 Queued No
Comprehensive Physiology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2040-4603 N/A Queued Yes
Cardio News Springer 1437-1073 N/A Queued Yes
Criticism Project MUSE 0011-1589 1536-0342 Queued No
Current Molecular Pharmacology Bentham Science Publishers 1874-4672 1874-4702 Queued Yes
Chinese Control Conference IEEE, Inc. 1934-1768 N/A Queued No
Computational Cognitive Science Springer N/A 2195-3961 Queued Yes
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law Project MUSE 0832-8781 1911-0235 Queued No
Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems De Gruyter N/A 2300-3669 Queued Yes
Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS), International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 2093-7121 N/A Queued No
Cream City Review Project MUSE 0884-3457 2166-014X Queued No
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Current Sexual Health Reports Springer 1548-3584 1548-3592 Queued Yes
Clinical Intensive Care Taylor & Francis Group 0956-3075 1473-7752 Queued Yes
Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nurses Journal Elsevier 1033-3355 N/A Queued Yes
The Contemporary Pacific Project MUSE 1043-898X 1527-9464 Queued No
Current Pharmaceutical Design Bentham Science Publishers 1381-6128 1873-4286 Queued Yes
Cybernetics, IEEE Trans. on (T-CYB) IEEE, Inc. 2168-2267 N/A Queued No
Change Over Time Project MUSE 2153-053X 2153-0548 Queued No
Current Radiopharmaceuticals Bentham Science Publishers 1874-4710 1874-4729 Queued Yes
CR: The New Centennial Review Project MUSE 1532-687X 1539-6630 Queued No
Current Protocols in Mouse Biology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2161-2617 Queued Yes
Current Drug Abuse Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1874-4737 1874-4745 Queued Yes
Cultural and Social History SAGE Publications 1478-0038 1478-0046 Queued Yes
Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache - Supplement SAGE Publications 0800-1952 N/A Queued Yes
Clinical & Developmental Immunology Informa Healthcare 1740-2522 N/A Queued Yes
Clinical Autonomic Research Springer 0959-9851 1619-1560 Queued Yes
Clinical & Developmental Immunology Taylor & Francis Group 1740-2522 1740-2530 Queued Yes
Callaloo Project MUSE 0161-2492 1080-6512 Queued No
The Canadian Modern Language Review / La revue canadienne des langues vivantes Project MUSE 0008-4506 1710-1131 Queued No
Current Chemical Biology Bentham Science Publishers 2212-7968 1872-3136 Queued Yes
Comunicazione politica Franco Angeli Edizioni 1594-6061 1972-5094 Queued Yes
Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications (CIMSA), IEEE International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 2159-1547 N/A Queued No
Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy Bentham Science Publishers 1574-888X 2212-3946 Queued Yes
CME Springer 1614-371X 1614-3744 Queued Yes
Contemporanea Fabrizio Serra editore 1724-6105 1824-355X Queued Yes
Current Drug Safety Bentham Science Publishers 1574-8863 2212-3911 Queued Yes
Cell Vision Wolters Kluwer Health 1073-1180 N/A Queued Yes
Current Drug Therapy Bentham Science Publishers 1574-8855 2212-3903 Queued Yes
Current Clinical Pharmacology Bentham Science Publishers 1574-8847 2212-3938 Queued Yes
The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality Project MUSE 1188-4517 2291-7063 Queued No
Current Drug Targets Bentham Science Publishers 1389-4501 1873-5592 Queued Yes
China Finance and Economic Review Springer N/A 2196-5633 Queued Yes
Current Tissue Engineering Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5420 2211-5439 Queued Yes
Critical Finance Review Now Publishers Inc 2164-5744 2164-5760 Queued No
Communication in Wireless Environments and Ubiquitous Systems: New Challenges (ICWUS), International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 1737-9571 N/A Queued No
Current Catalysis Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5447 2211-5455 Queued Yes
Current Issues in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences De Gruyter 2084-980X 2300-6676 Queued Yes
Cognitive Information Processing (CIP), International Workshop on IEEE, Inc. 2150-4938 N/A Queued No
Culture and Brain Springer 2193-8652 2193-8660 Queued Yes
Contributions in Economic Analysis & Policy De Gruyter N/A 1538-0645 Queued Yes
Combinatorica Springer 0209-9683 1439-6912 Queued Yes
Current Obesity Reports Springer N/A 2162-4968 Queued Yes
Congress Quarterly Wolters Kluwer Health 1935-1526 N/A Queued Yes
Current Dermatology Reports Springer N/A 2162-4933 Queued Yes
Civil War History Project MUSE 0009-8078 1533-6271 Queued No
Contributions in Macroeconomics De Gruyter N/A 1534-6005 Queued Yes
Colorado Review Project MUSE 1046-3348 2325-730X Queued No
Current Angiogenesis Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5528 2211-5536 Queued Yes
Cultural Critique Project MUSE 0882-4371 1534-5203 Queued No
Current Molecular Imaging Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5552 2211-5544 Queued Yes
Current Psychopharmacology Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5560 2211-5579 Queued Yes
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Conflict and Society Berghahn Journals 2164-4543 2164-4551 Queued Yes
Current Biotechnology Bentham Science Publishers 2211-5501 2211-551X Queued Yes
Canadian Public Policy Project MUSE 0317-0861 1911-9917 Queued No
Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology Journal Elsevier 0315-5463 N/A Queued Yes
Current Geriatrics Reports Springer N/A 2196-7865 Queued Yes
Computer Music Journal Project MUSE 0148-9267 1531-5169 Queued No
Children's Literature Project MUSE 0092-8208 1543-3374 Queued No
Christian Bioethics Oxford University Press 1380-3606 1744-4195 Queued Yes
Christian Bioethics Taylor & Francis Group 1380-3603 1744-4195 Queued Yes
Comparative Critical Studies Project MUSE 1744-1854 1750-0109 Queued No
Computational Social Networks Springer N/A 2197-4314 Queued Yes
CellBio Scientific Research Publishing 2325-7776 2325-7792 Queued No
Chest Surgery Clinics of North America Elsevier 1052-3359 N/A Queued Yes
Canadian Theatre Review Project MUSE 0315-0836 1920-941X Queued No
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Springer 1865-5025 1865-5033 Queued Yes
Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics Karger 0301-0171 1421-9816 Queued Yes
Communications and Network Scientific Research Publishing 1949-2421 1947-3826 Queued No
Civil and Environmental Engineering De Gruyter N/A 1336-5835 Queued Yes
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), IEEE Computer Society Conference on IEEE, Inc. 2160-7508 N/A Queued No
Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology De Gruyter 1584-1057 2065-5002 Queued Yes
Chinese as a Second Language Research De Gruyter 2193-2263 2193-2271 Queued Yes
Critical Reviews in Computed Tomography (Taylor & Francis) Taylor & Francis Group 1548-7679 1549-7844 Queued Yes
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology Springer 1869-408X 1869-4098 Queued Yes
CEAS Aeronautical Journal Springer 1869-5582 1869-5590 Queued Yes
Cancer Stem Cells De Gruyter N/A 2299-6834 Queued Yes
Children & Schools Oxford University Press 0162-7961 1545-682X Queued Yes
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics (1987-2007) Institute of Physics Publishing 1003-7713 N/A Queued Yes
Canadian Review of American Studies Project MUSE 0007-7720 1710-114X Queued No
Camera Obscura Project MUSE 0270-5346 1529-1510 Queued No
Chinese Archaeology De Gruyter 5004-4295 2160-5068 Queued Yes
CIN Plus Wolters Kluwer Health 1098-7126 1538-9790 Queued Yes
CEN Case Reports Springer N/A 2192-4449 Queued Yes
Current Protocols in Chemical Biology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2160-4762 Queued Yes
Current Aging Science Bentham Science Publishers 1874-6098 1874-6128 Queued Yes
Canadian Journal of Law and Society Project MUSE 0829-3201 1911-0227 Queued No
Crime Science Springer N/A 2193-7680 Queued Yes
Communio SAGE Publications 0094-2065 N/A Queued Yes
The Canadian Journal of Sociology Project MUSE 0318-6431 1710-1123 Queued No
Computational and Applied Mathematics Springer 0101-8205 1807-0302 Queued Yes
Clinical Research in Cardiology Supplements Springer 1861-0706 1861-0714 Queued Yes
Current Chromatography Bentham Science Publishers 2213-2406 2213-2414 Queued Yes
Clinical and Translational Imaging Springer 2281-5872 2281-7565 Queued Yes
Computer Science and Information Technology (IMCSIT), Proceedings of the International Multiconference on IEEE, Inc. 2157-5525 N/A Queued No
Current Metabolomics Bentham Science Publishers 2213-235X 2213-2368 Queued Yes
California Journal of Politics and Policy De Gruyter 2194-6132 1944-4370 Queued Yes
Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America Project MUSE 0277-6995 1943-3840 Queued No
Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science Project MUSE 1195-096X 1920-7239 Queued No
Chemical Product and Process Modeling De Gruyter 2194-6159 1934-2659 Queued Yes
Computational and Theoretical Polymer Science Elsevier 1089-3156 N/A Queued Yes
CardioVasc Springer 1617-4933 1618-3851 Queued Yes
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Clinical Journal of Pathology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2054-8818 Queued Yes
Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal Wolters Kluwer Health 1541-7891 N/A Queued Yes
Current Microwave Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 2213-3356 2213-3364 Queued Yes
Current Computer Aided-Drug Design Bentham Science Publishers 1573-4099 1875-6697 Queued Yes
Current Medical Imaging Reviews Bentham Science Publishers 1573-4056 1875-6603 Queued Yes
Current Nutrition Reports Springer N/A 2161-3311 Queued Yes
Current Bioactive Compounds Bentham Science Publishers 1573-4072 1875-6646 Queued Yes
Current Enzyme Inhibition Bentham Science Publishers 1573-4080 1875-6662 Queued Yes
Current Respiratory Care Reports Springer N/A 2161-332X Queued Yes
Community Literacy Journal Project MUSE 1555-9734 2162-6324 Queued No
Creative Education Scientific Research Publishing 2151-4755 2151-4771 Queued No
The Canadian Historical Review Project MUSE 0008-3755 1710-1093 Queued No
Current Physical Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1877-9468 1877-9476 Queued Yes
Current Inorganic Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1877-9441 1877-945X Queued Yes
Civil Engineering Innovation ICE Publishing 1755-0890 1755-0904 Queued Yes
China Economic Policy Review World Scientific 1793-9690 1793-9740 Queued No
Current Nanoscience Bentham Science Publishers 1573-4137 1875-6786 Queued Yes
The Chinese Journal of International Politics Oxford University Press 1750-8916 1750-8924 Queued Yes
Contributions in Theoretical Economics De Gruyter N/A 1534-5971 Queued Yes
Conference on Advanced Thermal Processing of Semiconductors (RTP) IEEE, Inc. 1944-0251 1944-026X Queued No
Current Pharmaceutical Analysis Bentham Science Publishers 1573-4129 1875-676X Queued Yes
Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena IEEE, Inc. 0084-9162 N/A Queued No
Current Analytical Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers 1573-4110 1875-6727 Queued Yes
Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies Project MUSE 0069-6412 1557-0290 Queued No
Current Neuropharmacology Bentham Science Publishers 1570-159X 1875-6190 Queued Yes
Canadian Journal on Aging / La Revue canadienne du vieillissement Project MUSE 0714-9808 1710-1107 Queued No
Crime and Justice:  A Review of Research University of Chicago Press 0192-3234 2153-0416 Queued Yes
Clinical and Translational Medicine Springer N/A 2001-1326 Queued Yes
Conservation Physiology Oxford University Press N/A 2051-1434 Queued Yes
Current Proteomics Bentham Science Publishers 1570-1646 1875-6247 Queued Yes
Current Drug Discovery Technologies Bentham Science Publishers 1570-1638 1875-6220 Queued Yes
Current HIV Research Bentham Science Publishers 1570-162X 1873-4251 Queued Yes
Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Oxford University Press 1472-2615 1477-4518 Queued Yes
Critical and Radical Social Work (CRSW) The Policy Press 2049-8608 2049-8675 Queued No
Current Pharmacogenomics Bentham Science Publishers 1570-1603 1875-6204 Queued Yes
Collagen and Related Research Elsevier 0174-173X N/A Queued Yes
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