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Listed below are those e-journal titles, e-book titles, and d-collections that are committed to the Portico archive. The titles and collections below with a status of “Queued” are currently in-line to be processed and preserved. Those with a status of “Preserved” are currently preserved in the Portico archive. Post-Cancellation Access (PCA) availability through Portico is indicated in the PCA column.

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies Project MUSE 0160-9009 1536-0334 Queued No
Fieldwork in Religion Equinox Publishing 1743-0615 1743-0623 Queued Yes
Forum Springer 0947-0255 2190-9784 Queued Yes
Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin Thieme Publishing Group 0015-8151 N/A Queued Yes
Fibre and Optical Passive Components (WFOPC), Workshop on IEEE, Inc. 1927-5056 N/A Queued No
Future Anterior Project MUSE 1549-9715 1934-6026 Queued No
Fungal Diversity Springer 1560-2745 1878-9129 Queued Yes
Facta Fabrizio Serra editore 1971-9051 1974-451X Queued Yes
French Forum Project MUSE 0098-9355 1534-1836 Queued No
Financial Markets and Portfolio Management Springer 1555-4961 1555-497X Queued Yes
Forum on Specification & Design Languages (FDL) IEEE, Inc. 1636-9874 N/A Queued No
Feminist Studies Feminist Studies, Inc. 0046-3663 2153-3873 Queued Yes
Foundations and Trends in Information Systems Now Publishers Inc 2331-1231 2331-124X Queued No
Faraday Special Discussions of the Chemical Society Royal Society of Chemistry 0308-2326 N/A Queued No
Feminist Formations Project MUSE 2151-7363 2151-7371 Queued No
French Studies: A Quarterly Review Project MUSE 0016-1128 1468-2931 Queued No
Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies Project MUSE 0360-3695 1548-9922 Queued No
Francophonies d'Amérique Project MUSE 1183-2487 1710-1158 Queued No
The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review Project MUSE 1543-3951 1755-6333 Queued No
Film History: An International Journal Project MUSE 0892-2160 1553-3905 Queued No
Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen Vereinigt mit Röntgenpraxis Thieme Publishing Group 0367-2239 N/A Queued Yes
Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media Project MUSE 0306-7661 1559-7989 Queued No
Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL), International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 1946-1488 N/A Queued No
Fictions Fabrizio Serra editore 1721-3673 1724-045X Queued Yes
Frauenheilkunde aktuell Karger 1021-5697 N/A Queued Yes
Futuribili Franco Angeli Edizioni 1971-0720 1972-5191 Queued Yes
Forschungsberichte aus Technik und Naturwissenschaften John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0343-5520 N/A Queued Yes
Franciscan Studies Project MUSE 0080-5459 1945-9718 Queued No
Frontiers in Macroeconomics De Gruyter N/A 1534-6021 Queued Yes
French Colonial History Project MUSE 1539-3402 1543-7787 Queued No
Forschungen zur Brandenburgischen und Preubischen Geschichte Duncker and Humblot 0934-1234 1865-5750 Queued No
Friction Springer N/A 2223-7704 Queued Yes
Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in China Springer 2095-2732 2095-2740 Queued Yes
Forum : Journal of International Association of Group Psychoterapy Franco Angeli Edizioni 1971-0399 1972-5051 Queued Yes
Folia Quaternaria De Gruyter 0015-573X N/A Queued Yes
Forum Modernes Theater Project MUSE 0930-5874 2196-3517 Queued No
Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction Project MUSE 1522-3868 1544-1733 Queued No
Filologia Italiana Fabrizio Serra editore 1724-6113 1825-1021 Queued Yes
Financial reporting : bilancio, controlli e comunicazione d'azienda Franco Angeli Edizioni 2036-671X 2036-6779 Queued Yes
Fruits EDP Sciences 0248-1294 1625-967X Queued Yes
The Future of Children Project MUSE 1054-8289 1550-1558 Queued No
Flexible electronics De Gruyter N/A 2084-7645 Queued Yes
Forum für osteuropäische Ideen -und Zeitgeschichte De Gruyter 1433-4887 2194-3672 Queued Yes
Folia Scandinavica Posnaniensia De Gruyter 1230-4786 2299-6885 Queued Yes
Forschende Komplementärmedizin und Klassische Naturheilkunde Karger 1021-7096 1421-9999 Queued Yes
Frontiers in Economic Analysis & Policy De Gruyter N/A 1538-0629 Queued Yes
Fire Technology Springer 0015-2684 1572-8099 Queued Yes
Forum Journal Project MUSE 1536-1012 2325-7296 Queued No
Financial Engineering and the Japanese Markets Springer 1380-2011 1573-6946 Queued Yes
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Feminist Teacher Project MUSE 0882-4843 1934-6034 Queued No
For : rivista AIF per la formazione Franco Angeli Edizioni 1828-1966 1972-506X Queued Yes
Forum: For Promoting 3-19 Comprehensive Education Symposium Books Ltd. 0963-8253 N/A Queued Yes
French Historical Studies Project MUSE 0016-1071 1527-5493 Queued No
Faraday Transactions Royal Society of Chemistry 0956-5000 N/A Queued No
Fisheries Science Springer 0919-9268 1444-2906 Queued Yes
Farmacéuticos de Atención Primaria Elsevier 2172-3761 N/A Queued Yes
Forest Science and Practice Springer 2095-4034 2197-5620 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Web Science Now Publishers Inc 1555-077X 1555-0788 Preserved No
Frontiers of Literary Studies in China Brill 1673-7318 1673-7423 Preserved No
Foundations and Trends® in Marketing Now Publishers Inc 1555-0753 1555-0761 Preserved No
Forum Italicum SAGE Publications 0014-5858 2168-989X Preserved Yes
Focus on Polyvinyl Chloride Elsevier 1468-5736 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology Elsevier 0091-3022 N/A Preserved Yes
Fortschritte der Physik John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0015-8208 1521-3978 Preserved Yes
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS BioMed Central N/A 2045-8118 Preserved Yes
Family Relations John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0197-6664 1741-3729 Preserved Yes
Fluid Dynamics Research Elsevier 0169-5983 N/A Preserved Yes
Foot Elsevier 0958-2592 N/A Preserved Yes
Forestry Oxford University Press 0015-752X 1464-3626 Preserved Yes
Food & Function Royal Society of Chemistry 2042-6496 2042-650X Preserved No
Field Analytical Chemistry & Technology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1086-900X 1520-6521 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Philosophy in China Brill 1673-3436 1673-355X Preserved No
Foundations and Trends® in Finance Now Publishers Inc 1567-2395 1567-2409 Preserved No
Food Webs Elsevier 2352-2496 N/A Preserved Yes
Future Anterior University of Minnesota Press 1549-9715 1934-6026 Preserved Yes
Focus on Surfactants Elsevier 1351-4210 N/A Preserved Yes
Food Packaging and Shelf Life Elsevier 2214-2894 N/A Preserved Yes
Forum for Social Economics Taylor & Francis Group 0736-0932 1874-6381 Preserved Yes
First Language SAGE Publications 0142-7237 1740-2344 Preserved Yes
Forensische Psychiatrie, Psychologie, Kriminologie Springer 1862-7072 1862-7080 Preserved Yes
Flavour BioMed Central N/A 2044-7248 Preserved Yes
Food and Cosmetics Toxicology Elsevier 0015-6264 N/A Preserved Yes
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation Elsevier 0955-5986 N/A Preserved Yes
Family Medicine and Community Health Compuscript Ltd. 2305-6983 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Optoelectronics in China Springer 1674-4128 1674-4594 Preserved Yes
Foodborne Pathogens and Disease Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 1535-3141 1556-7125 Preserved Yes
Focus on Catalysts Elsevier 1351-4180 N/A Preserved Yes
Free Radical Research Informa Healthcare 1071-5762 1029-2470 Preserved Yes
Forum of Mathematics, Pi Cambridge University Press N/A 2050-5086 Preserved No
Forum of Mathematics, Sigma Cambridge University Press N/A 2050-5094 Preserved No
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Wolters Kluwer Health 2151-8378 2154-4212 Preserved Yes
Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series Elsevier 1875-1768 N/A Preserved Yes
Fuel and Energy Abstracts Elsevier 0140-6701 N/A Preserved Yes
Food Quality and Preference Elsevier 0950-3293 N/A Preserved Yes
FEBS Letters Elsevier 0014-5793 N/A Preserved Yes
Fire Safety Journal Elsevier 0379-7112 N/A Preserved Yes
Forest Science and Technology Taylor & Francis Group 2158-0103 2158-0715 Preserved Yes
Forensic Science Elsevier 0300-9432 N/A Preserved Yes
Forensic Science International Supplement Series Elsevier 1875-1741 N/A Preserved Yes
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Food and Agricultural Immunology Taylor & Francis Group 0954-0105 1465-3443 Preserved Yes
Flavour and Fragrance Journal John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0882-5734 1099-1026 Preserved Yes
Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis Springer 1311-0454 1314-2224 Preserved Yes
Fabula De Gruyter 0014-6242 1316-0464 Preserved Yes
Forum on Research and Technology Advances in Digital Libraries, Proceedings of the IEEE, Inc. 1092-9959 N/A Preserved No
Faith and Philosophy Philosophy Documentation Center 0739-7046 2153-3393 Preserved Yes
Food Science and Human Wellness Elsevier 2213-4530 N/A Preserved Yes
Feminist Formations Johns Hopkins University Press (through 2014) 2151-7363 2151-7371 Preserved No
Foreign Language Annals John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0015-718X 1944-9720 Preserved Yes
Fichte-Studien Philosophy Documentation Center 0925-0166 1879-5811 Preserved Yes
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design Elsevier 0168-874X N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers in Life Science Taylor & Francis Group 2155-3769 2155-3777 Preserved Yes
Feddes Repertorium John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0014-8962 1522-239X Preserved Yes
Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies University of Nebraska Press 0160-9009 1536-0334 Preserved Yes
Footwear Science Taylor & Francis Group 1942-4280 1942-4299 Preserved Yes
Foundations of Management De Gruyter 2080-7279 N/A Preserved Yes
Freshwater Science BioOne 2161-9549 2161-9565 Preserved Yes
Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), IEEE Annual Symposium on IEEE, Inc. 0272-5428 N/A Preserved No
FEMS Microbiology Reviews John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0168-6445 1574-6976 Preserved Yes
Frequency Control Symposium and Exhibition, Proceedings of the IEEE International IEEE, Inc. 1075-6787 N/A Preserved No
Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems (FTDCS), IEEE Workshop on IEEE, Inc. 1071-0485 N/A Preserved No
Functions of Language John Benjamins Publishing Company 0929-998X 1569-9765 Preserved Yes
Field Methods SAGE Publications 1525-822X 1552-3969 Preserved Yes
Food and Environmental Virology Springer 1867-0334 1867-0342 Preserved Yes
Folia Malacologica De Gruyter 1506-7629 N/A Preserved Yes
FEMS Yeast Research Elsevier 1567-1356 N/A Preserved Yes
Focaal Berghahn Journals 0920-1297 1558-5263 Preserved Yes
Foreign Policy Bulletin Cambridge University Press 1052-7036 1745-1302 Preserved No
Financial History Review Cambridge University Press 0968-5650 1474-0052 Preserved No
Forum for Modern Language Studies Oxford University Press 0015-8518 1471-6860 Preserved Yes
Federal Sentencing Reporter University of California Press 1053-9867 1533-8363 Preserved Yes
Food Policy Elsevier 0306-9192 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Agriculture in China Springer 1673-7334 1673-744X Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Business Research in China Springer 1673-7326 1673-7431 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Literary Studies in China Springer 1673-7318 1673-7423 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Materials Science in China Springer 1673-7377 1673-7482 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Chemical Engineering in China Springer 1673-7369 1673-7474 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Computer Science in China Springer 1673-7350 1673-7466 Preserved Yes
Food and History Brepols Publishers 1780-3187 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Medicine in China Springer 1673-7342 1673-7458 Preserved Yes
Field Actions Science Reports Copernicus Publications 1867-139X 1867-8521 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Macroeconomics Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1534-6021 Preserved Yes
Food and Chemical Toxicology Elsevier 0278-6915 N/A Preserved Yes
Fungal Genetics and Biology Elsevier 1087-1845 N/A Preserved Yes
Fusion Engineering and Design Elsevier 0920-3796 N/A Preserved Yes
Formal Methods in System Design Springer 0925-9856 1572-8102 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Human-Computer Interaction Now Publishers Inc 1551-3955 1551-3963 Preserved No
Fluorescent Materials De Gruyter N/A 2299-1158 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Electronic Design Automation Now Publishers Inc 1551-3939 1551-3947 Preserved No
FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0928-8244 1574-695X Preserved Yes
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Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis Elsevier 1369-0191 N/A Preserved Yes
Film Quarterly University of California Press 0015-1386 1533-8630 Preserved Yes
Film Studies Manchester University Press 1469-0314 N/A Preserved Yes
Far Eastern Survey University of California Press 0362-8949 N/A Preserved Yes
FMC - Formación Médica Continuada en Atención Primaria Elsevier 1134-2072 N/A Preserved Yes
FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology Elsevier 0928-8244 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in China Springer 1673-7415 1673-7520 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China Springer 1673-7407 1673-7512 Preserved Yes
Food Biotechnology Taylor & Francis Group 0890-5436 1532-4249 Preserved Yes
Forschende Komplementärmedizin Karger 1661-4119 1661-4127 Preserved Yes
Federal Facilities Environmental Journal John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1048-4078 1520-6513 Preserved Yes
Fetal & Pediatric Pathology Taylor & Francis Group 1551-3815 1551-3823 Preserved Yes
Foot and Ankle Clinics Elsevier 1083-7515 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Earth Science in China Springer 1673-7385 1673-7490 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Energy and Power Engineering in China Springer 1673-7393 1673-7504 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Communications and Information Theory Now Publishers Inc 1567-2190 1567-2328 Preserved No
Filtration & Separation Elsevier 0015-1882 N/A Preserved Yes
Food Control Elsevier 0956-7135 N/A Preserved Yes
Financial Management John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0046-3892 1755-053X Preserved Yes
Fuzzy Information and Engineering Elsevier 1616-8658 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontières Consortium Érudit 1180-3479 1916-0976 Preserved No
Feminist Teacher University of Illinois Press 0882-4843 1934-6034 Preserved Yes
Foreign Policy Analysis John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1743-8586 1743-8594 Preserved Yes
Feminism & Psychology SAGE Publications 0959-3535 1461-7161 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Databases Now Publishers Inc 1931-7883 1931-7891 Preserved No
Family Court Review John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1531-2445 1744-1617 Preserved Yes
FPGA-Based Custom Computing Machines (FCCM), Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on IEEE, Inc. 1082-3409 N/A Preserved No
Fullerene Science and Technology Taylor & Francis Group 1064-122X 1532-2343 Preserved Yes
Family Science Taylor & Francis Group 1942-4620 1942-4639 Preserved Yes
Foot & Ankle International SAGE Publications 1071-1007 1944-7876 Preserved Yes
Forest Pathology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1437-4781 1439-0329 Preserved Yes
Fault-Tolerant Computing, Digest of Papers/The Annual International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 0731-3071 N/A Preserved No
Fisheries Research Elsevier 0165-7836 N/A Preserved Yes
Folk Life Maney Publishing 0430-8778 1759-670X Preserved Yes
Fieldiana - Geology BioOne 0096-2651 2162-4348 Preserved Yes
Few-Body Systems Springer 0177-7963 1432-5411 Preserved Yes
Fascism Brill 2211-6249 2211-6257 Preserved No
French Cultural Studies SAGE Publications 0957-1558 1740-2352 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Networking Now Publishers Inc 1554-057X 1554-0588 Preserved No
Filtration Industry Analyst Elsevier 1365-6937 N/A Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Information Retrieval Now Publishers Inc 1554-0669 1554-0677 Preserved No
Frontiers of Education in China Brill 1673-341X 1673-3533 Preserved No
Functional & Integrative Genomics Springer 1438-793X 1438-7948 Preserved Yes
Forum: For Promoting 3-19 Comprehensive Education Symposium Journals (through 2014) 0963-8253 N/A Preserved No
Foundations and Trends® in Accounting Now Publishers Inc 1554-0642 1554-0650 Preserved No
Functional Plant Biology CSIRO Publishing 1445-4408 1445-4416 Preserved No
Fundamental and Applied Toxicology Elsevier 0272-0590 N/A Preserved Yes
Fuel Cells John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1615-6846 1615-6854 Preserved Yes
Farmaco, Il Elsevier 0014-827X N/A Preserved Yes
FEBS Journal John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1742-464X 1742-4658 Preserved Yes
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Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0767-3981 1472-8206 Preserved Yes
French Colonial History Michigan State University Press 1539-3402 1543-7787 Preserved Yes
Forum Philosophicum Philosophy Documentation Center 1426-1898 N/A Preserved Yes
Facilities Emerald Group Publishing 0263-2772 N/A Preserved Yes
The Foundation Years Elsevier 1744-1889 N/A Preserved Yes
Food and Bioproducts Processing Elsevier 0960-3085 N/A Preserved Yes
Family Business Review SAGE Publications 0894-4865 1741-6248 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Computer Graphics and Vision Now Publishers Inc 1572-2740 1572-2759 Preserved No
Futures Elsevier 0016-3287 N/A Preserved Yes
Food Security Springer 1876-4517 1876-4525 Preserved Yes
Flora - Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants Elsevier 0367-2530 N/A Preserved Yes
Family & Community History Maney Publishing 1463-1180 1751-3812 Preserved Yes
Forest Ecology and Management Elsevier 0378-1127 N/A Preserved Yes
Formosan Journal of Musculoskeletal Disorders Elsevier 2210-7940 N/A Preserved Yes
Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0963-8008 1468-0416 Preserved Yes
Fuzzy Sets and Systems Elsevier 0165-0114 N/A Preserved Yes
Foresight Emerald Group Publishing 1463-6689 N/A Preserved Yes
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures De Gruyter 2081-7738 N/A Preserved Yes
French History Oxford University Press 0269-1191 1477-4542 Preserved Yes
Forum for Development Studies Taylor & Francis Group 0803-9410 1891-1765 Preserved Yes
Fetal & Pediatric Pathology Informa Healthcare 1551-3815 1551-3823 Preserved Yes
Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal SAGE Publications 1077-727X 1552-3934 Preserved Yes
Food Science & Nutrition John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2048-7177 Preserved Yes
Food Research International Elsevier 0963-9969 N/A Preserved Yes
Film History Indiana University Press 0892-2160 1553-3905 Preserved Yes
Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making Springer 1568-4539 1573-2908 Preserved Yes
Food Reviews International Taylor & Francis Group 8755-9129 1525-6103 Preserved Yes
Forum Mathematicum De Gruyter 0933-7741 1435-5337 Preserved Yes
Free Radical Biology and Medicine Elsevier 0891-5849 N/A Preserved Yes
Focus NeuroGeriatrie Springer 1864-1954 1864-1962 Preserved Yes
Feuillets de Radiologie Elsevier 0181-9801 N/A Preserved Yes
Financial Accountability & Management John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0267-4424 1468-0408 Preserved Yes
Facies Springer 0172-9179 1612-4820 Preserved Yes
Francophonies d'Amérique Consortium Érudit 1183-2487 1710-1158 Preserved No
Fibers and Polymers Springer 1229-9197 1875-0052 Preserved Yes
Food Additives & Contaminants Taylor & Francis Group 0265-203X 1464-5122 Preserved Yes
Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt Springer 0015-8003 1439-0337 Preserved Yes
French Politics Palgrave Macmillan 1476-3419 1476-3427 Preserved Yes
Flugmedizin, Tropenmedizin, Reisemedizin: FTR Thieme Publishing Group 0947-7616 1864-175X Preserved Yes
Forensic Science International Elsevier 0379-0738 N/A Preserved Yes
Food Biophysics Springer 1557-1858 1557-1866 Preserved Yes
Finanz-Rundschau Ertragsteuerrecht De Gruyter 0940-452X 2194-4156 Preserved Yes
Fiber & Integrated Optics Taylor & Francis Group 0146-8030 1096-4681 Preserved Yes
Forum der Psychoanalyse Springer 0178-7667 1437-0751 Preserved Yes
Farmacia Hospitalaria Elsevier 1130-6343 N/A Preserved Yes
Fuel Processing Technology Elsevier 0378-3820 N/A Preserved Yes
Framework Wayne State University Press 0306-7661 1559-7989 Preserved Yes
Formalized Mathematics De Gruyter 1426-2630 1898-9934 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Technology, Information and Operations Management Now Publishers Inc 1571-9545 1571-9553 Preserved No
Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1077-727X 1552-3934 Preserved Yes
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Family Process John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0014-7370 1545-5300 Preserved Yes
Fluid Phase Equilibria Elsevier 0378-3812 N/A Preserved Yes
Fiscal Studies John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0143-5671 1475-5890 Preserved Yes
Foundations of Physics Springer 0015-9018 1572-9516 Preserved Yes
Folia Linguistica De Gruyter 0165-4004 1614-7308 Preserved Yes
Flugmedizin Tropenmedizin Reisemedizin Thieme Publishing Group 1864-4538 1864-175X Preserved Yes
Forschung John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0172-1518 1522-2357 Preserved Yes
Fluctuation & Noise Letters World Scientific 0219-4775 1793-6780 Preserved No
Fuzzy Information and Engineering Springer 1616-8658 1616-8666 Preserved Yes
Forest, Trees and Livelihoods Taylor & Francis Group 1472-8028 2164-3075 Preserved Yes
Foundations of Computational Mathematics Springer 1615-3375 1615-3383 Preserved Yes
Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal Springer 1936-6582 1936-6590 Preserved Yes
Finance and Stochastics Springer 0949-2984 1432-1122 Preserved Yes
Fitoterapia Elsevier 0367-326X N/A Preserved Yes
Fire!!! Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2156-4078 N/A Preserved Yes
Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction Michigan State University Press 1522-3868 1544-1733 Preserved Yes
Fish and Fisheries John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1467-2960 1467-2979 Preserved Yes
Folia Biologica et Oecologica De Gruyter 1730-2366 N/A Preserved Yes
Functional Analysis and Its Applications Springer 0016-2663 1573-8485 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering' Springer 2095-2430 2095-2449 Preserved Yes
Family Court Review SAGE Publications 1531-2445 N/A Preserved Yes
Feminist Legal Studies Springer 0966-3622 1572-8455 Preserved Yes
Food Microbiology Elsevier 0740-0020 N/A Preserved Yes
Facial Plastic Surgery Thieme Publishing Group 0736-6825 1098-8793 Preserved Yes
Florida Entomologist BioOne 0015-4040 1938-5102 Preserved Yes
Fungal Ecology Elsevier 1754-5048 N/A Preserved Yes
Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America Elsevier 1064-7406 N/A Preserved Yes
Feminist Criminology SAGE Publications 1557-0851 1557-086X Preserved Yes
Filigrane Consortium Érudit 1192-1412 1911-4656 Preserved No
First World War Studies Taylor & Francis Group 1947-5020 1947-5039 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Optoelectronics Springer 2095-2759 2095-2767 Preserved Yes
Functional Materials Letters World Scientific 1793-6047 1793-7213 Preserved No
Fossil Record Copernicus Publications 2193-0066 2193-0074 Preserved Yes
Folding and Design Elsevier 1359-0278 N/A Preserved Yes
Fortschritte der Neurologie, Psychiatrie Thieme Publishing Group 0940-8584 1612-0191 Preserved Yes
Forensic Toxicology Springer 1860-8965 1860-8973 Preserved Yes
Future Generation Computer Systems Elsevier 0167-739X N/A Preserved Yes
Financial Review John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0732-8516 1540-6288 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Economics in China Springer 1673-3444 1673-3568 Preserved Yes
Food Analytical Methods Springer 1936-9751 1936-976X Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Mathematics in China Springer 1673-3452 1673-3576 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Law in China Springer 1673-3428 1673-3541 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Education in China Springer 1673-341X 1673-3533 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Philosophy in China Springer 1673-3436 1673-355X Preserved Yes
Frauenheilkunde Up2date Thieme Publishing Group 1439-3719 1611-650X Preserved Yes
Frontiers of History in China Springer 1673-3401 1673-3525 Preserved Yes
Fluid Dynamics Research Institute of Physics Publishing 0169-5983 1873-7005 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Architectural Research Elsevier 2095-2635 2095-2643 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Chemistry in China Springer 1673-3495 1673-3614 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Physics in China Springer 1673-3487 1673-3606 Preserved Yes
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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering in China Springer 1673-3479 1673-3592 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in China Springer 1673-3460 1673-3584 Preserved Yes
Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences Springer 1674-0750 2198-2600 Preserved Yes
Fairy Tale Review Wayne State University Press 1556-6153 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers of History in China Brill 1673-3401 1673-3525 Preserved No
Frontiers of Economic Analysis & Policy Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1538-0629 Preserved Yes
Future Learning Baltzer Science Publishers BV 2211-5609 2211-5617 Preserved Yes
Families, Relationships and Societies The Policy Press 2046-7435 2046-7443 Preserved No
Frequenz De Gruyter 0016-1136 2191-6349 Preserved Yes
French Studies Oxford University Press 0016-1128 1468-2931 Preserved Yes
Food Hydrocolloids Elsevier 0268-005X N/A Preserved Yes
Fragblast Taylor & Francis Group 1385-514X 1744-4977 Preserved Yes
Fuß & Sprunggelenk Elsevier 1619-9987 N/A Preserved Yes
Forensic Science Policy & Management: An International Journal Taylor & Francis Group 1940-9044 1940-9036 Preserved Yes
Food Digestion Springer 1869-1978 1869-1986 Preserved Yes
Fragmenta Brepols Publishers 1784-410X N/A Preserved Yes
Folia Primatologica Karger 0015-5713 1421-9980 Preserved Yes
Functional Ecology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0269-8463 1365-2435 Preserved Yes
Food & Foodways Taylor & Francis Group 0740-9710 1542-3484 Preserved Yes
Folia Geobotanica Springer 1211-9520 1874-9348 Preserved Yes
Forum Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1540-8884 Preserved Yes
French Historical Studies Duke University Press 0016-1071 1527-5493 Preserved Yes
Feminist Review Palgrave Macmillan 0141-7789 1466-4380 Preserved Yes
Folia Microbiologica Springer 0015-5632 1874-9356 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Microeconomics Now Publishers Inc 1547-9846 1547-9854 Preserved No
Fungal Biology Elsevier 1878-6146 N/A Preserved Yes
Food Science and Technology International SAGE Publications 1082-0132 1532-1738 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Theoretical Economics Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1534-5955 Preserved Yes
FEBS Open Bio Elsevier 2211-5463 N/A Preserved Yes
Future Prescriber John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1468-9871 1931-2261 Preserved Yes
French Studies Bulletin Oxford University Press 0262-2750 1748-9180 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering Springer 2095-0179 2095-0187 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Earth Science Springer 2095-0195 2095-0209 Preserved Yes
Freshwater Biology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0046-5070 1365-2427 Preserved Yes
Formations: The Graduate Center Journal of Social Research CUNY Graduate Center Library 2159-9068 N/A Preserved Yes
Fire Science Reviews Springer N/A 2193-0414 Preserved Yes
Figurationen De Gruyter 1439-4367 2194-363X Preserved Yes
Field Crops Research Elsevier 0378-4290 N/A Preserved Yes
Family and Community Health Wolters Kluwer Health 0160-6379 N/A Preserved Yes
Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica Karger 1021-7762 1421-9972 Preserved Yes
Fuel Elsevier 0016-2361 N/A Preserved Yes
Family Practice Oxford University Press 0263-2136 1460-2229 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends in Optimization Now Publishers Inc 2167-3888 2167-3918 Preserved No
Fractals World Scientific 0218-348X 1793-6543 Preserved No
Filiaria Journal BioMed Central 1475-2883 N/A Preserved Yes
Feminist Economics Taylor & Francis Group 1354-5701 1466-4372 Preserved Yes
Fruits Cambridge University Press 0248-1294 1625-967X Preserved No
Folia Horticulturae De Gruyter 0867-1761 2083-5965 Preserved Yes
Fire and Materials John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0308-0501 1099-1018 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering' Springer 2095-2201 2095-221X Preserved Yes
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Frontiers of Computer Science Springer 2095-2228 2095-2236 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Signal Processing Now Publishers Inc 1932-8346 1932-8354 Preserved No
Focus on Geography John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1549-4934 1949-8535 Preserved Yes
Folklorica: Journal of the Slavic and East European Folklore Association University of Kansas Libraries 1920-0242 N/A Preserved Yes
Fluid Dynamics Springer 0015-4628 1573-8507 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning Now Publishers Inc 1935-8237 1935-8245 Preserved No
Folia Medica De Gruyter 0204-8043 1314-2143 Preserved Yes
Focus on Powder Coatings Elsevier 1364-5439 N/A Preserved Yes
Fertilizer research Springer 0167-1731 1573-0867 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends in Robotics Now Publishers Inc 1935-8253 1935-8261 Preserved No
Free Radicals and Antioxidants Elsevier 2231-2536 N/A Preserved Yes
Formal Aspects of Computing Springer 0934-5043 1433-299X Preserved Yes
Fisioterapia Elsevier 0211-5638 N/A Preserved Yes
Folia Musei rerum naturalium Bohemiae occidentalis. Geologica et Paleobiologica De Gruyter 1805-2371 1805-286X Preserved Yes
Foot and Ankle Specialist SAGE Publications 1938-6400 1938-7636 Preserved Yes
Fungal Biology Reviews Elsevier 1749-4613 1474-0605 Preserved Yes
Fertility and Sterility Elsevier 0015-0282 N/A Preserved Yes
Federal Grants & Contracts John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1949-3177 1949-3185 Preserved Yes
Forensic Science International: Genetics Elsevier 1872-4973 N/A Preserved Yes
Flow, Turbulence and Combustion Springer 1386-6184 1573-1987 Preserved Yes
Faraday Discussions Royal Society of Chemistry 1359-6640 1364-5498 Preserved No
Fisheries Management and Ecology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0969-997X 1365-2400 Preserved Yes
Fixed Point Theory and Applications Springer N/A 1687-1812 Preserved Yes
Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures Taylor & Francis Group 1536-383X 1536-4046 Preserved Yes
FEMS Yeast Research John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1567-1356 1567-1364 Preserved Yes
Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research Scientific Research Publishing 2327-4115 2327-4107 Preserved No
Familial Cancer Springer 1389-9600 1573-7292 Preserved Yes
Forum for Health Economics & Policy Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1558-9544 Preserved Yes
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Ferroelectrics Letters Taylor & Francis Group 0731-5171 1563-5228 Preserved Yes
Fish & Shellfish Immunology Elsevier 1050-4648 N/A Preserved Yes
Forestry Journal De Gruyter 0323-1046 1338-4295 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Materials Science Springer 2095-025X 2095-0268 Preserved Yes
Feminist Theology SAGE Publications 0966-7350 1745-5189 Preserved Yes
Forestry Studies / Metsanduslikud Uurimused De Gruyter 1406-9954 1736-8723 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Business Research in China Brill 1673-7326 1673-7431 Preserved No
Ferroelectrics Taylor & Francis Group 0015-0193 1563-5112 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering Springer 2095-0233 2095-0241 Preserved Yes
Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy Karger 1015-3837 1421-9964 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Medicine Springer 2095-0217 2095-0225 Preserved Yes
Fibre Chemistry Springer 0015-0541 1573-8493 Preserved Yes
FEMS Microbiology Letters Elsevier 0378-1097 N/A Preserved Yes
Frontiers in Zoology BioMed Central N/A 1742-9994 Preserved Yes
The Foundation Review Johnson Center for Philanthropy 1944-5660 1944-5679 Preserved No
Food Science and Biotechnology Springer 1226-7708 2092-6456 Preserved Yes
Foot and Ankle Surgery Elsevier 1268-7731 N/A Preserved Yes
Feminist Media Studies Taylor & Francis Group 1468-0777 1471-5902 Preserved Yes
Fibre Science and Technology Elsevier 0015-0568 N/A Preserved Yes
Fabrications Taylor & Francis Group 1033-1867 2164-4756 Preserved Yes
Fooyin Journal of Health Sciences Elsevier 1877-8607 1877-8615 Preserved Yes
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Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), IEEE Annual Conference. Proceedings IEEE, Inc. 0190-5848 N/A Preserved No
FEMS Microbiology Ecology Elsevier 0168-6496 N/A Preserved Yes
Folia Linguistica Historica De Gruyter 0168-6474 1614-7316 Preserved Yes
Fish Physiology and Biochemistry Springer 0920-1742 1573-5168 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Biology Springer 1674-7984 1674-7992 Preserved Yes
FEMS Microbiology Reviews Elsevier 0168-6445 N/A Preserved Yes
Folklore Taylor & Francis Group 0015-587X 1469-8315 Preserved Yes
The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review Penn State University Press 1543-3951 1755-6333 Preserved Yes
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Free Radical Research Taylor & Francis Group 1071-5762 1029-2470 Preserved Yes
Finite Fields and Their Applications Elsevier 1071-5797 N/A Preserved Yes
Fat Studies Taylor & Francis Group 2160-4851 2160-486X Preserved Yes
Foundations of Science Springer 1233-1821 1572-8471 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Physics Springer 2095-0462 2095-0470 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana - Botany BioOne 0015-0746 2162-4267 Preserved Yes
Forschung im Ingenieurwesen Springer 0015-7899 1434-0860 Preserved Yes
Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology Springer 1547-769X 1556-2891 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences BioOne 2158-5520 2163-7105 Preserved Yes
Fetal and Maternal Medicine Review Cambridge University Press 0965-5395 1469-5065 Preserved No
Field Mycology Elsevier 1468-1641 N/A Preserved Yes
Fisheries Taylor & Francis Group 0363-2415 1548-8446 Preserved Yes
Food Bioscience Elsevier 2212-4292 N/A Preserved Yes
Feminist Theory SAGE Publications 1464-7001 1741-2773 Preserved Yes
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment Ecological Society of America 1540-9295 1540-9309 Preserved Yes
Fieldiana - Zoology BioOne 0015-0754 2162-4291 Preserved Yes
Faraday Symposia of the Chemical Society Royal Society of Chemistry 0301-5696 N/A Preserved No
Frontiers of Biology in China Springer 1673-3509 1673-3622 Preserved Yes
Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society Royal Society of Chemistry 0301-7249 N/A Preserved No
Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1465-3753 2042-7166 Preserved Yes
Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities SAGE Publications 1088-3576 1538-4829 Preserved Yes
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Financial Services Review Elsevier 1057-0810 N/A Preserved Yes
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Freshwater Reviews BioOne 1755-084X N/A Preserved Yes
Food Engineering Reviews Springer 1866-7910 1866-7929 Preserved Yes
FEMS Microbiology Letters John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0378-1097 1574-6968 Preserved Yes
French Politics, Culture & Society Berghahn Journals 1537-6370 1558-5271 Preserved Yes
Food Structure Elsevier 2213-3291 N/A Preserved Yes
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Frontiers in Energy Springer 2095-1701 2095-1698 Preserved Yes
Food Chemistry Elsevier 0308-8146 N/A Preserved Yes
Fuzzy Systems Conference (FUZZ-IEEE), Proceeedings of the IEEE International IEEE, Inc. 1098-7584 N/A Preserved No
Family Systems Medicine American Psychological Association 0736-1718 N/A Preserved Yes
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Fieldiana - Anthropology BioOne 0071-4739 2162-4321 Preserved Yes
Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Thearapeutics Begell House 2151-8017 2151-8025 Preserved Yes
The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1543-3951 1755-6333 Preserved Yes
Fibrinolysis Elsevier 0268-9499 N/A Preserved Yes
Fisheries Oceanography John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1054-6006 1365-2419 Preserved Yes
Forestry Studies in China Springer 1008-1321 1993-0372 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends in Systems and Control Now Publishers Inc 2325-6818 2325-6826 Preserved No
Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A - Chemistry, Analysis, Control, Exposure & Risk Assessment Taylor & Francis Group 1944-0049 1944-0057 Preserved Yes
Family Journal SAGE Publications 1066-4807 1552-3950 Preserved Yes
Folia Forestalia Polonica, Seria A - Forestry De Gruyter 0071-6677 N/A Preserved Yes
Fibrogenesis & Tissue Repair BioMed Central N/A 1755-1536 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Medical and Biological Engineering Brill 0921-3775 N/A Preserved No
Foundations of Chemistry Springer 1386-4238 1572-8463 Preserved Yes
Foundations and Trends® in Stochastic Systems Now Publishers Inc 1551-3106 1551-3092 Preserved No
Foundations and Trends® in Econometrics Now Publishers Inc 1551-3076 1551-3084 Preserved No
Foundations and Trends® in Theoretical Computer Science Now Publishers Inc 1551-305X 1551-3068 Preserved No
Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 8756-758X 1460-2695 Preserved Yes
Forest Ecosystems Springer N/A 2197-5620 Preserved Yes
Formosan Journal of Surgery Elsevier 1682-606X 2213-5413 Preserved Yes
Feminist Issues Springer 0270-6679 1936-4717 Preserved Yes
Fashion and Textiles Springer N/A 2198-0802 Preserved Yes
Frontiers of Economics in China Brill 1673-3444 1673-3568 Preserved No
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Forest Policy and Economics Elsevier 1389-9341 N/A Preserved Yes
Fuel Cells Bulletin Elsevier 1464-2859 N/A Preserved Yes
Francosphères Liverpool University Press 2046-3820 2046-3839 Preserved Yes
Food and Nutrition Sciences Scientific Research Publishing 2157-944X 2157-9458 Preserved No
Focus on Pigments Elsevier 0969-6210 N/A Preserved Yes
Functional Linguistics Springer N/A 2196-419X Preserved Yes
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