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Listed below are those e-journal titles, e-book titles, and d-collections that are committed to the Portico archive. The titles and collections below with a status of “Queued” are currently in-line to be processed and preserved. Those with a status of “Preserved” are currently preserved in the Portico archive. Post-Cancellation Access (PCA) availability through Portico is indicated in the PCA column.

Downloadable journal and book lists in Excel, KBART, and ONIX-PH are available.

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Kyoto Journal of Mathematics Duke University Press 0023-608X N/A Queued Yes
Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics University of Kansas Libraries 1043-3805 N/A Preserved Yes
Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences Elsevier 1607-551X N/A Preserved Yes
Kidney International Supplements Elsevier 2157-1716 N/A Preserved Yes
Karbala International Journal of Modern Science Elsevier 2405-609X N/A Preserved Yes
Kybernetes Emerald Group Publishing 0368-492X N/A Preserved Yes
Komplementaere und Integrative Medizin Elsevier 1863-8678 N/A Preserved Yes
Kronos : Journal of Cape History Sabinet 0259-0190 N/A Queued No
King Saud University Journal of Dental Sciences Elsevier 2210-8157 N/A Preserved Yes
Kerala Journal of Ophthalmology Medknow Publications and Media 0976-6677 N/A Queued Yes
Kenya Past and Present Sabinet 0257-8301 N/A Queued No
Kinésithérapie, la Revue Elsevier 1779-0123 N/A Preserved Yes
Kontakt Elsevier 1212-4117 N/A Preserved Yes
Kleio Taylor & Francis Group 0023-2084 N/A Preserved Yes
Knowledge-Based Systems Elsevier 0950-7051 N/A Preserved Yes
Kidney International Elsevier 0085-2538 N/A Preserved Yes
Krankenhaus-Hygiene + Infektionsverhutung Elsevier 0720-3373 N/A Preserved Yes
Korean Journal of Biological Sciences Taylor & Francis Group 1226-5071 N/A Preserved Yes
Kentucky Foreign Language Quarterly Taylor & Francis Group 0023-0332 N/A Preserved Yes
Knee Elsevier 0968-0160 N/A Preserved Yes
Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online Taylor & Francis Group 1177-083X N/A Preserved Yes
Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences Elsevier 2452-3151 N/A Preserved Yes
Kritische Justiz. Vierteljahresschrift für Recht und Politik Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG 0023-4834 N/A Queued Yes
Kidney International Reports Elsevier 2468-0249 N/A Preserved Yes
Kinetoplastid Biology and Disease BioMed Central 1475-9292 N/A Preserved Yes
Kleio Sabinet 0023-2084 N/A Queued No
Knowledge Acquisition Elsevier 1042-8143 N/A Preserved Yes
Kano Studies Sabinet 0567-4840 N/A Queued No
Kritische Vierteljahresschrift für Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG 2193-7869 N/A Queued Yes
KnE Materials Science Knowledge E N/A 2519-1438 Queued No
KnE Medicine Knowledge E N/A 2519-125X Queued No
KnE Social Sciences Knowledge E N/A 2518-668X Queued No
KNOW: A Journal on the Formation of Knowledge University of Chicago Press 2473-599X 2473-6007 Queued Yes
KnE Energy Knowledge E N/A 2413-5453 Queued No
KnE Life Sciences Knowledge E N/A 2413-0877 Queued No
Karnataka Anesthesia Journal Medknow Publications and Media 2394-6954 2394-9775 Preserved Yes
Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports New Prairie Press N/A 2378-5977 Queued No
The Korean Language in America Penn State University Press 2332-0346 2374-670X Preserved Yes
Kasr Al Ainy Medical Journal Medknow Publications and Media 1687-4625 2356-8097 Preserved Yes
Keats-Shelley Journal Project MUSE 0453-4387 2328-112X Preserved No
Kronos Academy of Science of South Africa 0259-0190 2309-9585 Preserved No
Koers African Online Scientific Information Systems Ltd. N/A 2304-8557 Queued No
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship = Koers : Bulletin vir Christelike Wetenskap Sabinet 0023-270X 2304-8557 Queued No
Koers Academy of Science of South Africa 0023-270X 2304-8557 Preserved No
Kultura i Spoleczenstwo De Gruyter 0023-5172 2300-195X Preserved Yes
Karger Kompass Ophthalmologie Karger 2297-0118 2297-0045 Preserved Yes
Kidney Diseases Karger 2296-9381 2296-9357 Preserved Yes
Karger Kompass Onkologie Karger 2296-5416 2296-5386 Preserved Yes
Karger Kompass Dermatologie Karger 2296-5424 2296-536X Preserved Yes
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Karger Kompass Pneumologie Karger 2296-0368 2296-0317 Preserved Yes
The Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law Brill 2213-4476 2213-4484 Preserved No
Korean Linguistics John Benjamins Publishing Company 0257-3784 2212-9731 Preserved Yes
Kidney Research and Clinical Practice Elsevier 2211-9132 2211-9140 Preserved Yes
Kunst und Recht: KUR Quotus Publishing 1437-2355 2199-5052 Preserved No
kma - Das Gesundheitswirtschaftsmagazin Thieme Publishing Group 1439-3514 2197-621X Preserved Yes
Korean Social Science Journal Springer 1225-0368 2196-4424 Preserved Yes
Kölner Schrift zum Wirtschaftsrecht De Gruyter 1869-3679 2194-4199 Preserved Yes
Klio De Gruyter 0075-6334 2192-7669 Preserved Yes
Kindheit und Entwicklung: Zeitschrift für Klinische Kinderpsychologie Hogrefe Publishing Group 0942-5403 2190-6246 Preserved Yes
Kappa Delta Pi Record Taylor & Francis Group 0022-8958 2163-1611 Preserved Yes
Kansas Library Association College and University Libraries Section Proceedings New Prairie Press N/A 2160-942X Preserved No
Knowledge Engineering, International Conference on ICT and IEEE, Inc. 2157-0981 2157-099X Queued No
Kilikya Felsefe Dergisi / Cilicia Journal of Philosophy Philosophy Documentation Center 2148-7898 2148-9327 Preserved Yes
Korea-Australia Rheology Journal Springer 1226-119X 2093-7660 Preserved Yes
Kinome De Gruyter N/A 2084-7661 Preserved Yes
Koedoe African Online Scientific Information Systems Ltd. 0075-6458 2071-0791 Preserved No
Koedoe Academy of Science of South Africa 0075-6458 2071-0771 Preserved No
Kiva: Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History Taylor & Francis Group 0023-1940 2051-6177 Preserved Yes
Kiva: Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History Maney Publishing (through 2015) 0023-1940 2051-6177 Preserved Yes
Kantian Review Cambridge University Press 1369-4154 2044-2394 Preserved No
The Keats-Shelley Review Maney Publishing (through 2015) 0952-4142 2042-1362 Preserved Yes
The Keats-Shelley Review Taylor & Francis Group 0952-4142 2042-1362 Preserved Yes
Katherine Mansfield Studies Edinburgh University Press 2041-4501 2041-451X Preserved Yes
Kokalos Fabrizio Serra editore 0392-0887 2035-276X Preserved Yes
KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering Springer 1226-7988 1976-3808 Preserved Yes
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering Springer 0256-1115 1975-7220 Preserved Yes
Kinetic and Related Models American Institute of Mathematical Sciences 1937-5093 1937-5077 Preserved Yes
Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies Springer 0884-5913 1934-8401 Preserved Yes
Kew Bulletin Springer 0075-5974 1874-933X Preserved Yes
Knowledge, Technology & Policy Springer 0897-1986 1874-6314 Preserved Yes
Knowledge Management for Development Journal Taylor & Francis Group 1947-4199 1871-6342 Preserved Yes
Kant Yearbook De Gruyter 1868-4599 1868-4602 Preserved Yes
Kritikon Litterarum - Internationale Rezensionszeitschrift für Romanistik, Slavistik, Anglistik und Amerikanistik De Gruyter 0340-9767 1865-7249 Preserved Yes
Kidney Springer 0940-7936 1865-5068 Preserved Yes
Krankenhaushygiene Up2date Thieme Publishing Group 1862-5797 1862-5800 Preserved Yes
KZfSS Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie Springer 0023-2653 1861-891X Preserved Yes
Kardiologie Up2date Thieme Publishing Group 1611-6534 1860-3513 Preserved Yes
Koroze a ochrana materiálu De Gruyter 0452-599X 1804-1213 Preserved Yes
King's Law Journal Taylor & Francis Group 0961-5768 1757-8442 Preserved Yes
Key Engineering Materials Trans Tech Publications Ltd. 1013-9826 1662-9795 Queued Yes
Konsthistorik Tidscrift Taylor & Francis Group 0023-3609 1651-2294 Preserved Yes
Kant-Studien De Gruyter 0022-8877 1613-1134 Preserved Yes
Kadmos - Zeitschrift für vor- und Frühgriechische Epigraphik De Gruyter 0022-7498 1613-0723 Preserved Yes
Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook De Gruyter 1430-5372 1612-9792 Preserved Yes
KI - Künstliche Intelligenz Springer 0933-1875 1610-1987 Preserved Yes
Kinetics and Catalysis Springer 0023-1584 1608-3210 Preserved Yes
K-Theory Springer 0920-3036 1573-0514 Preserved Yes
Kronoscope Brill 1567-715X 1568-5241 Preserved No
Ka Ho'oilina/The Legacy Project MUSE 1535-3133 1542-4243 Preserved No
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Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History Project MUSE 1531-023X 1538-5000 Preserved No
Korean Studies Project MUSE 0145-840X 1529-1529 Preserved No
Knowledge Management Research and Practice Palgrave Macmillan 1477-8238 1477-8246 Preserved Yes
Knowledge Engineering Review Cambridge University Press 0269-8889 1469-8005 Preserved No
Kyklos John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0023-5962 1467-6435 Preserved Yes
Klinische Neurophysiologie Thieme Publishing Group 1434-0275 1439-4081 Preserved Yes
Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde Thieme Publishing Group 0023-2165 1439-3999 Preserved Yes
Klinikarzt Thieme Publishing Group 0341-2350 1439-3859 Preserved Yes
Kleintier Konkret Thieme Publishing Group 1434-9132 1439-3832 Preserved Yes
Klinische Pädiatrie Thieme Publishing Group 0300-8630 1439-3824 Preserved Yes
Krankenhauspsychiatrie Thieme Publishing Group 0937-289X 1439-3816 Preserved Yes
Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy Springer 0942-2056 1433-7347 Preserved Yes
Klinische Wochenschrift Springer 0023-2173 1432-1440 Preserved Yes
Kidney and Blood Pressure Research Karger 1420-4096 1423-0143 Preserved Yes
Knowledge and Process Management John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1092-4604 1099-1441 Preserved Yes
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal Johns Hopkins University Press (through 2014) 1054-6863 1086-3249 Preserved No
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal Project MUSE 1054-6863 1086-3249 Preserved No
Knowledge and Information Systems Springer 0219-1377 0219-3116 Preserved Yes
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