Listed below are those e-journal titles, e-book titles, and d-collections that are committed to the Portico archive. The titles and collections below with a status of “Queued” are currently in-line to be processed and preserved. Those with a status of “Preserved” are currently preserved in the Portico archive. Post-Cancellation Access (PCA) availability through Portico is indicated in the PCA column.

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Research Works of Air Force Institute of Technology / Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technicznego Wojsk Lotniczych De Gruyter 1234-3544 N/A Preserved Yes
Results in Physics Elsevier 2211-3797 N/A Preserved Yes
Royal Institute of Chemistry, Reviews Royal Society of Chemistry 0035-8940 N/A Preserved No
Resuscitation Elsevier 0300-9572 N/A Preserved Yes
Roentgenpraxis Elsevier 0035-7820 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue d’Histoire Ecclésiastique Brepols Publishers 0035-2381 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Organizational Behavior Elsevier 0191-3085 N/A Preserved Yes
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, IEEE IEEE, Inc. 1529-2517 N/A Preserved No
Reference Reviews Emerald Group Publishing 0950-4125 N/A Preserved Yes
Review of Financial Economics Elsevier 1058-3300 N/A Preserved Yes
Resources, Conservation and Recycling Elsevier 0921-3449 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility Elsevier 0276-5624 N/A Preserved Yes
Results in Immunology Elsevier 2211-2839 N/A Preserved Yes
Results in Pharma Sciences Elsevier 2211-2863 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews in Gynaecological and Perinatal Practice Elsevier 1871-2320 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Française d'Allergologie et d'Immunologie Clinique Elsevier 0335-7457 N/A Preserved Yes
Russian Literature Elsevier 0304-3479 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue ATEE Journal Taylor & Francis Group 0379-606X N/A Preserved Yes
Radio Science American Geophysical Union (through 2012) 0048-6604 N/A Preserved Yes
Resource and Energy Economics Elsevier 0928-7655 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Language De Gruyter 1731-7533 N/A Queued Yes
Real Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS), IEEE IEEE, Inc. 1080-1812 N/A Preserved No
Robotics and Autonomous Systems Elsevier 0921-8890 N/A Preserved Yes
Reumatologia clinica (English Edition) Elsevier 2173-5743 N/A Preserved Yes
Reuse/Recycle SAGE Publications 0048-7457 N/A Preserved Yes
Radiation Measurements Elsevier 1350-4487 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews of Geophysics American Geophysical Union (through 2012) 8755-1209 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Française d'Allergologie Elsevier 0035-2845 N/A Queued Yes
Revista Espanola de Cardiologia Elsevier 1885-5857 N/A Preserved Yes
Real-Time Systems (ECRTS), Proceedings of the Euromicro Workshop on IEEE, Inc. 1068-3070 N/A Preserved No
Revista Espanola de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen Molecular (English Edition) Elsevier 2253-8089 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews on Reactive Species in Chemical Reactions Springer 0048-7562 N/A Queued Yes
Renewable Energy Focus Elsevier 1755-0084 N/A Preserved Yes
Respiratory Medicine CME Elsevier 1755-0017 N/A Preserved Yes
Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS), IEEE IEEE, Inc. 2164-2958 N/A Queued No
Romanian Neurosurgery De Gruyter 1220-8841 N/A Queued Yes
RBM-News Elsevier 0222-0776 N/A Preserved Yes
Religion Elsevier 0048-721X N/A Preserved Yes
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Elsevier 1364-0321 N/A Preserved Yes
Research Issues in Data Engineering (RIDE), Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on IEEE, Inc. 1066-1395 N/A Preserved No
Resource Recovery and Conservation Elsevier 0304-3967 N/A Preserved Yes
Reactivity of Solids Elsevier 0168-7336 N/A Preserved Yes
Research Policy Elsevier 0048-7333 N/A Preserved Yes
Retail & Distribution Management Emerald Group Publishing 0307-2363 N/A Preserved Yes
Records & Information Management Report M. E. Sharpe 1096-9624 N/A Preserved Yes
Romance Philology Brepols Publishers 0035-8002 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in International Business and Finance Elsevier 0275-5319 N/A Preserved Yes
Réanimation Elsevier 1624-0693 N/A Preserved Yes
Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics (RAM), IEEE Conference on IEEE, Inc. 2158-2181 N/A Queued No
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Revue Générale de Thermique Elsevier 0035-3159 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Générale des Chemins de Fer Elsevier 0035-3183 N/A Preserved Yes
Review of Physics in Technology Institute of Physics Publishing 0034-6683 N/A Preserved Yes
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology Elsevier 0034-6667 N/A Preserved Yes
Regional and Urban Economics Elsevier 0034-3331 N/A Preserved Yes
RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment BioOne N/A N/A Queued Yes
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology Elsevier 0273-2300 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue de Micropaléontologie Elsevier 0035-1598 N/A Preserved Yes
Reference Services Review Emerald Group Publishing 0090-7324 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews in Medical Microbiology Wolters Kluwer Health 0954-139X N/A Preserved Yes
Rapid System Prototyping (RSP), Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on IEEE, Inc. 1074-6005 N/A Preserved No
Reproduction and Contraception Elsevier 1001-7844 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Veterinary Science Elsevier 0034-5288 N/A Preserved Yes
Review of Market Integration SAGE Publications 0974-9292 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Française de Transfusion et Immuno-hématologie Elsevier 0338-4535 N/A Queued Yes
Reliability Engineering & System Safety Elsevier 0951-8320 N/A Preserved Yes
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Elsevier 0736-5845 N/A Preserved Yes
Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays?Bas John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0165-0513 N/A Preserved Yes
Roedunet International Conference (RoEduNet) IEEE, Inc. 2068-1038 N/A Queued No
Radio and Electronic Engineer IEEE, Inc. 0033-7722 N/A Queued No
Radiation Effects Taylor & Francis Group 0033-7579 N/A Preserved Yes
Revista española de cirugía ortopédica y traumatología Elsevier 1988-8856 N/A Preserved Yes
Radiation Botany Elsevier 0033-7560 N/A Preserved Yes
Reverse Engineering (WCRE), Working Conference on IEEE, Inc. 1095-1350 N/A Preserved No
Respiration Physiology Elsevier 0034-5687 N/A Preserved Yes
Ring De Gruyter 0035-5429 N/A Queued Yes
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics Institute of Physics Publishing 1674-4527 N/A Preserved Yes
Réanimation Urgences Elsevier 1164-6756 N/A Preserved Yes
The Review of Education Taylor & Francis Group 0098-5597 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Française de Transfusion et d'Hémobiologie Elsevier 1140-4639 N/A Queued Yes
Regional Science and Urban Economics Elsevier 0166-0462 N/A Preserved Yes
Remote Sensing of Environment Elsevier 0034-4257 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Developmental Disabilities Elsevier 0891-4222 N/A Preserved Yes
Recherche - Transports - Sécurité Elsevier 0761-8980 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Francophone des Laboratoires Elsevier 1773-035X N/A Preserved Yes
Requirements Engineering (RE), Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on IEEE, Inc. 1090-705X N/A Preserved No
Records Management Journal Emerald Group Publishing 0956-5698 N/A Preserved Yes
La Revue de Médecine Interne Elsevier 0248-8663 N/A Preserved Yes
Reports of Practical Oncology & Radiotherapy Elsevier 1507-1367 N/A Preserved Yes
Real-Time Imaging Elsevier 1077-2014 N/A Preserved Yes
Respiratory Medicine Elsevier 0954-6111 N/A Preserved Yes
Rapid Prototyping Journal Emerald Group Publishing 1355-2546 N/A Preserved Yes
Ricerche Economiche Elsevier 0035-5054 N/A Preserved Yes
Royal Australian Planning Institute Journal Taylor & Francis Group 0004-9999 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Française des Laboratoires Elsevier 0338-9898 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders Elsevier 1750-9467 N/A Preserved Yes
Retinal Cases & Brief Reports Wolters Kluwer Health 1935-1089 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews in Molecular Biotechnology Elsevier 1389-0352 N/A Preserved Yes
Reactive Polymers Elsevier 0923-1137 N/A Preserved Yes
Real Estate Management and Valuation De Gruyter N/A N/A Queued Yes
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Reports on Mathematical Physics Elsevier 0034-4877 N/A Preserved Yes
Radar Conference, IEEE IEEE, Inc. 1097-5659 N/A Preserved No
Riasa Fabrizio Serra editore N/A N/A Queued Yes
Radiography Elsevier 1078-8174 N/A Preserved Yes
Race and Justice SAGE Publications 2153-3687 N/A Preserved Yes
Radiation Physics and Chemistry Elsevier 0969-806X N/A Preserved Yes
Robotics Elsevier 0167-8493 N/A Preserved Yes
Reactive and Functional Polymers Elsevier 1381-5148 N/A Preserved Yes
Reproductive Health Matters Elsevier 0968-8080 N/A Preserved Yes
Radiotherapy and Oncology Elsevier 0167-8140 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Immunology Elsevier 0923-2494 N/A Preserved Yes
Retina Wolters Kluwer Health 0275-004X N/A Preserved Yes
Rice Science Elsevier 1672-6308 N/A Preserved Yes
Review of Economic Dynamics Elsevier 1094-2025 N/A Preserved Yes
Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia (English Edition) Elsevier 2174-2049 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue du Rhumatisme Monographies Elsevier 1878-6227 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Virology Elsevier 0923-2516 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Microbiology Elsevier 0923-2508 N/A Preserved Yes
Race and Society Elsevier 1090-9524 N/A Preserved Yes
Republican China Maney Publishing 0893-2344 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue du Rhumatisme Elsevier 1169-8330 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Accounting Regulation Elsevier 1052-0457 N/A Preserved Yes
Regions Magazine Taylor & Francis Group 1367-3882 N/A Preserved Yes
Resources and Conservation Elsevier 0166-3097 N/A Queued Yes
Revista Espanola de Medicina Nuclear (English Edition) Elsevier 1578-200X N/A Preserved Yes
Rare Metals Elsevier 1001-0521 N/A Preserved Yes
Rare Metal Materials and Engineering Elsevier 1875-5372 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Bénédictine Brepols Publishers 0035-0893 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews of Reproduction BioScientifica 1359-6004 N/A Preserved Yes
Research Intelligence Taylor & Francis Group 0307-9023 N/A Preserved Yes
Reinforced Plastics Elsevier 0034-3617 N/A Preserved Yes
Respiratory Medicine: COPD Update Elsevier 1745-0454 N/A Preserved Yes
Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays-Bas Elsevier 0165-0513 N/A Preserved Yes
Reproductive Toxicology Elsevier 0890-6238 N/A Preserved Yes
Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), Annual IEEE, Inc. 0149-144X N/A Preserved No
Reliability Physics Symposium IEEE, Inc. 0735-0791 N/A Queued No
Refocus Elsevier 1471-0846 N/A Preserved Yes
Respiratory Medicine Extra Elsevier 1744-9049 N/A Preserved Yes
Resources and Energy Elsevier 0165-0572 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Economics Elsevier 1090-9443 N/A Preserved Yes
Recherche et Applications en Marketing SAGE Publications 3767-3701 N/A Queued Yes
Radiation Physics and Chemistry (1977) Elsevier 0146-5724 N/A Preserved Yes
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Wolters Kluwer Health 1098-7339 N/A Preserved Yes
Regional Refresher Courses in Anaesthesiology Wolters Kluwer Health 0093-7401 N/A Queued Yes
Revue d'Electroencéphalographie et de Neurophysiologie Clinique Elsevier 0370-4475 N/A Queued Yes
Reviews in Gynaecological Practice Elsevier 1471-7697 N/A Preserved Yes
Residential Group Care and Treatment Taylor & Francis Group 0731-7123 N/A Preserved Yes
Resources Policy Elsevier 0301-4207 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics SAGE Publications 1557-234X N/A Preserved Yes
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Elsevier 1098-7339 N/A Preserved Yes
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Revue Européenne de Psychologie Appliquée/European Review of Applied Psychology Elsevier 1162-9088 N/A Preserved Yes
Review of Development Finance Elsevier 1879-9337 N/A Preserved Yes
Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology Elsevier 1569-9048 N/A Preserved Yes
Renewable Energy Elsevier 0960-1481 N/A Preserved Yes
Reviews of Chemical Intermediates Springer 0162-7546 N/A Queued Yes
Reliability Engineering Elsevier 0143-8174 N/A Preserved Yes
Revue Française d'Allergie Elsevier 0370-4688 N/A Queued Yes
Regional Anesthesia Wolters Kluwer Health 0146-521X N/A Queued Yes
Review of Accounting and Finance Emerald Group Publishing 1475-7702 N/A Preserved Yes
Retinal Physician Wolters Kluwer Health 1552-812X N/A Preserved Yes
Reactive Polymers, Ion Exchangers, Sorbents Elsevier 0167-6989 N/A Preserved Yes
Reliable Distributed Systems, IEEE Symposium on IEEE, Inc. 1060-9857 N/A Preserved No
Real Living With Multiple Sclerosis Wolters Kluwer Health 1079-4220 N/A Preserved Yes
Research Strategies Elsevier 0734-3310 N/A Preserved Yes
Revista de Psiquiatria y Salud Mental (English Edition) Elsevier 2173-5050 N/A Preserved Yes
Regulatory Peptides Elsevier 0167-0115 N/A Preserved Yes
Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy Elsevier 1551-7411 N/A Preserved Yes
Radiologia (English Edition) Elsevier 2173-5107 N/A Preserved Yes
Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia (English Edition) Elsevier 2173-5115 N/A Preserved Yes
Research World John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1567-3073 2330-4448 Preserved Yes
Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature - new for 2014 Philosophy Documentation Center 0034-4346 2329-8626 Queued Yes
Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory Manchester University Press 2308-0906 2308-0914 Preserved Yes
Regenerative Dentistry and Implant Therapy De Gruyter N/A 2300-424X Queued Yes
RNA Nanotechnology De Gruyter N/A 2299-6850 Queued Yes
Riparian Ecology and Conservation De Gruyter N/A 2299-1042 Queued Yes
Romanian Journal of English Studies (RJES) De Gruyter 1584-3734 2286-0428 Queued Yes
Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases De Gruyter 2068-8245 2284-6417 Queued Yes
Rivista di economia agraria Franco Angeli Edizioni 0035-6190 2281-1559 Queued Yes
Rivista di studi sulla sostenibilità Franco Angeli Edizioni 2239-1959 2239-7221 Queued Yes
Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics Medknow Publications and Media 2013-8393 2229-578X Preserved Yes
Rural China: An International Journal of History and Social Sciences Brill 2213-6738 2213-6746 Queued No
Respiratory Investigation Elsevier 2212-5345 2212-5353 Preserved Yes
Research in Transportation Business & Management Elsevier 2210-5395 2210-5409 Preserved Yes
Reviews on Environmental Health De Gruyter 0048-7554 2191-0308 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Chemical Engineering De Gruyter 0167-8299 2191-0235 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Inorganic Chemistry De Gruyter 0193-4929 2191-0227 Preserved Yes
Reviews in the Neurosciences De Gruyter 0334-1763 2191-0200 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Analytical Chemistry De Gruyter 0793-0135 2191-0189 Preserved Yes
Reviews on Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions De Gruyter 0334-2190 2191-0162 Preserved Yes
Res Philosophica Philosophy Documentation Center 2168-9105 2168-9113 Queued Yes
Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives Scrivener Publishing 2168-0965 2168-0973 Preserved Yes
Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History Penn State University Press 2155-7888 2168-0604 Queued Yes
Road Materials and Pavement Design Taylor & Francis Group 1468-0629 2164-7402 Preserved Yes
Ringing and Migration Taylor & Francis Group 0307-8698 2159-8355 Preserved Yes
Research in Learning Technology Taylor & Francis Group 2156-7069 2156-7077 Preserved Yes
Research in Learning Technology Co-Action Publishing 2156-7069 2156-7077 Preserved Yes
Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2155-644X 2155-6458 Preserved Yes
Radical Philosophy Today Philosophy Documentation Center 1934-547X 2154-1558 Preserved Yes
Radical Philosophy Review of Books Philosophy Documentation Center 1047-8302 2154-1035 Preserved Yes
Religion, Brain & Behavior Taylor & Francis Group 2153-599X 2153-5981 Preserved Yes
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Regions and Cohesion Berghahn Journals 2152-906X 2152-9078 Queued Yes
Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy Begell House 2152-274X 2152-2758 Preserved Yes
Rorschachiana Hogrefe Publishing Group 1192-5604 2151-206X Preserved Yes
Religion and Society Berghahn Journals 2150-9298 2150-9301 Preserved Yes
Remote Sensing Letters Taylor & Francis Group 2150-704X 2150-7058 Preserved Yes
Research in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Academic Journals N/A 2141-2324 Queued Yes
Rehabilitation Research and Practice Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2090-2867 2090-2875 Preserved Yes
Radiology Research and Practice Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2090-1941 2090-195X Preserved Yes
Recyclable Catalysis De Gruyter N/A 2084-7629 Queued Yes
Review Journal of Chemistry Springer 2079-9780 2079-9799 Queued Yes
Regional Research of Russia Springer 2079-9705 2079-9713 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research Springer 2079-0597 2079-0600 Queued Yes
Russian Journal of Biological Invasions Springer 2075-1117 2075-1125 Preserved Yes
Regeneration John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2052-4412 Preserved Yes
Respirology Case Reports John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2051-3380 Preserved Yes
Research in Education Manchester University Press 0034-5237 2050-4608 Preserved Yes
Review of European Comparative and International Environmental Law John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2050-0386 2050-0394 Preserved Yes
Review of Education John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 2049-6613 Preserved Yes
Review of Keynesian Economics Edward Elgar Publishing 2049-5323 2049-5331 Queued Yes
RADAR: Review/Art/Design/Architecture/Research University of Huddersfield Press N/A 2049-4327 Queued Yes
Rehabilitation Nursing John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0278-4807 2048-7940 Preserved Yes
Review of Corporate Finance Studies Oxford University Press 2046-9128 2046-9136 Preserved Yes
RSC Advances Royal Society of Chemistry N/A 2046-2069 Queued No
Review of Asset Pricing Studies Oxford University Press 2045-9920 2045-9939 Preserved Yes
Regional Insights Taylor & Francis Group 2042-9843 2042-9851 Preserved Yes
Rural Theology Maney Publishing 1470-4994 2042-1273 Preserved Yes
Rivista italiana di diritto del turismo Franco Angeli Edizioni 2039-9022 2039-9391 Queued Yes
Research in Geophysics Page Press 2038-9655 2038-9663 Queued Yes
Ricerca psicoanalitica Franco Angeli Edizioni 1827-4625 2037-7851 Queued Yes
Rheumatology Reports Page Press 2036-7511 2036-752X Preserved Yes
Rare Tumors Page Press 2036-3605 2036-3613 Preserved Yes
Rivista di Letteratura Teatrale Fabrizio Serra editore 1973-7602 2035-3553 Queued Yes
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B Springer 1990-7931 1990-7923 Queued Yes
Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo Springer 0009-725X 1973-4409 Queued Yes
Rivista di studi familiari Franco Angeli Edizioni 1127-3135 1972-5736 Queued Yes
Ricerche di psicologia Franco Angeli Edizioni 0391-6061 1972-5620 Queued Yes
Rivista sperimentale di freniatria : la rivista dei servizi di salute mentale Franco Angeli Edizioni 1129-6437 1972-5582 Queued Yes
Rivista di storia della filosofia Franco Angeli Edizioni 0393-2516 1972-5558 Queued Yes
Rivista italiana di gruppoanalisi Franco Angeli Edizioni 1721-6664 1972-5264 Queued Yes
Risorsa uomo Franco Angeli Edizioni 1128-0689 1972-5205 Queued Yes
Rivista di sessuologia clinica Franco Angeli Edizioni 1123-4598 1972-5183 Queued Yes
Ruolo terapeutico Franco Angeli Edizioni 1828-1974 1972-5159 Queued Yes
Rivista italiana di comunicazione pubblica Franco Angeli Edizioni 1591-7304 1972-5124 Queued Yes
RIV : rassegna italiana di valutazione Franco Angeli Edizioni 1826-0713 1972-5027 Queued Yes
Rivista di economia e statistica del territorio Franco Angeli Edizioni 1971-0380 1972-5000 Queued Yes
Rivista trimestrale di scienza dell'amministrazione Franco Angeli Edizioni 0391-190X 1972-4942 Queued Yes
Rivista di statistica ufficiale Franco Angeli Edizioni 1828-1982 1972-4829 Queued Yes
Ritorno al diritto : i valori della convivenza Franco Angeli Edizioni 1827-0263 1971-8462 Queued Yes
Rivista di psicoterapia relazionale Franco Angeli Edizioni 1825-5442 1971-8454 Queued Yes
Ricerche di pedagogia e didattica CLUEB N/A 1970-2221 Queued Yes
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Réanimation Springer 1624-0693 1951-6959 Preserved Yes
Religion & Education Taylor & Francis Group 1550-7394 1949-8381 Preserved Yes
The Ruffin Series of the Society for Business Ethics Philosophy Documentation Center 1949-0232 1949-0240 Queued Yes
Reviews of Geophysics John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 8755-1209 1944-9208 Preserved Yes
Radio Science John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0048-6604 1944-799X Preserved Yes
Russian Studies in Literature M. E. Sharpe 1061-1975 1944-7167 Preserved Yes
Review of Marketing Research M. E. Sharpe 1548-6435 1944-7035 Preserved Yes
Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1944-4079 1944-4079 Preserved Yes
Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy (BePress through 2011) Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1944-4079 Preserved Yes
Religion in Education Taylor & Francis Group N/A 1941-7268 Preserved Yes
Radical Teacher University of Illinois Press 0191-4847 1941-0832 Preserved Yes
Roeper Review Taylor & Francis Group 0278-3193 1940-865X Preserved Yes
Review of Behavioral Finance Emerald Group Publishing 1940-5979 1940-5987 Preserved Yes
Romance Quarterly Taylor & Francis Group 0883-1157 1940-3216 Preserved Yes
Rocks and Minerals Taylor & Francis Group 0035-7529 1940-1191 Preserved Yes
Rasenna ScholarWorks @ UMass Amherst N/A 1940-073X Queued No
Rice Springer 1939-8425 1939-8433 Queued Yes
Review of General Psychology American Psychological Association 1089-2680 1939-1552 Preserved Yes
Rehabilitation Psychology American Psychological Association 0090-5550 1939-1544 Preserved Yes
Radiation Research BioOne 0033-7587 1938-5404 Preserved Yes
Rhodora BioOne 0035-4902 1938-3401 Preserved Yes
Research in Gerontological Nursing SLACK, Inc 1940-4921 1938-2464 Preserved Yes
Review of Black Political Economy Springer 0034-6446 1936-4814 Preserved Yes
Reading Research Quarterly John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0034-0553 1936-2722 Preserved Yes
The Reading Teacher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0034-0561 1936-2714 Preserved Yes
Race/Ethnicity Indiana University Press 1935-8644 1935-8652 Queued Yes
Review of Educational Research SAGE Publications 0034-6543 1935-1046 Preserved Yes
Review of Research in Education SAGE Publications 0091-732X 1935-1038 Preserved Yes
Renaissance Quarterly University of Chicago Press 0034-4338 1935-0236 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals Springer 1067-8212 1934-970X Queued Yes
Russian Mathematics Springer 1066-369X 1934-810X Preserved Yes
Russian Meteorology and Hydrology Springer 1068-3739 1934-8096 Preserved Yes
Russian Engineering Research Springer 1068-798X 1934-8088 Preserved Yes
Radioelectronics and Communications Systems Springer 0735-2727 1934-8061 Preserved Yes
Russian Agricultural Sciences Springer 1068-3674 1934-8037 Preserved Yes
Russian Electrical Engineering Springer 1068-3712 1934-8010 Preserved Yes
Russian Aeronautics Springer 1068-7998 1934-7901 Preserved Yes
Reproductive Sciences SAGE Publications 1933-7191 1933-7205 Preserved Yes
The Review of Faith & International Affairs Taylor & Francis Group 1557-0274 1931-7743 Preserved Yes
Rhetoric Society Quarterly Taylor & Francis Group 0277-3945 1930-322X Preserved Yes
Revue Francophone de La Déficience Intellectuelle Consortium Érudit 0847-5733 1929-4603 Queued No
Relations Consortium Érudit 0034-3781 1929-3097 Queued No
Rapport--Société Canadienne d'Histoire de l'Église Catholique Consortium Érudit 0318-6148 1927-7075 Queued No
Recherches Sémiotiques Consortium Érudit 0229-8651 1923-9920 Queued No
Recherches Amérindiennes au Québec Consortium Érudit 0318-4137 1923-5151 Queued No
Revue de Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec Consortium Érudit 1920-0250 1920-0269 Queued No
Revue Internationale P.M.E. Consortium Érudit 0776-5436 1918-9699 Queued No
Revue Multidisciplinaire sur l'Emploi, Le Syndicalisme et Le Travail Consortium Érudit N/A 1918-9354 Queued No
Revue du Nouvel-Ontario Consortium Érudit 0708-1715 1918-7505 Queued No
Rabaska Consortium Érudit 1703-7433 1916-7350 Queued No
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Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis Springer 1878-5190 1878-5204 Queued Yes
Review of Philosophy and Psychology Springer 1878-5158 1878-5166 Preserved Yes
Review of Cognitive Linguistics John Benjamins Publishing Company 1877-9751 1877-976X Preserved Yes
Russian History Brill 0094-288X 1876-3316 Preserved No
Research in Transportation Economics Elsevier 0739-8859 1875-7979 Preserved Yes
Review of Socialist Law Brill 0165-0300 1875-2985 Queued No
Religion and Human Rights Brill 1871-031X 1871-0328 Preserved No
Rare Metals Springer 1001-0521 1867-7185 Preserved Yes
Review of Socionetwork Strategies Springer N/A 1867-3236 Queued Yes
Radiopraxis Thieme Publishing Group 1866-1033 1866-1041 Preserved Yes
Restaurator - International Journal for the Preservation of Library and Archival Material De Gruyter 0034-5806 1865-8431 Preserved Yes
Radiological Physics and Technology Springer 1865-0333 1865-0341 Queued Yes
Romanische Forshcungen Vittorio Klostermann 0035-8126 1864-0737 Queued Yes
Review of Managerial Science Springer 1863-6683 1863-6691 Preserved Yes
The Rangeland Journal CSIRO Publishing 1036-9872 1834-7541 Preserved No
Research Studies in Music Education SAGE Publications 1321-103X 1834-5530 Preserved Yes
Revue des littératures de l'Union Européenne CLUEB 2035-4428 1827-7047 Queued Yes
Rivista di sessuologia CLUEB 0392-1670 1825-9588 Queued Yes
RID : Rivista italiana di dialettologia CLUEB 1122-6331 1825-957X Queued Yes
Rassegna Europea di Letteratura Italiana Fabrizio Serra editore 1122-5580 1824-6818 Queued Yes
Russian Journal of Pacific Geology Springer 1819-7140 1819-7159 Preserved Yes
Romische Historische Mitteilungen Austrian Academy of Sciences Press 0080-3790 1815-5839 Preserved Yes
relation Austrian Academy of Sciences Press 1025-2339 1813-6885 Queued Yes
Review of Economic Perspectives De Gruyter 1213-2446 1804-1663 Queued Yes
Reviews of Accelerator Science and Technology World Scientific 1793-6268 1793-8058 Preserved No
Research & Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning World Scientific 1793-2068 1793-7078 Preserved No
Reviews of Pacific Basin Financial Markets & Policies World Scientific 0219-0915 1793-6705 Preserved No
Reviews in Mathematical Physics World Scientific 0129-055X 1793-6659 Preserved No
Revue Française d'Allergologie Elsevier 1877-0320 1768-3149 Preserved Yes
Research Synthesis Methods John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1759-2879 1759-2887 Preserved Yes
Regional Science Policy & Practice John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 1757-7802 Preserved Yes
Romani Studies Liverpool University Press 1528-0748 1757-2274 Queued Yes
The RAND Journal of Economics John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0741-6261 1756-2171 Preserved Yes
Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases Oxford University Press 0080-1364 1756-1000 Preserved Yes
Research in Mathematics Education Taylor & Francis Group 1479-4802 1754-0178 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Aquaculture John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1753-5123 1753-5131 Preserved Yes
Revista Internacional de Seguridad Social John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0250-605X 1752-1734 Preserved Yes
Revue Internationale de Securite Sociale John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0379-0312 1752-1718 Preserved Yes
Reformation Maney Publishing 1357-4175 1752-0738 Preserved Yes
Reformation Equinox Publishing 1357-4175 1752-0738 Queued Yes
Resource Geology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1344-1698 1751-3928 Preserved Yes
Religions of South Asia Equinox Publishing 1751-2689 1751-2697 Preserved Yes
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Oxford University Press 1750-6816 1750-6824 Preserved Yes
Romanticism Edinburgh University Press 1354-991X 1750-0192 Preserved Yes
Religion Compass John Wiley & Sons, Inc. N/A 1749-8171 Preserved Yes
Representation Taylor & Francis Group 0034-4893 1749-4001 Preserved Yes
Radiation Oncology BioMed Central N/A 1748-717X Preserved Yes
Regulation & Governance John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1748-5983 1748-5991 Preserved Yes
Religious Studies Review John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0319-485X 1748-0922 Preserved Yes
Religious Studies and Theology Equinox Publishing 0829-2922 1747-5414 Queued Yes
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Research in Post-Compulsory Education Taylor & Francis Group 1359-6748 1747-5112 Preserved Yes
Romance Studies Maney Publishing 0263-9904 1745-8153 Preserved Yes
RELC Journal SAGE Publications 0033-6882 1745-526X Preserved Yes
Research in Comparitive and International Education Symposium Journals N/A 1745-4999 Preserved No
The RUSI Journal Taylor & Francis Group 0307-1847 1744-0378 Preserved Yes
Regional & Federal Studies Taylor & Francis Group 1359-7566 1743-9434 Preserved Yes
Revolutionary Russia Taylor & Francis Group 0954-6545 1743-7873 Preserved Yes
Risk Management Palgrave Macmillan 1460-3799 1743-4637 Preserved Yes
Redox Report Maney Publishing 1351-0002 1743-2928 Preserved Yes
Reformation & Renaissance Review Maney Publishing 1462-2459 1743-1727 Preserved Yes
Reformation and Renaissance Review Equinox Publishing 1462-2459 1743-1727 Queued Yes
Review: Literature & Arts in America Taylor & Francis Group 0890-5762 1743-0666 Preserved Yes
Reproductive Health BioMed Central N/A 1742-4755 Preserved Yes
Retrovirology BioMed Central N/A 1742-4690 Preserved Yes
Radiation Protection Dosimetry Oxford University Press 0144-8420 1742-3406 Preserved Yes
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems Cambridge University Press 1742-1705 1742-1713 Preserved No
Reproduction BioScientifica 1470-1626 1741-7899 Preserved Yes
Race & Class SAGE Publications 0306-3968 1741-3125 Preserved Yes
Review of African Political Economy Taylor & Francis Group 0305-6244 1740-1720 Preserved Yes
Rassegna di Pedagogia Fabrizio Serra editore 0033-9571 1724-1871 Queued Yes
Rivista Degli Studi Orientali Fabrizio Serra editore 0392-4866 1724-1863 Queued Yes
Rivista di Studi Fenici Fabrizio Serra editore 0390-3877 1724-1855 Queued Yes
Rivista Italiana di Linguistica e di Dialettologia Fabrizio Serra editore 1128-6369 1724-1537 Queued Yes
Rivista di Studi Portoghesi e Brasiliani Fabrizio Serra editore 1129-4205 1724-1529 Queued Yes
Russica Romana Fabrizio Serra editore 1128-6377 1724-1510 Queued Yes
Rivista di Psicolinguistica Applicata Fabrizio Serra editore 1592-1328 1724-0646 Queued Yes
Rivista di Letteratura Italiana Fabrizio Serra editore 0392-825X 1724-0638 Queued Yes
Rivista di Cultura Classica e Medioevale Fabrizio Serra editore 0035-6085 1724-062X Queued Yes
Religioni e Società Fabrizio Serra editore 0394-9397 1722-4705 Queued Yes
Revue des Sciences de l'Eau Consortium Érudit 0992-7158 1718-8598 Preserved No
Report of the Annual Meeting, Canadian Historical Association Consortium Érudit 0317-0594 1712-9095 Queued No
Reflets Consortium Érudit 1203-4576 1712-8498 Preserved No
Revue de l'Université de Moncton Consortium Érudit 0316-6368 1712-2139 Queued No
Revue Internationale des Technologies en Pédagogie Universitaire Consortium Érudit N/A 1708-7570 Queued No
Recherches Féministes Consortium Érudit 0838-4479 1705-9240 Queued No
Recherches Sociographiques Consortium Érudit 0034-1282 1705-6225 Preserved No
Revue Québécoise de Linguistique Consortium Érudit 0710-0167 1705-4591 Preserved No
Revue des Sciences de l'Éducation Consortium Érudit 0318-479X 1705-0065 Preserved No
Relations Industrielles Consortium Érudit 0034-379X 1703-8138 Preserved No
Research Letters in Optics Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-8175 1687-8183 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Organic Chemistry Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6865 1687-6938 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Signal Processing Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6911 1687-692X Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Physics Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-689X 1687-6903 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Physical Chemistry Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6873 1687-6881 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Nanotechnology Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6849 1687-6857 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Materials Science Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6822 1687-6830 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Inorganic Chemistry Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6806 1687-6814 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Electronics Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6784 1687-6792 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Ecology Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6768 1687-6776 Preserved Yes
Research Letters in Communications Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6741 1687-675X Preserved Yes
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Research Letters in Biochemistry Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1687-6709 1687-6717 Preserved Yes
Radiologie Up2date Thieme Publishing Group 1616-0681 1617-8300 Preserved Yes
RiskNews John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1612-8931 1616-0045 Preserved Yes
Review of World Economics Springer 1610-2878 1610-2886 Preserved Yes
Russian Microelectronics Springer 1063-7397 1608-3415 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology Springer 1021-4437 1608-3407 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry Springer 1070-4280 1608-3393 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing Springer 1061-8309 1608-3385 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Marine Biology Springer 1063-0740 1608-3377 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Genetics Springer 1022-7954 1608-3369 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of General Chemistry Springer 1070-3632 1608-3350 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Electrochemistry Springer 1023-1935 1608-3342 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Ecology Springer 1067-4136 1608-3334 Queued Yes
Russian Journal of Developmental Biology Springer 1062-3604 1608-3326 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry Springer 1070-3284 1608-3318 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry Springer 1068-1620 1608-330X Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry Springer 1070-4272 1608-3296 Preserved Yes
Radiochemistry Springer 1066-3622 1608-3288 Preserved Yes
Revue Romane John Benjamins Publishing Company 0035-3906 1600-0811 Preserved Yes
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters Springer 0133-1736 1588-2837 Queued Yes
Radiology and Oncology De Gruyter 1318-2099 1581-3207 Queued Yes
RACSAM. Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales Springer 1578-7303 1579-1505 Preserved Yes
Religion and Theology Brill 1023-0807 1574-3012 Preserved No
Russian Physics Journal Springer 1064-8887 1573-9228 Preserved Yes
Russian Chemical Bulletin Springer 1066-5285 1573-9171 Preserved Yes
Refractories Springer 0034-3102 1573-9139 Queued Yes
Refractories and Industrial Ceramics Springer 1083-4877 1573-9139 Preserved Yes
Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics Springer 0033-8443 1573-9120 Preserved Yes
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Springer 0924-865X 1573-7179 Preserved Yes
Review of Industrial Organization Springer 0889-938X 1573-7160 Preserved Yes
Review of Economics of the Household Springer 1569-5239 1573-7152 Preserved Yes
Review of Derivatives Research Springer 1380-6645 1573-7144 Preserved Yes
Review of Accounting Studies Springer 1380-6653 1573-7136 Preserved Yes
The Review of Austrian Economics Springer 0889-3047 1573-7128 Preserved Yes
Review of Finance Oxford University Press 1572-3097 1573-692X Preserved Yes
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries Springer 0960-3166 1573-5184 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders Springer 1389-9155 1573-2606 Preserved Yes
Research in Science Education Springer 0157-244X 1573-1898 Preserved Yes
Research in Higher Education Springer 0361-0365 1573-188X Preserved Yes
Real-Time Systems Springer 0922-6443 1573-1383 Preserved Yes
Reading and Writing Springer 0922-4777 1573-0905 Preserved Yes
Review of Central and East European Law Brill 0925-9880 1573-0352 Preserved No
Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology Springer 1569-1705 1572-9826 Preserved Yes
The Ramanujan Journal Springer 1382-4090 1572-9303 Preserved Yes
Russian Linguistics Springer 0304-3487 1572-8714 Preserved Yes
Research on Language and Computation Springer 1570-7075 1572-8706 Preserved Yes
Res Publica Springer 1356-4765 1572-8692 Preserved Yes
Review of Rabbinic Judaism Brill 1568-4857 1570-0704 Preserved No
Reinardus John Benjamins Publishing Company 0925-4757 1569-9951 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling De Gruyter 0927-6467 1569-3988 Preserved Yes
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Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling Brill 0927-6467 1569-3988 Preserved No
Random Operators and Stochastic Equations De Gruyter 0926-6364 1569-397X Preserved Yes
Random Operators and Stochastic Equations Brill 0926-6364 1569-397X Preserved No
Radical Philosophy Review Philosophy Documentation Center 1388-4441 1569-1659 Preserved Yes
Research in Phenomenology Brill 0085-5553 1569-1640 Preserved No
Research on Chemical Intermediates Springer 0922-6168 1568-5675 Preserved Yes
Research on Chemical Intermediates Brill 0922-6168 1568-5675 Preserved No
Religion and the Arts Brill 1079-9265 1568-5292 Preserved No
Revista Internacional del Trabajo John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0378-5548 1564-9148 Preserved Yes
Revue Internationale du Travail John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0378-5599 1564-9121 Preserved Yes
The Review of International Organizations Springer 1559-7431 1559-744X Preserved Yes
Rurals: Review of Undergraduate Research in Agricultural and Life Sciences University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries (through 2012) N/A 1559-3339 Preserved Yes
Rhodes Cook Letter Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1558-4291 Preserved Yes
Russian Politics and Law M. E. Sharpe 1061-1940 1558-0962 Preserved Yes
Russian Studies in History M. E. Sharpe 1061-1983 1558-0881 Preserved Yes
Russian Studies in Philosophy M. E. Sharpe 1061-1967 1558-0431 Preserved Yes
Russian Education and Society M. E. Sharpe 1060-9393 1558-0423 Preserved Yes
Rejuvenation Research Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 1549-1684 1557-8577 Preserved Yes
Russian Social Science Review: A Journal of Translations M. E. Sharpe 1061-1428 1557-7848 Preserved Yes
Review of Education, Pedagogy & Cultural Studies Taylor & Francis Group 1071-4413 1556-3022 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Anthropology Taylor & Francis Group 0093-8157 1556-3014 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics Springer 1061-9208 1555-6638 Queued Yes
Russian Metallurgy Springer 0036-0295 1555-6255 Preserved Yes
Review of Law & Economics Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1555-5879 Preserved Yes
Review of Radical Political Economics Elsevier 0486-6134 1552-8502 Preserved Yes
Review of Radical Political Economics SAGE Publications 0486-6134 1552-8502 Preserved Yes
Review of Public Personnel Administration SAGE Publications 0734-371X 1552-759X Preserved Yes
Research on Social Work Practice SAGE Publications 1049-7315 1552-7581 Preserved Yes
Research on Aging SAGE Publications 0164-0275 1552-7573 Preserved Yes
Rhodes Cook Letter Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1552-4291 Queued Yes
Rangeland Ecology & Management BioOne 1550-7424 1551-5028 Preserved Yes
Rangelands BioOne 0190-0528 1551-501X Preserved Yes
The Radiologist Wolters Kluwer Health 1069-1286 1547-7770 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Fisheries Science Taylor & Francis Group 1064-1262 1547-6553 Preserved Yes
Religious Education Taylor & Francis Group 0034-4087 1547-3201 Preserved Yes
Review of Marketing Science Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1546-5616 Preserved Yes
Research in Sports Medicine: An International Journal Taylor & Francis Group 1543-8627 1543-8635 Preserved Yes
Research in Human Development Taylor & Francis Group 1542-7609 1542-7617 Preserved Yes
Review of Policy Research John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1541-132X 1541-1338 Preserved Yes
The Reference Librarian Taylor & Francis Group 0276-3877 1541-1117 Preserved Yes
Reference Librarian Haworth Press (through 2007) 0276-3877 1541-1117 Preserved Yes
Residential Treatment For Children & Youth Taylor & Francis Group 0886-571X 1541-0358 Preserved Yes
Residential Treatment for Children & Youth Haworth Press (through 2007) 0886-571X 1541-0358 Preserved Yes
Risk Management and Insurance Review John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1098-1616 1540-6296 Preserved Yes
Real Estate Economics John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1080-8620 1540-6229 Preserved Yes
Risk Analysis John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0272-4332 1539-6924 Preserved Yes
Reviews of Modern Physics American Physical Society 0034-6861 1539-0756 Preserved No
Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin SAGE Publications 0034-3552 1538-4853 Preserved Yes
Remedial and Special Education SAGE Publications 0741-9325 1538-4756 Preserved Yes
Review of Communication Taylor & Francis Group N/A 1535-8593 Preserved Yes
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River Research and Applications John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1535-1459 1535-1467 Preserved Yes
Rhetoric and Public Affairs Michigan State University Press 1094-8392 1534-5238 Queued Yes
Radical History Review Duke University Press 0163-6545 1534-1453 Preserved Yes
Religion and American Culture University of California Press 1052-1151 1533-8568 Preserved Yes
Representations University of California Press 0734-6018 1533-855X Preserved Yes
Rhetorica University of California Press 0734-8584 1533-8541 Preserved Yes
Rhetoric Review Taylor & Francis Group 0735-0198 1532-7981 Preserved Yes
Research on Language & Social Interaction Taylor & Francis Group 0835-1813 1532-7973 Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A Springer 0036-0244 1531-863X Preserved Yes
Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Springer 0036-0236 1531-8613 Preserved Yes
The Review of Economics and Statistics MIT Press 0034-6535 1530-9142 Preserved Yes
Research in African Literatures Indiana University Press 0034-5210 1527-2044 Preserved Yes
Restoration Ecology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1061-2971 1526-100X Preserved Yes
Renal Failure Taylor & Francis Group 0886-022X 1525-6049 Preserved Yes
Renal Failure Informa Healthcare 0886-022X 1525-6049 Preserved Yes
Reading & Writing Quarterly Taylor & Francis Group 1057-3569 1521-0693 Preserved Yes
Reading Psychology Taylor & Francis Group 0270-2711 1521-0685 Preserved Yes
Remediation Journal John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1051-5658 1520-6831 Preserved Yes
Radiation Oncology Investigations John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1065-7541 1520-6823 Preserved Yes
Revue d'Histoire de l'Amérique Française Consortium Érudit 0035-2357 1492-1383 Preserved No
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology BioMed Central N/A 1477-7827 Preserved Yes
Renaissance Studies John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0269-1213 1477-4658 Preserved Yes
Radical Society: Review of Culture and Politics Taylor & Francis Group 1476-0851 1476-086X Preserved Yes
Rethinking Marxism Taylor & Francis Group 0893-5696 1475-8059 Preserved Yes
Review of Income and Wealth John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0034-6586 1475-4991 Preserved Yes
Review of Middle East Economics and Finance Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1475-3693 Preserved Yes
Rural History Cambridge University Press 0956-7933 1474-0656 Preserved No
Round Table Taylor & Francis Group 0035-8533 1474-029X Preserved Yes
Reproductive BioMedicine Online Elsevier 1472-6483 1472-6491 Preserved Yes
Review of English Studies Oxford University Press 0034-6551 1471-6968 Preserved Yes
Refugee Survey Quarterly Oxford University Press 1020-4067 1471-695X Preserved Yes
Research Evaluation Beech Tree Publishing (through 2011) 0958-2029 1471-5449 Preserved Yes
Research Evaluation Oxford University Press 0958-2029 1471-5449 Preserved Yes
Review of Social Economy Taylor & Francis Group 0034-6764 1470-1162 Preserved Yes
Rethinking History Taylor & Francis Group 1364-2529 1470-1154 Preserved Yes
Research Papers in Education Taylor & Francis Group 0267-1522 1470-1146 Preserved Yes
Research in Science & Technological Education Taylor & Francis Group 0263-5143 1470-1138 Preserved Yes
Research in Drama Education Taylor & Francis Group 1356-9783 1470-112X Preserved Yes
Research in Dance Education Taylor & Francis Group 1464-7893 1470-1111 Preserved Yes
Reflective Practice Taylor & Francis Group 1462-3943 1470-1103 Preserved Yes
Race Ethnicity and Education Taylor & Francis Group 1361-3324 1470-109X Preserved Yes
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology Cambridge University Press 0959-2598 1469-9036 Preserved No
Religious Studies Cambridge University Press 0034-4125 1469-901X Preserved No
Robotica Cambridge University Press 0263-5747 1469-8668 Preserved No
Research Intelligence (Wiley) John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0307-9023 1469-3518 Preserved Yes
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics Springer 1560-3547 1468-4845 Queued Yes
Russian Chemical Reviews Institute of Physics Publishing 0036-021X 1468-4837 Preserved Yes
Russian Mathematical Surveys Institute of Physics Publishing 0036-0279 1468-4829 Preserved Yes
The Russian Review John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0036-0341 1467-9434 Preserved Yes
Reviews in Religion & Theology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1350-7303 1467-9418 Preserved Yes
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Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0917-0553 1467-940X Preserved Yes
Review of International Economics John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0965-7576 1467-9396 Preserved Yes
Review of European Community & International Environmental Law John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0962-8797 1467-9388 Preserved Yes
Review of Economic Studies John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0034-6527 1467-937X Queued Yes
Review of Economic Studies Oxford University Press 0034-6527 1467-937X Queued Yes
Review of Development Economics John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1363-6669 1467-9361 Preserved Yes
Review of Agricultural Economics John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1058-7195 1467-9353 Preserved Yes
Ratio Juris John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0952-1917 1467-9337 Preserved Yes
Ratio John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0034-0006 1467-9329 Preserved Yes
R&D Management John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0033-6807 1467-9310 Preserved Yes
Research into Higher Education Abstracts Taylor & Francis Group 0034-5326 1467-5862 Queued Yes
Risk, Decision and Policy Taylor & Francis Group 1357-5309 1466-4534 Preserved Yes
Review of International Political Economy Taylor & Francis Group 0969-2290 1466-4526 Preserved Yes
Respiratory Research BioMed Central 1465-9921 1465-993X Preserved Yes
Review of Financial Studies Oxford University Press 0893-9454 1465-7368 Preserved Yes
Review of Political Economy Taylor & Francis Group 0953-8259 1465-3982 Preserved Yes
Religion, State & Society: The Keston Journal Taylor & Francis Group 0963-7494 1465-3974 Preserved Yes
Rheumatology Oxford University Press 1462-0324 1462-0332 Preserved Yes
Rationality and Society SAGE Publications 1043-4631 1461-7358 Preserved Yes
Reproduction, Fertility & Development CSIRO Publishing 1031-3613 1448-5990 Preserved No
Review of Network Economics Berkeley Electronic Press (through 2011) N/A 1446-9022 Queued Yes
Respirology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1323-7799 1440-1843 Preserved Yes
Rehabilitation, Die Thieme Publishing Group 0034-3536 1439-1309 Preserved Yes
Reproduction in Domestic Animals John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0936-6768 1439-0531 Preserved Yes
RöFo - Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der Bildgebenden Verfahren Thieme Publishing Group 1438-9029 1438-9010 Preserved Yes
Researches on Population Ecology Springer 0034-5466 1437-5613 Queued Yes
Rheumatology International Springer 0172-8172 1437-160X Preserved Yes
Regional Environmenal Change Springer 1436-3798 1436-378X Preserved Yes
Research in Engineering Design Springer 0934-9839 1435-6066 Preserved Yes
Rheologia Acta Springer 0035-4511 1435-1528 Preserved Yes
Review of Economic Design Springer 1434-4742 1434-4750 Preserved Yes
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer 0723-2632 1434-453X Preserved Yes
Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Taylor & Francis Group 0934-9847 1432-2110 Preserved Yes
Radiation and Environmental Biophysics Springer 0301-634X 1432-2099 Preserved Yes
Roux's archives of developmental biology Springer 0930-035X 1432-041X Queued Yes
Requirements Engineering Springer 0947-3602 1432-010X Preserved Yes
Respiration Karger 0025-7931 1423-0356 Preserved Yes
Results in Mathematics Springer 1422-6383 1420-9012 Preserved Yes
Reports on Progress in Physics Institute of Physics Publishing 0034-4885 1361-6633 Preserved Yes
Regional Studies Taylor & Francis Group 0034-3404 1360-0591 Preserved Yes
Research papers Faculty of MTF STUBA De Gruyter 1336-1589 1338-0532 Queued Yes
Reviews in Medical Virology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1052-9276 1099-1654 Preserved Yes
Regulated Rivers: Research & Management John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0886-9375 1099-1646 Preserved Yes
Random Structures and Algorithms John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1042-9832 1098-2418 Preserved Yes
Research in Nursing & Health John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0160-6891 1098-240X Preserved Yes
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0951-4198 1097-0231 Preserved Yes
Religion Taylor & Francis Group 0048-721X 1096-1151 Preserved Yes
Review of Higher Education, The Johns Hopkins University Press 0162-5748 1090-7009 Preserved No
Review of Scientific Instruments American Institute of Physics 0034-6748 1089-7623 Preserved Yes
Representation Theory American Mathematical Society N/A 1088-4165 Preserved Yes
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Reviews in American History Johns Hopkins University Press 0048-7511 1080-6628 Preserved No
Radiation Effects & Defects in Solids Taylor & Francis Group 1042-0150 1029-4953 Preserved Yes
Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays?Bas et de la Belgique John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 0370-7539 0370-7539 Preserved Yes
Rural Sociology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1549-0831 0036-0112 Preserved Yes
Russian Geology and Geophysics Elsevier 1068-7971 0016-7886 Preserved Yes
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