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Portico Title Lists

Excel Files in Original Format: all committed and preserved titles

KBART Files: all committed and preserved titles

Triggered Content

Triggered content is no longer available from the original publisher and thus Portico is making the content accessible to Portico participants. Library participants in the e-journal preservation service should have access to all triggered journals and library participants in the e-book service should have access to all triggered books. In addition, a number of triggered titles were originally published as Open Access and they have triggered as Open Access.


Portico has detailed holdings for each journal available in ONIX-PH (each journal is listed in one ONIX-PH XML file). If you use this information, we’d appreciate your getting in touch with us to let us know how you are using it, as we may be able to provide you with the data in a manner more tailored to your needs.

Please note these ONIX-PH files include identification of missing volumes and issues. This data is a best guess based upon algorithmic analysis of the Portico holdings and it has not been verified by a person. Portico regularly uses this data when analyzing completeness of content, however errors in the metadata supplied to Portico or erroneous assumptions on the part of our analysis program can skew the results. If you use this data and spot errors, please let us know and we will correct them to the best of our ability.