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All the Same The Words Don't Go Away
Author/Editor: Emerson, Caryl
All the Same The Words Don't Go Away: Essays on Authors, Heroes, Aesthetics, and Stage Adaptations from the Russian Tradition
Author/Editor: Caryl Emerson,Lazar Fleishman,David Bethea
American Classics
Author/Editor: Saunders, Judith P
American Classics: Evolutionary Perspectives
Babel' in Context
Author/Editor: Sicher, Ephraim
Babel' in Context: A Study in Cultural Identity
Author/Editor: Efraim Sicher,Harriet MURAV
Before They Were Titans
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Cheresh Allen
Before They Were Titans: Essays on the Early Works of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy
Author/Editor: Julie S. Draskozcy
Belomor: Criminality and Creativity in Stalin’s Gulag
Author/Editor: Julie Draskoczy
By Fables Alone
Author/Editor: Zorin, Andrei
By Fables Alone: Literature and State Ideology in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Russia
Author/Editor: ANDREI ZORIN,Marcus C. Levitt,Nicole Monnier,Daniel Schlaffy,David M. Bethea
Chapaev and His Comrades
Author/Editor: Angela Brintlinger
Chapaev and His Comrades: War and the Russian Literary Hero across the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Angela Brintlinger
Charms of the Cynical Reason
Author/Editor: Lipovetsky, Mark
Charms of the Cynical Reason: Tricksters in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture
Author/Editor: Mark Lipovetsky,Boris Wolfson
Close Encounters
Author/Editor: Robert Louis Jackson
Close Encounters: Essays on Russian Literature
Author/Editor: Robert Louis JACKSON
The Codification of Jewish Law and an Introduction to the Jurisprudence of the Mishna Berura
Author/Editor: Broyde, Michael J.; Bedzow, Ira
A Companion to Andrei Platonov's The Foundation Pit
Author/Editor: Thomas Seifrid
Crafting the 613 Commandments
Author/Editor: Friedberg, Albert D
Crafting the 613 Commandments: Maimonides on the Enumeration, Classification, and Formulation of the Scriptural Commandments
Creating the Empress
Author/Editor: Vera Proskurina
Creating the Empress: Politics and Poetry in the Age of Catherine II
Author/Editor: Vera PROSKURINA,David BETHEA
Cultures in Collision and Conversation
Author/Editor: Berger, David
Cultures in Collision and Conversation: Essays in the Intellectual History of the Jews
Author/Editor: DAVID BERGER
Dreams of Nationhood
Author/Editor: Henry Felix Srebrnik
Dreams of Nationhood: American Jewish Communists and the Soviet Birobidzhan Project, 1924-1951
Author/Editor: Henry Felix Srebrnik
Early Modern Russian Letters
Author/Editor: Marcus C. Levitt
Early Modern Russian Letters: Texts and Contexts
Author/Editor: Marcus C. Levitt,Lazar Fleishman
The Englishman from Lebedian'
Author/Editor: J.A.E. Curtis
The Englishman from Lebedian': A Life of Evgeny Zamiatin
Author/Editor: J. A. E. CURTIS
Epic and the Russian Novel from Gogol to Pasternak
Author/Editor: Frederick T. Griffiths
Exemplary Bodies
Author/Editor: Mondry, Henrietta
Exemplary Bodies: Constructing the Jew in Russian Culture, 1880s to 2008
Author/Editor: Henrietta Mondry,Harriet Murav
Exotic Moscow Under Western Eyes
Author/Editor: Masing-Delic, Irene
First Words
Author/Editor: Lewis Bagby
First Words: On Dostoevsky’s Introductions
Author/Editor: LEWIS BAGBY
Freedom from Violence and Lies
Author/Editor: Simon Karlinsky; Hughes, Robert P.; Koster, Thomas A
Freedom from Violence and Lies: Essays on Russian Poetry and Music
Author/Editor: Simon Karlinsky,Robert P. Hughes,Thomas A. Koster,Richard Taruskin
Gendered Violence
Author/Editor: Astashkevich, Irina
Gendered Violence: Jewish Women in the Pogroms of 1917 to 1921
Author/Editor: Irina Astashkevich
The Goalkeeper
Author/Editor: Yuri Leving
The Goalkeeper: The Nabokov Almanac
Author/Editor: Yuri Leving
Gone to Pitchipoi
Author/Editor: Rubin Katz
Gone to Pitchipoi: A Boy's Desperate Fight for Survival in Wartime
Author/Editor: Rubin KATZ
Holy Russia, Sacred Israel
Author/Editor: Dominic Rubin
Holy Russia, Sacred Israel: Jewish-Christian Encounters in Russian Religious Thought
Author/Editor: DOMINIC RUBIN
In Quest of Tolstoy
Author/Editor: Hugh McLean
The Invention of Mikhail Lomonosov
Author/Editor: Steven Usitalo
The Invention of Mikhail Lomonosov: A Russian National Myth
Author/Editor: Steven A. USITALO,Gary MARKER
Italian Jewry in the Early Modern Era
Author/Editor: Guetta, Alessandr0
Italian Jewry in the Early Modern Era: Essays in Intellectual History
Author/Editor: ALESSANDRO GUETTA,Giuseppe Veltri
Ivan Konevskoi
Author/Editor: Joan Delaney Grossman
Ivan Konevskoi: "Wise Child" of Russian Symbolism
Author/Editor: Joan Delaney Grossman
Jacob's Ladder
Author/Editor: Marina Aptekman
Jacob's Ladder: Kabbalistic Allegory in Russian Literature
Author/Editor: Marina Aptekman
Judaism as Philosophy
Author/Editor: Kreisel, Howard
Judaism as Philosophy: Studies in Maimonides and the Medieval Jewish Philosophers of Provence
Keys to The Gift
Author/Editor: Yuri Leving
Keys to The Gift: A Guide to Vladimir Nabokov's Novel
Author/Editor: Yuri Leving
A Labyrinth of Linkages in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina
Author/Editor: Gary L. Browning
Landmarks Revisited
Author/Editor: Robin Aizlewood
Landmarks Revisited: The Vekhi Symposium One Hundred Years On
Author/Editor: Robin Aizlewood,Ruth Coates
Language and Culture in Eighteenth Century Russia
Author/Editor: Victor Zhivov
Life in Transit
Author/Editor: Shimon Redlich
Life in Transit: Jews in Postwar Lodz, 1945-1950
Macht Arbeit Frei?
Author/Editor: Mędykowski, Witold
Macht Arbeit Frei?
Author/Editor: Mędykowski, Witold
Macht Arbeit Frei?: German Economic Policy and Forced Labor of Jews in the General Government, 1939-1943
Author/Editor: Witold Wojciech Mędykowski
The Marsh of Gold
Author/Editor: Boris Pasternak
The Marsh of Gold: Pasternak's Writings on Inspiration and Creation
Author/Editor: Boris Pasternak,ANGELA LIVINGSTONE
Mo(ve)ments of Resistance
Author/Editor: Grinberg, Lev Luis
Mo(ve)ments of Resistance: Politics, Economy and Society in Israel/Palestine 1931-2013
Author/Editor: Lev Luis Grinberg
The Müselmann at the Water Cooler
Author/Editor: Eli Pfefferkorn
New Directions in the History of the Jews in the Polish Lands
Author/Editor: Polonsky, Antony; Węgrzynek, Hanna; Żbikowski, Andrzej
Poetry and Psychiatry
Author/Editor: Magnus Ljunggren
Poetry and Psychiatry: Essays on Early Twentieth-Century Russian Symbolist Culture
Author/Editor: MAGNUS LJUNGGREN,Charles Rougle
Prosaics and Other Provocations
Author/Editor: Gary Saul Morson
Prosaics and Other Provocations: Empathy, Open Time, and the Novel
A Reader's Guide to Nabokov's Lolita
Author/Editor: Julian W. Connolly
Russian Idea--Jewish Presence
Author/Editor: Brian Horowitz
Russian Idea--Jewish Presence: Essays on Russian-Jewish Intellectual Life
Russian Monarchy
Author/Editor: Wortman, Richard
Russian Monarchy: Representation and Rule
Author/Editor: Richard Wortman,Gary Marker
Russians Abroad
Author/Editor: Greta Slobin
Russians Abroad: Literary and Cultural Politics of Diaspora (1919–1939)
Author/Editor: GRETA N. SLOBIN,katerina Clark,Nancy Condee,Dan Slobin,Mark Slobin
Shapes of Apocalypse
Author/Editor: Andrea Oppo
Shapes of Apocalypse: Arts and Philosophy in Slavic Thought
Author/Editor: Andrea OPPO
Silent Love
Author/Editor: Gerard de Vries
Silent Love: The Annotation and Interpretation of Nabokov’s "The Real Life of Sebastian Knight"
Author/Editor: GERARD DE VRIES
Soviet Jews in World War II
Author/Editor: Gennady Estraikh
Soviet Jews in World War II: Fighting, Witnessing, Remembering
Strangers in a Strange Land
Author/Editor: Paul Manning
Strangers in a Strange Land: Occidentalist Publics and Orientalist Geographies in Nineteenth‐Century Georgian Imaginaries
Author/Editor: Paul MANNING
The Superstitious Muse
Author/Editor: David Bethea
The Superstitious Muse: Thinking Russian Literature Mythopoetically
Author/Editor: David M. Bethea
The Translator's Doubts
Author/Editor: Julia Trubikhina
The Translator's Doubts: Vladimir Nabokov and the Ambiguity of Translation
Tsar and God
Author/Editor: Boris Uspensky
"Tsar and God": and Other Essays in Russian Cultural Semiotics
Author/Editor: Boris Uspenskij,Victor Zhivov,Marcus C. Levitt,David Budgen,Liv Bliss,Marcus C. Levitt,David Bethea
Turn It and Turn It Again
Author/Editor: Fendrick, Susan P.; Levisohn, Jon A
Turn It and Turn It Again: Studies in the Teaching and Learning of Classical Jewish Texts
Author/Editor: JON A. LEVISOHN,SUSAN P. FENDRICK,Roberta Rosenberg Farber
Visual Texts, Ceremonial Texts, Texts of Exploration
Author/Editor: Wortman, Richard
Visual Texts, Ceremonial Texts, Texts of Exploration: Collected Articles on the Representation of Russian Monarchy
Author/Editor: Richard Wortman,Gary Marker
Vladimir Soloviev and the Spiritualization of Matter
Author/Editor: Oliver Smith
The Witching Hour and Other Plays
Author/Editor: Nina Sadur
Word and Image in Russian History
Author/Editor: Maria di Salvo
Word and Image in Russian History: Essays in Honor of Gary Marker