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Chapaev and His Comrades
Author/Editor: Angela Brintlinger
Chapaev and His Comrades: War and the Russian Literary Hero across the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Angela Brintlinger
Charms of the Cynical Reason
Author/Editor: Lipovetsky, Mark
Charms of the Cynical Reason: Tricksters in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture
Author/Editor: Mark Lipovetsky,Boris Wolfson
Close Encounters
Author/Editor: Robert Louis Jackson
Close Encounters: Essays on Russian Literature
Author/Editor: Robert Louis JACKSON
The Codification of Jewish Law and an Introduction to the Jurisprudence of the Mishna Berura
Author/Editor: Broyde, Michael J.; Bedzow, Ira
A Companion to Andrei Platonov's The Foundation Pit
Author/Editor: Thomas Seifrid
Crafting the 613 Commandments
Author/Editor: Friedberg, Albert D
Crafting the 613 Commandments: Maimonides on the Enumeration, Classification, and Formulation of the Scriptural Commandments
Creating the Empress
Author/Editor: Vera Proskurina
Creating the Empress: Politics and Poetry in the Age of Catherine II
Author/Editor: Vera PROSKURINA,David BETHEA
Cultures in Collision and Conversation
Author/Editor: Berger, David
Cultures in Collision and Conversation: Essays in the Intellectual History of the Jews
Author/Editor: DAVID BERGER