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Caesarism in the Post-Revolutionary Age: Crisis, Populace and Leadership
Author/Editor: Markus J. Prutsch
Caliphate and Kingship in a Fifteenth-Century Literary History of Muslim Leadership and Pilgrimage: <i>al-Ḏahab al-masbūk fī ḏikr man ḥaǧǧa min al-ḫulafāʾ wa-l-mulūk</i>. Critical Edition, Annotated Translation, and Study
Author/Editor: Jo Van Steenbergen
Calvin for the Third Millennium
Author/Editor: Mol ,Hans
Calvin – Saint or Sinner?
Author/Editor: Herman J. Selderhuis
Calvin und Calvinismus: Europäische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Herman J. Selderhuis,Irene Dingel
Cambiamento climatico e rischio: Proposta per una didattica geografica
Camera Obscura, Camera Lucida
Camera Obscura, Camera Lucida : Essays in Honor of Annette Michelson
Camillo Sitte - Gesamtausgabe. Schriften und Projekte
Camillo Sitte - Gesamtausgabe. Schriften und Projekte
Camillo Sitte - Gesamtausgabe. Schriften und Projekte : Band 1: Schriften zu Kunstkritik und Kunstgewerbe
Author/Editor: Sitte ,Camillo
Camillo Sitte - Gesamtausgabe. Schriften und Projekte : Band 4 Schriften zu Pädagogik und Schulwesen
Author/Editor: Semsroth ,Klaus,Mönninger ,Michael,Crasemann-Collins ,Christiane
Campaign Finance and Political Polarization: When Purists Prevail
Author/Editor: Raymond La Raja,Brian Schaffner
Camphill and the Future: Spirituality and Disability in an Evolving Communal Movement (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Dan McKanan
Canada in the Frame: Copyright, Collections and the Image of Canada, 1895-1924
Author/Editor: Philip J. Hatfield
CANADA@uibk: Eine Bilanz – Taking Stock – Un bilan (1997–2017)
Author/Editor: Ursula Mathis-Moser,Janine Köppen
The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siècle
Author/Editor: Gaffield ,Chad,Gould ,Karen
The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siècle
Canadian Federalism and Treaty Powers: Organic Constitutionalism at Work
Author/Editor: Hugo Cyr
«Candide», «La fée carabine» et les autres: Vers un modèle didactique de la lecture littéraire
Author/Editor: Sandrine Aeby Daghé
Candide, La fée carabine et les autres. Vers un modèle didactique de la lecture littéraire
Author/Editor: Daghé Aeby ,Sandrine
Candi, Space and Landscape: A study on the distribution, orientation and spatial organization of Central Javanese temple remains
Author/Editor: Véronique Degroot
Can integrated titles improve the viewing experience?: Investigating the impact of subtitling on the reception and enjoyment of film using eye tracking and questionnaire data
Author/Editor: Wendy Fox
Can Music Make You Sick?: Measuring the Price of Musical Ambition
Author/Editor: Sally Anne Gross,George Musgrave
Canones: The Art of Harmony The Canon Tables of the Four Gospels
Author/Editor: Alessandro Bausi,Bruno Reudenbach,Hanna Wimmer
Can organic agriculture cope without copper for disease control?
Author/Editor: Didier Andrivon,Isabelle Savini
Can We Read Letters? Reflections on Fundamental Issues in Reading and Dyslexia Research
Author/Editor: Finn Egil Tønnessen,Per Henning Uppstad
CAO's en premie-afwenteling; een pilot-study naar de plaats van werknemersverzekeringen in een tiental CAO-onderhandelingen
Author/Editor: Huiskamp ,M.J.,Dullemond ,K.
Capability as a Yardstick for Flexicurity - Using the Senian Paradigm to Evaluate a European Policy Agenda
Author/Editor: Lehweß-Litzmann, René
Capability Brown, Royal Gardener: The Business of Place-Making in Northern Europe
Author/Editor: Jonathan Finch,Jan Woudstra
Capacity adequacy in the Nordic electricity market
Author/Editor: Nordic Council of Ministers
A Cape of Asia
A Cape of Asia : Essays on European History
Author/Editor: Wesseling ,H.L.
Cape Town Harmonies: Memory, Humour & Resilience
Author/Editor: Armelle Gaulier,Denis-Constant Martin
Capital at the Brink: Overcoming the Destructive Legacies of Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: Di Leo R. ,Jeffrey,Mehan ,Uppinder
Capitalismo e teoria sociologica
Author/Editor: Massimo PENDENZA,Vincenzo Romania,Giuseppe RICOTTA,ROBERTA IANNONE,Emanuela Susca
Capitalism’s Crises: Class struggles in South Africa and the world
Author/Editor: Andreas Bieler,Vishwas Satgar,Hil Wainwright,William K. Carroll,Isham Christie,Sumsngala Damodaran,Mark Heywood,Leah Hunt-Hendrix,Jamie Jordan,Alfredo Saad-Filho,Niall Reddy
Capitalism without Conscience
Author/Editor: Michel Santi
Capital Punishment and the Criminal Corpse in Scotland, 1740–1834
Author/Editor: Rachel E. Bennett
Capital, State, Empire
Capturing the Wealth From Tuna: case stude's from the Pacific
Author/Editor: Barclay ,Kate,Cartwright ,Ian
Capturing value increase in urban redevelopment: A study of how the economic value increase in urban redevelopment can be used to finance the necessary public infrastructure and other facilities
Author/Editor: Demetrio Muñoz Gielen
Carbon-Based Material for Environmental Protection and Remediation
Author/Editor: Mattia Bartoli,Marco Frediani
Carbon-Based Smart Materials
Author/Editor: Constantinos A. Charitidis, Elias P. Koumoulos, Dimitrios A. Dragatogiannis
Carbon Pricing in Japan
Author/Editor: Toshi H. Arimura,Shigeru Matsumoto
Care at a Distance
Care at a Distance : On the Closeness of Technology
Author/Editor: Pols ,Jeannette
Career Patterns in the Ch’ing Dynasty: The Office of the Governor General
Author/Editor: Raymond W. Chu,William G. Saywell
Care Home Stories : Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Residential Care
Care in Healthcare: Reflections on Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Franziska Krause,Joachim Boldt
Caretaker conventions in Australasia: minding the shop for government
Author/Editor: Menzies ,Jennifer,Tiernan ,Anne
Care trans_formieren: Eine ethnographische Studie zu trans und nicht-binärer Sorgearbeit
Author/Editor: Francis Seeck
Care – Wer sorgt für wen?
Author/Editor: Vera Moser,Inga Pinhard
Care Work 4.0: Digitalisierung in der beruflichen & akademischen Bildung für personenbezogene Dienstleistungsberufe
Author/Editor: Marianne Friese
The Carib Language
The Carib Language
Author/Editor: Hoff ,B.
Carillons and Carillon Music in Old Gdańsk
Author/Editor: Danuta Popinigis
Caring and Curing
Caring and Curing : Historical Perspectives on Women and Healing in Canada
Author/Editor: Dodd ,Dianne,Gorham ,Deborah
Caring for Old Age: Perspectives from South Asia
Author/Editor: Christiane Brosius,Roberta Mandoki
Carl Junker, Zum Buchwesen in Österreich
Carl Junker, Zum Buchwesen in Österreich : Gesammelte Schriften (1896-1927)
Author/Editor: Hall ,Murray Gordon
Carlos Gardel. Su vida, su música, su época
Author/Editor: Collier ,Simon
Carl Strehlow’s 1909 Comparative Heritage Dictionary: An Aranda, German, Loritja and Dieri to English Dictionary with Introductory Essays
Author/Editor: Anna Kenny
Carnival in Tel Aviv: Purim and the Celebration of Urban Zionism
Author/Editor: Hizky Shoham
Carnival Texts: Three plays for ensemble performance
Author/Editor: James MacDonald
Carrières d'halieutes
Author/Editor: Didier Gascuel
Cars, Conduits, and Kampongs
Author/Editor: Cot,Colombijn ,F.
Cars, Conduits, and Kampongs
Cartographies of Differences: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Ulrike M. Vieten,Gill Valentine
Cascades of Violence
Cascades of Violence : War, Crime and Peacebuilding Across South Asia
Author/Editor: Braithwaite ,John,D’Costa ,Bina
ΠCase Files: Vol. 01
Author/Editor: Simone Ferracina
Cases • Pixels: Une histoire de la BD numérique en France
Author/Editor: Julien Baudry
Cassirers politische Philosophie
Cassirers politische Philosophie : Zwischen allgemeiner Kulturtheorie und Totalitarismus-Debatte
Author/Editor: Parkhomenko , Roman
Castells in Africa: Universities and Development
Author/Editor: Johan Muller,Manuel Castells,Nico Cloete,Francois van Schalkwyk
Cast Out: Vagrancy and Homelessness in Global and Historical Perspective
Author/Editor: A.L. Beier,Paul Ocobock
Catalogue: Flèches de pouvoir à l’aube de la métallurgie de la Bretagne au Danemark (2500-1700 av. n. è.)
Author/Editor: Clément Nicolas
Catalogue of books printed before 1601 in the legal historical section of the Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali dell'Università degli Studi di Firenze
Catalogue of books printed before 1601 in the legal historical section of the Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali dell'Università degli Studi di Firenze
Author/Editor: Osler, Douglas J.
Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands. Minor Collections.
Author/Editor: Schmidt ,Jan
Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands: Minor Collections
Author/Editor: Jan Schmidt
Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands. Minor Collections
Catalogus ad collectionem Materiae Medicae in Academia Georgia Augusta - Katalog der Pharmakognostischen Sammlung der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen In quo medicamenta, officinalia, simplicia (mineralia, vegetabilia et animalia) eorumque partes in med
Author/Editor: Wissemann, Volker,Nickelsen, Kärin
Catalogus ad collectionem Materiae Medicae in Academia Georgia Augusta: Katalog der Pharmakognostischen Sammlung der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen In quo medicamenta, officinalia, simplicia (mineralia, vegetabilia et animalia) eorumque partes in medi
Author/Editor: Volker Wissemann,Kärin Nickelsen
Categoriality and continuity in prosodic prominence (Volume 10)
Author/Editor: Simon Roessig
Causation and Laws of Nature
Author/Editor: Max Kistler
A Cautious New Approach
Author/Editor: Denghua Zhang
CEE Candidate countries on the way to Eurozone
Author/Editor: Hobza ,A.
The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Author/Editor: Gerard 't Hooft
Centaurs, Rioting in Thessaly: Memory and the Classical World
Author/Editor: Martyn Hudson
Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research - Selected Proceedings from the International Symposium “Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research”, October 23rd–26th, 2014 at Göttingen State and University Library
Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research - Selected Proceedings from the International Symposium “Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research”, October 23rd–26th, 2014 at Göttingen State and University Library
Author/Editor: Reckel, Johannes
Central Banking at a Crossroads
Central Banking at a Crossroads : Europe and Beyond
Central Documents and Politburo Politics in China
Author/Editor: Kenneth Lieberthal,James Tong,Sai-cheung Yeung
Centrales nucléaires et environnement - Prélèvements d'eau et rejets
Author/Editor: Pineau ,André,Quéré ,Yves
Central Immune Senescence, Reversal Potentials
Author/Editor: Kvell ,Krisztian,Pongracz ,Judit E.
The Centrelink Experiment
The Centrelink Experiment : Innovation in Service Delivery
Author/Editor: Wills ,Jules,Halligan ,John
A Century of Violence in a Red City: Popular Struggle, Counterinsurgency, and Human Rights in Colombia
Author/Editor: Lesley Gill
Ceramics and the Spanish Conquest
Ceramics and the Spanish Conquest
Author/Editor: Hernández Sánchez ,Gilda
Ceramics and the Spanish Conquest: Response and Continuity of Indigenous Pottery Technology in Central Mexico
Author/Editor: Gilda Hernández Sánchez
Ceremonial Entries, Municipal Liberties and the Negotiation of Power in Valois France, 1328-1589
Author/Editor: Neil Murphy
Ceremonial Storytelling: Ritual and Narrative in Post-9/11 US Wars
Author/Editor: Frank Usbeck
Cerkovnoslavjanskie elementy v sovremennom literaturnom i narodnom russkom jazyke: Nachdruck. Nachwort von Peter Kosta. Nachdruck der Ausgabe SPb. 1893
Author/Editor: Sergej K. Bulic
A Certain Age
A Certain Age : Colonial Jakarta through the Memories of Its Intellectuals
Author/Editor: Mrazek ,Rudolf
» Cette reine qui fait une si piètre figure «: Maria von Medici in der europäischen Geschichtsschreibung des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Miriam Régerat-Kobitzsch
A chain of kings
A chain of kings : the Makassarese chronicles of Gowa and Talloq
Author/Editor: Cummings ,William
Chairil Anwar: The Poet and His Language
Author/Editor: Oemarjati ,B.S.
Chairil Anwar: The Poet and His Language
The Challenge of Chance: A Multidisciplinary Approach from Science and the Humanities
Author/Editor: Klaas Landsman,Ellen van Wolde
Challenges and Solutions in Ethnographic Research: Ethnography with a Twist
Author/Editor: Tuuli Lähdesmäki,Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto,Viktorija L.A. Čeginskas,Aino-Kaisa Koistinen
The Challenges of Religious Literacy: The Case of Finland
Author/Editor: Tuula Sakaranaho,Timo Aarrevaara,Johanna Konttori
Challenges to the East
Author/Editor: Rupnik ,J.
Challenging climate change: Competition and cooperation among pastoralists and agriculturalists in northern Mesopotamia (c. 3000-1600 BC)
Author/Editor: Arne Wossink
Challenging Coasts
Challenging Coasts : Transdisciplinary Excursions into Integrated Coastal Zone Development
Challenging Communion
Challenging Communion : The Eucharist and Middle English Literature
Author/Editor: Garrison ,Jennifer
Challenging Multiculturalism
Challenging Multiculturalism : European Models of Diversity
Challenging the Dichotomy: The Licit and the Illicit in Archaeological and Heritage Discourses
Author/Editor: Joe Watkins,Cristobal Gnecco,Les Field
Chalo Jahaji: On a journey through indenture in Fiji
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij
ChanceMINT.NRW – Studienbiografische Wendepunkte und Karriereperspektiven
Author/Editor: Nicole Auferkorte-Michaelis,Arne Gillert
Chang Ch’un-ch’iao and Shanghai’s January Revolution
Author/Editor: Andrew G. Walder
Change and the Persistence of Tradition in India: Five Lectures
Author/Editor: Richard L. Park
Change and the politics of certainty
Author/Editor: Jenny Edkins
Change! Combining Analytic Approaches with Street Wisdom
Author/Editor: Bammer ,Gabriele
Change In Classroom Practice
Author/Editor: Steve Farrow,Jerry Norton
The Change Laboratory for Teacher Training in Entrepreneurship Education: A New Skills Agenda for Europe
Author/Editor: Daniele Morselli
Changement climatique: Quels défis pour le Sud ?
Author/Editor: Serge Janicot,Magali Reinert
Changes in the Russian Terminology of Economic Law since Perestroika
Author/Editor: Alice Rajewsky
Changing anarchism: Anarchist theory and practice in a global age
Author/Editor: Purkis ,Jonathan,Bowen ,James
Changing Choices
Changing Choices : Psychological Relativity Theory
Author/Editor: Koornstra ,Matthijs J.
The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization
Author/Editor: Giovanna Vertova
Changing Gender Norms in Islam Between Reason and Revelation
Author/Editor: Marziyeh Bakhshizadeh
The Changing Landscape of the Academic Profession
Author/Editor: Vicente M. Lechuga
The Changing Political Economies of Small West European Countries
Author/Editor: Becker ,Uwe
The Changing Presentation of the American Indian: Museums and Native Cultures
Author/Editor: W. Richard West,Richard Hill,Michael M. Ames,Janice Clements,Evan M. Maurer,James D. Nason,David W. Penney,Jocelyn Wedll
Changing Scenes: Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle
Changing Scenes: Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle
Changing South-Pacific
Changing South-Pacific : Identities and Transformations
Author/Editor: Tcherkezoff ,Serge,Douaire-Marsaudon ,Françoise
Changing Space, Changing City: Johannesburg after apartheid – Open Access Selection
Author/Editor: Philip Harrison,Graeme Gotz,Alison Todes,Chris Wray
Changing the Terms
Changing the Terms : Translating in the Postcolonial Era
Author/Editor: Simon ,Sherry,St-Pierre ,Paul
Changing the Victorian Subject
Author/Editor: Maggie Tonkin,Mandy Treagus,Madeleine Seys,Sharon Crozier-De Rosa
Changing Transatlantic Security Relations
Author/Editor: Jan Hallenberg,Håkan Karlsson
Chantai rumantsch! Zur musikalischen Selbst(er)findung Romanischbündens
Author/Editor: Laura Decurtins
Chaostheorie und Literaturwissenschaft
Author/Editor: Wozonig ,Karin S.
Chapaev and His Comrades
Chapaev and His Comrades : War and the Russian Literary Hero across the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Brintlinger ,Angela
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 ‘Aid the victims of German fascism!’: Transatlantic networks and the rise of anti-Nazism in the USA, 1933–1935
Author/Editor: Kasper Braskén
Chapter 10 Animal, Mechanical, and Me: Organ Transplantation and the Ambiguity of Embodiment
Author/Editor: Gill Haddow
Chapter 10 Avanços nas humanidades digitais
Author/Editor: Rita Marquilhas,Ana Maria Martins,Iris Hendrickx,Ernestina Carrilho
Chapter 10 Between appropriation and appropriateness: Instrumentalizing dark heritage in populism and memory?
Author/Editor: Susannah Eckersley
Chapter 10 Breathlessness: From Bodily Symptom to Existential Experience
Author/Editor: Tina Williams,Havi Carel
Chapter 10 Censuses and mapping
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 10 Critical decisions for critically ill infants: Principles, processes, problems
Author/Editor: Anne-Maree Farrell,Sarah Devaney,Catherine Stanton,Alexandra Mullock
Chapter 10 Designing for Mental Health: Psychiatry, Psychology and the Architectural Study Project
Chapter 10 Enhancing Conservatism
Author/Editor: Rebecca Roache,Julian Savulescu
Chapter 10 Final thoughts: Heritage as a dimension of collectivity and belonging
Author/Editor: Christopher Whitehead,Gönül Bozoğlu,Mads Daugbjerg,Susannah Eckersley
Chapter 10 Goethe’s Exploratory Idealism
Author/Editor: Mattias Pirholt
Chapter 10 Goethe’s Exploratory Idealism
Author/Editor: Mattias Pirholt
Chapter 10 Healthcare Practice, Epistemic Injustice, and Naturalism
Author/Editor: Ian James Kidd,Havi Carel
Chapter 10 Imagining a Cosmopolitized Europe. From the Study of the ‘New’ to the Discovery of the ‘Unexpected
Author/Editor: Sabine Selchow
Chapter 10 Lifting the Veil: Voices, Visions, and Destiny in Malory’s Morte Darthur
Author/Editor: Corinne Saunders
Chapter 10 : Media and Democracy : A Couple Walking Hand in Hand?
Author/Editor: Trappel ,Josef,Nieminen ,Hannu
Chapter 10 Moral Conflict in the Minimally Conscious State
Author/Editor: Joshua Shepherd
Chapter 10 Når dommeren i fotball dømmer feil …
Author/Editor: Bjørn Tore Johansen,Martin K. Erikstad
Chapter 10 One Medicine?: Advocating (Inter)disciplinarity at the Interfaces of Animal Health, Human Health, and the Environment
Author/Editor: Angela Cassidy
Chapter 10. Partners Again? The European Union and the Post-Yugoslav Citizens
Chapter 10 Performing Scots- European heritage, ‘For A’ That!’
Author/Editor: Mairi McFadyen,Máiréad Nic Craith
Chapter 10 Policy transfer and its limits: Authorised cartels in twentieth-century Japan
Author/Editor: Takahiro Ohata,Takafumi Kurosawa
Chapter 10 Policy transfer and its limits: Authorised cartels in twentieth-century Japan
Author/Editor: Takahiro Ohata,Takafumi Kurosawa
Chapter 10 School writing in Norway: Fifteen years with writing as key competence
Author/Editor: Gustaf Bernhard Skar,Arne Johannes Aasen
Chapter 10 Shakespeeding into Macbeth and The Tempest: Teaching with the Shakespeare Reloaded Website
Author/Editor: Liam E. Semler
Chapter 10 Speaking the same language? Comparing judicial restraint at the ECtHR and the ECJ
Author/Editor: Oddný Mjöll Arnardóttir,Dóra Guðmundsdóttir
Chapter 10 Towards decolonising schooling: Realising the impossible dream?
Author/Editor: Pam Christie
Chapter 10 Weltbürger Perspectives and Samhandling
Author/Editor: Trygve J. Steiro,Glenn-Egil Torgersen
Chapter 10 'You don't Need Proof When You've Got Instinct!': Gut Feelings and Some Limits to Parental Authority
Author/Editor: ter Meulen,Richard Huxtable
Chapter 11 Antagonisms and solidarities in housing movements in Bucharest and Budapest
Author/Editor: Ioana Florea,Agnes Gagyi,Kerstin Jacobsson
Chapter 11 Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID): Ist der Amputationswunsch eine autonome Entscheidung oder Ausdruck einer neurologischen Störung?
Author/Editor: Sabine Müller
Chapter 11 Care in the Cage: Materializing Moral Economies of Animal Care in the Biomedical Sciences, c.1945-
Author/Editor: Robert G W Kirk
Chapter 11 Climate Change Adaptation and African Cities: Understanding the Impact of Government and Governance on Future Action
Author/Editor: Christopher Gore
Chapter 11 Contrasting approaches, comparable efficacy?: How macro-level trust influences teacher accountability in Finland and Singapore
Author/Editor: Yue-Yi Hwa
Chapter 11 Determinants of cross- border cooperation in the Polish– German borderland
Author/Editor: Elzbieta Opilowska
Chapter 11 Ethnic majority and minority youth in multicultural societies
Author/Editor: Sabahat Cigdem Bagci,Adam Rutland
Chapter 11 European Capitals of Culture y: Discourses of Europeanness in Valletta, Plovdiv and Galwa
Author/Editor: Cristina Clopot,Katerina Strani
Chapter 11 Funding the UN: Support or Constraint?
Author/Editor: Max-Otto Baumann,Silke Weinlich
Chapter 11 Governance of Dual Use Research in the EU: The Case of Neuroscience
Author/Editor: Inga Ulnicane
Chapter 1.1 Methodology of Synthesis
Author/Editor: xxxx xxxxx
Chapter 11 Prinsipper ved test–retest-reliabilitet
Author/Editor: Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,Rune Høigaard,Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,Rune Høigaard
Chapter 1.1 Pro Kind: Ein Modellversuch Früher Hilfen
Author/Editor: Tilman Brand,Tanja Jungmann
Chapter 11 Pulling the curtain on the national sovereignty myth: Sovereignty and referendums in Belgian constitutional doctrine
Author/Editor: Christophe Maes,Brecht Deseure,Ronald Van Crombrugge
Chapter 11 Randomization, blinding, and coding
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 11 Scapegoater-in-Chief: Racist Undertones of Donald Trump’s Rhetorical Repertoire
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Heidt
Chapter 11 Social Media and Social Justice Movements After the Diminution of Black-owned Media in the United States
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Blevins
Chapter 11 "That in the Reducciones Had Been Noise of Weapons . . .": The Introduction of Firearms in the Seventeenth-Century Jesuit Missions of Paraguay
Author/Editor: Omar Svriz-Wucherer
Chapter 11 The Triad of Uncertainty: The Interaction Between Scientists and Politicians
Author/Editor: Raino Malnes
Chapter 11 Three Markets and Three Types of Competitiveness: Pulp and Paper Industry
Author/Editor: Takafumi Kurosawa,Tomoko Hashino
Chapter 11 Understanding the Social Care Crisis in England Through Older People’s Lived Experiences
Author/Editor: Lizzie Ward,Mo Ray,Denise Tanner
Chapter 11 We are similar, but different in writing curriculum and instruction
Author/Editor: Judy Parr,Jill Jeffery
Chapter 11 Yoga and Physical Culture: Transnational History and Blurred Discursive Contexts
Author/Editor: Mark Singleton
Chapter 12 Adapting to the Different Shades of Populism: Key Findings and Implications for Media, Citizens, and Politics
Author/Editor: Claes H. de Vreese,Carsten Reinemann,James Stanyer,Frank Esser,Toril Aalberg
Chapter 12 Archetypal aspects of transference at the end of life
Author/Editor: Isabelle DeArmond
Chapter 12 Careful with heritage
Author/Editor: Ilaria Porciani,Massimo Montanari
Chapter 12 Children's perspectives on green space management in Sweden and Denmark
Author/Editor: Märit Jansson,Inger Lerstrup
Chapter 12 Computer science
Author/Editor: Pieter Hartel,Marianne Junger
Chapter 12 Conclusion: Implementing innovative social investment: Strategic lessons from Europe
Author/Editor: Andrea Bassi,Susan Baines,Judit Csoba,Sipos Flórián
Chapter 12 Conclusions
Author/Editor: Maike Andresen,Chris Brewster,Vesa Suutari
Chapter 12 Effekt av feedback på kollektiv mestringstro og sosial loffing i et sykkeleksperiment
Author/Editor: Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,h,Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,Rune Høigaard
Chapter 12 Genesis of state space Frontier commodification in Malaysian Borneo
Author/Editor: Noboru Ishikawa
Chapter 12 Hölderlin’s Higher Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Camilla Flodin
Chapter 12 Hölderlin’s Higher Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Camilla Flodin
Chapter 12 Icelandic valency classes: oblique subjects, oblique ambitransitives and the actional passive
Author/Editor: Jóhanna Barðdal,Andrej Malchukov,Bernard Comrie
Chapter 12 Intersectional politics on domestic workers’ rights: The cases of Ecuador and Colombia
Author/Editor: Daniela Cherubini,Giulia Garofalo Geymonat,Sabrina Marchetti
Chapter 12 Knowledge- policy nexus: Policy research institutes and the urban development regime in Korea
Author/Editor: Se Hoon Park
Chapter 12 Outcome measures and case definition
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 12 Parasite Lost: Remembering Modern Times with Kenyan Government Medical Scientists: the anthropology and history of medical research in Africa
Author/Editor: Wenzel Geissler,Catherine Molyneux
Chapter 12 Partiality for Humanity and Enhancement
Author/Editor: Jonathan Pugh,Guy Kahane
Chapter 12 Preventing Male Mental Illness in Post-war Britain
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter 12 Russian Renewable Energy: Regulations and outcomes
Author/Editor: Mariia Kozlova,Mikael Collan,Indra Overland
Chapter 12 Social Innovation and Collaboration: Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders with Power, Purpose, Passion and Presence
Author/Editor: Irmelin Drake
Chapter 12 Social Media Incitement to Genocide: ECHR countries perspective
Author/Editor: Piotr Łubiński
Chapter 12 Taking drugs to help others
Author/Editor: Tom Douglas
Chapter 12 The partial and the vague as a visual mode in Bronze Age rock art
Author/Editor: Fredrik Fahlander
Chapter 12 The power of place and perspective: Sensory media and situated simulations in urban design
Author/Editor: Gunnar Liestøl,Andrew Morrison
Chapter 12 The tense-mood-aspect systems of the languages of Suriname
Author/Editor: Robert Borges,Pieter Muysken,Sophie Villerius,Kofi Yakpo
Chapter 12 This in-between : How families talk about death in relation to severe brain injury and disorders of consciousness: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Celia Clare Kitzinger,Jenny Kitzinger
Chapter 12 Timeline of significant events 1946–2005 for British-based dancers who are Black
Author/Editor: Christy Adair,Ramsay Burt
Chapter 12 Yoga and Meditation as a Health Intervention
Author/Editor: Suzanne Newcombe
Chapter 13 Cognitive Effects of Bilingualism in Infancy
Author/Editor: Ágnes Melinda Kovács,Elena Nicoladis,Simona Montanari
Chapter 13 Commemorating vanished ‘homelands’: Displaced Germans and their Heimat Europa
Author/Editor: Ullrich Kockel
Chapter 13 Doing Versus Assessing Interactional Competence
Author/Editor: Erica Sandlund,Pia Sundqvist
Chapter 13 From Goods to Commodities in Spanish America: Structural Changes and Ecological Globalization From the Perspective of the European History of Consumption
Author/Editor: Bartolomé Yun Casalilla
Chapter 13 Gender and the Political Economy of Fish Agri-Food Systems in the Global South
Author/Editor: Surendran Rajaratnam,Molly Ahern,Cynthia McDougall
Chapter 13 Interaction and Risk Management in Shared Leadership
Author/Editor: Carl Cato Wadel
Chapter 13 Making Sense of Cheshire West
Author/Editor: Lucy Series
Chapter 13 Preliminary studies and pilot testing
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 13 Safe European home: Where did you go? On immigration, the b/ ordered self, and the territorial home
Author/Editor: Jussi Laine,Inocent Moyo,Christopher Changwe Nshimbi
Chapter 13 Speaking the Power of Truth: Rhetoric and Action for Our Times
Author/Editor: Lee Artz
Chapter 13 The Role of Neuroscience in Precise, Precautionary, and Probabilistic Accounts of Sentience
Chapter 13 The Roles of ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Media Tools and Technologies in the Facilitation of Violent Extremism and Terrorism
Author/Editor: Ryan Scrivens,Maura Conway
Chapter 13 The value of the imagined biological in policy and society
Chapter 13 The value of the imagined biological in policy and society : Somaticizing and economizing British subject(ivitie)s
Author/Editor: Pickersgill ,Martyn
Chapter 14 Eutropia: Integrated Valuation of Lake Eutrophication Abatement Decisions Using a Bayesian Belief Network
Author/Editor: David N. Barton,Tom Andersen,Olvar Bergland,Alexander Engebretsen,Jannicke Moe,Geir Inge Orderud
Chapter 14 Quantitative tests of implicational verb hierarchies
Author/Editor: Søren Wichmann,Taro Kageyama,Wesley M. Jacobsen
Chapter 14 Questionnaires
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 14 Responsibility for Fundamentalist Belief
Author/Editor: Rik Peels
Chapter 14 Samhandling Under Risk: Applying Concurrent Learning to Prepare for and Meet the Unforeseen
Author/Editor: Tryge. J. Steiro,Glenn-Egil Torgersen
Chapter 14 Taking maritime safety seriously Belief: The Polish perspective
Author/Editor: Justyna Nawrot,Zuzanna Pepłowska-Dąbrowska
Chapter 14 The faceless men: Partial bodies and body parts in Scandinavian Bronze Age rock art
Author/Editor: Fredrik Fahlander
Chapter 14 The Financialization of Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Léna Pellandini-Simányi
Chapter 14 The NFL, Activism, and #BlackLivesMatter
Author/Editor: Charles Modiano
Chapter 15 Competence for the Unforeseen: The Importance of Human, Social and Organizational Factors
Author/Editor: Marius Herberg,Glenn-Egil Torgersen,Torbjørn Rundmo
Chapter 15 Conclusions
Author/Editor: Harriet Thomson,Saska Petrova,Stefan Bouzarovski,Neil Simcock
Chapter 15 Configuring the older adult: How age and ageing are re-configured in gerontechnology design
Author/Editor: Andreas Bischof,Juliane Jarke
Chapter 15 Human Resource Management in Japan and South Korea
Author/Editor: Fabian Jintae Froese,Tomoki Sekiguchi,Mohan Pyari Maharjan
Chapter 15 Invisible Suffering: The Experience of Breathlessness
Author/Editor: Havi Carel
Chapter 15 La medicina predittiva e il dibattito etico sui test genetici
Author/Editor: Arianna Manzini,LIBERO VITIELLO
Chapter 15 Social and behavioural research
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 15 Sociotechnical Innovation in Mental Health: Articulating Complexity
Author/Editor: ML Flear,TK Hervey,AM Farrell
Chapter 15 Sovereignty without sovereignty: The Belgian solution
Author/Editor: Raf Geenens
Chapter 15 The Politics of Tackling Inequalities: The Rise of Psychological Fundamentalism in Public Health and Welfare Reform
Author/Editor: Lynne Friedli
Chapter 16 Field organization and ensuring data of high quality
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 16 Media Stereotypes: Content, Effects, and Theory
Author/Editor: Travis L. Dixon
Chapter 16 Military Samhandling: Formal and Informal Behaviour in Norway’s Armed Forces
Author/Editor: Tormod Heier
Chapter 16 Surgery and Emotion: The Era Before Anaesthesia
Author/Editor: Michael Brown
Chapter 16 The organic Internet as a resilient practice
Author/Editor: Panayotis Antoniadis
Chapter 16 The Role of Validation in Integrating Multiple Perspectives
Author/Editor: Tobias Richter,Hannes Münchow,Johanna Abendroth
Chapter 17 Field laboratory methods
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 17 Motivation by formally analyzable terms in a typological perspective: An assessment of the variation and steps towards explanation
Author/Editor: Matthias Urban,Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm,Päivi Juvonen
Chapter 17 Samhandling and Trust in Military Leadership Structures
Author/Editor: Johan Bergh,Ole Boe,Johan Bergh,Ole Boe
Chapter 17 Timbre Networks: An approach to Composition and Performance in Computer Music
Author/Editor: Juan Parra Cancino,Tony Veale,Kurt Feyaerts,Charles Forceville
Chapter 18 Budgeting and accounting
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 18 Didactics and Innovation in Collaboration for the Unforeseen in Training Practice Preparation
Author/Editor: Leif Magnussen
Chapter 18 Re-imagining Politics through the Lens of the Commons
Author/Editor: David Bollier
Chapter 18 Surgery, Imperial Rule and Colonial Societies (1800–1930): Technical, Institutional and Social Histories
Author/Editor: Kieran Fitzpatrick
Chapter 18 USA
Author/Editor: Rob Ruck
Chapter 18 Youth Activism and Political Parties
Author/Editor: Francesco Cavatorta,Lise Storm,Valeria Resta
Chapter 19 ‘A Tragedy as Old as History’: Medical Responses to Infertility and Artificial Insemination by Donor in 1950s Britain
Author/Editor: Gayle Davis
Chapter 19 Concentrated solar energy driven multi-generation systems based on the organic Rankine cycle technology
Author/Editor: Nishith Desai,Fredrik Haglind
Chapter 19 Conclusion: Assessing change and continuity in the character of war
Author/Editor: Tim Sweijs,Rob Johnson,Martijn Kitzen
Chapter 19 Daring to transform: cultures of knowledge and their performances
Author/Editor: Jörg Holkenbrink,Anna Seitz
Chapter 19 Engagement without Recognition
Author/Editor: Bruno Coppieters
Chapter 19 Intervention costing and economic analysis
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 19 Italian Sign Language
Author/Editor: Carlo Geraci,Julie Bakken Jepsen,Sam Lutalo-Kiingi,William B. McGregor,Goedele De Clerck
Chapter 19 Samhandling During Crisis Work: A Three-Level Model
Author/Editor: Eric Carlström
Chapter 19 Subjects, topics and the interpretation of pro
Author/Editor: Luigi Rizzi,Roberto Petrosino,Pietro Cerrone,Harry van der Hulst
Chapter 1 A framework for comparing writing curricula cross-nationally
Author/Editor: Jill Jeffery,Judy Parr
Chapter 1 Allvarliga idrottsskador hos svenska manliga akademifotbollsspelare
Author/Editor: Urban Johnson,Andreas Ivarsson
Chapter 1. Brothers United
Chapter 1. Brothers United : The Making of Yugoslavs
Chapter 1 Civic and political engagement among youth: Concepts, forms and factors
Author/Editor: Martyn Barrett,Dimitra Pachi
Chapter 1 Civic Space—and Desire—Deranged: From Le Corbusier to Georges Perec
Author/Editor: Marcus A. Doel
Chapter 1 Classical heritage and European identities: Introducing the Danish case
Author/Editor: Lærke Maria Andersen Funder,Troels Myrup Kristensen,Vinnie Nørskov
Chapter 1 Constructing knowledge for food sovereignty, agroecology and biocultural diversity: an overview
Author/Editor: Michel P. Pimbert
Chapter 1 Craft, Design and Nostalgia in Modern Japan: The Case of Sushi
Author/Editor: Robin Holt,Yutaka Yamauchi
Chapter 1 Cultures of Contagion and Containment?: The Geography of Smallpox in Britain in the Pre-vaccination Era
Author/Editor: Romola Davenport
Chapter 1 Demographic Transitions in Europe and the World
Author/Editor: Frans Willekens
Chapter 1 Digital technologies and women's empowerment: casting the bridges
Author/Editor: Ewa Lechman,Piotr Paradowski
Chapter 1 Dimensions of European heritage and memory: A framework introduction
Author/Editor: Christopher Whitehead,Mads Daugbjerg,Susannah Eckersley,Gönül Bozoğlu
Chapter 1 Early Twentieth-Century Self-Harm: Cut Throats, General and Mental Medicine: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter 1 Epidemiology
Author/Editor: Maxine Caws,Ben Marais,Dorothee Heemskerk,Jeremy Farrar
Chapter 1 Ethics 'by and for professions': the origins and endurance of club regulation
Author/Editor: Duncan Wilson
Chapter 1 Evaluating the Role of Hans Selye in the Modern History of Stress
Author/Editor: Robert G.W. Kirk.,Mark Jackson,Edmund Ramsden,David Cantor
Chapter 1 Food heritage and nationalism in Europe
Author/Editor: Ilaria Porciani
Chapter 1 Formulaic sequences: a drop in the ocean of constructions or something more significant?
Author/Editor: Andreas Buerki
Chapter 1 Grassroots initiatives in food system transformation: The role of food movements in the second ‘Great Transformation’
Author/Editor: Colin Sage,Cordula Kropp,Irene Antoni-Komar
Chapter 1 Heritages, identities and Europe: Exploring cultural forms and expressions
Author/Editor: Ullrich Kockel,Máiréad Nic Craith,Cristina Clopot,Baiba Tjarve
Chapter 1 Historical Organization Studies: Advancing new direction for organizational research
Author/Editor: Mairi Maclean,Charles Harvey,Roy Suddaby,Stewart Clegg
Chapter 1 Housing careers, intergenerational support and family relations
Author/Editor: Richard Ronald,Christian Lennartz
Chapter 1 How open borders can unlock cultures: Concepts, methods, and procedures
Author/Editor: Daniele Viktor Leggio,Yaron Matras
Chapter 1 Introducing safe migration
Author/Editor: Sverre Molland
Chapter 1 Introduction
Author/Editor: Rob Johnson,Tim Sweijs,Martijn Kitzen
Chapter 1 Introduction: Comprehending and Investigating Populist Communication From a Comparative Perspective
Author/Editor: Carsten Reinemann,James Stanyer,Toril Aalberg,Frank Esser,Claes H. de Vreese
Chapter 1 Introduction: Implementing innovative social investment: Strategic lessons from Europe
Author/Editor: Susan Baines,Andrea Bassi,Judit Csoba,Sipos Flórián
Chapter 1 Introduction: Paradoxes of Welfare
Author/Editor: Tom Boland,Ray Griffin
Chapter 1 Introduction: Recognising Space, Time, and Institutions in Self-Initiated Expatriation Research
Author/Editor: Maike Andresen,Chris Brewster,Vesa Suutari
Chapter 1 Introduction: Reconsidering the Korean urban development experience for international cooperation
Author/Editor: Se Hoon Park,Hyun Bang Shin,Hyun-Soo Kang
Chapter 1 Introduction: Screening indigeneity and nation
Author/Editor: Erik de Maaker,Markus Schleiter
Chapter 1 Introductions: Critical pedagogy and the intersectional complexities of names
Author/Editor: Gal Harmat
Chapter 1 Introduction: The biolinguistic program: a new beginning
Author/Editor: Koji Fujita,Cedric Boeckx
Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION The food commons are coming …
Author/Editor: Jose Luis Vivero-Pol,Tomaso Ferrando,Olivier De Schutter,Ugo Mattei
Chapter 1 Introduction: the governance of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter 1 Introduction to field trials of health interventions
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 1 Introduction: Urban ethics – conflicts over the good and proper life in cities
Author/Editor: Moritz Ege,johannes moser
Chapter 1 Migration, civil society and global governance: An introduction to the special issue
Author/Editor: Carl-Ulrik Schierup,likic,Raúl Delgado Wise,Gülay Toksöz
Chapter 1 Patterns of Death, 1800-2020: Global rates and causes
Author/Editor: Romola Davenport
Chapter 1 Principles of ESR Adjudication
Author/Editor: Katie Boyle
Chapter 1 Principles of Mathematical Modeling
Author/Editor: Vladimir Mityushev,Wojciech Nawalaniec,Natalia Rylko
Chapter 1 Psychological Illness and General Practice
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter 1 - Quarantine and territory in Spain during the second half of the nineteenth century
Author/Editor: Bonastra ,Quim
Chapter 1 - Quarantine and territory in Spain during the second half of the nineteenth century
Chapter 1 Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Performing Arts Workforce
Author/Editor: Tobie S. Stein
Chapter 1 Reframing Yoga and Meditation Studies
Author/Editor: Karen O'Brien-Kop,Suzanne Newcombe
Chapter 1 Representation: Stuart Hall and the “Politics of Signification”
Author/Editor: Christopher Campbell
Chapter 1 Rethinking the Maria Luz Incident: methodological cosmopolitanism and Meiji Japan
Author/Editor: Bill Mihalopoulos
Chapter 1 Ringworm: A Disease of Schools and Mass Schooling
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter 1 Salt, grain and the change of deities in early Ming western Yunnan
Author/Editor: Min Zhao
Chapter 1 Samhandling Under Risk (SUR): Theoretical Foundation as a Common Frame of Reference
Author/Editor: Glenn-Egil Torgersen
Chapter 1 Student voices on social exclusion in general primary schools
Author/Editor: R.R. de Leeuw,A.A. de Boer,A.E.M.G. Minnaert
Chapter 1 Swiss and (Anglo)-Dutch multinationals and organizational change in the era of Total War
Author/Editor: Takafumi Kurosawa,Ben Wubs
Chapter 1 Teaching in the Shadow
Author/Editor: Etta R. Hollins
Chapter 1 The Biology of Austrominius Modestus (Darwin) in its Native and Invasive Range
Author/Editor: Ruth M. O'Riordan,Sarah C. Culloty,Rob Mcallen,mary catherine gallagher
Chapter 1 The Common Denominator: Persistent Racial Gaps in the Administration of Policy
Author/Editor: Amanda Rutherford,Kenneth J. Meier
Chapter 1 The Condemned Body Leaving the Courtroom: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter 1 The long reach of coloniality: Setting the scene from a marginal place
Author/Editor: Pam Christie
Chapter 1 Theories of local power and multi-level conflict
Author/Editor: Ken Victor Leonard Hijino
Chapter 1 The Polyphony of Function: Mixing Text and Music in Guillaume de Machaut
Author/Editor: Uri Smilansky
Chapter 1 Things to remember: Introduction to Materializing Memory in Art and Popular Culture
Author/Editor: László Munteán,Liedeke Plate,Anneke Smelik
Chapter 1 Through a net darkly: Spatial expression from glossematics to schizoanalysis
Author/Editor: Marcus A. Doel,David B. Clarke
Chapter 1 Through a net darkly: Spatial expression from glossematics to schizoanalysis
Author/Editor: Marcus A. Doel,David B. Clarke
Chapter 1 Trans-Imperial, Transnational and Decentralized: The Traffic of African Slaves to Spanish America and Across the Isthmus of Panama, 1508–1651
Author/Editor: Alejandro Garcia-Monton
Chapter 1 Translation Strategies in Medieval Hagiography: Observations on the Slavic Reception of the Byzantine Vita of Saint Onuphrius
Author/Editor: Karine Åkerman Sarkisian
Chapter 1 Unintended Consequences of EU External Action
Author/Editor: Olga Burlyuk,Gergana Noutcheva
Chapter 1 What Was Cancer? Definition, Diagnosis and Cause: Ravenous Natures
Author/Editor: Alanna Skuse
Chapter 1 (Why) do Eurosceptics believe in a common European heritage?
Author/Editor: Chiara De Cesari,Ivo Bosilkov,Arianna Piacentini
Chapter 20 Being black on stage and screen
Author/Editor: Monica White Ndounou
Chapter 20 Data management
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 20 EU environmental policy at 50: retrospect and prospect
Author/Editor: Andrew Jordan,Viviane Gravey,Camilla Adelle
Chapter 20 Nishitani on Emptiness and Nothingness
Author/Editor: Yasuo Deguchi
Chapter 20 OPEC and Russia: A Happy Pro Forma Marriage
Author/Editor: Mikhail Krutikhin,Indra Overland
Chapter 20 The Relationship Between Stress and Samhandling: Some Challenges for Leaders in High- Risk Organizations
Author/Editor: Ole Boe
Chapter 21 Effective Cooperation Between Strangers in Unexpected and Dangerous Situations: A Matter of “Swift Trust"
Author/Editor: Olav Kjellevold Olsen
Chapter 21 Legalities and materialities
Author/Editor: Emilie Cloatre,Dave Cowan
Chapter 21 Medical privacy and big data: A further reason in favour of public universal healthcare coverage
Author/Editor: Carissa Véliz
Chapter 21 Methods of analysis
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 22 Learning from Sports: Samhandling and Risk in Soccer
Author/Editor: Trygve J. Steiro,Per Øystein Saksvik
Chapter 22 Phase IV studies
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 23 Care Coordination, Samhandling and Patient Safety
Author/Editor: Marianne Storm,Siri Wiig,Marianne Storm,Siri Wiig
Chapter 23 Reporting and using trial results
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 24 Before HIV: Venereal disease among homosexually active men in England and North America
Author/Editor: Richard A. McKay
Chapter 24 FOOD AS COMMONS: Towards a new relationship between the public, the civic and the private
Author/Editor: Olivier De Schutter,Ugo Mattei,Jose Luis Vivero-Pol,Tomaso Ferrando
Chapter 24 Working Together in the Aftermath of an Unforeseen Event
Author/Editor: Kjersti Halvorsen,Ann Christin Rivenes
Chapter 25 Military Strategies for Samhandling in Unforeseen Situations: A Historical Perspective
Author/Editor: Tommy Krabberød,Jan O. Jacobsen
Chapter 25 Teacher agency in plurilingual learning contexts
Author/Editor: Olga Esteve
Chapter 26 Developing mediation competence through translation
Author/Editor: Maria González-Davies
Chapter 26 Interaction in Aerial Warfare: The Role of the Mission Commander in Composite Air Operations (COMAO)
Author/Editor: Pål Kristian Fredriksen
Chapter 26 The Role of Pseudo-Commons in Post-Socialist Countries
Author/Editor: Insa Theesfeld
Chapter 27 Afterword: Mind, Imagination, Affect
Author/Editor: Jennifer Richards,Angela Woods,Sarah Atkinson,Anne Whitehead,Jane Macnaughton
Chapter 27 Observing Yoga: The Use of Ethnography to Develop Yoga Studies
Author/Editor: Daniela Bevilacqua
Chapter 27 Samhandling, Preparedness and Supply Chains
Author/Editor: Tore Listou
Chapter 28 Agreement
Author/Editor: Greville G. Corbett,Tilman Berger,Karl Gutschmidt,Sebastian Kempgen,Peter Kosta
Chapter 28 Basic Structures for a New Theory of Samhandling Under Risk (SUR): A Model
Author/Editor: Glenn-Egil Torgersen,Herner Saeverot,Trygve J. Steiro,Hitoshi Kawano
Chapter 28 Genomics in emerging and developing economies
Author/Editor: Fullwiley ,Duana,Gibbon ,Sahra
Chapter 28 Genomics in emerging and developing economies
Chapter 28 Prehistory through language and archaeology
Author/Editor: Paul Heggarty
Chapter 2 Aging: natural or disease? A view from medical textbooks
Author/Editor: Sarah Janac,Brian Clarke,David Gems
Chapter 2 A Hard Peace? Allied Preparations for the Occupation of Germany, 1943-1945: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter 2 Athlete's Foot: A Disease of Fitness and Hygiene
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter 2 Barents Sea oil and gas 2025: Three scenarios
Author/Editor: Indra Overland,Alexei Bambulyak,Anatoli Bourmistrov,Ove Gudmestad,Frode Mellemvik,Anatoly Zolotukhin
Chapter 2 Beauty, Nature, and Society in Shaftesbury’s The Moralists
Author/Editor: Karl Axelsson
Chapter 2 Beauty, Nature, and Society in Shaftesbury’s The Moralists
Author/Editor: Karl Axelsson
Chapter 2 Becoming and Belonging in African Historical Demography, 1900–2000
Author/Editor: Sarah Walters
Chapter 2 Becoming Really Dead: Dying by Degrees: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter 2 Big stories and small stories in the psychological relief work after the earthquake disaster: Life and Death
Author/Editor: Toshio Kawai,Robin Holt
Chapter 2 Bioethics: Human genetic and biomedical research ethics at UNESCO and beyond
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter 2 Cancer and the Gendered Body: Ravenous Natures
Author/Editor: Alanna Skuse
Chapter 2 Communicative Self-Harm: War, NHS and Social Work: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter 2 Constructing Invisibility: The Discursive Erasure of a Black Immigrant Learner in South Africa
Author/Editor: Caroline Kerfoot,Gwendoline Tatah
Chapter 2 Defining the Term Samhandling
Author/Editor: Glenn-Egil Torgersen,Trygve Steiro
Chapter 2 Demonic Daydreams: Mind-Wandering and Mental Imagery in the Medieval Hagiography of St Dunstan
Author/Editor: Hilary Powell
Chapter 2 Established and Emerging Techniques for Characterising the Formation, Structure and Performance of Calcified Structures under Ocean Acidification
Author/Editor: Susan C. Fitzer,Vera Bin San Chan,Yuan Meng,Kanmani Chandra Rajan,Michio Suzuki,Christelle Not,Takashi Toyofuku,Laura Fal
Chapter 2 First Contacts, Slavery and Kinship in North-Eastern Amazonia
Author/Editor: Vanessa Grotti,Marc Brightman
Chapter 2 From the Heritage of African American Slavery to Modern Civil Rights Protection
Author/Editor: Phillip J. Cooper
Chapter 2 Galen in Late Antique Medical Handbooks
Author/Editor: Petros Bouras-Vallianatos
Chapter 2 Heritage and food history: A critical assessment
Author/Editor: Laura Di Fiore
Chapter 2 Historical overview of curriculum organisation: National control over curriculum vs. school-based curriculum development
Author/Editor: Kanae Nishioka
Chapter 2 Ian Ramsey, theology and 'trans-disciplinary' medical ethics
Author/Editor: Duncan Wilson
Chapter 2 Implications of text categorisation for corpusbased legal translation research: The case of international institutional settings
Author/Editor: Fernando Prieto Ramos
Chapter 2 Independent Living in Central and Eastern Europe?: The Challenges of Post-socialist Deinstitutionalisation
Author/Editor: Teodor Mladenov,Gabor Petri
Chapter 2 Investigating waiting: Interdisciplinary thoughts on researching elongated temporalities in healthcare settings
Author/Editor: Kelechi Anucha,Lisa Baraitser,Stephanie Davies,Michael J. Flexer,Deborah Robinson
Chapter 2 Is journalism gender e-qual?
Author/Editor: Sara De Vuyst
Chapter 2 Khural Democracy: Imperial Transformations and the Making of the First Mongolian Constitution, 1911–1924
Author/Editor: Ivan Sablin,Jargal Badagarov,Irina Sodnomova
Chapter 2 Local communities, village temples and the reconstruction of ethnic groups in western Yunnan, fourteenth to seventeenth centuries
Author/Editor: Ma Jianxiong
Chapter 2 Med det danske U20 ishockeylandshold til VM
Author/Editor: Kristoffer Henriksen,Astrid Becker-Larsen,Carsten Hvid Larsen
Chapter 2 Mental Health at Work: Misconceptions and Missed Opportunities
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter 2 Microbial evolution: the view from the acidophiles
Author/Editor: Francisco J. López de Saro,Corien Bakermans,Héctor Díaz-Maldonado,Ricardo Amils
Chapter 2 New work-time regimes: the rise and fall of Kaduna Textiles Ltd
Author/Editor: Elisha Renne
Chapter 2 Normative economic statecraft: China’s quest to shape the world in its image
Author/Editor: Mikael Mattlin
Chapter 2 On the relationship between performance and intangible cultural heritage
Author/Editor: Simon McKerrell,Kerstin Pfeiffer
Chapter 2 Pathogenesis
Author/Editor: Maxine Caws,Ben Marais,Dorothee Heemskerk,Jeremy Farrar
Chapter 2 Philosophies of Trauma
Author/Editor: Hanna Meretoja
Chapter 2 Phonetics
Author/Editor: Onno Crasborn,Roland Pfau,Markus Steinbach,Bencie Woll
Chapter 2 Playing with 'race' in the new millennium
Author/Editor: Justin Emeka
Chapter 2 Practical gender in critical pedagogy: Analyzing everyday objects
Author/Editor: Gal Harmat
Chapter 2. Revolutionary Brothers
Chapter 2. Revolutionary Brothers : The Communist Formula for Yugoslavia
Chapter 2 'Sex and History': Talking Sex with Objects from the Past
Author/Editor: Kate Fisher,Jen Grove,Rebecca Langlands
Chapter 2 Strategic underperformance: The West and three decades of war
Author/Editor: Frans Osinga
Chapter 2 The Evolution of Cities and Suburbs
Author/Editor: Myron A. Levine
Chapter 2 The Saturation of Racial Inequities in the United States
Author/Editor: Susan T. Gooden
Chapter 2 The Trans New Guinea family
Author/Editor: Andrew Pawley,Bill Palmer,Harald Hammarström
Chapter 2 Towards an Optimal Design for Ecosystem-Level Ocean Observatories
Author/Editor: Rodney A. Rountree,Jacopo Aguzzi,Simone Marini,Emanuela Fanelli,Fabio C. De Leo,Joaquin Del Rio,Francis Juanes
Chapter 2 Transformations in the governance of urban and regional planning in Korea: From (neo- )developmentalism to civic democracy, 1965– 2020
Author/Editor: Mike Douglass
Chapter 2 Trouble with “Status”: Competing Models of British and North American Public Health Nursing Education and Practice in British Malaya
Author/Editor: Rosemary Wall,Anne Marie Rafferty
Chapter 2 Types of intervention and their development
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 2 ‘We Are Recreating Bedlam’: A History of Mental Illness and Prison Systems in England and Ireland
Author/Editor: Catherine Cox,Hilary Marland
Chapter 2 Women, land and property
Author/Editor: Briony McDonagh
Chapter 30 The role of the UN Security Council in cybersecurity: International peace and security in the digital age
Author/Editor: Eneken Tikk,Niels Nagelhus Schia
Chapter 31 Political risks and nationalism
Author/Editor: Takafumi Kurosawa,Neil Forbes,Ben Wubs
Chapter 31 Re-imagining the Northeast in India, again: Did geography sidestep history in Vision (2020)?
Author/Editor: Rohan D’Souza
Chapter 31 The End of a Golden Era of British Music?: Exploration of Educational Gaps in the Current UK Creative Industry Strategy
Author/Editor: Carola Boehm
Chapter 3.3. Nationlism
Author/Editor: Siddharth Swaminathan,Suhas Palshikar
Chapter 33 Unfolding the map: Making knowledge and ignorance mobilization dynamics visible in science evaluation and policymaking
Author/Editor: Joanne Gaudet
Chapter 34 Digital Learning for Development of Asian Schools
Author/Editor: Kerry J. Kennedy,John Chi-Kin Lee,Cher Ping Lim
Chapter 35 Digital Learning for Developing Asian Countries: Achieving equity, quality and efficiency in education
Author/Editor: Miron Kumar Bhowmik,Cher Ping Lim,Matthew Smith,Victoria L. Tinio
Chapter 35 The extraterritorial application of international human rights law on civil and political rights
Author/Editor: Ralph Wilde
Chapter 36 Current States, Challenges, and Opportunities of the Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) in Developing Countries in Asia
Author/Editor: Kaushal Kumar Bhagat,Mercedes T. Rodrigo,Chun- Yen Chang
Chapter 36 Urban struggles and theorising from Eastern European cities: A collective interview with Ana Vilenica, Ioana Florea, Veda Popovici and Zsuzsi Pósfai
Author/Editor: Michele Lancione,Colin Mcfarlane
Chapter 37 A Systematic Literature Review of Game-based Learning and Gamification Research in Asia: The synthesized findings and research gap
Author/Editor: Hyo- Jeong So,Minhwi Seo
Chapter 37 Neuroscientific Threaths to Free Will
Author/Editor: Joshua Shepherd,Meghan Griffith,Neil Levy,Kevin Timpe
Chapter 38 Learning Analytics: Approaches and cases from Asia
Author/Editor: Huang- Yao Hong,Ching Sing Chai,Chih-Ming Chen,Bodong Chen
Chapter 39 Ethnolects of Dutch
Author/Editor: Pieter Muysken,Frans Hinskens,Johan Taeldeman
Chapter 3 Allergic to Innovation?: Dietary Change and Debate about Food Allergy in the United States
Author/Editor: Matthew Smith
Chapter 3 Alternative Food Politics: The Production of Urban Food Spaces in Leipzig (Germany) and Nantes
Author/Editor: Cordula Kropp,Clara Da Ros
Chapter 3 Antarctic Marine Biodiversity: Adaptations, Environments and Responses to Change
Author/Editor: Lloyd S. Peck
Chapter 3 Anticipating Prevention: Constituting Clinical Need, Rights and Resources in Brazilian Cancer Genetics
Author/Editor: Nancy J. Burke,Eirini Kampriani,Holly F. Mathews
Chapter 3 Autophony: Listening to your Eyes Move
Author/Editor: Anna Harris,Emily Yates-Doerr,Christine Labuski
Chapter 3 Benjamin Constant and the limits of popular sovereignty
Author/Editor: Nora Timmermans
Chapter 3. Brothers Re-United! Federal Citizenship in Socialist Yugoslavia
Chapter 3 Candida: A Disease of Antibiotics
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter 3 Challenges and opportunities for optochemical genetics
Author/Editor: Ehud Y. Isacoff,Peter Hegemann,Richard H. Kramer,Stephan Sigrist,Dirk Trauner
Chapter 3 Clinical Manifestations
Author/Editor: Maxine Caws,Ben Marais,Dorothee Heemskerk,Jeremy Farrar
Chapter 3 Comparative aspects of the Song and Dance Celebration of the Baltic countries in the context of nation- branding processes
Author/Editor: Rūta Muktupāvela,Anda Laķe
Chapter 3 Curating Enslavement and the Colonial History of Denmark: The 2017 centennial
Author/Editor: Astrid Nonbo Andersen
Chapter 3 Defining Difference: Competing Forms of Ovarian Surgery in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Sally Frampton
Chapter 3 Derivation of Morality from Prudence
Author/Editor: Marcus Arvan
Chapter 3 D. Natsagdorj, Mongolian travel writing, and ideas about national identity
Author/Editor: Phillip Marzluf
Chapter 3 DoF/6 DoF Localization System for Low Computing Power Mobile Robot Platforms
Author/Editor: Carlos M. Costa,Héber M. Sobreira,Armando J. Sousa,Germano Veiga
Chapter 3D Polarized Light Imaging Portrayed: Visualization of Fiber Architecture Derived from 3D-PLI
Author/Editor: Nicole Schubert,Markus Axer,Uwe Pietrzyk,Katrin Amunts
Chapter 3 Ecosystem Services and Disservices of Mangrove Forests and Salt Marshes
Author/Editor: Daniel A. Friess,Erik S. Yando,Jahson B. Alemu,Lynn-Wei Wong,Sasha D. Soto,Natasha Bhatia
Chapter 3 Emerging consumerism and eating out in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: The social embeddedness of food sharing
Author/Editor: Judith Ehlert
Chapter 3 Environmental Entanglements: Neurological Lives and Social Worlds
Author/Editor: Des Fitzgerald,Felicity Callard
Chapter 3 Epistolarity in Twelfth-century Byzantine Poetry: Singing Praises and Asking Favors in absentia
Author/Editor: Nikos Zagklas
Chapter 3 European Imperialism, War, Strategic Commodities and Ecological Limits: The Diffusion of Hemp in Spanish South America and Its Ghost Fibers
Author/Editor: Manuel Díaz-Ordóñez
Chapter 3 Facilitation Cascades in Marine Ecosystems: A Synthesis and Future Directions
Author/Editor: Paul E. Gribben,Christine Angelini,Andrew H. Altieri,Melanie J. Bishop,Mads S. Thomsen,Fabio Bulleri
Chapter 3 Fragile robots and coincidental innovation: Turning Socio-gerontechnology towards ontology
Author/Editor: Marie Ertner,Aske Juul Lassen
Chapter 3 Global governance: A conceptual framework for analysing bioethics at UNESCO
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter 3 Global migration governance, civil society and the paradoxes of sustainability
Author/Editor: Branka Likić-Brborić
Chapter 3 Horizontal and Vertical Diversity: Unintended Consequences of EU External Migration Policy
Author/Editor: Natasja Reslow
Chapter 3 Implicature and explicature
Author/Editor: Robyn Carston,Hans-Jörg Schmid,Alison Hall
Chapter 3 Improving food security through increasing the precision of agricultural development
Author/Editor: Anja Gassner,Ric Coe,Fergus Sinclair
Chapter 3 In Bad Shape: Sensing the Criminal Corpse: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter 3 Is It Possible to Prevent Unforeseen Events?
Author/Editor: Torbjørn Rundmo
Chapter 3 Is there a glass ceiling or can racial and ethnic barriers be overcome?: A study on leadership positions in professional Belgian football among African coaches
Author/Editor: Chris Heim,Joris Corthouts,Jeroen Scheerder
Chapter 3 Japan's Twenty-One Demands and Anglo-Japanese relations
Author/Editor: Sochi Naraoka
Chapter 3 Lacan’s Romanticism
Author/Editor: David Sigler
Chapter 3 Managing the estate
Author/Editor: Briony McDonagh
Chapter 3 Men, Alcohol and Coping
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter 3 - Mending “Moors” in Mogador
Chapter 3 - Mending “Moors” in Mogador : Hajj, cholera and Spanish-Moroccan regeneration, 1890–99
Author/Editor: Martinez Javier ,Francisco
Chapter 3 Mestrer jeg trenerrollen?
Author/Editor: Yngvar Ommundsen,Bård Erlend Solstad,Rune Høigaard,Bente Wold,Yngvar Ommundsen,Bård Erlend Solstad,Rune Høigaard,Bente Wold
Chapter 3 More than the soil: Land remains a rural pivot
Author/Editor: Ramesh Sunam
Chapter 3 New Media & New Possibilities: The Online Engagement of Young Black Activists
Author/Editor: Nathan Jamel Riemer
Chapter 3 Optoelectronics and Bio Devices on Paper Powered by Solar Cells
Author/Editor: António T. Vicente,Andreia Araújo,Diana Gaspar,Lídia Santos,Ana C. Marques,Manuel J. Mendes,Luís Pereira,Elvira Fortunato,Rodrigo Martins
Chapter 3 ‘Ordering the infant’
Chapter 3 ‘Ordering the infant’ : caring for newborns in early modern England
Author/Editor: Astbury ,Leah
Chapter 3 Organizing Power and Resistance; Ch. 8 Difference, Diversity, and Inclusion
Author/Editor: Dennis K. Mumby,Mie Plotnikof
Chapter 3 Promoting Yokosuka through videogame tourism: The Shenmue Sacred Spot Guide Map
Author/Editor: Carlos Ramirez-Moreno,Dale Leorke
Chapter 3 Race and Racial Thinking
Author/Editor: Jack David Eller
Chapter 3 Reform: Policies and the Polity
Author/Editor: Tom Boland,Ray Griffin
Chapter 3 Rethinking the framing of climate change adaptation: Knowledge, power, and politics
Author/Editor: Daniel Morchain
Chapter 3 Reviewing the literature
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 3 Self-Harm Becomes Epidemic: Mental Health (1959) and Suicide (1961) Acts: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter 3 Sickness, disease and medical practitioners in 1640s Ireland
Author/Editor: John Cunningham
Chapter 3 So-Called Social Justice Teaching and Multicultural Teacher Education: Rhetoric and Realities
Author/Editor: Marcelle M. Haddix
Chapter 3 Social Spaces
Author/Editor: Will Atkinson
Chapter 3 The Gibbet in the Landscape: Locating the Criminal Corpse in Mid-Eighteenth-Century England
Author/Editor: Richard Ward
Chapter 3 The Instrument of Death: Prison Doctors and Medical Ethics in Revolutionary-Period Ireland, c.1917
Author/Editor: Ian Miller
Chapter 3 The instruments of European heritage
Author/Editor: Anthony R. Zito,Susannah Eckersley,Sam Turner
Chapter 3 The police intelligence division-of-labour
Author/Editor: James Sheptycki
Chapter 3 The “Shiba view of history” and Japan–Korea relations: Reading, watching and travelling Clouds Above the Hill
Author/Editor: Philip Seaton
Chapter 3 ‘They May Strike Back at Society in a Vengeful Manner’: Preventing the Psychological Scars of Acne in Post-war America
Author/Editor: Iain Ferguson
Chapter 3 Time Depth: Jean Epstein, Michel Serres and Operational Model Time
Author/Editor: Christoph Rosol
Chapter 3 Visible Prowess?: Reading Men’s Head and Face Wounds in Early Medieval Europe to 1000 CE
Author/Editor: Kelly DeVries,Larissa Tracy
Chapter 3 Vitamin C Alimentation via SLC Solute Carriers
Author/Editor: Damien Nydegger,Gergely Gyimesi,Matthias Hediger
Chapter 3 'Who's for bioethics?' Ian Kennedy, oversight and accountability in the 1980s
Author/Editor: Duncan Wilson
Chapter 3 Women empowering themselves to fit into ICT
Author/Editor: Hilde G. Corneliussen
Chapter 40 The origins and practice of science on British television
Author/Editor: Timothy Boon,Jean-Baptiste Gouyon
Chapter 44 A “Composite Utterances” approach to meaning 45. Towards a grammar of gestures: A form-based view
Author/Editor: N. J. Enfield,Cornelia Müller,Ellen Fricke,Alan Cienki,David McNeill,Silva Ladewig,Sedinha Tessendorf
Chapter 48 In Vivo Bioluminescence Imaging to Assess Compound Efficacy Against Trypanosoma brucei
Author/Editor: Ryan Ritchie,Michael Barrett,Jeremy Mottram,Elmarie Myburgh
Chapter 4 Abbé Sieyès: The immanent and transcendent
Author/Editor: Olga Bashkina
Chapter 4 ‘A great bliss to keep the sensation of conquest alive!’: The emotional politics of the Panorama 1453 Museum in Istanbul
Author/Editor: Gönül Bozog˘lu
Chapter 4 AVATAR Therapy for Refractory Auditory Hallucinations
Author/Editor: Tom Ward,Tom Craig,Mar Rus-Calafell
Chapter 4 Boundary crossing: networked policing and emergent ‘communities of practice’ in safeguarding children
Author/Editor: Adam Crawford,Xavier L’Hoiry
Chapter 4. Brothers as Partners
Chapter 4. Brothers as Partners : Centrifugal Federalism, Confederal Citizenship and Complicated Partnership
Chapter 4 Business interests and the development of the public-private welfare mix in Switzerland, 1880-1990
Author/Editor: Pierre Eichenberger,Matthieu Leimgruber
Chapter 4 Cancerous Growth and Malignancy: Ravenous Natures
Author/Editor: Alanna Skuse
Chapter 4 Consequentialism and the Law in Medicine
Author/Editor: Julian Savulescu,Dominic Wilkinson
Chapter 4 Cultural Distance and Self-Initiated Expatriates’ Willingness to Relocate: A Research Agenda
Author/Editor: Maike Andresen,Birgit Muskat
Chapter 4 Deliberating bioethics: UNESCO’s standard-setting activities
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter 4 Delivering Post-Mortem Harm: Cutting the Corpse: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter 4 Departures: Technologies of anticipation
Author/Editor: Sverre Molland
Chapter 4 Design Options, Implementation Issues and Evaluating Success of Ecologically Engineered Shorelines
Author/Editor: Rebecca L. Morris,Jeffery R. Cordell,Yun-Wei Dong,Louise B. Firth,Stephen J. Hawkins,Tom| Heath,Eliza C. Heery,Lynette H.L. Loke,Edward Lau,Elisabeth M.A. Strain,Laura Airoldi,Karen A. Alexander,Melanie J. Bishop,Ross A. Coleman
Chapter 4 Development and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Tony Addison,Ville Pikkarainen,Risto Rönkkö,Finn Tarp
Chapter 4 Diagnosis
Author/Editor: Maxine Caws,Ben Marais,Dorothee Heemskerk,Jeremy Farrar
Chapter 4 Don’t be too WEIRD: Research for the Future of Writing Studies
Author/Editor: Johanna Phelps
Chapter 4 Encoding truths? Diagnosis-Related Groups and the fragility of the marketisation discourse
Author/Editor: Therese Feiler
Chapter 4 Endemic Mycoses and Allergies: Diseases of Social Change
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter 4 Ethics and access when consent must come first
Author/Editor: Hugh Busher,Alison Fox
Chapter 4 Evaluating electoral management performance: the PROSeS framework
Author/Editor: Toby S. James
Chapter 4 Food and locality: Heritagization and commercial use of the past
Author/Editor: Paolo Capuzzo
Chapter 4 Functions of Letters in Verse and Prose: A Comparison of Manuel Philes and Theodore Hyrtakenos
Author/Editor: Krystina Kubina
Chapter 4 Galen in Byzantine Medical Literature
Author/Editor: Petros Bouras-Vallianatos
Chapter 4 Globalisation, mobility and labour in African diasporic fiction
Author/Editor: Anna-Leena Toivanen
Chapter 4 How Memory Comes to Matter: From Social Media to the Internet of Things
Author/Editor: Elisa Giaccardi,Liedeke Plate
Chapter 4 Imagery-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment
Author/Editor: David A. Clark,Gary P. Brown
Chapter 4 Improving the estate
Author/Editor: Briony McDonagh
Chapter 4 Kruder and Dorfmeister: The studio(us) remixers
Author/Editor: Ewa Mazierska
Chapter 4 Logical Time in Austen’s Persuasion: Desire and the Unproductive Anxious Interval
Author/Editor: Isabelle Michalski,David Sigler
Chapter 4 Male Supremacism and Ideological Masculinity
Author/Editor: Joshua M. Roose
Chapter 4 Mapping the Evolution of Designed Landscapes with GIS: Stourhead Landscape Garden as an Example
Author/Editor: Steffen Nijhuis,Thomas Coomans,cattoor,Krista De Jonge
Chapter 4 'Now, back to our Virchow': German Medical and Political Traditions in Post-war Berlin: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter 4 Pharmacological Solutions
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter 4 Preschool education
Author/Editor: Cristina Corcoll López,Jane Mitchell-Smith
Chapter 4 Profesjonelle fotballtreneres interaksjon med sine overordnede og assistenter
Author/Editor: Jørgen Holmemo,Frank Erik Abrahamsen,Jørgen Holmemo,Frank Eirik Abrahamsen
Chapter 4 - Quarantine in Ceuta and Malta in the travel writings of the late-eighteenth-century Moroccan ambassador Ibn Uthmân Al-Meknassî
Chapter 4 - Quarantine in Ceuta and Malta in the travel writings of the late-eighteenth-century Moroccan ambassador Ibn Uthmân Al-Meknassî
Author/Editor: Ezzahidi ,Malika
Chapter 4 Reversion and reprisal: The allure of going back and the negotiation of historical identities
Author/Editor: Mads Daugbjerg,Gönül Bozoğlu,Christopher Whitehead
Chapter 4 Self-Harm as a Result of Domestic Distress: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter 4 Self-Harm as Violence: When Victim and Perpetrator Are One
Author/Editor: Heather Widdows,Hanna Pickard,Herjeet Marway
Chapter 4 'She sleeps well and eats an egg’: convalescent care in early modern England
Chapter 4 'She sleeps well and eats an egg’: convalescent care in early modern England
Author/Editor: Newton ,Hannah
Chapter 4 Spanish Women as Agents for a New Material Culture in Colonial Spanish America
Author/Editor: Amelia Almorza Hidalgo
Chapter 4 States of Rest: Interdisciplinary Experiments
Author/Editor: Des Fitzgerald,Felicity Callard
Chapter 4 The epistemic status of scientific visualisations
Author/Editor: Nicola Mößner
Chapter 4 The Folk Psychological Roots of Free Will
Author/Editor: Joshua Shepherd
Chapter 4 The Oceanography and Marine Ecology of Ningaloo, A World Heritage Area
Author/Editor: Mathew A. Vanderklift,Claire B. Smallwood,Damian P. Thomson,Anton D. Tucker,Kelly Waples,Russell C. Babcock,Peter B. Barnes,Anna K. Cresswell,Ming Feng,Michael D. E. Haywood,Thomas H. Holmes,Paul S. Lavery,Richard D. Pillans
Chapter 4 The Scholar-Practitioner of Yoga in the Western Academy
Author/Editor: Mark Singleton,Borayin Larios
Chapter 4 The social value of anonymity on campus: a study of the decline of Yik Yak
Author/Editor: Sian Bayne,Louise Connelly,Claire Groverc,Nicola Osborned,Richard Tobinc,Emily Beswicke,Lilinaz Rouhanif
Chapter 4 Trial design
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 4 Urban transformation “Korean style”: Lessons from property- based urban development
Author/Editor: Hyun Bang Shin
Chapter 4 Welfarist Psychiatry Goes Global
Author/Editor: Doug McConnell,Julian Savulescu
Chapter 4 'Where to draw the line?' Mary Warnock, embryos and moral expertise
Author/Editor: Duncan Wilson
Chapter 4 Who should decide for critically ill neonates and how?: The grey zone in neonatal treatment decisions
Author/Editor: Dominic Wilkinson
Chapter 4 Workshop-Didaktik for Cooperation in a Contingent World
Author/Editor: Tobias Werler
Chapter 5
Chapter 52 Experimental methods in co-speech gesture research
Author/Editor: Judith Holler,Cornelia Müller,Ellen Fricke,Alan Cienki,David McNeill,Silva Ladewig,Sedinha Tessendorf
Chapter 58 The Đồng Nhân Pagoda and the Publication of Mister Lazy’s Medical Encyclopedia
Author/Editor: Leslie E. De Vries
Chapter 5 Addiction: The belief oscillation hypothesis
Author/Editor: Neil Levy
Chapter 5 Alchemy, potency, imagination: Paracelsus’s theories of poison
Author/Editor: Georgiana D. Hedesan
Chapter 5 Articulation of Liberation Criminologies and Public Criminologies
Author/Editor: Biko Agozino,Kimberley Agozino Ducey
Chapter 5 Aspergillosis: A Disease of Modern Technology
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter 5 Audience responses in the light of perception–action theories of empathy
Author/Editor: Clemens Wöllner
Chapter 5 China’s Belt and Road Initiative through the lens of Central Asia
Author/Editor: Roman Vakulchuk,Indra Overland
Chapter 5 Choreographing the Interdisciplinary
Author/Editor: Des Fitzgerald,Felicity Callard
Chapter 5 Consequences of Anthropogenic Changes in the Sensory Landscape of Marine Animals
Author/Editor: Ivan Nagelkerken,Scott C. Doney,Philip L. Munday
Chapter 5 Control from the ground up: Embedding influence activities in the conduct of war
Author/Editor: Rick Breekveldt,Martijn Kitzen
Chapter 5 Critical research on Black sporting experiences in the United States: Athletic activism and the appeal for social justice
Author/Editor: Billy Hawkins
Chapter 5 Depressing time: waiting, melancholia, and the psychoanalytic practice of care
Author/Editor: Laura Salisbury,Lisa Baraitser
Chapter 5 Elderliness: The agential inseparability of ageing and assistive technologies
Author/Editor: Michela Cozza
Chapter 5 Financial relations in the Italian regional system
Author/Editor: Alice Valdesalici
Chapter 5 Fixed-line broadband: From ADSL to FTTH
Author/Editor: Takanori Ida
Chapter 5 Galen in Byzantine iatrosophia
Author/Editor: Barbara Zipser
Chapter 5 Historical overview of lesson study
Author/Editor: Terumasa Ishii
Chapter 5 Human Interaction: A Mood-Based Perspective
Author/Editor: Kristian Firing,Odin Fauskevåg,Kristian Firing,Odin Faustevåg
Chapter 5 Imagining, designing and exhibiting architecture in the digital landscape
Author/Editor: Palmyre Pierroux,Rolf Steier,Birgitte Sauge
Chapter 5 Impacts and Environmental Risks of Oil Spills on Marine Invertebrates, Algae and Seagrass: A Global Review from an Australian Perspective
Author/Editor: John K. Keesing,Adam Gartner,Mark Westera,Graham J. Edgar,Joanne Myers,Nick J. Hardman-Mountford,Mark Bailey
Chapter 5 Implementing bioethics: UNESCO's efforts to realize and enforce the declarations
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter 5 In defense of a conditional harm threshold test for paediatric decision-making
Author/Editor: Dominic Wilkinson
Chapter 5 Is Preventive Detention Morally Worse than Quarantine?
Author/Editor: Thomas Douglas
Chapter 5 Linguistic areas, bottom-up or top-down?: The case of the Guaporé-Mamoré
Author/Editor: Pieter Muysken,Bernard Comrie,Harald Hammarström,Lucía Golluscio,Joshua Birchall,Rick van Gijn,Olga Krasnoukhova,Neele Müller
Chapter 5 ‘Make Scandinavia a bulwark against fascism!’: Hitler’s seizure of power and the transnational anti-fascist movement in the Nordic countries
Author/Editor: Kasper Braskén
Chapter 5 Mapping Punishment: Provincial Places to Dissect: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter 5 Memory and Materiality in Hussein Chalayan’s Techno-Fashion
Author/Editor: Lianne Toussaint,Anneke Smelik
Chapter 5 Mercury Tonics (Rasāyana) in Sanskrit Medical Literature
Author/Editor: Dagmar Wujastyk
Chapter 5 Migrant Women in Trade Unions: Domestic Service Activism in France
Author/Editor: Colette Le Petitcorps
Chapter 5 Miljøets betydning i elitesport
Author/Editor: Carsten Hvid Larsen,Louise Kamuk Storm,Kristoffer Henriksen
Chapter 5 Priority Species to Support the Functional Integrity of Coral Reefs
Author/Editor: Kennedy Wolfe,Pedro R. Frade,Manuel Gonzalez-Rivero,Andrew Hoey,Mia Hoogenboom,Mark McCormick,Juan- Ortiz,Ken Anthony,Russell C. Babcock,Line Bay,David G. Bourne,Damien Burrows,Maria Byrne,Dione J. Deaker,Guillermo Diaz-Pulido
Chapter 5 Public Health Work in the British Occupation Zone: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter 5 ‘Rapt Up with Joy’: Children’s Emotional Responses to Death in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Hannah Newton
Chapter 5 Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Author/Editor: Akhilesh Jha,Hannah Jarvis,Clementine Fraser,Peter Openshaw
Chapter 5 Ringwoodite: its importance in Earth Sciences
Author/Editor: Fabrizio Nestola,Thomas Armbruster,Rosa Micaela Danisi
Chapter 5 Schnittke’s polystylistic schemata: Textural progression in the concerti grossi
Author/Editor: Gordon E. Marsh
Chapter 5 Self-Harm as Self-Cutting: Inpatients and Internal Tension: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter 5 State-centric safety and biometric economies: Documents and recruitment chains
Author/Editor: Sverre Molland
Chapter 5 : Subsidies : Fuel for the Media
Author/Editor: Trappel ,Josef
Chapter 5 Technological Accretion in Diagnostics: HPV Testing and Cytology in Cervical Cancer Screening
Author/Editor: Ronnie Ramlogan,Andrea Mina,Richard R. Nelson,Davide Consoli
Chapter 5 Technological accretion in diagnostics: HPV testing and cytology in cervical cancer screening
Author/Editor: Stuart Hogarth,Michael Hopkins,Daniele Rotolo
Chapter 5 The biology of entrepeneurship
Author/Editor: Ahmed Maged Nofal,Nicos Nicolaou,Scott Shane
Chapter 5 The Biology of Entrepreneurship
Author/Editor: Ahmed Nofal,Nicos Nicolaou,scott shane
Chapter 5. The Bridges Over the Miljacka
Chapter 5. The Bridges Over the Miljacka : The Long Farewell to Yugoslav Citizenship
Chapter 5 The Challenge of Warrior Women: Gender, Race, and Militarism in Media
Author/Editor: Mary Douglas Vavrus
Chapter 5 The Systems Approach to Innovation Management
Author/Editor: Magnus Karlsson,Mats Magnusson
Chapter 5 Treatment
Author/Editor: Maxine Caws,Ben Marais,Dorothee Heemskerk,Jeremy Farrar
Chapter 5 Trial size
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 5 Upland leaders of the internal frontier and Ming governance of western Yunnan, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Author/Editor: Christian Daniels
Chapter 5 Wolves Tongues and Mercury: Pharmaceutical Cures for Cancer: Ravenous Natures
Author/Editor: Alanna Skuse
Chapter 5 Writing for the Stage
Author/Editor: Andrés Pérez-Simón
Chapter 62 Doing fieldwork on the body, language, and communication.
Author/Editor: N. J. Enfield,Cornelia Müller,Ellen Fricke,Alan Cienki,David McNeill,Silva Ladewig,Sedinha Tessendorf
Chapter 6 Ageing and Gender Preferences in Rural Indonesia
Author/Editor: philip kreager,Elisabeth Schroeder-Butterfill
Chapter 6 A place at the table?: Food in museums as an “Ersatz politics” of difficulty
Author/Editor: Susannah Eckersley
Chapter 6 Apprenticeship Learning in Preparation for Meeting the Unforeseen
Author/Editor: Ingrid Nyhus,Trygve J. Steiro,Glenn-Egil Torgersen
Chapter 6 A Preliminary Catalogue of Qur’anic Sajʿ Techniques: Beat Patterning, Parallelism, and Rhyme
Author/Editor: Marianna Klar
Chapter 6 Biology and Ecology of the Globally Significant Kelp Ecklonia radiata
Author/Editor: Thomas Wernberg,Nick T. Shears,Peter D. Steinberg,Mads S. Thomsen,Mathew A. Vanderklift,Melinda A. Coleman,Russell C. Babcock,Sahira Y. Bell,John J. Bolton,Sean D. Connell,Catriona L. Hurd,Craig R. Johnson,Ezequiel M. Marzinelli
Chapter 6 Cannot You Use a Loving Violence?: Cancer Surgery: Ravenous Natures
Author/Editor: Alanna Skuse
Chapter 6 Centering Practical Ethics in Writing Studies Research
Author/Editor: Johanna Phelps
Chapter 6 Conflict Management Redux: Desecuritizing Intractable Conflicts
Author/Editor: Siniša Vuković
Chapter 6 Contextualizing bioethics: Mapping progress in Kenya and South Africa
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter 6 Coordinating international interventions in complex settings: An analysis of the EU peace and state-building efforts in post-independence Kosovo
Author/Editor: Chris van der Borgh,Puck le Roy,Floor Zweerink
Chapter 6 Digital Editing and the Greek New Testament
Author/Editor: H. A. G. Houghton,Catherine J. Smith
Chapter 6 Disability and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Lucy Series
Chapter 6 Double agent?: Ethical considerations in conducting ethnography as a teacher-researcher
Author/Editor: Hanna M. Nikkanen
Chapter 6 Ethical considerations
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 6 Extending agency: The merit of relational approaches for Childhood Studies
Author/Editor: Eberhard Raithelhuber
Chapter 6 Family perspectives on a proper medical treatment for people in prolonged vegetative and minimally conscious states: What role for the medical exception
Author/Editor: Sara Fovargue,Alexandra Mullock
Chapter 6 Idrætspsykologi med et community psykologisk afsæt
Author/Editor: Knud Ryom,Reinhard Stelter,Knud Ryom,Reinhard Stelter
Chapter 6 Learning from the Kenyan solar PV innovation history
Author/Editor: David Ockwell,Rob Byrne
Chapter 6 Making or unmaking a movement?: Challenges for civic activism in the global governance of migration
Author/Editor: Aleksandra Ålund,Carl-Ulrik Schierup
Chapter 6 Monsoon uncertainties, hydro-chemical infrastructures, and ecological time in Sri Lanka
Author/Editor: Tom Widger,Upul Wickramasinghe
Chapter 6 Norwegian–Russian political relations and Barents oil and gas developments
Author/Editor: Indra Overland,Andrey Krivorotov
Chapter 6 On representing anchored parentheses in syntax
Author/Editor: Marlies Kluck,Andreas Trotzke,Josef Bayer
Chapter 6 Optogenetic actuation, inhibition, modulation and readout for neuronal networks generating behavior in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Author/Editor: Mario de Bono,Peter Hegemann,William R. Schafer,Stephan Sigrist,Alexander Gottschalk
Chapter 6 Parental marital dissolution and the intergenerational transmission of homeownership
Author/Editor: Christa Hubers,Caroline Dewilde,Paul M. de Graaf
Chapter 6. Partners into Competitors
Chapter 6. Partners into Competitors : Divisive Democracy and Conflicting Conceptions of Citizenship
Chapter 6 Prevention
Author/Editor: Maxine Caws,Ben Marais,Dorothee Heemskerk,Jeremy Farrar
Chapter 6 - Prevention and stigma
Chapter 6 - Prevention and stigma : the sanitary control of Muslim pilgrims from the Balkans, 1830–1914
Author/Editor: Promitzer ,Christian
Chapter 6 Public Health Work in the American Occupation Zone: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter 6 Rivers and water security: Supply adaptation strategies in the city of Chennai, India
Author/Editor: Sharanya Sethuram,Malcolm Cooper
Chapter 6 Statistical observations on implicational (verb) hierarchies
Author/Editor: Søren Wichmann,Andrej Malchukov,Bernard Comrie
Chapter 6 Textures of urban fears: The affective geopolitics of the ‘oriental rug’
Author/Editor: Luiza Bialasiewicz,Lora Sariaslan
Chapter 6 The Disappearing Body: Dissection to the Extremities: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter 6 The Role of Corporate Governance in Macro-Prudential Regulation of Systemic Risk
Author/Editor: Alexander Dill
Chapter 6 Traditional medicines, law and the (dis)ordering of temporalities
Author/Editor: Emilie Cloatre
Chapter 6 When God Put Daylight on Earth We Had One Voice’Kwakwaka'wakw Perspectives on Sustainability and the Rights of Nature
Author/Editor: Douglas Deur,Kim Recalma-Clutesi,Adam Dick
Chapter 7 An Experience Much Worse Than Rape: The End of Force-Feeding?
Author/Editor: Ian Miller
Chapter 7 A Review of Biophysical Models of Marine Larval Dispersal
Author/Editor: Stephen E. Swearer,Eric A. Treml,Jeffrey S. Shima
Chapter 7 Becoming “Chinese” in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Caroline S. Hau
Chapter 7 Brain in the shell: Assessing the Stakes and the Transformative Potential of the Human Brain Project
Author/Editor: Philipp Haueis,Jan Slaby
Chapter 7 Cellular Control of Time, Size, and Shape in Development and Evolution
Author/Editor: Richard A. Schneider
Chapter 7 Community identity and mobilisation: Roma migrant experiences in Manchester
Author/Editor: Yaron Matras,Daniele Viktor Leggio
Chapter 7 Cost effects of local food enterprises: Supply chains, transaction costs and social diffusion
Author/Editor: Niko Paech,Carsten Sperling,Marius Rommel
Chapter 7 Covenant, compassion and marketisation in healthcare: The mastery of Mammon and the service of grace
Author/Editor: Joshua Hordern
Chapter 7 Crafting Psychiatric Contention Through Single-Panel Cartoons
Author/Editor: Helen Spandler
Chapter 7 Critical race theory matters in sport
Author/Editor: Kevin Hylton
Chapter 7 Ensuring Consistency and Accuracy of Legal Terms in Institutional Translation: The Role of Terminological Resources in International Organizations
Author/Editor: Fernando Prieto Ramos
Chapter 7 Finding the global in the local: Constructing population in the search for disease genes
Author/Editor: Steve Sturdy
Chapter 7 From Appropriation to Dialogic Exploration
Author/Editor: Hanna Meretoja
Chapter 7 From John Yudkin to Jamie Oliver: A Short but Sweet History on the War against Sugar
Author/Editor: Rachel Meach
Chapter 7 He that Hath an Ill-Name Is Half-Hanged: The Anatomical Legacy of the Criminal Corpse: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter 7 Hva sier de til seg selv?
Author/Editor: Michael S. Reinboth,Tommy Haugen,Sondre R. Solheim,Rune Høigaard
Chapter 7 ‘Indefensible and Irresponsible': Interdisciplinarity, truth and #reviewer2
Author/Editor: Emilie Cloatre,Dave Cowan
Chapter 7 'It’s okay not to like it': the appeal and frustrations of the contemporary arts
Author/Editor: Stephanie Pitts,Sarah M. Price
Chapter 7 Leading and Managing Interaction Under Risk in the Police: What May Be Some of the Underlying Conditions for Learning from Experience?
Author/Editor: Brita Bjørkelo
Chapter 7 Mansions in the Orchard: architecture, asylum and community in twentieth-century mental health care
Author/Editor: Sarah Chaney,Jennifer Walke
Chapter 7 Mental Imagery in Psychopathology: From The Lab to the Clinic
Author/Editor: Dorthe Berntsen,Lynn A. Watson
Chapter 7 'Our People’: Telemovies, bangsa and nationalism 3.0 in Sabah, Malaysia: Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Author/Editor: Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Chapter 7 Public Health Work in the Soviet Occupation Zone: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter 7 Remembering, rewriting and re-imagining: Afrocentric approaches to directing new work for the theatre
Author/Editor: Clinnesha D. Sibley
Chapter 7 Review: Effects of Microplastic on Zooplankton Survival and Sublethal Responses
Author/Editor: Sing-Pei Yu Yu,Matthew Cole Cole,Benny K. K. Chan
Chapter 7 Rice Revisited From Colonial Panama: Its Cultivation and Exportation
Author/Editor: Bethany Aram,Manuel Enrique García Falcón
Chapter 7 Socializing Responsibility
Author/Editor: Neil Levy
Chapter 7 Teaching Children How to Discriminate (What We Learn From the Big Bad Wolf)
Author/Editor: Rosina Lippi-Green
Chapter 7 The challenge of creating a more diverse economics: Lessons from the UCR minority pipeline project
Author/Editor: Gary A. Dymski
Chapter 7 The Long Carry: Landscapes and the Shaping of British Medical Masculinities in the First World War
Author/Editor: Jessica Meyer
chapter 7 The Politics of Women’s Digital Archives and Its Significance for the History of Journalism
Author/Editor: Pernilla Severson
Chapter 7 Trial governance
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 7 Underlying beliefs about writing and teaching writing in Germany: An analysis of policy documents for German in Year 9 at secondary school
Author/Editor: Nora Müller,Katharina Lindefjeld,Vera Busse
Chapter 7 Understanding Empathy Through a Study of Autistic Life Writing: On the Importance of Neurodiverse Morality
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Chapter 7 Unintended Consequences of State-building Projects in Contested States: The EU in Palestine
Author/Editor: Dimitris Bouris
Chapter 7 Urban ecosystem services and stakeholders: Towards a sustainable capability approach
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Chapter 7 Vitamin C in Pneumonia and Sepsis
Author/Editor: Anitra C. Carr
Chapter 7 Welsh Women's Industrial Fiction 1880-1910
Author/Editor: Kirsti Bohata,Alexandra Jones
Chapter 7. Where is My State? Citizenship as a Factor in Yugoslavia’s Disintegration
Chapter 7. Where is My State? Citizenship as a Factor in Yugoslavia’s Disintegration
Chapter 7 Who connects the dots?: Agents and agency in predictive policing
Author/Editor: Mareile Kaufmann
Chapter 7 Why Do So Many People Get Treated Poorly?
Author/Editor: Bradford J. Hall,Patricia O. Covarrubias,Kristin A. Kirschbaum
Chapter 7 Wooden shoes and Wellington boots: The politics of footwear in Georgian Britain
Author/Editor: Matthew McCormack
Chapter 8 1980s and beyond
Author/Editor: Colin Chambers
Chapter 8.1 Reaction-Diffusion Models of Pattern Formation in Developmental Biology
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Chapter 87 Scalar implicature as a grammatical phenomenon
Author/Editor: Gennaro Chierchia,Claudia Maienborn,Danny Fox,Klaus von Heusinger,Benjamin Spector,Paul Portner
Chapter 8 A European field of public administration?: Administrative cooperation of asylum agencies in the Dublin system
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Chapter 8 Anticipatory nostalgia and nomadic temporality: A case study of chronocracy in the crypto-colony
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Kirtsoglou
Chapter 8 Asymmetries in the Italian regional system and their role model
Author/Editor: Francesco PALERMO
Chapter 8 Black Lives Matter: A Context for Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Leonard
Chapter 8 Brokers, migrants, and safety
Author/Editor: Sverre Molland
Chapter 8 Categorising What We Study and What We Analyse, and the Exercise of Interpretation
Author/Editor: Dirk Jacobs
Chapter 8 Classifiers
Author/Editor: Inge Zwitserlood,Roland Pfau,Markus Steinbach,Bencie Woll
Chapter 8 Comparative Biogeography of Marine Invaders Across Their Native and Introduced Ranges
Author/Editor: Paul E. Gribben,James E. Byers
Chapter 8 Conclusion
Author/Editor: Ian Miller
Chapter 8 Conclusion: the governance of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter 8 Confronting America: Black commercial aesthetics, athlete activism and the nation reconsidered
Author/Editor: Ronald L. Mower,Jacob J. Bustad,David L. Andrews
Chapter 8 Democratizing knowledge and ways of knowing for food sovereignty, agroecology, and biocultural diversity
Author/Editor: Michel P. Pimbert
Chapter 8 Dynamic dictators: Elite cohesion and authoritarian resilience in China
Author/Editor: Elina Sinkkonen
Chapter 8. Enemies
Chapter 8. Enemies : Citizenship as a Trigger of Violence
Chapter 8 Felles mentale modeller i elitelagballspill
Author/Editor: Rune Giske,Harald Sylfest Gaard,Joar Gjerde
Chapter 8 Intergenerational support for autonomous living in a post-socialist housing market: Homes, meanings and practices
Author/Editor: Oana Druta,Richard Ronald
Chapter 8 In the Kitchen: Slave Agency and African Cuisine in the West Indies
Author/Editor: Ilaria Berti
Chapter 8 Is the EU different?: Comparing the diversity of national and EU-level systems of interest organisations
Author/Editor: Joost Berkhout,Marcel Hanegraaff,Caelesta Braun
Chapter 8 Localism and political systems in the twenty-first century
Author/Editor: Rick Harmes
Chapter 8 Mediatisation of science and the rise of promotional culture
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Chapter 8 Medical Discourse and Ideology in the Edinburgh Review: A Chaldean Exemplar: Scottish Journalism in the Age of Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Rhona Brown,Alex Benchimol,David Shuttleton
Chapter 8 Network Trust
Author/Editor: Bill McEvily,Akbar Zaheer,Giuseppe SODA
Chapter 8 Not seeing Auschwitz: Memory, generation and representations of the Holocaust in twenty-first century French comics
Author/Editor: Claire Gorrara
Chapter 8 Participant-created documents as an elicitation tool: Things we might not have otherwise been told
Author/Editor: Aimee Grant
Chapter 8 Peer Interactions and Second Language Learning: The Contributions of Social Network Analysis in Study Abroad versus At-Home Environments
Author/Editor: Michał B. Paradowski,Andrzej Jarynowski,Karolina Czopek,Magdalena Jelińska
Chapter 8 Peter Rehberg, Christian Fennesz and the Label Mego: Between Glitch and Bécs
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Chapter 8 Phrenological Controversy and the Medical Imagination: 'A Modern Pythagorean' in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
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Chapter 8 Preparing grant applications
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 8 - Quarantine sanitization, colonialism and the construction of the ‘contagious Arab’ in the Mediterranean, 1830s–1900
Author/Editor: Chircop ,John
Chapter 8 - Quarantine sanitization, colonialism and the construction of the ‘contagious Arab’ in the Mediterranean, 1830s–1900
Chapter 8 Siamese state expansion in the Thonburi and early Bangkok periods
Author/Editor: Koizumi Junko
Chapter 8 Tax and Quacks: The Policy of the Eighteenth Century Medicine Stamp Duty
Author/Editor: John Tiley
Chapter 8 “That venerable and princely custom of long-lying abed”: Sleep and civility in seventeenthand eighteenth-century urban society
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Hunter
Chapter 8 The BRCA patent controversies: An international review of patent disputes
Author/Editor: Esther van Zimmeren,Dianne Nicol,Richard Gold,Julia Carbone,Subhashini Chandrasekharan,A. Lane Baldwin,Robert Cook-Deegan
Chapter 8 The Forgotten Zone: Public Health Work in the French Occupation Zone: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter 8 The music editions of Christian Egenolff: a new catalogue and its implications
Author/Editor: Royston Gustavson
Chapter 8 The Relevance of Samhandling in Military Doctrines
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Chapter 8 The Status and Role of the alpine Cryosphere in Central Asia
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Chapter 8 Trading in spiritual and earthly good: Franciscans in semi-rural Palestine
Author/Editor: Felicita Tramontana
Chapter 8 Transformative communities in Germany: Working towards a sustainable food supply through creative doing and collaboration
Author/Editor: Irene Antoni-Komar,Christine Lenz
Chapter 8 Unintended Consequences of EU Democracy Support in the European Neighbourhood
Author/Editor: Assem Dandashly,Gergana Noutcheva
Chapter 8 Voice-enabled assistive robots for handling autism spectrum conditions: an examination of the role of prosody
Author/Editor: Erik Marchi,Amy Neustein,Fabien Ringeval,Björn Schuller
Chapter 8 Zombie history: the undead in translation
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Chapter 9 Afghanistan’s Cosmopolitan Trading Networks: A View from Yiwu, China
Author/Editor: Magnus Marsden,Diana Ibañez-Tirado
Chapter 9 Between joyride and high-stakes examination: Writing development in Denmark
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Chapter 9 Coal, ash, and other tales: The making and remaking of the anti coal movement in Aliağa, Turkey
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Chapter 9 Community engagement
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Chapter 9 Continuums of Violence
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Chapter 9 Digital Samhandling in Education for the Unforeseen Future
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Chapter 9 Early Hathayoga
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Chapter 9 Emotions and Sexuality: Regulation and Homoerotic Transgression
Author/Editor: Umberto Grassi
Chapter 9 EU External Action, Intention and Explanation
Author/Editor: Frank de Zwart,Karolina Pomorska
Chapter 9 Expanded Interiors: Bringing contemporary site- specific fine- art practice to Roman houses at Herculaneum and Pompeii
Author/Editor: Catrin Huber
Chapter 9 From Conference to Community Interpreter Education: The Transformation of Interpreter Education in Slovenia
Author/Editor: Nike K. Pokorn,Tamara Mikolič Južnič
Chapter 9. From Equal Citizens to Unequal Groups
Chapter 9. From Equal Citizens to Unequal Groups : The Post-Yugoslav Citizenship Regimes
Chapter 9 Hateful Games: Why White Supremacist Recruiters Target Gamers and How to Stop Them
Author/Editor: Megan Condis
Chapter 9 Marking the Face, Curing the Soul? Reading the Disfigurement of Women in the Later Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Naoë Kukita Yoshikawa
Chapter 9 Medicine and Improvement in the Scots Magazine; and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany (1804–17)
Author/Editor: Megan Coyer
Chapter 9 Medicine and Improvement in the Scots Magazine; and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany (1804–17)
Author/Editor: Megan Coyer
Chapter 9 Mitochondria Structure and Position in the Local Control of Calcium Signals in Smooth Muscle Cells
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Chapter 9 Moral Responsibility and the Justification of Policies to Preserve Antimicrobial Effectiveness
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Chapter 9 “Nonsense Rides Piggyback on Sensible Things”: The Past, Present, and Future of Graphology
Author/Editor: Deborah Ellen Thorpe
Chapter 9 Protestant place, Protestant props in the plays of Nicholas Grimald
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Dutton
Chapter 9 Race as a Cultural Construction
Author/Editor: Robert L. Anemone
Chapter 9 Relational Agency and the Local Governance of Climate Change: International Trends and an American Exemplar
Author/Editor: Alexander Aylett
Chapter 9 Rhodes Must Fall
Author/Editor: Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni
Chapter 9 Sammenhengen mellom mindfulness og eksekutiv funksjon hos profesjonelle fotballspillere
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Chapter 9 Some Conclusions: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
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Chapter 9 Staying and making it in regional creative cities – visual arts graduates and infrastructures for professional development
Author/Editor: Abigail Gilmore,David Gledhill,Ivan Rajković
Chapter 9 ‘Suspect’ screening: the limits of Britain’s medicalised borders, 1962–1981
Author/Editor: Roberta Bivins
Chapter 9 The essence of rage: Galen on emotional disturbances and their physical correlates
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Chapter 9 The housing careers of younger adults and intergenerational support in Germany’s ‘society of renters’
Author/Editor: Christian Lennartz,Ilse Helbrecht
Chapter 9 When Inner Speech Misleads
Author/Editor: Sam Wilkinson,Charles Fernyhough
Chapter 9 Which Patient Takes Centre Stage?: Placing Patient Voices in Animal Research
Author/Editor: Gail Davies,Richard Gorman,Bentley Crudgington
Chapter 9 Who is Europe?: Staging the making of Europe in creative documentary film
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Chapter A10 Legal Order and Linguistic Diversity
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A1 ‘Legal Language’ as a Linguistic Variety
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A2 Historical Development of Legal English
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A3 Legal Genres
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A4 Participant Roles and Speech Styles
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A5 Persuasion in Court
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A6 Interpreting Legislative Texts
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A7 The Vocabulary of Legal Power
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Chapter A8 Regulation of Language Use
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter A9 Forensic Evidence
Author/Editor: Alan Durant,Janny H.C. Leung
Chapter Abbreviations
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Chapter Abbreviations: Mycoses and Modernity
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Chapter Abbreviations: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
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Chapter Abbreviations: the governance of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme
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Chapter Abbreviations: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
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Chapter Above‐Ground Biomass Estimation with High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images
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Chapter Absolute Density Measures Estimation Functions with Very High Resolution Satellite Images
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Chapter A corpus-based approach to manual simultaneity
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Chapter Adaptive Automation and the Third Pilot
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Chapter Additive Manufacturing Applied to the Design of Small Satellite Structure for Space Debris Reduction
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Chapter Additive Manufacturing of Al Alloys and Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs)
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Chapter Address-Event Based Stereo Vision with Bio-Inspired Silicon Retina Imagers
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Chapter Addressing Load balancing Issues Related to Elastic Cloud Using Biomimetic Algorithms
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Chapter Adenovirus as Tools in Animal Health
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Chapter Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscle Plasticity in Obesity and Metabolic Disease
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Chapter Advanced Microfluidic Assays for Caenorhabditis elegans
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Chapter Advanced Numerical Simulation of Organic Light-emitting Devices
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Chapter Advanced Space Flight Mechanical Qualification Test of a 3D- Printed Satellite Structure Produced in Polyetherimide ULTEMTM
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Chapter A Framework for Learning System for Complex Industrial Processes
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Chapter A Fuzzy Logic Approach for Remote Healthcare Monitoring by Learning and Recognizing Human Activities of Daily Living
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Chapter Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Network Infrastructure Cyber-Attacks and Cooperative Defense Mechanisms
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Chapter Agentive Phenomenology
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Chapter A idade dos «desvios»: diacronia, variação social e linguística de corpus
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Chapter AI for Improving the Overall Equipment Efficiency in Manufacturing Industry
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Chapter Airborne and Ground-Borne Noise and Vibration from Urban Rail Transit Systems
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Chapter Allies and Germans: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
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Chapter All typologies leak: Predicates of change in Lowland Chontal of Oaxaca
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Chapter A Multilevel Approach to Urban Regional Agglomerations: A Swedish Case of Transition Paths toward a “Fossil-Free Society” by 2050
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Chapter A New Method to Reconstruct Recent Tree and Stand Attributes of Temporary Research Plots: New Opportunity to Analyse Mixed Forest Stands
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Chapter Ant Algorithms for Adaptive Edge Detection
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Chapter Antennas for Space Applications: A Review
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Chapter Antidepressant Drugs and Pain
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Chapter Appendix
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Chapter Application of Nd:YAG Laser in Semiconductors’ Nanotechnology
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Chapter Application of Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy in X-Ray Trace Element Analytical Techniques
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Chapter Applications of the Selective Laser Melting Technology in the Industrial and Medical Fields
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Chapter Applying Heat for Joining Textile Materials
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Chapter Are Polyfunctional Cells Protective in M. tuberculosis Infection
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Chapter A Review of Compliant Movement Primitives
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Chapter Article 12 CRPD: Equal Recognition before the Law
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Chapter Artificial Intelligence Data Science Methodology for Earth Observation
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Chapter Assessing the Performance of Personal Protective Equipment1
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Chapter A test facility to investigate sheath effects during ion cyclotron resonance heating
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Chapter Auditory Verbal Hallucinations and Inner Speech: A Predictive Processing Perspective
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Chapter Aufteilung von Erwerbs-, Haus- und Familienarbeit in Partnerschaften im Beziehungsverlauf: der Einfluss von Sozialpolitik in Europa
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Chapter Automatic Identification and Interpretation of Animal Sounds, Application to Livestock Production Optimisation
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Chapter Automation of the Expertise of the Roman Mosaic Arts in Constanta: Analytical and Statistical Models for a Fuzzy Inference-Based System
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Chapter Autonomous Sensors: Existing and Prospective Applications
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Chapter A WiMAX Network Architecture Based on Multi-Hop Relays
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Chapter B10 Bilingual and Multilingual Legal Systems
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Chapter B1 Linguistic Features of Legal Language
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Chapter B2 Functions of Legal Language
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Chapter B3 Genre Analysis of Legal Discourse
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Chapter B4 Speech in the Courtroom
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Chapter B5 Linguistic Strategies Used by Lawyers
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Chapter B6 Pragmatics and Legal Interpretation
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Chapter B7 Legal Speech Acts
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Chapter B8 Disputing ‘Ordinary Language’
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Chapter B9 Techniques in Forensic Linguistics
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Chapter Bayesian Approach for X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Spectroscopy
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Chapter Bayesian Networks for Supporting Model Based Predictive Control of Smart Buildings
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Chapter BCI Integration: Application Interfaces
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Chapter Behavioral Factors Affecting Reproduction in Domestic Horses: Sociobiological Approach
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Chapter Being There: Understanding the Feeling of Presence in a Synthetic Environment and its Potential for Clinical Change
Author/Editor: Fabrizia Mantovani,Giuseppe Riva
Chapter Between Epidemiology and Basic Genetic Research – Systems Epidemiology
Author/Editor: Eiliv Lund
Chapter Beyond Dietary Fatty Acids as Energy Source: A Point of View for the Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes
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Chapter C9 Language Data as Evidence
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Chapter Can Attenuated Leishmania Induce Equally Effective Protection as Virulent Strains in Visceral Leishmaniasis
Author/Editor: Joana Cunha,Eugenia Carrillo,Javier Moreno
Chapter Can Turn-Taking Highlight the Nature of Non-Verbal Behavior: A Case Study
Author/Editor: Izidor Mlakar,Matej Rojc,Darinka Verdonik,Simona Majhenič
Chapter Carbon Nanotube (CNT)-Reinforced Metal Matrix Bulk Composites: Manufacturing and Evaluation
Author/Editor: Leander Reinert,Frank Mücklich,Sebastian Suarez
Chapter Carbon Nanotubes-Based Radiation Detectors
Author/Editor: Antonio Ambrosio,C. Aramo
Chapter Catastrophes, the Imaginary and Citizenship: The Production of the Other and the Singularity of Experience.of Risk
Author/Editor: José Manuel Mendes,Isabel Capeloa Gil,Christoph Wulf
Chapter Cell Culture and Maintenance of the Evolutionary Forms of Trypanosoma cruzi for Studies of Parasitic Biology
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Chapter Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Methotrexate Resistance in Melanoma
Author/Editor: Magalí Sáez-Ayala,Juan Cabezas-Herrera,María F. Montenegro,José Neptuno Rodríguez-López,María Piedad Fernández-Pérez,Luis Sanchez del-Campo
Chapter Challenges and New Frontiers in the Paediatric Drug Discovery and Development
Author/Editor: Donato Bonifazi,Giovanni Migliaccio,Angelica Intini
Chapter Challenges for Cost-Effective Microalgae Anaerobic Digestion
Author/Editor: Álvaro Torres,Fernando G. Fermoso,Bárbara Rincón,Jan Bartacek,Rafael Borja,David Jeison
Chapter Channels and Parameters Acquisition in Cooperative OFDM Systems
Author/Editor: Carlos Ribeiro,Darlene M. Neves,Atilio Gameiro,Adão Silva
Chapter Characterisation of Airborne Particulate Matter in Different European Subway Systems
Author/Editor: Célia Alves,Teresa Moreno,V. Martins,María Cruz Minguillón,Xavier Querol,Konstantinos Eleftheriadis Luís Mendes,Eladio de Miguel
Chapter Characterization of Atmospheric Mercury in the High-Altitude Background Station and Coastal Urban City in South Asia
Author/Editor: Karuppasamy Bharath,Seshachalam Srinivasalu,Natesan Usha,Ramasamy Karthik
Chapter Charge Transport in Ferroelectric Thin Films
Author/Editor: Lucian Pintilie
Chapter Chemical Detection of Short-Lived Species Induced in Aqueous Media by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
Author/Editor: Yury Gorbanev,Annemie Bogaerts
Chapter Claystone as a Potential Host Rock for Nuclear Waste Storage
Author/Editor: Zoltán Máthé,Károly Lázár
Chapter Clean Water from Clean Energy: Decentralised Drinking Water Production Using Wind Energy Powered Electrodialysis
Author/Editor: Payam Malek,Helfrid M.A. Schulte-Herbrüggen,Juan M. Ortiz
Chapter Climate Change Impacts on Atmospheric Circulation and Daily Precipitation in the Argentine Pampas Region
Author/Editor: Olga Clorinda Penalba,Maria Laura Bettolli
Chapter Clinical Trials in Paediatrics — Regulatory and Methodological Aspects
Author/Editor: Adriana Ceci,Viviana Giannuzzi,Donato Bonifazi,Mariagrazia Felisi,Fedele Bonifazi,Lucia Ruggieri
Chapter Coherent Resonant Properties of Cardiac Cells
Author/Editor: Dusan Chorvat,A. Chorvatova
Chapter Combined Deep Learning and Traditional NLP Approaches for Fire Burst Detection Based on Twitter Posts
Author/Editor: Konstantinos-George Thanos,Andrianna Polydouri,Antonios Danelakis,Dimitris Kyriazanos,Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos
Chapter Combined Neuro-Cardiogenic Epilepsy Syndromes and Novel Mechanistic Insights
Author/Editor: S.E. Lehnart
Chapter Communicating safely & effectively using plant names
Author/Editor: Bob Allkin
Chapter Compromises and Confrontations, 1945-1949: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter Computational Biology, Protein Engineering, and Biosensor Technology: a Close Cooperation for Herbicides Monitoring
Author/Editor: Giuseppina Rea,Fabio Polticelli,Amina Antonacci,Maya Lambreva,Sandro Pastorelli,Viviana Scognamiglio,Veranika Zobnina,Maria Teresa
Chapter Computation of Scintillation Indices for the Galileo E1 Signals Using a Software Receiver
Author/Editor: Marko Vučković,S. Stanič
Chapter Computer Assistance in the Minimally Invasive Ablation Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Author/Editor: Benjamin Eigl,Andreas Andreou,Matthias Peterhans,Stefan Weber,Beat Gloor
Chapter Conceptual Frameworks of Vulnerability Assessments for Natural Disasters Reduction
Author/Editor: R. L. Ciurean,Dagmar Schröter,Thomas Glade
Chapter Conclusion
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter Conclusion: Death, deindustrialization, and time
Author/Editor: Elisha Renne
Chapter Conclusion: Death Is Only Their Desire: Ravenous Natures
Author/Editor: Alanna Skuse
Chapter Conclusion Managing for Quality: Practical Lessons from Research Insights
Author/Editor: Fernando Prieto Ramos
Chapter Conclusion: Mycoses and Modernity
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter Conclusion: The Politics of Self-Harm: Social Setting and Self-Regulation: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter Concurrent Specification of Embedded Systems: An Insight into the Flexibility vs Correctness Trade-Off
Author/Editor: Fernando Herrera,Inigo Ugarte
Chapter Configuration Logic of Standard Business Processes for Inter-Company Order Management
Author/Editor: Carsten Schmidt,Stefan Cuber
Chapter Consciousness and Morality
Author/Editor: Joshua Shepherd,Neil Levy
Chapter Contacts between indigenous languages in South America
Author/Editor: Pieter Muysken,Verónica Grondona,Lyle Campbell
Chapter Continuous Anything for Distributed Research Projects
Author/Editor: Frank Griesinger,Jörg Domaschka,Simon Volpert
Chapter Contributors
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter Cooperative Game Theory and Its Application in Localization Algorithms
Author/Editor: Shahid Mumtaz,Jonathan Rodriguez,Senka Hadzic
Chapter Cooperative Localization and SLAM Based on the Extended Information Filter
Author/Editor: Francesco Conte,Andrea Cristofaro,Agostino Martinelli,Alessandro Renzaglia
Chapter Corrosion Detection for Automated Visual Inspection
Author/Editor: Francisco Bonnin-Pascual,Alberto Ortiz
Chapter CREB Signaling in Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells: Implications for a Role in Brain Tumors
Author/Editor: Theo Mantamadiotis,Nikos Papalexis,Sebastian Dworkin
Chapter Criterial Freezing in small clauses and the cartography of copular constructions
Author/Editor: Ur Shlonsky,Jutta Hartmann,Luigi Rizzi,Marion Jäger,Andreas Kehl,Andreas Konietzko,Susanne Winkler
Chapter Crystalline Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells
Author/Editor: Fritz Falk,Gudrun Andrä
Chapter Crystallization of Membrane Proteins: Merohedral Twinning of Crystals
Author/Editor: V. Borshchevskiy,V. Gordeliy
Chapter Current State of Art in Earthquake Prediction, Typical Precursors and Experience in Earthquake Forecasting at Sakhalin Island and Surrounding Areas
Author/Editor: I.N. Tikhonov,M.V. Rodki
Chapter Dealing with Imperfection Sensitivity of Composite Structures Prone to Buckling
Author/Editor: Richard Degenhardt,Alexander Kling,Rolf Zimmermann,F.C. de Araújo,Falk Odermann
Chapter Dealing with VoIP Calls During “Busy Hour” in LTE
Author/Editor: Christos Verikoukis,Elli Kartsakli,Angelos Antonopoulos,Luis Alonso
Chapter Dedication
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter Dedication: Mycoses and Modernity
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter Deep Learning Training and Benchmarks for Earth Observation Images: Data Sets, Features, and Procedures
Author/Editor: Gottfried Schwarz,Corneliu Octavian Dumitru,Mihai Datcu
Chapter Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Mucinous Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, and Survival Following a Mucinous Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis
Author/Editor: Cynthia D. O'Malley,Amy R. Kahn,Jennifer M. Wike,Sherri L. Stewart,Trevor D. Thompson,Maria J. Schymura,Rosemary D. Cress
Chapter Dendritic Cell Endocytosis Essential for Viruses and Vaccines
Author/Editor: Kenneth C. McCullough,Rajni Sharma
Chapter Dependency-sensitive typological distance
Author/Editor: Harald Hammarström,Anju Saxena,Loretta O’Connor,Lars Borin
Chapter Depersonalized Case Histories in the Babylonian Therapeutic Compendia
Author/Editor: J. Cale Johnson
Chapter Deploying ITS Scenarios Providing Security and Mobility Services Based on IEEE 802.11p Technology
Author/Editor: Antonio F. Skarmeta,Pedro J. Fernandez Ruiz,Fernando Bernal Hidalgo,José Santa Lozano
Chapter Design Aspects of a Testbed for an IPv6-Based Future Network for Aeronautical Safety and Non-Safety Communication
Author/Editor: Oliver Lücke,Eriza Hafid Fazli
Chapter Designing Heterogeneous-mHealth Apps for Cystic Fibrosis Adults
Author/Editor: Tamara Vagg,C. Fleming,C. Shortt,Mairead McCarthy,Barry J. Plant,Sabin Tabirca
Chapter Design Issues and Challenges of File Systems for Flash Memories
Author/Editor: Stefano Di Carlo,M. Cramia,Paolo Prinetto,Michele Fabiano
Chapter Determinants and Tools to Evaluate the Ecological Sustainability of Using Forest Biomass as an Alternative Energy Source
Author/Editor: Yueh-Hsin Lo,Juan A. Blanco,D. Candel-Pérez
Chapter Determinants of Established Entrepreneurs’ Innovative Activity in Northern and Western Europe
Author/Editor: Dijana Močnik,Karin Širec
Chapter Determination of Near-Neighbour Bonding in the Mn-Implanted GaSb Crystals
Author/Editor: Anna Wolska
Chapter Developing Functionality in Perovskites from Abatement of Pollutants to Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage
Author/Editor: A. Bedon,Antonella Glisenti
Chapter Development of a broadband and squint-free Ku-band phased array antenna system for airborne satellite communications
Author/Editor: David Marpaung,Chris G. H. Roeloffzen,R. Baggen,Willem P. Beeker,Bertrand Noharet,J. Verpoorte
Chapter Development of Energy Efficiency Aware Applications Using Commercial Low Power Embedded Systems
Author/Editor: Dmitry Fadeev,Jouni Tervonen,Konstantin Mikhaylov
Chapter Development of Josephson voltage standards
Author/Editor: R. Behr,Johannes Kohlmann
Chapter Development of Sustainable High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete Utilising Fly Ash, Shale Ash and Microsilica
Author/Editor: PL Ng,Akh Kwan,Iyt Ng,Z Rudzionis
Chapter Developments in Wireless Power Transfer Using Solar Energy
Author/Editor: Dehra Himanshu
Chapter Dietary Omega-6/Omega-3 and Endocannabinoids: Implications for Brain Health and Diseases
Author/Editor: Sophie Layé,Clémentine Bosch-Bouju
Chapter Digital All-Optical Physical-Layer Network Coding
Author/Editor: Charikleia Mitsolidou,Chris Vagionas,Dimitris Tsiokos,Nikos Pleros,Amalia Miliou
Chapter Digital On-Chip Calibration of Analog Systems towards Enhanced Reliability
Author/Editor: Sovcik Michal,Nagy Lukas,Stopjakova Viera,Arbet Daniel
Chapter Digital signal processing for optical communications and networks
Author/Editor: Tianhua Xu
Chapter Digital Video Image Quality
Author/Editor: Tomáš Kratochvíl,Martin Slanina
Chapter Disentangling geography from genealogy
Author/Editor: Michael Cysouw,Peter Auer,Martin Hilpert,Anja Stukenbrock,Benedikt Szmrecsanyi
Chapter Dissipative Solitons in Fibre Lasers
Author/Editor: Vladimir L. Kalashnikov,Sergey Sergeyev
Chapter Distribution Diagrams and Graphical Methods to Determine or to Use the Stoichiometric Coefficients of Acid-Base and Complexation Reactions
Author/Editor: Alberto Rojas-Hernández,Rosario Moya-Hernández,María Teresa Ramírez-Silva,Norma Rodríguez-Laguna
Chapter Do Consumers Pay Attention to the Organic Label When Shopping Organic Food in Italy
Author/Editor: Azucena Gracia,Tiziana de Magistris
Chapter Earth Observation for Urban Climate Monitoring: Surface Cover and Land Surface Temperature
Author/Editor: Nektarios Chrysoulakis,Zina Mitraka
Chapter Earth Observation Technologies: Low-End-Market Disruptive Innovation
Author/Editor: Daniel García-Almiñana,Nicholas Crisp,Y. Chan,R. M. Dominguez,Silvia Rodriguez-Donaire,Rachel| Villain,Claire Huyton,Leonardo Ghizoni,C. Traub,Kate Smith,Steve Edmondson,Vitor Toshiyuki Abrao Oiko,Luciana Sinpetru,Dhiren Kataria
Chapter Economic Instruments to Combat Eutrophication: A Survey
Author/Editor: Jean-Philippe Terreaux,Jean-Marie Lescot
Chapter Effect of Local Delivery of GDNF Conjugated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on Nerve Regeneration along Long Chitosan Nerve Guide
Author/Editor: Tolmasov Michael,Federica Fregnan,Evgeniy Reider,Abraham Shahar,Moshe Nissan,Mara Almog,Ofra Ziv-Polat,Mira M. Mandelbaum-Livnat,Stefano Geuna,Yifat Bitan,Michela Morano,Tali Biran,Shimon Rochkind
Chapter Effects of Water Scarcity on the Performances of the Agricultural Sector and Adaptation Strategies in Tunisia
Author/Editor: Ali Chebil,Sihem Jebari,Chokri Thabet,Aymen Frija,Mariem Makhlouf
Chapter Efficient and Validated Time Domain Numerical Modeling of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) and SOA-based Circuits
Author/Editor: Christos Vagionas,Jan Bos,George T. Kanellos,Nikos Pleros,Amalia Miliou
Chapter Efficient Node Placement for Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author/Editor: Charalambos Sergiou,Vasos Vassiliou
Chapter EIGHT Writing Revelation: The Book of Margery Kempe
Author/Editor: Corinne Saunders
Chapter Electrically Mediated Gene Delivery : Basic and Translational Concepts
Author/Editor: J. Teissie
Chapter Electrochemistry of Surfactants
Author/Editor: Pablo CarlosSchulz,Erica Patricia Schulz,Eduardo Nicolás Schulz
Chapter Electromagnetic Radiation Energy Harvesting – The Rectenna Based Approach
Author/Editor: Gabriel Abadal,Javier Alda,Jordi Agust
Chapter Electromagnetic Sensing Techniques for Non-Destructive Diagnosis of Civil Engineering Structures
Author/Editor: Romeo Bernini,M. Bavusi,Vincenzo Lapenna,Antonio Di Cesare,Felice Carlo Ponzo,Francesco Soldovieri,Antonio Loperte,Rocco Ditommaso
Chapter Emerging Photovoltaic Technologies and Eco-Design—Criticisms and Potential Improvements
Author/Editor: Claudia Barolo,Matteo Bonomo,Nicole Mariotti
Chapter Emerging Techniques for Assessment of Sensorimotor Impairments after Spinal Cord Injury
Author/Editor: Filipe O. Barroso,Juan Moreno,Diego Torricelli
Chapter Encyclopaedias and Commentaries
Author/Editor: J. Geller Markham,J. Cale Johnson
Chapter Energy-Aware Software Engineering
Author/Editor: Kerstin Eder,John P. Gallagher
Chapter Energy Efficiency for 5G Multi-Tier Cellular Networks
Author/Editor: Moon Ho Lee,Md. Hashem Ali Khan
Chapter Energy Efficient Mobility Management for the Macrocell – Femtocell LTE Network
Author/Editor: Dionysis Xenakis,Nikos Passas,Christos Verikoukis,Ayman Radwan,Jonathan Rodriguez
Chapter Energy Storage: Battery Materials and Architectures at the Nanoscale
Author/Editor: James F. Rohan,Maksudul Hasan,Sanjay Patil,Declan P. Casey and Tomás Clancy
Chapter Enrichment of the Medical Vocabulary in the Greek-Speaking Medieval Communities of Southern Italy: The Lexica of Plant Names
Author/Editor: Petros Bouras-Vallianatos
Chapter Environmental Wind Tunnels
Author/Editor: Jonathan Merrison
Chapter Epilogue
Author/Editor: Des Fitzgerald,Felicity Callard
Chapter Estimating the Effect of Voters’ Media Awareness on the 2016 US Presidential Election
Author/Editor: Maria Gallego,Lauren Dique
Chapter Estimation of the Sea Level Rise by 2100 Resulting from Changes in the Surface Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Author/Editor: Michel Erpicum,Samuel Nicolay,Xavier Fettweis,Bruno Franco,Alexandre Belleflamme
Chapter European Health System Typologies: Last 30 Years Under Review
Author/Editor: Aida Isabel Tavares
Chapter Evaluation of QoS and QoE in Mobile WIMAX – Systematic Approach
Author/Editor: Adam Flizikowski,Marcin Przybyszewski Mateusz Majewski,Witold Houbowicz
Chapter Evolving Roles of Spontaneous Reporting Systems to Assess and Monitor Drug Safety
Author/Editor: Ippazio Cosimo Antonazzo,Francesco Salvo,Emanuel Raschi,Antoine Pariente,Ugo Moretti,Elisabetta Poluzzi,Fabrizio De Ponti
Chapter Examining Non‐Celiac Consumers of Gluten‐Free Products: An Empirical Evidence in Spain
Author/Editor: Wajdi Hellali,Hind Belarbi,Tiziana de‐Magistris
Chapter Fabrication Methodologies of Biomimetic and Bioactive Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications
Author/Editor: Mythili Prakasam,Roxana Mioara Piticescu,Madalina Popescu
Chapter Facing Malaria Parasite with Mosquito Symbionts
Author/Editor: Ulisse Ulissi,Aida Capone,Patrizia Scuppa,Guido Favia,Matteo Valzano,Chenoa De Freece,Irene Ricci,Claudia Damiani,Alessia Cappelli,Paolo Rossi,Michela Mosca
Chapter Fast 3D Perception for Collision Avoidance and SLAM in Domestic Environments
Author/Editor: Dirk Holz,David Droeschel,Sven Behnke,Stefan May,Hartmut Surm
Chapter Fast-Spectrum Fluoride Molten Salt Reactor (FFMSR) with Ultimately Reduced Radiotoxicity of Nuclear Wastes
Author/Editor: Yasuo Hirose
Chapter Femtocell Performance Over Non-SLA xDSL Access Network
Author/Editor: R. Wulansari,Adit Kurniawan,Hadi Hariyanto
Chapter Ferroelectric Field Effect Control of Magnetism in Multiferroic Heterostructures
Author/Editor: Carlos A. F. Vaz,Charles H. Ahn
Chapter Fiber Optic-Based Pressure Sensing Surface for Skin Health Management in Prosthetic and Rehabilitation Interventions
Author/Editor: George Papaioannou,Dimitris Tsiokos,George T. Kanellos,Stavros Pissadakis
Chapter Fighting Against Resistant Strains: The Case of Benzothiazinones and Dinitrobenzamides
Author/Editor: Silvia Buroni,Giovanna Riccardi,Maria Rosalia
Chapter Final Phases of Medieval Hebraism: Jews and Christians between Bible Exegesis, Talmud and Maimonidean Philosophy.
Author/Editor: Yossef Schwartz,Andreas Speer,David Wirmer
Chapter Final Remarks
Author/Editor: xxxx xxxxx
Chapter Finite Element Analysis to Study Percutaneous Heart Valves
Author/Editor: Silvia Schievano,Claudio Capelli,Daria Cosentino,Giorgia M. Bosi,Andrew M. Taylor
Chapter Five Chlamydia: A Disease without a History
Author/Editor: Michael Worboys
Chapter Flexible Network Codes Design for Cooperative Diversity
Author/Editor: Michela Iezzi,Fabio Graziosi,Marco Di Renzo
Chapter Føllesdal and Frege on Reference
Author/Editor: Øystein Linnebo,Michael Frauchiger
Chapter Flow Based Enumeration of Plasmablasts in Peripheral Blood After Vaccination as a Novel Diagnostic Marker for Assessing Antibody Responses in Patients with Hypogammaglobulinaemia
Author/Editor: Vojtěch Thon,Marcela Vlkova,Jiří Litzman,Zita Chovancová,Jindřich Lokaj
Chapter Fly Ash as a Cementitious Material for Concrete
Author/Editor: Long-yuan Li,Rafiza Abdul Razak,Romisuhani Ahmad,Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah,Zarina Yahya,Aissa Bouaissi
Chapter Food Safety Risk Management
Author/Editor: Elena Carrasco,Antonio Valero,Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez,Rosa María García-Gimeno,Gonzalo Zurera
Chapter Foreword: the governance of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter Foreword to the third edition
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter Formability and Performance of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys with Different Initial Tempers in Creep Aging Process
Author/Editor: Heng Li,He Yang,C. Lei
Chapter Formal Foundations for the Generation of Heterogeneous Executable Specifications in SystemC from UML/MARTE Models
Author/Editor: Pablo Peil,Fernando Herrera,Eugenio Villar
Chapter Fourier Factorization in the Plane Wave Expansion Method in Modeling Photonic Crystals
Author/Editor: Martin Veis,Roman Antos
Chapter Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - Useful Analytical Tool for Non-Destructive Analysis
Author/Editor: Simona-Carmen Litescu,Eugenia D. Teodor,Georgiana-Ileana Truica,Andreia Tache,Gabriel-Lucian Radu
Chapter Fourier Transform Photocurrent Spectroscopy on Non-Crystalline Semiconductors
Author/Editor: Jakub Holovsky
Chapter Fracture Toughening Mechanisms in Epoxy Adhesives
Author/Editor: Simona Zuppolini,Mauro Zarrelli,Aldobenedetto Zotti
Chapter From Cellulose Dissolution and Regeneration to Added Value Applications — Synergism Between Molecular Understanding and Material Development
Author/Editor: Poonam Singh,Hugo Duarte,Luís Alves,Filipe Antunes,Nicolas Le Moigne,Jan Dormanns,Benoit Duchemin,Mark P. Staiger,Bruno Medronho
Chapter From the Lab to the Real World: Affect Recognition Using Multiple Cues and Modalities
Author/Editor: Hatice Gunes,Massimo Piccardi,Maja Pantic,Jimmy Or
Chapter From the Molecular Biology to the Gene Therapy of a DNA Repair Syndrome: Fanconi Anemia
Author/Editor: Juan A. Bueren,Susana Navarro,Paula Rio
Chapter From the Olive Flower to the Drupe: Flower Types, Pollination, Self and Inter-Compatibility and Fruit Set
Author/Editor: André Bervillé,Catherine Breton
Chapter Functional Annotation of Rare Genetic Variants
Author/Editor: Graham Ritchie,Paul Flicek
Chapter Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Diffuse Optical Tomography in Neuroscience
Author/Editor: Alessandro Torricelli,Rebecca Re,Lucia Zucchelli,Rinaldo Cubeddu,Davide Contini,Lorenzo Spinelli,Matteo Caffini
Chapter Fusion of Interferometric SAR and Photogrammetric Elevation Data
Author/Editor: Loris Copa,Fabio Remondino,Daniela Poli
Chapter Genetic Algorithm Optimization of an Energy Storage System Design and Fuzzy Logic Supervision for Battery Electric Vehicles
Author/Editor: Stefan Breban
Chapter Genetics of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Author/Editor: Max Koppers,Michael van Es,Leonard H. van den Berg,Jan H. Veldink,R. Jeroen Pasterkamp
Chapter Genetics of Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Author/Editor: Janine Kirby,Emily F. Goodall,Joanna J. Bury,Johnathan Cooper-Knock,Pamela J. Shaw
Chapter Genomes
Author/Editor: Omar Harb,Ulrike Boehme,Kathryn Crouch,Olukemi Ifeonu,David Roos,Joana Silva,Fatima Silva-Franco
Chapter Geology, Textural Study, Ore Genesis and Processing of the Tabuaço Tungsten Deposit (Northern Portugal)
Author/Editor: Yann Foucaud,Lev Filippov,Bénédicte Lechenard,Philippe Marion
Chapter Gesture and Movement: Indices of Presence
Author/Editor: Sita Popat
Chapter GIS and ex situ Plant Conservation
Author/Editor: Nikos Krigas,Kimon Papadimitriou,Antonios D. Mazaris
Chapter Globally Optimised Energy-Efficient Data Centres
Author/Editor: Barry O'Sullivan,Thomas Scherer,Lara Lopez,Dirk Pesch,Jan Hensen,Ton Engbersen,Vassilios A. Tsachouridis,Susan Rea,J. Ignacio Torrens,Lydia Y. Chen,V Vojtech Zavrel,Enric Pages,Diarmuid Grimes,Jacinta Townley
Chapter Glycoproteomics of Lubricin-Implication of Important Biological Glyco- and Peptide-Epitopes in Synovial Fluid
Author/Editor: Liaqat Ali,Niclas G. Karlsson,Chunsheng Jin
Chapter GNSS in Precision Agricultural Operations
Author/Editor: Shrini K. Upadhyaya,Manuel Pérez-Ruiz
Chapter Gog and Magog: Using Concepts of Apocalyptic Enemies in the Hussite era
Author/Editor: Pavlína Cermanová
Chapter Graphene and Active Metamaterials: Theoretical Methods and Physical Properties
Author/Editor: Marios Mattheakis,Efthimios Kaxiras,G. P. Tsironis
Chapter Green Tea: Just a Drink or Nutraceutical
Author/Editor: Sakaewan Ounjaijean,Suthat Fucharoen
Chapter Handling Transition from Legacy Aircraft Communication Services to New Ones – A Communication Service Provider's View
Author/Editor: Luc Longpre,Frederic Durand
Chapter Hardware Implementation of a Real-Time Image Segmentation Circuit based on Fuzzy Logic for Edge Detection Application
Author/Editor: Angel Barriga
Chapter Herbal Medicinal Products in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis
Author/Editor: Zoran Maksimović,Stevan Samardžić
Chapter High and Efficient Production of Nanomaterials by Microfluidic Reactor Approaches
Author/Editor: Victor Sebastian Cabeza
Chapter Higher order exceptionality in inflectional morphology
Author/Editor: George Corbett,Heike Wiese,Horst J. Simon
Chapter High Gain Solid-State Amplifiers for Picosecond Pulses
Author/Editor: Antonio Agnesi,Federico Pirzio
Chapter High-Performance Computing: Dos and Don’ts
Author/Editor: Jens Henrik Göbbert,Guillaume Houzeaux,R. Borrell,Vishal Mehta,Yvan Fournier,Elie Hachem,Mariano Vázquez,Marta Garcia-Gasulla,Herbert Owen
Chapter Historical overview: Descriptive and comparative research on South American Indian languages
Author/Editor: Willem F.H. Adelaar,Verónica Grondona,Lyle Campbell
Chapter HLA-Transparent Distributed Simulation of Agent-based Systems
Author/Editor: Giuseppe Iazeolla,Alessandra Pieroni,Andrea D'Ambrogio,Daniele Gianni
Chapter HSE Management for a Sound Work Environment: Strategies for Improving Health Safety and Environmental Indicators through Ergonomic Design Thinking
Author/Editor: Marcello Silva e Santos,Maria da Conceição Vinciprova Fonseca,Marcelo Marcio Soares,Bernardo Bastos da Fonseca,Maria Victoria Cabrera Aguilera,Ananda Halfeld Alves Fernandes
Chapter Hyaluronic-Based Antibacterial Hydrogel Coating for Implantable Biomaterials in Orthopedics and Trauma: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications
Author/Editor: Giammona Gaetano,Pitarresi Giuseppe,Palumbo Fabio Salvatore,Maraldi Susanna,Scarponi Sara,Romanò Carlo Luca
Chapter Hybrid Access Techniques for Densely Populated Wireless Local Area Networks
Author/Editor: Jesus Alonso-Zarate,C. Crespo,Ch. Verikoukis,Luis Alonso
Chapter Hybrid-Powered Autonomous Robots for Reducing Both Fuel Consumption and Pollution in Precision Agriculture Tasks
Author/Editor: Mariano Gonzalez-de-Soto,Luis Emmi,Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos
Chapter Hydrohysteroid Dehydrogenases – Biological Role and Clinical Importance – Review
Author/Editor: Yvetta A Koeva,Nina Atanassova
Chapter Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zinc Tin Oxide Nanostructures for Photocatalysis, Energy Harvesting and Electronics
Author/Editor: Rovisco Bento,Branquinho Rita,Pinto Vaz,Martins Rodrigo,Fortunato Elvira,Barquinha Pedro
Chapter Hyperglycemia-Induced Endothelial Dysfunction
Author/Editor: Domokos Gero
Chapter Hypoxic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in the Chicken Model
Author/Editor: Martha de Sandino,Aureliano Hernández
Chapter ICARUS Training and Support System
Author/Editor: Janusz Będkowski,Karol Majek,Michal Pełka,Andrzej Masłowski,Antonio Coelho,Ricardo Goncalves,Ricardo Baptista,Jose Manuel Sanchez
Chapter Identification and Application of Phenotypic and Molecular Markers for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Soybean
Author/Editor: Belen Marquez Garcia,Christine H. Foyer,Berhanu Amsalu Fenta,Urte Schlüter,Karl J. Kunert,Magdeleen DuPlessis
Chapter Identifying, Classifying and Searching Graphic Symbols in the NOTAE System
Author/Editor: Maria BOCCUZZI,Tiziana CATARCI,Luca Deodati,Andrea Fantoli,ANTONELLA GHIGNOLI,Francesco Leotta,Massimo Mecella
Chapter Image Processing with MATLAB and GPU
Author/Editor: Rajesh Jena,Antonios Georgantzoglou,Joakim da Silva
Chapter Immune System and Environmental Xenobiotics - The Effect of Selected Mineral Fibers and Particles on the Immune Response
Author/Editor: Zuzana Kovacikova,Aurelia Liskova,Miroslava Kuricova,Maria Dusinska,Marta Hurbánková,Lauren Fuortes,Eva Neubauerova,Elizabeth Tatrai,Silvia Ilavska,Jana Tulinska,Soterios A. Kyrtopoulos,Ladislava Wsolova,Silvia Cerna,Eva Jahnova
Chapter Implementation of Ionospheric Asymmetry Index in TRANSMIT Prototype
Author/Editor: Muhammad Mubasshir Shaikh,Bruno Nava,Riccardo Notarpietro
Chapter Incomplete parenthesis: An overview
Author/Editor: Marlies Kluck,Dennis Ott,Mark de Vries
Chapter Influence of Glycaemic Control on Cognitive Function in Diabetic Children and Adolescents
Author/Editor: Cristina Campoy,Ana Nieto-Ruiz,Estefanía Diéguez Castillo,Mireia Escudero-Marín
Chapter Influence of Low Pressure on the Stability of Polypropylene Electrets Films
Author/Editor: Asya Viraneva,Temenuzhka Yovcheva,Georgi Mekishev
Chapter Innovation of Textiles through Natural By-Products and Wastes
Author/Editor: Albertina Reis,Ana Sofia Beça Ribas da Silva,Mário J. Silva,Mario Monteiro Marques,Catarina Costa,V Lúcia Sá,Lorena Coelho,Rosa Maria,Patrícia Batista,Marta Carvalho,Bruna Moura,Sara M. Fernandes,Regina Malgueiro,Manuela Pintado
Chapter Insights Arising from Gene Expression Profiling in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Author/Editor: Emily F. Goodall,Johnathan Cooper-Knock,Janine Kirby,Joanna J. Bury,Pamela J. Shaw,Laura Ferraiuolo
Chapter Integrating Water-Food-Energy Nexus with Climate Services: Modelling and Assessment for a Case Study in Africa
Author/Editor: Koundouri Phoebe,Papadaki Lydia
Chapter Integrative Systems Biology Resources and Approaches in Disease Analytics
Author/Editor: Marco Fernandes,Holger Husi
Chapter Interlayer Processing in Active Matrix OLED Displays
Author/Editor: Paul Heremans,Kris Myny,Steve Smout,Soeren Steudel,Jan Genoe,Gerwin G.H. Gelinck
Chapter Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Networks for Future Aeronautical Communications
Author/Editor: Prashant Pillai,Muhammad Intizar Ali,Yim Fun Hu,Kai Xu
Chapter Interoperability in a Heterogeneous Team of Search and Rescue Robots
Author/Editor: André Dias,Geert De Cubber,Mario Monteiro Marques,Jose Sanchez,Stefano Fioravanti,Shashank Govindaraj,Konrad Rudin,Daniel Serrano López,Alfredo Martins,José Bueno Cordero,Anibal Matos,Janusz Bedkowski,German Moreno,Alberto Grati
Chapter Interviews: the governance of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter Introduction
Author/Editor: xxxx xxxxx
Chapter Introduction: A Life Science in Its African Para-State
Author/Editor: Paul Wenzel Geissler
Chapter Introduction Assessing Practices in Institutional Translation and Interpreting
Author/Editor: Fernando Prieto Ramos
Chapter Introduction: Cooperative development among the South China Sea coastal States
Author/Editor: Huaigao Qi,Song Xue
Chapter Introduction Crossing the Iron Curtain: an introduction
Author/Editor: Sune Bechmann Pedersen,Christian Noack
Chapter Introduction: Discourse Theory, Media and Communication, and the Work of the Brussels Discourse Theory Group
Author/Editor: Nico Carpentier,Benjamin De Cleen,Leen Van Brussel
Chapter Introduction Industry History: Its Concepts and Methods
Author/Editor: Takafumi Kurosawa
Chapter Introduction: ‘Infrastructural Compendia’ and the Licensing of Empiricism in Mesopotamian Technical Literature
Author/Editor: J. Cale Johnson
Chapter Introduction Institutional Ambiguity and the Politics of Uncertainty: A New Perspective on Refugee Governance
Author/Editor: Nora Stel
Chapter Introduction: Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Experiences of Gender and Faith
Author/Editor: Sari Katajala-Peltomaa,Raisa Maria Toivo
Chapter Introduction: Mycoses and Modernity
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter Introduction: Navigating secrecy in security research
Author/Editor: Esmé Bosma,Marieke De Goede,Polly Pallister-Wilkins
Chapter Introduction: Not Another Book about Interdisciplinarity
Author/Editor: Des Fitzgerald,Felicity Callard
Chapter Introduction People Between Multiplied Things and Modified Images
Author/Editor: Grażyna Jurkowlaniec,Magdalena Herman
Chapter Introduction Poland and Germany in the European Union: Multidimensional dynamics of bilateral relations
Author/Editor: Anna-Lena Kirch,Elzbieta Opilowska,Monika Sus
Chapter Introduction: Ravenous Natures
Author/Editor: Alanna Skuse
Chapter Introduction: Self-Harm from Social Setting to Neurobiology: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter Introduction: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany
Author/Editor: Jessica Reinisch
Chapter Introduction: The time of anthropology: studies of contemporary chronopolitics and chronocracy
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Kirtsoglou,Bob Simpson
Chapter Introduction to the Use of Robotic Tools for Search and Rescue
Author/Editor: Geert De Cubber,Janusz Bedkowski,Shashank Govindaraj,Konrad Rudin,Daniela Doroftei,Rui Roda,Eduardo Silva,Stephane Ourevitch,Anibal Matos,Karsten Berns,Daniel Serrano,Jose Sanchez
Chapter Introduction Uncomfortable Connections: Gender, Memory, War
Author/Editor: Ayşe Gül Altınay,Andrea Pető
Chapter Introductory Chapter: Agricultural Waste as a Source of Raw Materials
Author/Editor: Anna Aladjadjiyan
Chapter Introductory Chapter: Land Use Change Ecosystem Services and Tropical Forests
Author/Editor: Juan A. Blanco,Yueh-Hsin Lo,Shih-Chieh Chang
Chapter Introductory Chapter: Objectives and Scope of Bioeconomy
Author/Editor: Krzysztof Biernat
Chapter Introductory Chapter: Why Do We Need Rapid Detection of Pathogens?
Author/Editor: Kairi Kivirand,Toonika Rinken
Chapter Inventory of GIS-Based Decision Support Systems Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Waters and Related Inland Watersheds
Author/Editor: F. Iyalomhe,J. Rizzi,S. Torresan,V. Gallina,A. Critto,A. Marcomini
Chapter In vivo bacterial morphogenetic protein interactions
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Chapter Irreversible electroporation in pancreatic cancer
Author/Editor: Melanie Holzgang,Benjamin Eigl,Suna Erdem,Beat Gloor,Mathias Worni
Chapter Is coercion ever beneficent?: Public health ethics in early intervention and prevention for mental health
Author/Editor: Alex McKeown,Rose Mortimer,Arianna Manzini,Ilina Singh
Chapter Is Induced Abortion a Part of Family Planning in China
Author/Editor: Yvon Englert,Wei Hong Zhang,Jinlin Liu
Chapter Issues Associated with Genetic Diversity Studies of the Liver Fluke, Fasciola Heptica (Platyhelminthes, Digenea, Fasciolidae)
Author/Editor: Peter Hristov,Aneliya Yoveva,Georgi Radoslavov,D. Teofanova
Chapter Jan Baptist Van Helmont and the Medical-Alchemical Perspectives of Poison
Author/Editor: Delia Georgiana Hedesan
Chapter Ki issues in Turkish
Author/Editor: James Griffiths,Marlies Kluck,Güliz Güneş,Dennis Ott,Mark de Vries
Chapter Labeling (Romance) causatives
Author/Editor: Adriana Belletti,Enoch Aboh,Eric Haeberli,Genoveva Puskás,Manuela Schönenberger
Chapter Lake La Salada de Chiprana (NE Spain), an Example of an Athalassic Salt Lake in a Cultural Landscape
Author/Editor: Rutger De Wit
Chapter Languages of the Middle Andes in areal-typological perspective: Emphasis on Quechuan and Aymaran.
Author/Editor: Willem F.H. Adelaar,Verónica Grondona,Lyle Campbell
Chapter Languages with longer words have more lexical change
Author/Editor: Søren Wichmann,Anju Saxena,Eric W. Holman,Lars Borin
Chapter Large Scale Capacitive Skin for Robots
Author/Editor: Marco Maggiali,A. Ascia,Giorgio Cannata,Giorgio Metta,Lorenzo Natale,Perla Maiolino
Chapter Laser Annealing as a Platform for Plasmonic Nanostructuring
Author/Editor: Nikolaos Kalfagiannis,Panos Patsalas,Demosthenes C. Koutsogeorgis
Chapter Leveraging Internet-of-Things to Support Circular Economy Paradigm in Manufacturing Industry
Author/Editor: Claudio Pastrone,Rosaria Rossini,Giuseppe Pacelli,Ilaria Bosi,Enrico Ferrera
Chapter Lexikostatistik 2.0*
Author/Editor: Gerhard Jäger
Chapter Lidar Mapping of Near-Surface Aerosol Fields
Author/Editor: Tanja Dreischuh,Ivan Grigorov,Zahary Peshev,Atanaska Deleva,Georgi Kolarov,Dimitar Stoyanov
Chapter Life Cycle Assessment as a Tool to Implement Sustainable Development in the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy
Author/Editor: Justyna Wrzosek,Izabela Samson-Bręk,Barbara Gworek,Marta Gabryszewska
Chapter Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Approach Used for Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from Monazite Material, Considering Uncertainty
Author/Editor: Bogusław Bieda,Dariusz Sala
Chapter Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Modeling of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management Systems in Kosodrza, Community of Ostrów, Poland: A Case Study
Author/Editor: Bogusław Bieda,Dariusz Sala
Chapter Lipid Involvement in Viral Infections: Present and Future Perspectives for the Design of Antiviral Strategies
Author/Editor: Flavia Caridi,Miguel A. Martín-Acebes,Juan-Carlos Saiz,Ángela Vázquez-Calvo,Francisco Sobrino
Chapter Lipids and liposomes in the enhancement of health and treatment of disease
Author/Editor: Simon A. Young,Terry K. Smith
Chapter List of Abbreviations
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter Locality and the functional sequence in the left periphery
Author/Editor: Luigi Rizzi,Enoch Aboh,Eric Haeberli,Genoveva Puskás,Manuela Schönenberger
Chapter Long-Distance LIDAR Mapping Schematic for Fast Monitoring of Bioaerosol Pollution over Large City Areas
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Chapter Lost and found in translation: Der alttschechische Barlaam zwischen kontemplativem Traktat, Predigt und Abenteuerroman
Author/Editor: Pavlína Rychterová,Matthias Meyer,Jakub Sichálek,Constanza Cordoni
Chapter Machine Learning in Volcanology: A Review
Author/Editor: Roberto Carniel,Silvina Guzmán
Chapter Machine Learning Models for Industrial Applications
Author/Editor: Ramentol Enislay,Olsson Tomas,Barua Shaibal
Chapter Machine Learning Techniques to Mitigate Nonlinear Phase Noise in Moderate Baud Rate Optical Communication Systems
Author/Editor: A. Bogoni,o Fern&#225,E. ndez,a C&#225,A. rdenas Soto,N. Guerrero Gonzalez,G. Serafino,P. Ghelfi
Chapter Magnetic Iron Oxide Colloids for Environmental Applications
Author/Editor: Gallo-Cordova Alvaro,Streitwieser Almeida,del Puerto Morales María,Jesús G. Ovejero
Chapter Mainland Southeast Asian languages: State of the art and new directions.
Author/Editor: N.J. Enfield,Bernard Comrie
Chapter Management of Wine Aroma Compounds: Principal Basis and Future Perspectives
Author/Editor: Antia G. Pereira,Prieto Angel,Simal-Gandara Jesus,Fraga Maria,Garcia-Oliveira Paula,Carpena Maria,Jimenez-Lopez Cecilia,Lourenço-Lopes Catarina,Barros Lillian,Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira
Chapter Managing Heat Transfer Issues in Thermoelectric Microgenerators
Author/Editor: Salleras Marc,Tarancon Albert,Fonseca Luis,Donmez-Noyan Inci,Dolcet Marc,Santander Joaquin,Estrada-Wiese Denise,Sojo Jose-Manuel,Gadea Gerard,Morata Alex
Chapter Manganese: A New Emerging Contaminant in the Environment
Author/Editor: Annalisa Pinsino,Valeria Matranga,Maria Carmela
Chapter Manipulation of Photonic Orbital Angular Momentum for Quantum Information Processing
Author/Editor: Eleonora Nagali,Fabio Sciarrino
Chapter Mapping Jewish Identities: Migratory Histories and the Transnational Re-Framing of ‘Ashkenazi BRCA Mutations’ in the UK and Brazil
Author/Editor: Jessica Mozersky,Sahra Gibbon
Chapter Mapping to prosody: Not all parentheticals are alike
Author/Editor: Güliz Güneş,Stefan Schneider,Çağrı Çöltekin,Julie Glikman,Mathieu Avanzi
Chapter MATLAB - A Fundamental Tool for Scientific Computing and Engineering Applications - Volume 2
Author/Editor: Oriol Font-Bach,Antonio Pascual-Iserte,David López Bueno,Nikolaos Bartzoudis
Chapter Measures of Pseudorandomness
Author/Editor: Katalin Gyarmati,Pascale Charpin,Alexander Pott,Arne Winterhof
Chapter Measuring Energy
Author/Editor: Steve Kerrison,Markus Buschhoff,Jose Nunez-Yanez,Kerstin Eder
Chapter Mechanisms of Calcineurin Inhibitor Nephrotoxicity in Chronic Allograft Injury
Author/Editor: Craig Slattery,Olwyn Johnston,Tara McMorrow,Hilary Cassidy,Michael P. Ryan
Chapter Mechanisms of Charge Transport and Photoelectric Conversion in CdTe-Based X- and Gamma-Ray Detectors
Author/Editor: Olena Maslyanchuk,Stepan Melnychuk,Volodymyr Gnatyuk,Toru Aoki
Chapter Medical Ethics in the Czech Republic - Experiences in the Post-Totalitarian Country'
Author/Editor: Jiri Simek,Eva Krizova,Lenka Zamykalov
Chapter Medical Remote Monitoring using sound environment analysis and wearable sensors
Author/Editor: Jean Louis Baldinger,Jerome Boudy,Hamid Medjahed,Dan Istrate
Chapter Membrane Dynamics of Spermatozoa during Capacitation: New Insight in Germ Cells Signalling
Author/Editor: Marina Ramal Sanchez,Mauro Mattioli,Luca Valbonetti,Barbara Barboni,Nicola Bernabò,Giulia Capacchietti
Chapter MEMS Technologies Enabling the Future Wafer Test Systems
Author/Editor: Bahadir Tunaboylu,Ali M. Soydan
Chapter Merging Plasmonics and Silicon Photonics Towards Greener and Faster “Network-on-Chip” Solutions for Data Centers and High-Performance Computing Systems
Author/Editor: Sotirios Papaioannou,Odysseas Tsilipakos,Alexandros Pitilakis,Konstantinos Vyrsokinos,Emmano Kriezis,Laurent Markey,Alain Dereux,Ashwani Kumar,Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi,Alpaslan Suna,Oriol Gili de Villasante,Tolga Tekin,Michael Waldow
Chapter Metabolomics for soil contamination assessment
Author/Editor: Maria C. Hernandez-Soriano,José Carlos Jiménez-López
Chapter Metallic nanowire percolating networks: from main properties to applications
Author/Editor: Ngoc Duy Nguyen,Carmen Jiménez,Joao Resende,David Muñoz-Rojas,Daniel Bellet,Dorina T. Papanastasiou,Viet Huong Nguyen
Chapter Methods for Reliable Robot Vision with a Dioptric System
Author/Editor: Ester Martínez,A.P. del Pobil
Chapter Microalgae: The Basis of Mankind Sustainability
Author/Editor: José María Fernández Sevilla,Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández,Emilio Molina Grima
Chapter Microbial Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon – Contaminated Marine Environments
Author/Editor: Mouna Mahjoubi,Simone Cappello,Yasmine Souissi,Atef Jaouani,Ameur Cherif
Chapter Microemulsions as Nanoreactors to Obtain Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Author/Editor: C. Tojo,David Buceta,M. Arturo López-Quintela
Chapter Micro-Nano Technologies for Cell Manipulation and Subcellular Monitoring
Author/Editor: Eva M. Campo,Maria J. Lopez-Martinez
Chapter Mild intervention technologies for increasing shelf life and/or safety of fresh fruits: Opportunity and challenge
Author/Editor: Eunice V. Contigiani,Gabriela Cecilia Jaramillo,Lucas González,Angela Rocio Romero Bernal,Silvia Raffellini,Paula L. Gómez,Stella Maris Alzamora
Chapter Minimally Invasive Force Sensing for Tendon-driven Robots
Author/Editor: Alberto Cavallo,Salvatore Pirozzi,Ciro Natale,Guiseppe De Maria
Chapter Mining Digital Music Score Collections: Melody Extraction and Genre Recognition
Author/Editor: José M. Iñesta,Pedro J. Ponce de León,David Rizo
Chapter Miscellanea on Encephalopathies
Author/Editor: Gianluigi Zanusso,Giuseppe Legname
Chapter MM-GB(PB)SA Calculations of Protein-Ligand Binding Free Energies
Author/Editor: Georgios Archontis,Joseph M. Hayes
Chapter Mobile Systems as a Challenge for Neurological Diseases Management – The Case of Parkinson's Disease
Author/Editor: Matteo Pastorino,Maria Teresa Arredondo Waldmeyer,Mario Pansera,Jorge Cancela,Laura Pastor-Sanz
Chapter Modeling Resilience in Electrical Distribution Networks
Author/Editor: Maurizio Pollino,Alberto Tofani,Antonio Di Pietro,Luigi La Porta,Sonia Giovinazzi,Giacomo Parmendola,Vittorio Rosato,Gregorio D'Agostino
Chapter Modelling and Control of Narrow Tilting Vehicle for Future Transportation System
Author/Editor: Yaxing Ren
Chapter Modelling Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Author/Editor: Vanessa J. Hall
Chapter Modern Orthopaedic Implant Coatings — Their Pro’s, Con’s and Evaluation Methods
Author/Editor: T.J. Welting,Geert H I M Walenkamp,Jim C. E. Odekerken,Jacobus J. Arts,Pieter J. Emans
Chapter Modified Formulation, ε-Regularization and the Efficient Solution of Hydraulic Fracture Problems
Author/Editor: Gennady Mishuris,Alexander M. Linkov
Chapter Molecular Epidemiology and Air Pollution
Author/Editor: Pavel Rossner,Blanka Binkova,Andrea Rossnerova,Radim J. Sram
Chapter Mortuary Theory, Pottery and Social Complexity at Jebel Moya Cemetery, South-Central Sudan
Author/Editor: Marek Chłodnicki,Jacek Kabacinski,Michał Kobusiewicz
Chapter Moth-Like Chemo-Source Localization and Classification on an Indoor Autonomous Robot
Author/Editor: Zenon Mathews,Sergi Bermúdez i Badia,Encarni Marcos,Alex Escuredo Chimeno,Vasiliki Vouloutsi,Lucas L. López,Paul F. M. J. Verschure,Andrey Ziyatdinov,Alexandre Perera i Lluna
Chapter Multimode Graded-Index Optical Fibers for Next-Generation Broadband Access
Author/Editor: Carmen Vázquez García,David Sanchez Montero
Chapter Multi-Period Attack-Aware Optical Network Planning under Demand Uncertainty
Author/Editor: Konstantinos Manousakis,Panayiotis Kolios,Georgios Ellinas
Chapter Multiscale Modeling of Myocardial Electrical Activity: From Cell to Organ
Author/Editor: Lucia Romero,Jose M. Ferrero,Julio Gomis,Karen Cardona,Beatriz Trenor,Javier Saiz
Chapter Multiuser MAC Schemes for High-Throughput IEEE 802.11n/ac WLANs
Author/Editor: Nizar Zorba,Christos Verikoukis,Elli Kartsakli,Luis Alonso
Chapter Myasthenia Gravis: New Insights into the Effect of MuSK Antibodies and Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors
Author/Editor: Anna Rostedt Punga
Chapter Nanocomposites for Vehicle Structural Applications
Author/Editor: James Njuguna,Sophia Sachse,Francesco Silva
Chapter Nanoimprint Lithography - Next Generation Nanopatterning Methods for Nanophotonics Fabrication
Author/Editor: Jukka Viheril,Tapio Niemi,Juha Kontio,Markus Pess
Chapter Nanoparticle Formation by Laser Ablation and by Spark Discharges — Properties, Mechanisms, and Control Possibilities
Author/Editor: Tatiana Itina,A. Voloshko
Chapter Nanopatterned Surfaces for Biomedical Applications
Author/Editor: Rebecca J. McMurray,Nikolaj Gadegaard,Matthew J. Dalby
Chapter Nanoscale Architectures for Smart Bio-Interfaces: Advances and Challenges
Author/Editor: Sabine Szunerits,Alina Vasilescu,Serban F. Peteu,Wolfgang Knoll
Chapter Nanostructured Biosensors: Influence of Adhesion Layer, Roughness and Size on the LSPR: A Parametric Study
Author/Editor: Sameh Kessentini,Dominique Barchiesi
Chapter Nanostructured Pure and Doped Zirconia: Synthesis and Sintering for SOFC and Optical Applications
Author/Editor: Yiying Lu,Félix Balima,Sorina Valsan,Radu Robert Piticescu,Mythili Prakasam,Alain Largeteau
Chapter Nanotoxicity in cancer research: technical protocols and tips considerations for the use of 3D tumour spheroids
Author/Editor: Dania Movia,Adriele Prina-Mello
Chapter Natural Gas Catalytic Partial Oxidation: A Way to Syngas and Bulk Chemicals Production
Author/Editor: Alessandra Guarinoni,Elena Antonetti,Andrea Lainati,Barbara Cucchiella,Annarita Salladini,Gaetano Iaquaniello,Luca Basini,Emma Palo
Chapter Naturalizing Neuroethics? A Syncretic Approach
Author/Editor: John R. Shook,James Giordano
Chapter Naturally Occurring Organic Sulfur Compounds: An Example of a Multitasking Class of Phytochemicals in Anti-Cancer Research
Author/Editor: Mario Dicato,Elodie Viry,Marc Diederich,Claudia Cerella,Mareike Kelkel,Claus Jacob
Chapter Nature-Inspired Nanotechnology and Smart Magnetic Activation: Two Groundbreaking Approaches Toward a New Generation of Biomaterials for Hard Tissue Regeneration
Author/Editor: Simone Sprio,Monica Sandri,Michele Iafisco,Silvia Panseri,Monica Montesi,Andrea Ruffini,Alessio Adamiano,Alberto Ballardini,Anna Tampieri
Chapter Networking Applications for Embedded Systems
Author/Editor: Sorin Zoican
Chapter Network Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Author/Editor: Qihe Xu,Fan Qu,Olavi Pelkone
Chapter Neurodegenerative Disease Monitoring Using a Portable Wireless Sensor Device
Author/Editor: Karol Grandez,P. Bustamante,Gonzalo Solas
Chapter Neuropharmacogenetics of Major Depression: Has the Time Come to Take both Sexes into Account?
Author/Editor: Christina Dalla,Pothitos M. Pitychoutis,Despina Sanoudou,Zeta Papadopoulou-Daifoti
Chapter New Approaches for Theoretical Estimation of Mass Transfer Parameters in Both Gas-Liquid and Slurry Bubble Columns
Author/Editor: Stoyan Nedeltchev,Adrian Schumpe
Chapter New Generation of High Efficient OLED Using Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Materials
Author/Editor: Luiz Pereira,Manish Kumar,Miguel Ribeiro
Chapter New Insights and Horizons from the Linear Response Function in Conceptual DFT
Author/Editor: Thijs Stuyver,Frank De Proft,Stijn Fias,Paul Ayers,P. Geerlings
Chapter New Opportunities in Metabolomics and Biochemical Phenotyping for Plant Systems Biology
Author/Editor: Gibon Yves,Rolin Dominique,Deborde Catherine,Bernillon Stphane,Moing Annick
Chapter New Radiation Pattern-Reconfigurable 60-GHz Antenna for 5G Communications
Author/Editor: Abdulkareem S. Abdullah,Hasanain A. H. Al-Behadili,Ahmed M. Abdulkhaleq,Naser Ojaroudi Parchin,Yasir I. A. Al-Yasir,Raed A. Abd-Alhameed,Baha A. Sawadi
Chapter News from the Invisible World: The Publishing History of Tales of the Supernatural c.1660–1832
Author/Editor: Jonathan Barry
Chapter Nitric Oxide: Key Features in Spermatozoa
Author/Editor: Florentin-Daniel Staicu,Carmen Matas Parra
Chapter Noninvasive Acquisition of the Aortic Blood Pressure Waveform
Author/Editor: Eiko Priidel,Paul Annus,Hip Kõiv,Ksenija Pesti,Mart Min
Chapter Noninvasive Modalities Used in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
Author/Editor: Antonio del Ama-Espinosa,Juan Moreno,Jozsef Laczko,Alejandro Pascual-Valdunciel,Filipe O. Barroso,Diego Torricelli,Jose L Pons
Chapter Nucleated Red Blood Cells Contribute to the Host Immune Response Against Pathogens
Author/Editor: Ivan Nombela,Veronica Chico,Sara Puente-Marin,M. Ortega-Villaizan
Chapter Numerical Geodynamic Modeling of Continental Convergent Margins
Author/Editor: Taras Gerya,Zhiqin Xu,Zhong-Hai Li
Chapter Numerical Inverse Laplace Transforms for Electrical Engineering Simulation
Author/Editor: Lubomir Brancik
Chapter Numerical Validation Methods
Author/Editor: Ricardo Jauregui,Ferran Silva
Chapter Nutrigenomics and Atherosclerosis: The Postprandial and Long-Term Effects of Virgin Olive Oil Ingestion
Author/Editor: Sergio Lopez,Rocio Abia,Francisco J.G. Muriana,Beatriz Bermudez,Almudena Ortega,Lourdes M. Varela
Chapter Occupational Exposure to Magnetic Field inTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment
Author/Editor: Ole Jacob Møllerløkken,Kjell Hansson Mild
Chapter OCT for Examination of Cultural Heritage Objects
Author/Editor: Magdalena Iwanicka,Magdalena Kowalska,Marcin Sylwestrzak,Piotr Targowski
Chapter On a-marking of object topics in the Italian left periphery
Author/Editor: Adriana Belletti,Roberto Petrosino,Pietro Cerrone,Harry van der Hulst
Chapter On a theorem of Erdős and Simonovits on graphs not containing the cube
Author/Editor: Zoltán Füredi,János Pintz,András Biró,Kálmán Györy,Gergely Harcos,Miklós Simonovits,József Szabados
Chapter On Efficiency of ARQ and HARQ Entities Interaction in WiMAX Networks
Author/Editor: Pavel Mach,Zdenek Becvar
Chapter One (The Wrong Kind of ) Gonorrhea in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Rebecca Flemming
Chapter On the Optical Response of Nanoparticles: Directionality Effects and Optical Forces
Author/Editor: Braulio Garcia-Camara,Francisco Gonzalez,Fernando Moreno,Raquel Gomez-Medina,Juan Jose Saenz,Manuel Nieto-Vesperinas
Chapter On the optimal weight function in the Goldston–Pintz–Yıldırım method for finding small gaps between consecutive primes
Author/Editor: Bálint Farkas,Gergely Harcos,János Pintz,Miklós Simonovits,András Biró,József Szabados,Kálmán Györy
Chapter On V2, gaps, and operators in comment and reporting parentheticals
Author/Editor: Marlies Kluck,Stefan Schneider,Mark de Vries,Julie Glikman,Mathieu Avanzi
Chapter Operationalizing Heterogeneous Data-Driven Process Models for Various Industrial Sectors through Microservice-Oriented Cloud-Based Architecture
Author/Editor: Lipenko Valdemar,Nigl Sebastian,Roither-Voigt Andreas,David Zelenay
Chapter Operational Validation of Search and Rescue Robots
Author/Editor: Geert De Cubber,Mário Marques,Rene Wagemans,Daniela Doroftei,Haris Balta,Anibal Matos,Eduardo Silva,Daniel Serrano,Shashank Govindaraj,Rui Roda,Victor Lobo
Chapter Operations Management and Decision Making in Deployment of an On-Site Biological Analytical Capacity
Author/Editor: Jean-Luc Gala,Olga Vybornova
Chapter Opportunities of Circular Economy in a Complex System of Woody Biomass and Municipal Sewage Plants
Author/Editor: Bai Attila,Gabnai Zoltán
Chapter Opportunities of Scanning Probe Microscopy for Electrical, Mechanical and Electromechanical Research of Semiconductor Nanowires
Author/Editor: Erkki Lähderanta,Pavel Geydt,M. S. Dunaevskiy
Chapter Optical Absorption Spectroscopy for Quality Assessment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Author/Editor: Anna Grazia,Leonardo Ciaccheri,Andrea Azelio,Antonio Cimato
Chapter Optical Coherence Tomography – Applications in Non- Destructive Testing and Evaluation
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Leiss Holzinger,Karin Wiesauer,Alexandra Nemeth,Michael Leitner,Günther Hannesschläger
Chapter Optical fibers and optical fiber sensors used in radiation monitoring
Author/Editor: D. McCarthy,Dan Sporea,Sinead O'Keeffe,Adelina Sporea,Elfed Lewis
Chapter Optical Wireless and Millimeter Waves for 5G Access Networks
Author/Editor: Matthew D. Higgins,Mark S. Leeson
Chapter Optimization of an Earth Observation Data Processing and Distribution System
Author/Editor: J. Becedas,D. González,María del Mar Núñez
Chapter Optimization of the Synthesis Procedures of Graphene and Graphite Oxide
Author/Editor: José Luis Valverde Palomino,Amaya Romero Izquierdo,MaríaLuz Sánchez Silva,María del Prado Lavín López
Chapter Outsourcing Rules in the Public and the Private Sector
Author/Editor: Mihaela Grubišić Šeba
Chapter PART I: Introduction: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter PART II: PREAMBLE: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter Performance Analysis of an Integrated Starter-Alternator- Booster for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Author/Editor: Florin-Nicolae Jurca,Mircea Ruba
Chapter Performance Analysis of Binary Sensor-Based Cooperative Diversity Using Limited Feedback
Author/Editor: Mehmet E. Celebi,Ali Eksim
Chapter Performance Analysis of Empirical Ionosphere Models by Comparison with CODE Vertical TEC Maps
Author/Editor: Tomislav Kos,Pavel Najman
Chapter Performance Assessment of UWB-Over-Fiber and Applications
Author/Editor: Henrique M. Salgado,Luis Pessoa,J.C.S. Castro,D. Coelho,J. M. B. Oliveira
Chapter Periodontal Considerations in Adult Orthodontic Patients
Author/Editor: Felice Roberto Grassi,Animesh Jha,A.D. Anastasiou,Zamira Kalemaj
Chapter Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction Using Enriched Chitosan Conduits
Author/Editor: Giulia Ronchi,Michela Morano,Ofra Ziv-Polat,Tali Biron,Abraham Shahar,Shimon Rochkind,Evgeniy Reider,Yifat Bitan,Stefano Geuna,Nicoletta Viano,Akiva Koren,Mira M. Mandelbaum-Livnat
Chapter Person by other means
Author/Editor: Matthew Baerman,Dik Bakker,Greville G. Corbett,Martin Haspelmath
Chapter Photocatalytic Properties of Commercially Available TiO2 Powders for Pollution Control
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Chapter Photonic Crystals for Plasmonics: From Fundamentals to Superhydrophobic Devices
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Chapter Physics of Quasi-Monoenergetic Laser-Plasma Acceleration of Electrons in the Blowout Regime
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Chapter Plantation Forests: A Guarantee of Sustainable Management of Abandoned and Marginal Farmlands
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Chapter Plant Name Resources: Building Bridges with Users
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Chapter Plasma Polymerization for Tissue Engineering Purposes
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Chapter Plasmonic Rectenna for Efficient Conversion of Light into Electricity
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Chapter Plasmonics Devoted to Photocatalytic Applications in Liquid, Gas, and Biological Environments
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Chapter Plasmonics in Sensing: From Colorimetry to SERS Analytics
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Chapter POLICRYPS Composite Materials: Features and Applications
Author/Editor: L. De Sio,Alessandro Veltri,Nelson V. Tabiryan,Roberto Caputo,A. V. Sukhov,C. Umeton
Chapter Pollutant Degradation in Gas Streams by means of Non-Thermal Plasmas
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Chapter Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) as Emerging Environmental Pollutants: Advances in Sample Preparation and Detection Techniques
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Chapter Polyimide Films for Digital Isolators
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Chapter Polystyrene as Hazardous Household Waste
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Chapter Postverbal subjects and nuclear pitch accent in Italian wh-questions
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Chapter Potentials and Challenges of Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Heat Exchanger
Author/Editor: Uwe Scheithauer,Richard Kordaß,Kevin Noack,Martin F. Eichenauer,Mathias Hartmann,Johannes Abel,Gregor Ganzer,Daniel Lordick
Chapter Power, Patronage, and Confessionalism: Ottoman Politics as Seen through the Eyes of a Crimean Sufi, 1580-1593
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Chapter Power Struggles in the Management of Wildlife Resources: The Case of Burunge Wildlife Management Area, Tanzania
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Chapter Predicting language-learning difficulty
Author/Editor: Michael Cysouw,Anju Saxena,Lars Borin
Chapter Preface
Author/Editor: Vladimir Mityushev,Wojciech Nawalaniec,Natalia Rylko
Chapter Preface: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Elizabeth T. Hurren
Chapter Preface to the third edition
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter Preparing Proteoforms of Therapeutic Proteins for Top-Down Mass Spectrometry
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Chapter Pretargeted Theranostics
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Chapter Primary Outage-Based Resource Allocation Strategies
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Chapter Principles and Methodologies for the Determination of Shelf-Life in Foods
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Chapter Probabilistic Routing in Opportunistic Ad Hoc Networks
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Chapter Production and Characterization of Starch Nanoparticles
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Chapter Production of Microbial Lipids from Lignocellulosic Biomass
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Chapter Product Life Cycle Risk Management
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Chapter Progress in Polymer Thermoelectrics
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Chapter Pumped-Storage and Hybrid Energy Solutions Towards the Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Water Systems
Author/Editor: Helena M. Ramos
Chapter Punktzeit als (Ver-)Störung: Über filmische Narrative absoluter Feindschaft
Author/Editor: Lars Koch,Norman Ächtler,Carsten Gansel
Chapter Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Fatty Acids of Hazelnut by GC-TOF/MS
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Chapter Quality Assessment in Video Surveillance
Author/Editor: Mikoaj Leszczuk,Piotr Romaniak,Lucjan Janowski
Chapter Quality Management in Spice Paprika Production: From Cultivation to End Product
Author/Editor: Szandra Klátyik,Ildikó Bata-Vidács,Helga Molnár,András Székács,Miklós Pék
Chapter Quality of Information within Internet of Things Data
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Chapter Quality of Service Management and Interoperability
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Chapter Quantitative explorations of the worldwide distribution of rare characteristics, or: the exceptionality of northwestern European languages
Author/Editor: Michael Cysouw,Heike Wiese,Horst J. Simon
Chapter Raman Fiber Laser–Based Amplification in Telecommunications
Author/Editor: Mingming Tan
Chapter Rationality, Diagnosis, and Patient Autonomy in Psychiatry
Author/Editor: Cornelius Werendly van Staden,K. W. M. Fulford,John Z. Sadler
Chapter Reading together: Hindu, Urdu and English Village Novels
Author/Editor: Francesca Orsini
Chapter Real-Time Algorithms of Object Detection Using Classifiers
Author/Editor: Roman Juránek,Pavel Zemˇcík,Michal Hradis
Chapter Recent Progress in Development of Language Model for Slovak Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition
Author/Editor: Jozef Juhar,Jan Stas,Daniel Hladek
Chapter Recycling of Polymeric Composite Materials
Author/Editor: Emilia Sabău
Chapter References
Author/Editor: xxxx xxxxx
Chapter References: the governance of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Chapter Referencing Conventions: Ravenous Natures
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Chapter Refinement of Protein Tertiary Structure by Using Spin-Spin Coupling Constants from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements
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Chapter Regional-Scale Assessment of the Climatic Role of Forests Under Future Climate Conditions
Author/Editor: Borbála Gálos,Daniela Jacob
Chapter Regulation of the G1/S Transition in Adult Liver: Expression and Activation of the Cyclin Dependent Kinase Cdk1 in Differentiated Hepatocytes is Controlled by Extracellular Signals and is Crucial for Commitment to DNA Replication
Author/Editor: Loyer Pascal,Corlu Anne
Chapter Remote Sensing for Non‐Technical Survey
Author/Editor: Vinciane Lacroix,Michal Shimoni,Charles Beumier,D. Borghys,Nada Milisavljevic,Yann Yvinec
Chapter Remote Sensing Studies of Urban Canopies: 3D Radiative Transfer Modeling
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Chapter Research for investigating and managing soil contamination caused by winter maintenance in cold regions
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Chapter Resilience in Critical Infrastructures: The Role of Modelling and Simulation
Author/Editor: Chiara Foglietta,Stefano Panzieri
Chapter Restricted integer partition functions
Author/Editor: Noga Alon,Bruce Landman
Chapter Risk Assessment and Automated Anomaly Detection Using a Deep Learning Architecture
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Chapter Risk Management to Enhance Performance in the Construction SME Sector; Theory and Case Study
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Chapter Robots in Agriculture: State of Art and Practical Experiences
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Chapter Robust GNSS Positioning in Urban Environment
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Chapter RoCKIn@Home: Domestic Robots Challenge
Author/Editor: Daniele Nardi,Roberto Capobianco,Pedro U. Lima,Emanuele Bastianelli,Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar,Luca Iocchi
Chapter RoCKIn@Work: Industrial Robot Challenge
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Chapter Ruth Barcan Marcus on Believing Without a Language
Author/Editor: Joëlle Proust,Michael Frauchiger
Chapter Sakralisierung von Zeit in Rom und Italien: Produktionsstrategien und Aneignung von Heiligkeit
Author/Editor: Jörg Rüpke,Peter Gemeinhardt,Katharina Heyden
Chapter Sandfly-Borne Viruses of Demonstrated/Relevant Medical Importance
Author/Editor: Remi N. Charrel,Nazli Ayhan
Chapter Sarazenen als „Fremde“?: Anmerkungen zum Islambild in der abendländischen Geschichtsschreibung des frühen Mittelalters
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Chapter Schistosomiasis: Setting Routes for Drug Discovery
Author/Editor: Naiara Clemente Tavares,Pedro Henrique Nascimento de Aguiar,Sandra Grossi Gava,Guilherme Oliveira,Marina Moraes Mourão
Chapter School-University Partnership for Evidence-Driven School Improvement in Estonia
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Chapter Science, Technology and Medicine in Modern History: Mycoses and Modernity
Author/Editor: Aya Homei,Michael Worboys
Chapter Screening of Soybean (Glycine Max (L.) Merrill) Genotypes for Resistance to Rust, Yellow Mosaic and Pod Shattering
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Chapter Screen printed electrodes improve mass transfer
Author/Editor: Vítěžslav Hanák,Romana Sejnohova,Jan Krejci
Chapter Seabed Mapping and Marine Spatial Planning: A Case Study from a Swedish Marine Protected Area
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Chapter Secure Platform Over Wireless Sensor Networks
Author/Editor: Fortunato Santucci,Luigi Pomante,Marco Pugliese
Chapter Securing the Home Energy Management Platform
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Chapter Security Concepts in IPv6 Based Aeronautical Communications
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Chapter Selected endothelial responses after ionizing radiation exposure
Author/Editor: An Aerts,Raghda Ramadan,Abderrafi MohammedBenotmane,Bjorn Baselet,Pierre Sonveaux,Sarah Baatout
Chapter Self-healing of Structural Composites Containing Dendrimers as Healing Agent
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Chapter Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA)–Based Amplification of Intensity-Modulated Optical Pulses — Deterministic Timing Jitter and Pulse Peak Power Equalization Analysis
Author/Editor: T. Alexoudi,G.T. Kanellos,S. Dris,D. Kalavrouziotis,P. Bakopoulos,A. Miliou,N. Pleros
Chapter Sensorized Tools for Haptic Force Feedback in Computer Assisted Surgery, 'Haptics'
Author/Editor: Arne Sieber,Christian Woegerer,Peter Enoksson,Arianna Menciassi,Paolo Dario,Keith Houston
Chapter SESAR and SANDRA: A Co-Operative Approach for Future Aeronautical Communications
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Chapter Shape Optimization of Mechanical Components for Measurement Systems
Author/Editor: Anita Gerina-Ancane,Anatoly Melnikovs,Janis Auzins,Alexander Janushevskis
Chapter Shifts and Modification of the Hydrological Regime Under Climate Change in Hungary
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Chapter Silica-Based Nanovectors: From Mother Nature to Biomedical Applications
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Chapter Silicon Quantum Dots for Photovoltaics: A Review
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Chapter Sleep Spindles – As a Biomarker of Brain Function and Plasticity
Author/Editor: Yuko Urakami,Andreas A. Ioannides,George K. Kostopoulos
Chapter Smartphone: The Ultimate IoT and IoE Device
Author/Editor: Mehdia Ajana El Khaddar,Mohammed Boulmalf
Chapter Smart Specialisation Strategies as Drivers for (Smart) Sustainable Urban Development
Author/Editor: Claudia Trillo
Chapter Smart Technical Textiles Based on Fiber Optic Sensors
Author/Editor: Katerina Krebber
Chapter SOA-Based Aeronautical Service Integration
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Chapter SOA-Based Optical Packet Switching Architectures
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Chapter Soil Electrical Conductivity as One Possible Tool for Predicting of Cirsium Arvense Infestation Occurrence
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Chapter Soil Fungi-Plant Interaction
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Chapter Solid Biomass from Forest Trees to Energy: A Review
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Chapter Solution Combustion Synthesis: Applications in Oxide Electronics
Author/Editor: Rita Branquinho,Ana Santa,Emanuel Carlos,Daniela Salgueiro,Pedro Barquinha,Rodrigo Martins,Elvira Fortunato
Chapter Solution-Processed Graphene-Based Transparent Conductive Electrodes as Ideal ITO Alternatives for Organic Solar Cells
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Chapter Some new results on gaps between consecutive primes
Author/Editor: János Pintz,János Pintz,András Biró,Kálmán Györy,Gergely Harcos,Miklós Simonovits,József Szabados
Chapter Some Remarks on Babylonian Pharmacology
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Chapter Sorption Detoxification as an Addition to Conventional Therapy of Acute Radiation Sickness and Iatrogenic Leukopenia
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Chapter Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition
Author/Editor: Carmen Jiménez,Daniel Bellet,César Masse de la Huerta,David Muñoz-Rojas,Viet Huong Nguyen
Chapter Spatial Estimation of Soil Erosion Risk Using RUSLE/GIS Techniques and Practices Conservation Suggested for Reducing Soil Erosion in Wadi Mina Catchment (Northwest, Algeria)
Author/Editor: Benchettouh Ahmed,Jebari Sihem,Kouri Lakhdar
Chapter Speaker and quote reduced parenthetical clauses
Author/Editor: James Griffiths,Stefan Schneider,Julie Glikman,Mathieu Avanzi
Chapter Spectral Efficiency Analysis of Filter Bank Multi‐Carrier (FBMC)‐ Based 5G Networks with Estimated Channel State Information (CSI)
Author/Editor: Hengwei Lv,Haijian Zhang,Pandong Li
Chapter Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles: Correlation of Structure and Magnetism
Author/Editor: Alice Reznickova,Jana Vejpravova,Simona Kubickova,Barbara Pacakova
Chapter Spin-Wave Dynamics in the Presence of Magnetic Vortices
Author/Editor: Sławomir Mamica
Chapter Spread of Pathogens from Marine Cage Aquaculture - A Potential Threat for Wild Fish Assemblages Under Protection Regimes?
Author/Editor: Antonio Terlizzi,Perla Tedesco,Pierpaolo Patarnello
Chapter State of the Art of Magnetic Gears, their Design, and Characteristics with Respect to EV Application
Author/Editor: Daniel Fodorean
Chapter Statistical Approaches to the Inverse Problem
Author/Editor: Annalisa Pascarella,Alberto Sorrentino
Chapter Statistical Case Studies of High and Low Latitude Ionospheric Scintillations
Author/Editor: Đorđe Stevanović
Chapter Strengths and Weaknesses for Climate Change: Adaptation in Water Governance: A Comparison Across Six European Regions
Author/Editor: Emmy Bergsma,F. Rocha,T. Viseu,C. Zoumides,H. Van Alphen,A. Bruggeman,E. Giannakis,J. Koti,E. Kristvik,P. Loza,M. Martinez,T.M. Muthanna
Chapter Structural Health Monitoring for Composite Materials
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Chapter Structural Information Approaches to Object Tracking in Video Sequences
Author/Editor: Artur Loza,Jie Yang,Fanglin Wang,Lyudmila Mihaylova
Chapter Structural Insight into Regulation of the Proteasome Ub-Receptor Rpn10
Author/Editor: Oded Kleifeld,Olga Levin-Kravets,Gali Prag,Shay Ben-Aroya,Ilan Attali,Tal Keren-Kaplan
Chapter Structure Based Design of Cholera Toxin Antagonists
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Chapter Studies of Lithium-Oxygen Battery Electrodes by Energy- Dependent Full-Field Transmission Soft X-Ray Microscopy
Author/Editor: Dino Tonti,Andrea Sorrentino,Mara Olivares-Marín,Eva Pereiro
Chapter Subjective Factors in Flight Safety
Author/Editor: Jozsef Rohacs
Chapter Subsidiarity to the Rescue for the European Courts?: Resolving Tensions Between the Margin of Appreciation and Human Rights Protection
Author/Editor: Andreas Føllesdal,Dietmar Heidemann,Katja Stoppenbrink
Chapter Substitutes in John Archiatros's Therapeutics
Author/Editor: Barbara Zipser
Chapter Sugar Beet Tolerance to Drought: Physiological and Molecular Aspects
Author/Editor: Marina Putnik-Delić,Nevena Nagl,Ivana Maksimović
Chapter Supporting Inclusive Design of Mobile Devices with a Context Model
Author/Editor: Antoinette Fennell,Michael Lawo,Patrick Klein,Thomas Fiddian,Pierre T. Kirisci,Yehya Mohamad,Edmilson Klen,Haluk Gökmen,Martin Hilbig,Joshue O'Connor,Markus Modzelewski,Markus Klann,Klaus-Dieter Thoben,Thomas Bergdahl
Chapter SW Annotation Techniques and RTOS Modelling for Native Simulation of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
Author/Editor: Hector Posadas,Eugenio Villar,Álvaro Díaz
Chapter Switching Noise in 3D Power Distribution Networks: An Overview
Author/Editor: Waqar Ahmad,Hannu Tenhune
Chapter System Engineering Method for System Design
Author/Editor: Guillaume Auriol,Vikas Shukla,Claude Baron,Jean-Yves Fourniols
Chapter Tactical Communications for Cooperative SAR Robot Missions
Author/Editor: Jose Sanchez,Hafeez M. Chaudhary,Yudani Riobó,José Bueno Cordero
Chapter Tape Casting Ceramics for High Temperature Fuel Cell Applications
Author/Editor: Alain Thorel
Chapter Targeted Metabolomics for Clinical Biomarker Discovery in Multifactorial Diseases
Author/Editor: Ulrika Lundin,Robert Modre-Osprian,Klaus M. Weinberger
Chapter Techno-Economic Optimization and Benchmarking of a Solar-Only Powered Combined Cycle with High-Temperature TES Upstream the Gas Turbine
Author/Editor: Benoît Valentin,Fritz Zaversky,Iñigo Les,Flavien Berard,Jean-Florian Brau,Marcelino Sánchez,Jonathon McGuire,Frédéric Siros
Chapter Telomere Maintenance in Organisms without Telomerase
Author/Editor: James M. Mason,Radmila Čapková Frydrychová,Hemakumar M. Reddy
Chapter Temperature-dependent photoregulation in oceanic picophytoplankton during excessive irradiance exposure
Author/Editor: Pablo de Vries,Ronald J. W. Visser,Anita G. J. Buma,Willem H. van de Poll,Gemma Kulk
Chapter Temporal Clustering for Behavior Variation and Anomaly Detection from Data Acquired Through IoT in Smart Cities
Author/Editor: Ana Kovacevic,Vladimir Urosevic,Firas Kaddachi
Chapter ‘Tested’ Remedies in Mesopotamian Medical Texts: A Label for Efficacy Based on Empirical Observation?
Author/Editor: Ulrike Steinert,J. Cale Johnson
Chapter Textgemeinschaften und die Erfindung von Rivalität und Toleranz in der Kaiserzeit (2./3. Jh. n. Chr.)
Author/Editor: Jörg Rüpke,Martin Wallraff
Chapter The Airborne Internet
Author/Editor: Daniel Medina,Felix Hoffmann
Chapter The Characteristics of Phytoremediation of Soil and Leachate Polluted by Landfills
Author/Editor: Zeynep Zaimoglu,Reyhan Erdoğan
Chapter The Concept of the TRANSMIT Prototype –Network Based Service for Mitigation of Ionospheric Threats to GNSS
Author/Editor: Nikolai Hlubek,Marcio Aquino,Hiroatsu Sato
Chapter The Cross Talk among Autophagy, Ubiquitination, and DNA Repair: An Overview
Author/Editor: Francesca Nazio,Francesco Cecconi,Emiliano Maiani
Chapter The Emissions of the Tagoro Submarine Volcano (Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean): Effects on the Physical and Chemical Properties of the Seawater
Author/Editor: Juana Magdalena Santana-Casiano,Melchor González-Dávila,Eugenio Fraile-Nuez
Chapter The Ethical and Responsibility Components in Environmental Challenges: Elements of Connection between Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact Assessment
Author/Editor: Cristina Coscia
Chapter The EU Research Project PLANET
Author/Editor: Andrea Schröder,Mariapia Martino,Christoph Kahlen
Chapter The Fruit of the Tree of Life: Ritual Interpretation of the Crucifixion in the Gospel of Philip
Author/Editor: Hugo Lundhaug,Bonnie Howe,Joel B. Green
Chapter The Gospel according to Mark in two Latin Mixed-text Manuscripts
Author/Editor: H. A. G. Houghton
Chapter The Highest Geomagnetic Storms of the Solar Cycle Observed at Ground Level
Author/Editor: C. E. Navia,Carlos Augusto,Marcel N. de Oliveira
Chapter The Hsp70 Chaperone System in Parkinson’s Disease
Author/Editor: Adahir Labrador-Garrido,Cintia Roodveldt,Carlos W. Bertoncini
Chapter The Hypoxia-Reoxygenation Injury Model
Author/Editor: Domokos Gerő
Chapter The Impacts of Soil Degradation Effects on Phytodiversity and Vegetation Structure on Atacora Mountain Chain in Benin (West Africa)
Author/Editor: Okou Farris,Assogbadjo Achille,Sinsin Augustin
Chapter The Influence of Candida spp. in Intestinal Microbiota; Diet Therapy, the Emerging Conditions Related to Candida in Athletes and Elderly People
Author/Editor: Ann-Kristin Schwarze,Alexandru Vasile Rusu,Berta Alvarez Penedo,Monica Trif
Chapter The Intertwined Chloroplast and Nuclear Genome Coevolution in Plants
Author/Editor: Mathieu Rousseau-Gueutin,Guillaume Martin,Julie Ferreira de Carvalho,Jean Keller,Abdelkader Aïnouche
Chapter The Multiple Roles of Tyrosinase-Related Protein-2/L- Dopachrome Tautomerase in Melanoma: Biomarker, Therapeutic Target, and Molecular Driver in Tumor Progression
Author/Editor: Gabriela Negroiu,Adina L. Milac
Chapter The Perspective of “Coup Forces,” Saleh and Houthi Elements
Author/Editor: Luca Nevola,Baraa Shiban
Chapter The Portuguese <em>Montado</em>: A Complex System under Tension between Different Land Use Management Paradigms
Author/Editor: Muñoz-Rojas José,Pinto-Correia Teresa,Thorsoe Hvarregaard,Noe Egon
Chapter The Potential of the Photoautotroph Synechocystis for Metal Bioremediation
Author/Editor: Balakrishnan Naveena,Patricia Armshaw,J. Tony Pembroke
Chapter There’s Always the Sun: Metaphysics and Antiquarianism in Macrobius
Author/Editor: Peter Van Nuffelen,Nicola Hömke,Gian Franco Chiai,Antonia Jenik
Chapter The Rise of Glutaminase in End-Stage Liver Diseases
Author/Editor: Rajiv Jalan,M Jover-Cobos,Manuel Romero-Gómez,Nathan Davies
Chapter Thermodynamics of ABO3-Type Perovskite Surfaces
Author/Editor: Yuri A. Mastrikov,Joachim Maier,Eugene A. Kotomin,Eugene Heifets,Sergej Piskunov
Chapter The Role of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 (GSK-3) in Alzheimer’s Disease
Author/Editor: Jesús Avila,Miguel Ángel Medina
Chapter The Role of Satellite Systems in Future Aeronautical Communications
Author/Editor: Nicolas Van Wambeke,Mathieu Gineste
Chapter The Use of Electrical Measurements of Wind Turbine Generators for Drive Train Condition Monitoring
Author/Editor: Estefania Artigao,Emilio Gómez-Lázaro,Sergio Martín-Martínez,Andrés Honrubia-Escribano
Chapter The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Urban Search and Rescue Groups
Author/Editor: Marzena Półka,Łukasz Kuziora,Szymon Ptak,Aneta Kuczyńska
Chapter The Zebrafish Kupffer’s Vesicle: A Special Organ in a Model Organism to Study Human Diseases
Author/Editor: Mónica Roxo-Rosa,Susana S. Lopes
Chapter Threats to Ultraoligotrophic Marine Ecosystems
Author/Editor: Jason M. Hall-Spencer,Demetris Kletou
Chapter Throughput Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks via Evaluation of Connectivity and MAC Performance
Author/Editor: Chiara Buratti,Flavio Fabbri
Chapter Tidal Turbine Generators
Author/Editor: Henk Polinder,Faisal Wani,Jianning Dong
Chapter Tool-Based Design and Evaluation of Resilient Flight Control Systems
Author/Editor: Hafid Smaili,Jan Breeman,Thomas Lombaerts
Chapter Topological Characterization and Advanced Noise-Filtering Techniques for Phase Unwrapping of Interferometric Data Stacks
Author/Editor: Pasquale Imperatore,Antonio Pepe
Chapter Topological Visualisation Techniques for Volume Multifield Data
Author/Editor: Dean P. Thomas,Simon Hands,Rita Borgo,Robert S. Laramee
Chapter Towards a Realistic and Self-Contained Biomechanical Model of the Hand
Author/Editor: Antonio Pérez-González,Margarita Vergara,Joaquín L. Sancho-Bru,Pablo J. Rodríguez-Cervantes,Antonio Morales,Beatriz León,Marta C. Mora,Jose L. Iserte
Chapter Towards automated language classification: A clustering approach
Author/Editor: Armin Buch,Anju Saxena,David Erschler,Lars Borin,Gerhard Jäger,Andrei Lupas
Chapter Transcriptomic and proteomic profiles of vascular cells involved in human abdominal aortic aneurysm
Author/Editor: Maggy Chwastyniak,Philippe Ratajczak,Nicolas Lamblin,Mohammad Koussa,Olivia Beseme,Yves Lemoine,David Hot,Hervé Drobecq,Emilie Dubois,Florence Pinet,Philippe Amouyel
Chapter Transplantation of Foetal Ventral Mesencephalic Grafts in Parkinson’s Disease: A Still Evolving Concept with New Regulatory Challenges
Author/Editor: Guido Nikkhah,Sven Möllers,Máté D. Döbrössy
Chapter Transport Protocol for Future Aeronautics
Author/Editor: Matteo Berioli,Muhammad Muhammad
Chapter Transport Protocol Performance and Impact on QoS while on the Move in Current and Future Low Latency Deployments
Author/Editor: Fidel Liberal,Jose Oscar Fajardo,Eneko Atxutegi
Chapter Tree-Network Overrun Model Associated with Pilots’ Actions and Flight Operational Procedures
Author/Editor: Marcelo Ramos Martins,Anderson Ribeiro Correia,Michelle Carvalho Galvão Silva Pinto Bandeira
Chapter Trust in global computing systems as a limit property emerging from short range random interactions
Author/Editor: Paul G. Spirakis,Vasiliki Liagkou,Yannis C. Stamatiou,Effie Makri
Chapter Tungsten Nanoparticles Produced by Magnetron Sputtering Gas Aggregation: Process Characterization and Particle Properties
Author/Editor: Tomy Acsente,E. Bernard,Gheorghe Dinescu,Raluca Negrea,Elena Matei,Bogdan Bita,Lavinia Gabriela Carpen,Christian Grisolia
Chapter Twenty-six Syriac Medicine
Author/Editor: Grigory Kessel
Chapter Udug
Author/Editor: Markham J. Geller
Chapter Ultrafast Time‐Resolved Measurements of Hybrid Solar Cells
Author/Editor: Kaibo Zheng,Carlito S. Ponseca
Chapter Ultra-Thin Plasma-Polymerized Functional Coatings for Biosensing: Polyacrylic Acid, Polystyrene and Their Co-Polymer
Author/Editor: Micaela Castellino,Paola Rivolo,Serena Ricciardi,Francesca Frascella
Chapter Unmanned Aerial Systems
Author/Editor: Rudin Konrad,Daniel Serrano,Pascal Strupler
Chapter Unmanned Ground and Aerial Robots Supporting Mine Action Activities
Author/Editor: Ioan Doroftei,Yvan Baudoin,Haris Balta,Geert De Cubber,Daniela Doroftei
Chapter Unmanned Ground Robots for Rescue Tasks
Author/Editor: Karsten Berns,Atabak Nezhadfard,Massimo Tosa,Haris Balta,Geert De Cubber
Chapter Unmanned Maritime Systems for Search and Rescue
Author/Editor: Aníbal Matos,Daniele Bertin,Victor Lobo,Eduardo Silva,José Almeida,Alfredo Martins,Hugo Ferreira,Bruno Ferreira,José Alves,André Dias,Stefano Fioravanti
Chapter Unraveling Stakeholders’ Discourses Regarding Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Conservation in Greece
Author/Editor: Evangelia G. Drakou,Evangelia Apostolopoulou,John D. Pantis
Chapter Urban and Industrial Habitats: How Important They Are for Ecosystem Services
Author/Editor: Edyta Sierka,Anne Wheeler,Gabriela Woźniak
Chapter Urban Gardening: From Cost Avoidance to Profit Making — Example from Ljubljana, Slovenia
Author/Editor: Matjaž Glavan,Majda Černič Istenič,Rozalija Cvejić
Chapter Usage of Infrared-Based Technologies in Forensic Sciences
Author/Editor: Orhan Gümüş,Yavuz Hekimoğlu,Mahmut Asirdizer
Chapter Useful Plants: Medicines At Least 28,187 Plant Species are Currently Recorded as Being of Medicinal Use
Author/Editor: Bob Allkin
Chapter User-Centered Design
Author/Editor: Daniela Doroftei,Keshav Chintamani,Shashank Govindaraj,Jeremi Gancet,Daniel Serrano,Geert De Cubber,Rene Wagemans,Anibal Matos,Eduardo Silva,Victor Lobo,Guerreiro Cardoso
Chapter User Experience Results of Setting Free a Service Robot for Older Adults at Home
Author/Editor: Markus Bajones,David Fischinger,Markus Suchi,Daniel Wolf,Astrid Weiss,Markus Vincze
Chapter Uterus
Author/Editor: Ulrike Steinert
Chapter Utilizing IEEE 802.16 for Aeronautical Communications
Author/Editor: Thomas Graupl,Elias Pschernig,Max Ehammer
Chapter UWB Cognitive Radios
Author/Editor: Sithamparanathan Kandeepan,Radoslaw Piesiewicz,Gianmarco Baldini
Chapter Valorization of Microalgae and Energy Resources
Author/Editor: Natalia Jawiarczyk,Francisco Gabriel Acién-Fernández,C.V. González-López,Francisco García-Cuadra,José Mª Fernández-Sevilla
Chapter Valorization of Natural Antioxidants for Nutritional and Health Applications
Author/Editor: Ferreira-Santos Pedro,Genisheva Zlatina,Botelho Claudia,Rocha Cristina,Teixeira António
Chapter Value-Based Evaluation of Chinese Provincial Health Insurance Policy Schemes
Author/Editor: Shanlian Hu,Anke-Peggy Holtorf,Kalman Wijaya,Jiangjiang He,Diana Brixner
Chapter Vascular Tissue Development and Regeneration in the Model Plant Arabidopsis
Author/Editor: Ewa Mazur,Jiří Friml
Chapter Vector-Borne Infections in Bulgaria
Author/Editor: Iva Christova
Chapter Vibration Energy Harvesting: Linear and Nonlinear Oscillator Approaches
Author/Editor: F. Travasso,Luca Gammaitoni,H. Vocca,Francesco Orfei,Igor Neri
Chapter Violence and Politics in Zimbabwe from 2008-2018
Author/Editor: Clionadh Raleigh
Chapter Virtual Reality to Simulate Visual Tasks for Robotic Systems
Author/Editor: Manuela Chessa,Silvio P. Sabatini,Fabio Solari
Chapter Viruses and Type 1 Diabetes: Focus on the Enteroviruses
Author/Editor: Didier Hober,Famara Sane,Karena Riedweg,Ilham Moumna,Anne Goffard,Laura Choteau,Enagnon Kazali,Rachel Desaillou
Chapter Viscoelasticity in Foot-Ground Interaction
Author/Editor: Roozbeh Naemi,Sara Behforootan,Panagiotis Chatzistergos,Nachiappan Chockalingam
Chapter Vision Goes Symbolic Without Loss of Information Within the Preattentive Vision Phase: The Need to Shift the Learning Paradigm from Machine-Learning (from Examples) to Machine-Teaching (by Rules) at the First Stage of a Two-Stage Hybrid Remote...
Author/Editor: Andrea Baraldi
Chapter Vision Goes Symbolic Without Loss of Information Within the Preattentive Vision Phase: The Need to Shift the Learning Paradigm from Machine-Learning (from Examples) to Machine-Teaching (by Rules) at the First Stage of a Two-Stage Hybrid Remote...
Author/Editor: Andrea Baraldi
Chapter Visual Analysis of Robot and Animal Colonies
Author/Editor: Ester Martínez,A.P. del Pobil
Chapter Visualization the Natural Disasters Simulations Results Based on Grid and Cloud Computing
Author/Editor: Eva Pajorová,Ladislav Hluchý
Chapter „Von Aalschwanzspekulanten bis Abendrotlicht“: Buchstäbliche Materialität und Pathos im Häufigkeitswörterbuch der deutschen Sprache von Friedrich Wilhelm Kaeding
Author/Editor: Toni Bernhart,Ralf Klausnitzer,Carlos Spoerhase,Dirk Werle
Chapter Wage Concentration in Spain: A Spatial Analysis
Author/Editor: Jose M. Pavía,Mónica Navarrete,Beatriz Larraz
Chapter Waterborne Acrylic/CeO2 Nanocomposites for UV Blocking Clear Coats
Author/Editor: Jose R. Leiza,Miren Aguirre,Maria Paulis
Chapter Water Quality of Agricultural Drainage Systems in the Czech Republic — Options for Its Improvement
Author/Editor: Tomáš Kvítek,Antonín Zajíček,Renata Duffková,Petr Fučík
Chapter West Nile Virus: Basic Principles, Replication Mechanism, Immune Response and Important Genetic Determinants of Virulence
Author/Editor: Labrini V. Athanasiou,G. Valiakos,Vassiliki Spyrou,Charalambos Billinis,Antonia Touloudi,Vassilis G. Papatsiros,Liljana Petrovska
Chapter Wetting and Navier-Stokes Equation — The Manufacture of Composite Materials
Author/Editor: Mario Caccia,Antonio Camarano,Danilo Sergi,Alberto Ortona,Javier Narciso
Chapter What We Learned from Cavitation Bubbles in Microgravity
Author/Editor: Mohamed Farhat
Chapter When Paul Met Ludwig: Wittgensteinian Comments on Boghossian’s Antirelativism
Author/Editor: Martin Kusch,Christian Kanzian,Sebastian Kletzl,Katharina Neges,Josef Mitterer
Chapter Where Alice fell into: Motion events from a parallel corpus
Author/Editor: Annemarie Verkerk,Benedikt Szmrecsanyi,Bernhard Wälchli
Chapter Where are the Things of the Internet? Precise Time of Arrival Estimation for IoT Positioning
Author/Editor: Wen Xu,Tobias Laas,Armin Dammann
Chapter Whey Lactose as a Raw Material for Microbial Production of Biodegradable Polyesters
Author/Editor: Predrag Horvat,Alexander Muhr,Anna Salerno,Gerhart Braunegg,Martin Koller,Sergio Casella,Angelika Reiterer,Emo Chiellini
Chapter Wittgenstein as a Commentator on the Psychology and Anthropology of Colour
Author/Editor: Martin Kusch,Frederik A. Gierlinger,Štefan Riegelnik
Chapter Wittgenstein’s On Certainty and Relativism
Author/Editor: Martin Kusch,Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl,Harald A. Wiltsche
Chapter Writing, Copying, Translating: Ethiopia as a Manuscript Culture
Author/Editor: Alessandro Bausi,Jan-Ulrich Sobisch,Jörg Quenzer,Dmitry Bondarev
Chapter xCARE: A Development Platform for Supporting Smart and Pervasive Healthcare
Author/Editor: Vargiu Eloisa,Gómez-Martínez Meritxell,Orte Silvia,Ros-Freixedes Laura,Seif Kian,Marí David,Miralles Felip
Chapter X‐Ray Spectroscopy on Biological Systems
Author/Editor: Joanna Czapla-Masztafiak,Wojciech M. Kwiatek,Jacinto Sá,Jakub Szlachetko
Characterisation and Modelling of Continuous-Discontinuous Sheet Moulding Compound Composites for Structural Applications
Author/Editor: Anna Trauth
Charge Carrier Dynamics in Organometal Halide Perovskite Probed by Time-Resolved Electrical Measurements
Author/Editor: Ponseca ,Carlito S.
Charged Particle Optics Theory: An introduction
Author/Editor: Timothy R. Groves
Charged Particle Optics Theory: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Timothy R. Groves
Charismatic Christianity in Finland, Norway, and Sweden: Case Studies in Historical and Contemporary Developments
Author/Editor: Jessica Moberg,Jane Skjoldli
Charlotte Guillard: Une femme imprimeur de la Renaissance
Author/Editor: Rémi Jimenes
Charlotte Smith and the Sonnet: Form, Place, and Tradition in the Late Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Bethan Roberts
Charms of the Cynical Reason: The Trickster's Transformation in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture
Author/Editor: Mark Lipovetsky
Charting Literary Urban Studies: Texts as Models of and for the City
Author/Editor: Jens Martin Gurr
Charting Spiritual Care: The Emerging Role of Chaplaincy Records in Global Health Care
Author/Editor: Simon Peng-Keller,David Neuhold
Charting the Future of Translation History
Charting the Future of Translation History
Author/Editor: Bandia F. ,Paul,Bastin L. ,Georges
Chasing the Chinese Dream: Four Decades of Following China’s War on Poverty
Author/Editor: William N. Brown
Chaste Cinematics
Author/Editor: Victor J. Vitanza
Chatbots: Eine linguistische Analyse
Author/Editor: Netaya Lotze
The Chatter of the Visible
Chemical Oxidation Applications for Industrial Wastewaters
Author/Editor: Olcay Tunay,Isik Kabdasli
Chemical Youth: Navigating Uncertainty in Search of the Good Life
Author/Editor: Anita Hardon
Chemistry of Ozone in Water and Wastewater Treatment
Author/Editor: Clemens von Sonntag,Urs von Gunten
Chemomechanische Modellierung der Wärmebehandlung von Stählen mit der Phasenfeldmethode
Author/Editor: Ephraim Schoof
Chercheurs de dieux dans l'espace public - Frontier Religions in Public Space
Author/Editor: Pauline ,Côté
Chercheurs de dieux dans l'espace public - Frontier Religions in Public Space
The Chernobyl Herbarium: Fragments of an Exploded Consciousness
Author/Editor: Marder ,Michael,Tondeur ,Anaïs
The Chernobyl Herbarium: Fragments of an Exploded Consciousness
Chicks Rule!: Die schönen neuen Heldinnen in US-amerikanischen Fernsehserien
Author/Editor: Karin Lenzhofer
Childhood and Migration: From Experience to Agency
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Knörr
Childhood Cultures in Transformation: 30 Years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Action towards Sustainability
Author/Editor: Elin Eriksen Ødegaard,Jorunn Spord Borgen
Childhood in the Late Ottoman Empire and After
Childhood in the Late Ottoman Empire and After
Author/Editor: Fortna ,B.C.
Childhood in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Childhood in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance : The Results of a Paradigm Shift in the History of Mentality
Author/Editor: Classen ,Albrecht
Childlessness in Europe: Contexts, Causes, and Consequences
Author/Editor: Michaela Kreyenfeld,Dirk Konietzka
Child Poverty, Evidence and Policy
Child Poverty, Evidence and Policy : Mainstreaming Children in International Development
Author/Editor: Jones ,Nicola,Sumner ,Andy
Child Protection in England, 1960–2000: Expertise, Experience, and Emotion
Author/Editor: Jennifer Crane
Children after a Natural disaster: Materials for educators and tearchers. (Velino for Children-Amatrice Heartquake 2016)
Author/Editor: Alessandro Vaccarelli,Stefania Mariantoni
Children and Peace: From Research to Action
Author/Editor: Nikola Balvin,Daniel J. Christie
Children and Young People’s Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction: Agency and Resilience
Author/Editor: Maggie Mort,Israel Rodríguez-Giralt,Ana Delicado
Children As Caregivers
Children As Caregivers : The Global Fight Against Tuberculosis and HIV in Zambia
Author/Editor: Hunleth ,Jean
Children, Human Rights and Temporary Labour Migration: Protecting the Child-Parent Relationship
Author/Editor: Rasika Ramburuth Jayasuriya
The Children of Looked After Children: Outcomes, Experiences and Ensuring Meaningful Support to Young Parents In and Leaving Care
Author/Editor: Louise Roberts
Children’s Constitutional Rights in the Nordic Countries
Author/Editor: Trude Haugli,Anna Nylund,Randi Sigurdsen,Lena R. L. Bendiksen
Children's Exploration and Cultural Formation
Author/Editor: Mariane Hedegaard,Elin Eriksen Ødegaard
Children’s Literature in Translation: Texts and Contexts
Author/Editor: Jan Van Coillie,Jack McMartin
Child Soldiers in Context: Biographies, Familial and Collective Trajectories in Northern Uganda
Author/Editor: Artur Bogner,Gabriele Rosenthal
Child’s Play
Child’s Play : Multi-Sensory Histories of Children and Childhood in Japan
Chile en los archivos soviéticos: años 60, tomo 4
Author/Editor: Olga Ulianova
China 2002: WTO entry and world recession
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
The China Alternative: Changing Regional Order in the Pacific Islands
Author/Editor: Graeme Smith,Terence Wesley-Smith
China and great power responsibility for climate change
Author/Editor: Sanna Kopra
China and the West
China and the West : Music, Representation, and Reception
Author/Editor: Yang ,Hon-Lun,Saffle ,Michael
China: A New Model for Growth and Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China & ANU
Author/Editor: Sima ,William
The China Boom and its Discontents
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
The China Challenge
The China Challenge : Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Cao ,Huhua,Poy ,Vivienne
China Dreams
Author/Editor: Jane Golley,Linda Jaivin,Ben Hillman,Sharon Strange
China in Transition: Poverty, Income Decomposition and Labor Allocation of Agricultural Households in Hebei Province
Author/Editor: Christian Böber
China - Linking Markets for Growth
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China: New Engine of World Growth
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China: Promise or Threat?
China: Promise or Threat? : A Comparison of Culture
Author/Editor: Helle ,Horst J.
China’s 40 Years of Reform and Development: 1978–2018
Author/Editor: Ross Garnaut,Ligang Song,Cai Fang
China’s Allocation of Fixed Capital Investment, 1952–1957
Author/Editor: Chu-yuan Cheng
China's Business Reforms
Author/Editor: Russell Smyth,On Kit Tam,Malcolm Warner,Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu
China's Dilemma: Economic Growth, the Environment and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Woo ,Wing Thye,Song ,Ligang
China's Domestic Transformation in a Global Context
Author/Editor: Song ,Ligang,Garnaut ,Ross,Fang ,Cai,Johnston ,Lauren
China's Energy Revolution in the Context of the Global Energy Transition
China’s environmental policy in terms of European Union standards (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Jan Wiktor Tkaczyński,Łukasz Gacek
China’s Gas Development Strategies
Author/Editor: Shell Centre,The Development Research Center
China's iGeneration - Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Johnson D. ,Matthew,Wagner B. ,Keith,Yu ,Tianqui,Vulpiani ,Luke
China's iGeneration: Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Matthew D. Johnson,Keith B. Wagner,Tianqui Yu,Luke Vulpiani
China's iGeneration - Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-First Century
China's New Place in a World in Crisis : Economic, Geopolitical and Environmental Dimensions
Author/Editor: Woo ,Wing Thye,Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China's New Sources of Economic Growth
China's New Sources of Economic Growth : Human Capital, Innovation and Technological Change Vol. 2
China's New Sources of Economic Growth: Vol. 1. Reform, Resources and Climate Change
China's race to global technology leadership
Author/Editor: Alessia Amighini
China’s Revolutions and Intergenerational Relations
Author/Editor: Martin K. Whyte
China: Surpassing the “Middle Income Trap”
Author/Editor: Shaojie Zhou,Angang Hu
China – The New Developmental State?: An Empirical Analysis of the Automotive Industry
Author/Editor: Nicola Meier
China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang,Golley ,Jane
China: Twenty Years of Economic Reform
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
Chinese and Japanese Music-Dramas
Author/Editor: J.I. Crump,William P. Malm
Chinese Annals in the Western Observatory
Author/Editor: Edward Shaugnessy
Chinese Circulations: Capital, Commodities, and Networks in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Eric Tagliacozzo,Wen-Chin Chang
Chinese Communist Materials at the Bureau of Investigation Archives, Taiwan
Author/Editor: Peter Donovan,Carl Dorris,Carl E. Dorris,Lawrence R. Sullivan,Lawrence Sullivan
Chinese Cultural Heritage in the Making : Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations
Chinese Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy in the 1970s
Author/Editor: Allen S. Whiting
The Chinese Economic Transformation
Author/Editor: Ligang Song,Yixiao Zhou,Luke Hurst
Chinese Environmental Contention: Linking Up against Waste Incineration
Author/Editor: Maria Bondes
Chinese Heritage in the Making
Chinese Historical Thinking
Chinese Historical Thinking : An Intercultural Discussion
Chinese Historical Thinking: An lntercultural Discussion
Author/Editor: Ulrich Time Kragh,Chun-chieh Huang,Jörn Rüssen
Chinese Paintings in Chinese Publications, 1956–1968: An Annotated Bibliography and Index to the Paintings
Author/Editor: Ellen Johnston Laing
Chinese Poetry and Translation: Rights and Wrongs
Author/Editor: Maghiel van Crevel,Lucas Klein
Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money
Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money
Author/Editor: Crevel van ,M.
Chinese reverse glass painting 1720-1820: An artistic meeting between China and the West. Preface by Danielle Elisseeff
Author/Editor: Thierry Audric
Chinese Stardom in Participatory Cyberculture
Author/Editor: Dorothy Wai Sim Lau
Chinese Surplus
Chinese Surplus : Biopolitical Aesthetics and the Medically Commodified Body
Author/Editor: Heinrich ,Ari Larissa
Chinese Women and the Cyberspace
Chivalry, Reading, and Women's Culture in Early Modern Spain: From Amadís de Gaula to Don Quixote
Author/Editor: Stacey Triplette
Chloor in duurzaam perspectief
Author/Editor: Jong de ,W.M.
Chomskyan (R)evolutions
Author/Editor: Douglas A. Kibbee
Choreographie als kritische Praxis: Arbeitsweisen bei Xavier Le Roy und Thomas Lehmen
Author/Editor: Pirkko Husemann
Choricios de Gaza, L’Apologie des mimes: Édition critique, traduction française princeps et commentaire
Author/Editor: Christian Pernet
Christelike etiek in 'n sekulariserende samelewing
Author/Editor: Vorster ,J.M.
Christian Converts and Social Protests in Meiji Japan
Author/Editor: Irwin Scheiner
Christian ethics and political economy: Markers for a developing South Africa
Author/Editor: J.M. Vorster,J.M. Vorster,Morten Bøsterud,Morten Bøsterud,Jan Venter,Jan Venter,Elena Alvarez Alvarez,Christin Bøsterud,Lucas Freire,Marius Nel
Christian Gottlieb Broeder in Rußland: Studien zur russischen grammatischen Terminologie in der 1. Haelfte des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Dieter Roland Faulhaber
Christianity and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Europe: Conflict, Community, and the Social Order
Author/Editor: John Carter Wood
Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine
Author/Editor: Demacopoulos ,George E.,Papanikolaou ,Aristotle
Christianity, Islam and Nationalism in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Charles E. Farhadian
Christianity, Islam, and Oriṣa Religion: Three Traditions in Comparison and Interaction
Author/Editor: Peel ,J.D.Y.
Christianity, Islam, and Oriá¹£a Religion: Three Traditions in Comparison and Interaction
Christian Martyrdom in Late Antiquity: History and Discourse, Tradition and Religious Identity
Author/Editor: Peter Gemeinhardt,Johan Leemans
Christian Metz and the Codes of Cinema: Film Semiology and Beyond
Author/Editor: Margrit Tröhler,Guido Kirsten,Julia Zutavern
Christian Missions and Humanitarianism in The Middle East, 1850-1950: Ideologies, Rhetoric, and Practices
Author/Editor: Inger Marie Okkenhaug,Karène Sanchez Summerer
Christina McPhee: A Commonplace Book
Author/Editor: Eileen A. Joy
The Christmas drama of the household of St John’s College, Oxford
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Dutton
Christoph Martin Wieland as the Originator of Modern Travesty in German Literature
Author/Editor: Charlotte Craig
Christus in der russischen Literatur: Ein Gang durch die Literaturgeschichte von ihren Anfaengen bis zum Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Kasack
Christus in natura
Author/Editor: Zbyněk Kindschi Garský,Rainer Hirsch-Luipold
The Chronicle of Seert: Christian Historical Imagination in Late Antique Iraq
Author/Editor: Wood ,Philip
Chronicles from Kashmir: An Annotated, Multimedia Script
Author/Editor: Nandita Dinesh
Chuj (Mayan) Narratives: Folklore, History, and Ethnography from Northwestern Guatemala
Author/Editor: Nicholas A. Hopkins
The CIA in Ecuador
Author/Editor: Marc Becker
Ciaran Carson
Author/Editor: Alexander ,Neal
Cicero, Against Verres, 2.1.53–86
Cicero, Against Verres, 2.1.53–86 : Latin Text with Introduction, Study Questions, Commentary and English Translation
Author/Editor: Gildenhard ,Ingo
Cicero, On Pompey's Command (De Imperio), 27-49: Latin Text, Study Aids with Vocabulary, Commentary, and Translation
Author/Editor: Gildenhard ,Ingo,Hodgson ,Louise
Cicero, Philippic 2, 44–50, 78–92, 100–119: Latin Text, Study Aids with Vocabulary, and Commentary
Author/Editor: Ingo Gildenhard
Cicero's Law: Rethinking Roman Law of the Late Republic
Author/Editor: Paul J. du Plessis
Ciencias criminales en Alemania desde una perspectiva comparada e internacional - Cuarta Escuela de Verano en ciencias criminales y dogmática penal alemana
Author/Editor: Kai Ambos
Ciência, medicina e perícia nas tecnologias de governo
Author/Editor: Claudia Fonseca,Glaucia Maricato,Larissa Costaduarte,Lucas Riboli Besen
Cinema against Spectacle: Technique and Ideology Revisited
Author/Editor: Comolli ,Jean-Louis
Cinema as a Political Media: Germany and Italy Compared, 1945–1950s
Author/Editor: Clemens Zimmermann,Lutz Klinkhammer
Cinema at the End of Empire
Cinema at the End of Empire : A Politics of Transition in Britain and India
Author/Editor: Jaikumar ,Priya
Cinema, democracy and perfectionism: Joshua Foa Dienstag in dialogue
The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded
Cinema of Confinement
Author/Editor: Thomas Connelly
The Cinema of Marguerite Duras: Multisensoriality and Female Subjectivity
Author/Editor: Michelle Royer
The Cinema of Mika Kaurismäki: Transvergent Cinescapes, Emergent Identities
Author/Editor: Pietari Kääpä
The cinema of Oliver Stone: Art, authorship and activism
Author/Editor: Ian Scott,Henry Thompson
Cinemas and Cinema-Going in the United Kingdom: Decades of Decline, 1945–65
Author/Editor: Sam Manning
Cinema's Doppelgängers
Author/Editor: Doug Dibbern
Cinematic Histospheres: On the Theory and Practice of Historical Films
Author/Editor: Rasmus Greiner
Cinematic Vitalism
Author/Editor: Inga Pollmann
Cinema, Trance and Cybernetics
Cinema, Trance and Cybernetics
Author/Editor: Holl ,Ute
Cinephilia : Movies, Love and Memory
Cine, revolución y resistencia: La política cultural del Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos hacia América Latina
Author/Editor: Salvador Salazar Navarro
Cinquante nuances de rose. Les affinités électives du prince de Ligne
Author/Editor: Daniel Acke,Valérie André,Shipé Guri,Nathalie de Harlez de Deulin,Christophe Loir,Bruno Bernard,Manuel Couvreur,Valérie André,Michel Brix,Ivo Cerman,Sabine Chaouche,Bruno Colson,Marie Cornaz,Manuel Couvreur
Circular Migration and the Rights of Migrant Workers in Central and Eastern Europe: The EU Promise of a Triple Win Solution
Author/Editor: Zvezda Vankova
Circulating Cultures
Author/Editor: Harris ,Amanda
Cities and Affordable Housing: Planning, Design and Policy Nexus
Author/Editor: Sasha Tsenkova
Cities, Autonomy, and Decentralization in Japan
Author/Editor: Carola Hein,Philippe Pelletier
Cities Full of Symbols
Cities Full of Symbols : A Theory of Urban Space and Culture
Author/Editor: Nas ,Peter J.M.
Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Cities' Identitiy through Architecture & Arts, Cairo, Egypt, 11–13 May 2017
Author/Editor: Antonella Versaci,Zeinab Nour,Dean Hawkes,Hocine Bougdah,Mahmoud Ghoneem,Anna Catalani,Ferdinando Trapani,Adolf SotocaI
Cities in Asia by and for the People
Author/Editor: Yves Cabannes,Mike Douglass,Rita Padawangi
Cities Made of Boundaries: Mapping Social Life in Urban Form
Author/Editor: Benjamin N. Vis
Cities of Entanglements: Social Life in Johannesburg and Maputo Through Ethnographic Comparison
Author/Editor: Barbara Heer
Cities, Space and Power
Author/Editor: Amira Osman,Amira Osman,Denise Morado Nascimento,Ricardo Sanín-Restrepo,Tariq Toffa
Citizen Activities in Energy Transition: User Innovation, New Communities, and the Shaping of a Sustainable Future
Author/Editor: Sampsa Hyysalo
Citizen Lobby: From Capacity to Influence
Author/Editor: Leif Thomas Olsen
Citizen Outsider
Citizen Outsider : Children of North African Immigrants in France
Author/Editor: Beaman ,Jean
Citizens and Groups in Contemporary China
Author/Editor: Victor C. Falkenheim
Citizens and the legitimacy of the European Union - 19
Author/Editor: Thomassen ,J.
Citizen Science: Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy
Author/Editor: Susanne Hecker,Muki Haklay,Anne Bowser,Zen Makuch,Johannes Vogel,Aletta Bonn
Citizenship and Democratization in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Ward Berenschot,Henk Schulte Nordholt,Laurens Bakker
The Citizenship Experiment: Contesting the Limits of Civic Equality and Participation in the Age of Revolutions
Author/Editor: René Koekkoek
Citizenship in Question
Citizenship in Question : Evidentiary Birthright and Statelessness
Citizenship in the Arab World
Citizenship in the Arab World : Kin, Religion and Nation-State
Author/Editor: Parolin ,Gianluca P.
Citizenship Policies in the New Europe
Citizenship Policies in the New Europe
Citizenship Policies in the New Europe : Expanded and Updated Edition
Citoyenneté et réconciliation au Rwanda
Author/Editor: Junod ,Roland,Rutayisire ,Paul
Cittadinanze nella storia dello Stato contemporaneo
Author/Editor: Aglietti ,Marcella,Calabrò ,Carmelo
The City by the Pool: Assessing the Archaeology of the City of Lincoln
Author/Editor: Alan G. Vince,D. Stocker
A City in Blue and Green: The Singapore Story
Author/Editor: Peter G. Rowe,Limin Hee
City in Sight
City in Sight : Dutch Dealings with Urban Change
City of Crisis
City of Crisis
City of Crisis : The Multiple Contestation of Southern European Cities
Author/Editor: Eckhardt (Ed.) ,Frank,Sánchez (Ed.) ,Javier Ruiz
City of Darkness, City of Light
City of Darkness, City of Light : Emigré Filmmakers in Paris 1929-1939
Author/Editor: Phillips ,Alastair
City of Strangers
City of Strangers : Gulf Migration and the Indian Community in Bahrain
Author/Editor: Gardner ,Andrew M.
City Regions and Devolution in the UK: The Politics of Representation
Author/Editor: David Beel,Martin Jones,Ian Jones
Ciudadanías en conflicto: Enfoques, experiencias y propuestas
Author/Editor: Camila Berríos,Carolina García
Ciudadanías para la Democracia: Reflexiones desde la problemática constitucional y constituyente chilena del siglo XXI
Author/Editor: Sergio Grez,Daniel Opazo
Ciudadanos reemplazados por algoritmos
Author/Editor: Néstor García Canclini
Civic Engagement in the Wake of Katrina
Author/Editor: Amy Koritz,George Sanchez
Civic Insecurity: Law, Order and HIV in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Luker ,Vicki,Dinnen ,Sinclair
Civic Life Online: Learning How Digital Media Can Engage Youth
Author/Editor: W. Lance Bennett
Civic Media Literacies: Re-Imagining Human Connection in an Age of Digital Abundance
Author/Editor: Paul Mihailidis
The Civic Potential of Video Games
Author/Editor: Joseph Kahne,Ellen Middaugh,Chris Evans
Civilian Lunatic Asylums During the First World War: A Study of Austerity on London's Fringe
Author/Editor: Claire Hilton
Civilians and Military Supply in Early Modern Finland
Author/Editor: Petri Talvitie,Juha-Matti Granqvist
Civilian Specialists at War
Author/Editor: Christopher Phillips
Civilising rural Ireland: The co-operative movement, development and the nation-state, 1889–1939
Author/Editor: Patrick Doyle
Civil Society and International Governance
Civil Society and International Governance : The Role of Non-State Actors in the EU, Africa, Asia and Middle East
Author/Editor: Armstrong ,David,Bello ,Valeria,Gilson ,Julie,Spini ,Debora
Civil Society and Social Movements in Food System Governance
Author/Editor: Peter Andrée,Jill K. Clark,Charles Z. Levkoe,Kristen Lowitt
Civil Society and the State in Democratic East Asia: Between Entanglement and Contention in Post High Growth
Author/Editor: David Chiavacci,Simona Grano,Julia Obinger
Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Asia and the Pacific
Author/Editor: Lia Kent,Joanne Wallis,Claire Cronin
A Civil Society: The Public Space of Freemason Women in France, 1744-1944
Author/Editor: James Smith Allen
Civil Uprisings in Modern Sudan: The 'Khartoum Springs' of 1964 and 1985
Author/Editor: W. J. Berridge
Claiming and Making Muslim Worlds: Religion and Society in the Context of the Global
Author/Editor: Jeanine Elif Dağyeli,Claudia Ghrawi,Ulrike Freitag
Clamor Schürmann's Barngarla grammar: A commentary on the first section of A vocabulary of the Parnkalla language
Author/Editor: Clendon ,Mark
Clandestine Philosophy: New Studies on Subversive Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Gianni Paganini,Margaret C. Jacob,John Christian Laursen
CLARIN in the Low Countries
CLARIN in the Low Countries
The Clarion of Syria: A Patriot’s Call against the Civil War of 1860
Author/Editor: Butrus Al-Bustani
¿Clase o pueblo?: una crítica científica desde el marxismo
Author/Editor: Manuel Salgado
Clasistas, antiimperialistas y revolucionarios: Trayectoria política e intelectual del socialismo chileno contemporáneo (1932-1973)
Author/Editor: Pablo Garrido González
Class, Culture and Space: The Construction and Shaping of Communal Space in South Thailand
Author/Editor: Alexander Horstmann
Classical Economics and Modern Theory
Author/Editor: Heinz D. Kurz,Neri Salvadori
Classical Economics Today: Essays in Honor of Alessandro Roncaglia
Author/Editor: Marcella Corsi,Jan Kregel,Carlo D'Ippoliti
Classical Music: Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges
Author/Editor: Michael Beckerman,Paul Boghossian
Classical Trade Protectionism 1815-1914
Author/Editor: Jean-Pierre Dormois,Pedro Lains
Classic Concepts in Anthropology
Author/Editor: Valerio Valeri,Giovanni da Col,Rupert Stasch
The Classic Short Story, 1870-1925
The Classic Short Story, 1870-1925 : Theory of a Genre
Author/Editor: Goyet ,Florence
Classifying the Zhuangzi Chapters
Author/Editor: Xiaogan Liu,Xiaogan Liu,William Savage
Classi ibride e inclusione socio-educativa: il progetto TRIS
Author/Editor: Vincenza Benigno,Giovanni Caruso,Chiara Fante,Fabrizio Ravicchio,Guglielmo Trentin
The clausal syntax of German Sign Language: A cartographic approach (Volume 5)
Author/Editor: Fabian Bross
Cleanliness and culture: Indonesian histories
Author/Editor: Dijk van ,Kees,Taylor ,Jean Gelman
Cleanliness and culture: Indonesian histories
Clean Water Using Solar and Wind: Opportunities to reach outside the power grid
Author/Editor: Gustaf Olsson
Climate Adaptation Finance and Investment in California
Author/Editor: Jesse M. Keenan
Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Cities: A Guidebook for Citizens, Public Officials and Planners
Author/Editor: David Major,Sirkku Juhola
Climate Change and Natural Disasters: Transforming Economies and Policies for a Sustainable Future, 1st Edition
Author/Editor: Vinod Thomas
Climate change and poverty: A new agenda for developed nations
Author/Editor: Tony Fitzpatrick
Climate change and the oil industry: Common problem, different strategies
Author/Editor: Skjaerseth ,Jon,Skodvin ,Tora
Climate Change as a Threat to Peace
Climate Change as a Threat to Peace : Impacts on Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity
The Climate Crisis: South African and Global Democratic Eco-Socialist Alternatives
Author/Editor: Vishwas Satgar
Climate Information for Public Health Action
Author/Editor: Madeleine C. Thomson,Simon J. Mason
Climate Risk in Africa: Adaptation and Resilience
Author/Editor: Declan Conway,Katharine Vincent
Climate Smart Agriculture: Building Resilience to Climate Change
Author/Editor: Leslie Lipper,Nancy McCarthy,David Zilberman,Solomon Asfaw,Giacomo Branca
The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers: Investigating the Business of a Productive, Resilient and Low Emission Future
Author/Editor: Todd S. Rosenstock,Andreea Nowak,Evan Girvetz
Climate-Smart Food
Author/Editor: Dave Reay
Climate Solutions
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
Climate Strategy
Climate Strategy : Between Ambition and Realism
Author/Editor: Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid
Climatiser le monde
Author/Editor: Stefan C. Aykut
Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory
Author/Editor: Noreen Giffney,Eve Watson
The Clinical Legal Education Handbook
Author/Editor: Linden Thomas,Nicholas Johnson
Clinical Pathways in Stroke Rehabilitation: Evidence-based Clinical Practice Recommendations
Author/Editor: Thomas Platz
Clinical Recovery from CNS Damage
Author/Editor: Hiroaki Naritomi,Derk W. Krieger
Clinical Text Mining: Secondary Use of Electronic Patient Records
Author/Editor: Hercules Dalianis
Clinical Trials in Ovarian Cancer
Author/Editor: Christine Walsh
Clio’s Lives
Clio’s Lives : Biographies and Autobiographies of Historians
Clipped Differences: Geschlechterrepräsentationen im Musikvideo
Author/Editor: Dietrich Helms,Thomas Phleps
Close Encounters
Close Encounters : Essays on Russian Literature
Author/Editor: Jackson ,Robert Louis
Close Reading with Computers: Textual Scholarship, Computational Formalism, and David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
Author/Editor: Martin Paul Eve
Cloud-Based Benchmarking of Medical Image Analysis
Author/Editor: Allan Hanbury,Henning Müller,Georg Langs
The Cloud-to-Thing Continuum: Opportunities and Challenges in Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing
Author/Editor: Theo Lynn,John G. Mooney,Brian Lee,Patricia Takako Endo
Clásicos del cine mexicano: 31 películas emblemáticas desde la Época de Oro hasta el presente
Author/Editor: Christian Wehr
CMOK to YOu To: A Correspondence
Author/Editor: Nina Živančević,Marc James Léger
Coaching im digitalen Wandel
Author/Editor: Robert Wegener,Silvano Ackermann
Coaching-Prozessforschung: Forschung und Praxis im Dialog
Author/Editor: Robert Wegener,Agnès Fritze
Coal in Our Veins
Coal in Our Veins : A Personal Journey
Author/Editor: Thomas ,Erin Ann
Coastal Lagoons in Europe
Coastal Lagoons in Europe : Integrated Water Resource Strategies
Coastal Landscapes of South Australia
Author/Editor: Bourman P. ,Robert,Murray-Wallace V. ,Colin,Harvey ,Nick
Coastal Management in Australia
Author/Editor: Caton ,Brian,Harvey ,Nick
Coastal Themes: An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland
Coastal Themes: An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland : An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland
Author/Editor: Ulm ,Sean
A Coat of Many Colors: Dress Culture in the Young State of Israel
Author/Editor: Anat Helman
Co-creating Digital Public Services for an Ageing Society: Evidence for User-centric Design
Author/Editor: Juliane Jarke
The Codes of the Street in Risky Neighborhoods: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Youth Violence in Germany, Pakistan, and South Africa
Author/Editor: Wilhelm Heitmeyer,Simon Howell,Sebastian Kurtenbach,Abdul Rauf,Muhammad Zaman,Steffen Zdun
Code-switching Between Structural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives
Author/Editor: Gerald Stell,Kofi Yakpo
Codex 88 des Klosters Dečani und seine griechischen Vorlagen: Ein Kapitel der serbisch-byzantinischen Literaturbeziehungen im 14. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Ioannis Kakridis
The Codification of Jewish Law and an Introduction to the Jurisprudence of the "Mishna Berura"
Author/Editor: Michael J. Broyde,Ira Bedzow
Coexistence et confrontation des modèles agricoles et alimentaires
Author/Editor: Pierre Gasselin,Jan Douwe Van der Ploeg,Sylvie Lardon,Claire Cerdan,Salma Loudiyi,Denis Sautier
Cognition, Language and Aging
Author/Editor: heather wright
Cognitive Disability Aesthetics: Visual Culture, Disability Representations, and the (In)Visibility of Cognitive Difference
Author/Editor: Benjamin Fraser
Cognitive Supervision for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery
Author/Editor: Loris Fichera
Cohabitation and Marriage in the Americas: Geo-historical Legacies and New Trends
Cohabitation and Marriage in the Americas: Geo-historical Legacies and New Trends
Cohesion, Coherence and Temporal Reference from an Experimental Corpus Pragmatics Perspective
Author/Editor: Cristina Grisot
Cold Micro Metal Forming: Research Report of the Collaborative Research Center “Micro Cold Forming” (SFB 747), Bremen, Germany
Author/Editor: Frank Vollertsen,Sybille Friedrich,Bernd Kuhfuß,Peter Maaß,Claus Thomy,Hans-Werner Zoch
Cold War Anthropology
Author/Editor: Price H. ,David
Cold War Cosmopolitanism: Period Style in 1950s Korean Cinema
Author/Editor: Christina Klein
The Cold War: Historiography, Memory, Representation
Author/Editor: Konrad H. Jarausch,Christian Ostermann,Andreas Etges
The Cold War in the Classroom: International Perspectives on Textbooks and Memory Practices
Author/Editor: Barbara Christophe,Peter Gautschi,Robert Thorp
Coleridge's Laws
Coleridge's Laws : A Study of Coleridge in Malta
Author/Editor: Hough ,Barry,Davis ,Howard,Kooy John , Micheal
Collaborating Against Child Abuse: Exploring the Nordic Barnahus Model
Author/Editor: Susanna Johansson,Kari Stefansen,Elisiv Bakketeig,Anna Kaldal
Collaboration for Impact: Lessons from the Field
Author/Editor: John Butcher,David Gilchrist
Collaboration in Designing a Pedagogical Approach in Information Literacy
Author/Editor: Ane Landøy,Daniela Popa,Angela Repanovici
Collaborative capacity development to complement stroke rehabilitation in Africa
Author/Editor: Quinette Louw,Quinette Louw,Faeza Bardien,Karina Berner,Juanita Bester,Yolandi Brink,Marlette Burger
Collaborative Curriculum Design for Sustainable Innovation and Teacher Learning
Author/Editor: Jules Pieters,Joke Voogt,Natalie Pareja Roblin
Collaborative Governance
Collaborative Governance : A new era of public policy in Australia?
Author/Editor: O'Flynn ,Janine,Wanna ,John
Collaborative Learning and New Media: New Insights into an Evolving Field (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Christian Ludwig,Kris Van de Poel
Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries
Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries
The Collapse of a Pastoral Economy - The Datoga of Central and Northern Tanzania from the 1830s to the 2000s
Author/Editor: Samwel Shanga Mhajida
The Collapse of Communist Power in Poland
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Hayden
Collapse of Memory - Memory of Collapse: Narrating Past, Presence and Future about Periods of Crisis
Author/Editor: Joachim Schiedermair,Volha Olga Sasunkevich
Collective Actions in Europe: A Comparative, Economic and Transsystemic Analysis
Author/Editor: Csongor István Nagy
Collective Decision Making in Rural Japan
Author/Editor: Robert C. Marshall
Collider Physics within the Standard Model: A Primer
Author/Editor: Guido Altarelli,James Wells
Colombia frente a los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible: Retos desde los derechos humanos
Author/Editor: Paola Marcela Iregui-Parra,María Lucía Torres-Villarreal
Colonial and Post-Colonial Governance of Islam
Colonial and Post-Colonial Governance of Islam : Continuities and Ruptures
Colonial Australian Fiction: Character Types, Social Formations and the Colonial Economy
Author/Editor: Ken Gelder,Rachael Weaver
Colonial Caring
Colonial Caring : A History of Colonial and Post-colonial Nursing