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Why Join Portico?

Libraries and publishers need a way to feel secure and to enjoy the benefits that come from greater reliance on electronic resources.

Portico can help. Portico participating libraries enjoy improved collection management, reduced expenses, and increased peace of mind; while participating publishers have the opportunity to work alongside their library colleagues to help fill the need for a robust long-term preservation solution.

With 1,014 libraries and more than publishers, including 2,000 scholarly associations, participating in Portico today, the Portico archive is among the largest community-supported digital archives in existence.

Portico Participants

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Why Librarians Choose Portico

  • Scope – Portico preserves one of the largest and broadest collection of e-journals and e-books of any third-party preservation service. Portico also preserves a growing set of d-collections.
  • Binding Agreements – By creating and maintaining legal agreements with publishers, Portico has in place a clearly defined, long-term preservation service including the access rights libraries need.
  • Savings – By transitioning to electronic resources, libraries’ costs associated with print subscriptions, handling, and storage are reduced.
  • Approach – Portico’s comprehensive approach to digital preservation combines long-term content management and organizational commitment with a dedication to addressing the needs of tomorrow’s scholars.
  • Support – Participating libraries enjoy a practical means to act upon their traditional preservation mandate, along with personal service and assistance that only a dedicated digital preservation staff can offer.

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Why Publishers Choose Portico

  • Fulfill Library Demand – Participating publishers are able to fulfill library demand for a trusted, reliable, third-party digital archive. Publishers have the option of allowing Portico to facilitate the fulfillment of post-cancellation access claims.
  • Streamlined Operations – Participation in Portico relieves publishers of the obligation to convert source files to archival formats and to conduct future content or format migrations as technology changes.
  • Reduced Costs – Participation in Portico gives publishers the opportunity to reduce or potentially eliminate current internal archiving activities and related costs.

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