Portico provides libraries and publishers with reliable, cost-effective preservation of electronic resources, and contributes expertise and technical assistance to national libraries, ensuring that their content will be accessible to researchers, scholars, and students in the future.

Preservation service

With Portico’s e-journal, e-books, and digital collections preservation services, libraries’ investments in e-resources are protected and publishers can count on their content remaining available in perpetuity.


Since 2005, we have worked with publishers and libraries to preserve a rapidly increasing number of electronic journals. We conduct self-checks and third-party archive certifications to guarantee quality and security.

Portico’s e-journal and e-book preservation services operate on a community model in which both publishers and libraries help to defray the ongoing costs of operating the archive.


As more users access books online, a digital preservation strategy to ensure long-term access is vital. Portico provides publishers and libraries the ability to protect their collections.

Like the e-journals preservation service, this service operates through a community model through which both publishers and libraries help defray the ongoing costs of operating the archive, including the IT infrastructure to ingest, archive, and migrate the content committed to the archive.

Digital collections

Libraries and publishers have invested significantly in the creation of digitized historical collections such as newspapers, images, and other primary sources indispensable to research. Portico’s digital collection service preserves this content on behalf of participating publishers.

This service is solely supported by publishers who have committed their collections to the archive. Should a trigger event occur, access is provided for a publisher’s customers, whether or not they participate in Portico.

National libraries service

Portico and national libraries share a mission: to ensure that scholars and researchers have access to content in the future. We are proud to partner with national libraries and to provide our preservation expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure to guarantee access to their most critical content.

The British Library

Portico first began offering e-journal preservation support to national libraries through its work with the British Library. We helped the Library meet United Kingdom government regulations that extend the practice of legal deposit from traditional print publications to non-print publications in the UK web domain by providing them with normalized e-journal content.

Portico uses its established workflow and processes to create standardized and uniform journal content that can be exported to the British Library, helping to ensure that thousands of electronic journal titles will be collected, preserved, and made available to current and future generations of researchers in the UK. As necessary, Portico will develop new tools for processing additional publisher content.