Why libraries choose Portico

  • Scope
    Your content is covered. Portico preserves one of the largest and broadest collections of e-journals and e-books of any third-party preservation service, as well as a growing set of digital collections.
  • Security
    Your investment is protected. Should important digital resources become unavailable, your participation ensures that your acquisitions are never lost.
  • Support
    Your preservation mandate is strengthened. Portico provides personal service and assistance that only an expert digital preservation staff can offer.

Why publishers choose Portico

  • Library demand
    Participation fulfills the demand for a trusted, reliable, third-party digital archive. You may also appoint Portico to provide perpetual access to participating libraries who formerly purchased or subscribed to content.
  • Streamlined operations
    Portico’s services relieve you from having to conduct content or format migrations as technology changes.
  • Savings
    Portico can reduce or potentially eliminate your current internal archiving activities and the related costs.
  • Compliance with third-party/community requirements
    Meet criteria for a number of initiatives that require long-term preservation. Publishers in the UK may also benefit from Portico’s arrangement with the British Library.

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