Learn how to request holdings reports, how to manage access to triggered and post-cancellation/perpetual access content, how to access to the Portico audit site, and download logos to use in promoting your participation in Portico.

Holdings comparisons
Post-cancellation/perpetual access
Triggered content
Audit site
Usage statistics

Holdings comparisons

Portico offers a holdings comparison service to participating and non-participating libraries. This allows you to manage the preservation status of your collection, compare costs to other preservation solutions, and inform decisions about joining Portico. You’ll just need to submit a list of ISSNs; Portico will perform and return your comparison, free of charge.

Post-cancellation/perpetual access

Publishers may name Portico as a perpetual access source through which their former subscribers may request ongoing access to content. The former subscribers must also be Portico-participating libraries. For many publishers, Portico is not the only perpetual access alternative. We encourage librarians to investigate all of their options, including requesting access directly from the relevant publisher, to make the best access decision for their libraries.

Visit the titles and collections page to see which titles are eligible for post-cancellation/perpetual access.

To make a formal claim, please contact us at support@portico.org with a request to initiate access via Portico and include the following details:

A list of the specific content to which you subscribed or purchased. Using this template, please include:

  • For journals: titles, volumes, and issues to which you subscribed
  • For books: title and ISBNs of books to which you are entitled to perpetual access
  • The name of the publisher or agent with whom you carried the subscription
  • Verification that you purchased the stated volumes/issues of the requested titles (acceptable documentation may include copies of invoices or purchase orders, screenshots from your purchasing system, or other relevant documentation)

Upon receipt of your information we will alert the publisher of our intention to provide access to the requested content in support of your claim. We will send you confirmation of this step.

After being notified that a claim has been made, participating publishers have 30 days to verify the claim and respond with any questions. If, within that time period, the publisher has not notified Portico that the claim cannot be verified, and assuming the content has been committed and delivered to Portico and preserved in the Portico archive, we will then initiate IP-authenticated access to the requested content. If there are any questions or concerns, we will work with you and the publisher to address them.

Triggered Content

Access to triggered content

All participating publishers allow Portico to make their archived content available for use by participating libraries in the case of a “trigger event”–any condition that causes titles to no longer be available from the publisher or through a successor.

Trigger events include:

  • Cessation of a publisher’s operations
  • Discontinuation of a title by a publisher
  • Back issues no longer offered by a publisher
  • Catastrophic and sustained failure of a publisher’s delivery platform for longer than 90 days

Portico also preserves thousands of open access (OA) titles and works with publishers to maintain free access when they are triggered. A full list of links to triggered content is available.

EZProxy setup

To enable your Portico access via EZProxy, please contact us with the IP address of your EZProxy server. Our recommended configuration is found on the OCLC EZProxy support site. OCLC’s support team can help you with any configuration questions.

Note that EZProxy must be explicitly configured to handle https. If https handling is not set up, users will lose their proxied status when they arrive at the Portico login page and their authorization will be lost. SSL configuration must be completed according to the specifications on OCLC’s support website.

Links to triggered and open access content

The Portico delivery system uses Open URL links. The base URL is: http://www.portico.org/openurl/resolver.

Portico works with the following linking and A-Z list vendors to ensure that data about triggered content and open access titles are available in their knowledge bases. Portico supports inbound linking only.

  • CrossRef
  • ExLibris
  • Gold Rush
  • Journal Finder
  • SerialsSolutions
  • TDnet
  • Worldcat knowledge base

KBART files are available for the triggered Portico titles and triggered OA titles. For assistance with knowledge base and setup questions, please contact your discovery service representative.

Audit site

Each participating library may name up to four librarians who are granted password-controlled access to the audit site for verification purposes. Auditors can verify the completeness of their collections, the status of the content within the archive, and the quality of individual journals, books, etc. Auditor access is not for distributing content to patrons, for interlibrary loans, document delivery, or for any purpose other than testing the integrity of the archival items.

Publishers will be provided with credentials to review their dashboard and content on the audit site after Portico has begun ingesting their content.

Libraries and publishers may send new auditor requests and changes to our Support team or call us at +1-877-422-4022.

Usage statistics

Portico is primarily a dark preservation archive with a small number of accessible titles that have been made available due to discontinuation by publishers, and therefore there is usually no or very low usage. Currently, we do not have a way for you to gather usage statistics directly through Portico’s site. However, we can provide usage statistics report upon request. Please note that this is a manual process and may take up to five business days to generate.


Our set of digital logos may be downloaded and used in print or online materials.

Terms of Use: Portico and the Portico logo are trademarks, and the Portico trademark has been registered in the United States and other countries. Use of the Portico name or logo for any purpose other than as described above, or in any way that may cause confusion as to the provider of the Portico service or any other organization’s services, is not permitted.

We ask that you refrain from making any changes to the logo. If you need a logo of a different size, resolution, or format, please contact us.