Available to all librarians, our holdings comparison service can assist you in making decisions about maintaining print holdings of e-journal content preserved in Portico, manage the preservation status of your collection, and compare costs to other preservation solutions.

Simply submit a list of the ISSNs associated with the titles that you hold. The list may be a text file with one ISSN per line or an Excel spreadsheet with your ISSNs as a column (the spreadsheet can include additional columns of data). The ISSN may be formatted in any of the following ways:

  • ISSN 0123-456X
  • 0123-456X
  • 0123456X

You will then receive an Excel spreadsheet explaining the status in Portico of each provided ISSN–preserved, queued, or not committed to the archive–along with title, print ISSN and E-ISSN, publisher providing the content to Portico, and a list of issues and the time frame of the content currently preserved in our archive.

Note: Items marked with * are required.

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Please email files greater than 3MB directly to info@portico.org