Available to all librarians, our holdings comparison service can assist you in making decisions about maintaining print holdings of e-journal and e-book content preserved in Portico, manage the preservation status of your collection, and compare costs to other preservation solutions.

Simply submit a list of the ISSNs associated with the journals that you hold or a list of the ISBN associated with the books that you hold (we can compare books and journals, but must run them separately). The list may be a text file with one identifier per line or an Excel spreadsheet with your identifiers in a single column (the spreadsheet can include additional columns of data). The identifiers may be formatted in any of the following ways:

  • ISSN 0123-456X
  • 0123-456X
  • 0123456X

You do not need to include any additional information with each identifier, but it may be helpful to you when reviewing the results by eye to have other metadata elements included, such as title and publisher.

We will send you the result of the holdings comparison as an Excel spreadsheet that explains the status in Portico of each provided identifier–preserved, queued, or not committed to the archive–along with title, all identifiers, publisher providing the content to Portico, a list of issues preserved, and the time frame of the content currently preserved in our archive.

    Note: Items marked with * are required.

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    Please email files greater than 3MB directly to support@portico.org