Portico is one of the most comprehensive digital preservation archives; we hold more content than others and have extensive knowledge about the content we preserve, including  an understanding of component file types and formats. The archive is growing daily, and the information below is regularly updated.

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Preserved content

Preserved archival units (articles, books, etc.) 142,931,106
Preserved ejournal titles 39,141
Preserved ebook titles 1,864,254
Preserved files 2,555,762,725
Preserved images 1,547,032,544
Preserved repository-created archival files 307,123,239
Preserved supplied text files 523,331,824
Preserved application-specific files 34,388,775
Preserved multi-file packages 21,904,699
Preserved video files 444,308
Preserved audio files 11,265
Preserved executable files 118