Portico is one of the most comprehensive digital preservation archives; we hold more content than others and have extensive knowledge about the data we preserve, as well as the component file types and formats. The tables below provide regularly updated figures on the content and global library and publisher participation.

Participation facts and figures
Participating publishers 645*
Participating libraries 1,014
Committed e-journal titles 33,197
Committed e-book titles 1,484,456
Committed digital collections 232

* on behalf of over 2,000 societies and associations

Content facts and figures
Preserved archival units (articles, books, etc.) 108,159,334
Preserved e-journal titles 30,756
Preserved e-book titles 1,075,020
Preserved files 1,756,111,523
Preserved images 1,068,660,900
Preserved repository-created archival files 231,385,065
Preserved supplied text files 380,948,777
Preserved application-specific files 28,621,241
Preserved multi-file packages 10,876,988
Preserved video files 175,350
Preserved audio files 5,439
Preserved executable files 106