Trigger Events

What is a Trigger Event?

Trigger events initiate access to a participating library regardless of whether they previously subscribed to the title(s).

When materials that are preserved in the archive become lost, orphaned, or abandoned in the outside world, Portico participants receive access to them.

There are four types of trigger events:

  • When a publisher ceases operations and titles are no longer available from any other source
  • When a publisher ceases to publish and offer a title and it is not offered by another publisher or entity
  • When back issues are removed from a publisher’s offering and are not available elsewhere
  • Upon catastrophic failure by a publisher’s delivery platform for a sustained period of time

Do Trigger Events Occur?

Yes, and when they have, Portico has been ready.

Graft: Organ and Cell Transplantation

Graft Cover Image In 2007 SAGE Publications became the first Portico participant to trigger content archived by Portico by discontinuing access to the journal Graft: Organ and Cell Transplantation, (published by SAGE Publications from January 2001 to March 2003). As a result, hundreds of Portico participating libraries have campus-wide access to this title.

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