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Perpetual Access

Publishers can select Portico as a perpetual access—or post-cancellation access—mechanism for their e-journals and e-books. The majority of the titles in the Portico archive are available for access if needed.

Which titles are available for perpetual or post-cancellation access?

Visit the publishers’ information page to see which publishers have designated Portico as a perpetual access mechanism: There will be a “yes” in the “PCA” column if a publisher has named Portico has a perpetual access mechanism.

For many publishers, Portico is not the only perpetual access alternative. We encourage librarians to investigate all of their options, including requesting access directly from the relevant publisher, so that they can make the best access decision for their libraries.

How do I make a claim?

Please submit a formal claim to us by emailing a statement of your desire to initiate access via Portico with the following details:

  • The specific content to which you subscribed or purchased
    (Use this Excel PA_PCA_template)
  •  -For journals: titles, volumes, and issues to which you subscribed
     -For books: title and ISBNs of books to which you are entitled to perpetual access

  • The publisher or agent with whom you carried the subscription and
  • Verification that you purchased the stated volumes and issues of the requested titles (this may include copies of invoices or purchase orders, screen shots from your purchasing system, or other relevant documentation)
  • Upon receipt of your information we will alert the publisher or publishers in question of our intention to provide access to the requested content in support of your claim, and we will send you confirmation of this step.

    After being notified by Portico that a claim has been made, participating publishers have 30 days to verify the claim and respond back with any questions they may have for Portico or the library. If the publisher has not notified Portico that the claim cannot be verified within that time period and, assuming the content has been committed and delivered to Portico and preserved in the Portico archive, we will then initiate IP-authenticated access to the requested content via the Portico web site. If there are any questions or concerns, we will work with the publisher and you to address these.