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Summary of Content
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Digitized Print Electronic Current Content PCA
No Yes Yes Yes

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
The ADHD Report Guilford Publications 1065-8025 1943-2747 Preserved Yes
AIDS Education and Prevention: An Interdisciplinary Journal Guilford Publications 0899-9546 1943-2755 Preserved Yes
Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic: A Journal for the Mental Health Professions Guilford Publications 0025-9284 1943-2828 Preserved Yes
Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology News Guilford Publications 1085-0295 1943-2739 Preserved Yes
International Journal of Cognitive Therapy Guilford Publications 1937-1209 1937-1217 Preserved Yes
International Journal of Group Psychotherapy Guilford Publications 0020-7284 1943-2836 Preserved Yes
Journal of Personality Disorders Guilford Publications 0885-579X 1943-2763 Preserved Yes
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology Guilford Publications 0736-7236 1943-2771 Preserved Yes
Journal of Strategic and Systemic Therapies Guilford Publications 0711-5075 N/A Preserved Yes
Journal of Systemic Therapies Guilford Publications 1195-4396 1195-4396 Preserved Yes
The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis Guilford Publications 0090-3604 N/A Preserved Yes
Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry Guilford Publications 1546-0371 1943-2852 Preserved Yes
Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes Guilford Publications 0033-2747 1943-281X Preserved Yes
The Psychoanalytic Review Guilford Publications 0033-2836 1943-3301 Preserved Yes
Psychodynamic Psychiatry Guilford Publications 2162-2590 2162-2604 Preserved Yes
Science & Society Guilford Publications 0036-8237 1943-2801 Preserved Yes
Social Cognition Guilford Publications 0278-016X 1943-2801 Preserved Yes
Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior Guilford Publications 0363-0234 1943-278X Preserved Yes