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Summary of Content
This is a high-level summary of the content Portico expects to receive from the INFORMS
Digitized Print Electronic Current Content PCA
Yes Yes Yes No

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Decision Analysis INFORMS 1545-8490 1545-8504 Preserved No
Information Systems Research INFORMS 1047-7047 1526-5536 Preserved No
INFORMS Journal on Computing INFORMS 1091-9856 1526-5528 Preserved No
INFORMS Transactions on Education INFORMS N/A 1532-0545 Preserved No
Interfaces INFORMS 0092-2102 1526-551X Preserved No
Management Science INFORMS 0025-1909 1526-5501 Preserved No
Management Technology INFORMS 0542-4917 1526-5501 Preserved No
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management INFORMS 1523-4614 1526-5498 Preserved No
Marketing Science INFORMS 0732-2399 1526-548X Preserved No
Mathematics of Operations Research INFORMS 0364-765X 1526-5471 Preserved No
Operations Research INFORMS 0030-364X 1526-5463 Preserved No
Organization Science INFORMS 1047-7039 1526-5455 Preserved No
ORSA Journal on Computing INFORMS 0899-1499 1526-5528 Preserved No
Service Science INFORMS 2164-3962 2164-3970 Preserved No
Strategy Science INFORMS 2333-2050 2333-2077 Preserved No
Transportation Science INFORMS 0041-1655 1526-5447 Preserved No