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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Acetic Acid Bacteria Page Press N/A 2240-2845 Preserved Yes
Advances in Oceanography and Limnology Page Press 1947-5721 1947-573X Preserved Yes
Ageing Research Page Press 2036-7384 2036-7376 Queued Yes
Alternative Medicine Studies Page Press 2038-9477 2038-9485 Preserved Yes
Antiqua Page Press 2038-9590 2038-9604 Preserved Yes
Astronomy Studies Development Page Press 2038-9612 2038-9620 Queued Yes
Audiology Research Page Press 2039-4330 2039-4349 Preserved Yes
Cardiogenetics Page Press 2035-8253 2035-8148 Preserved Yes
Chest Disease Reports Page Press 2039-4764 2039-4772 Preserved Yes
Clinics & Practice Page Press 2039-7275 2039-7283 Preserved Yes
Dermatology Reports Page Press 2036-7392 2036-7406 Preserved Yes
Drugs and Therapy Studies Page Press 2038-9493 2038-9507 Preserved Yes
Emergency Care Journal Page Press 1826-9826 2282-2054 Preserved Yes
Endocrinology Studies Page Press 2038-9515 2038-9523 Preserved Yes
European Journal of Histochemistry Page Press 1121-760X 2038-8306 Preserved Yes
European Journal of Translational Myology Page Press 2037-7452 2037-7460 Preserved Yes
Eye Reports Page Press 2039-4748 2039-4756 Preserved Yes
Gastroenterology Insights Page Press 2036-7414 2036-7422 Preserved Yes
Geospatial Health Page Press 1827-1987 1970-7096 Preserved Yes
Geriatric Care Page Press 2465-1109 2465-1397 Preserved Yes
Global Meteorology Page Press 2038-9639 2038-9647 Preserved Yes
Health Psychology Research Page Press N/A 2420-8124 Preserved Yes
Heart International Page Press 1826-1868 2036-2579 Preserved Yes
Hematology Reports Page Press 2038-8322 2038-8330 Preserved Yes
Human Origins Research Page Press 2039-165X 2039-1668 Queued Yes
Infectious Disease Reports Page Press 2036-7430 2036-7449 Preserved Yes
International Journal of Plant Biology Page Press 2037-0156 2037-0164 Preserved Yes
Italian Journal of Agronomy Page Press 1125-4718 2039-6805 Preserved Yes
Italian Journal of Animal Science Page Press 1594-4077 1828-051X Preserved Yes
Italian Journal of Food Safety Page Press N/A 2239-7132 Preserved Yes
Italian Journal of Medicine Page Press 1877-9344 1877-9352 Preserved Yes
Journal of Agricultural Engineering Page Press 1974-7071 2239-6268 Preserved Yes
Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research Page Press 2038-324X 2279-7084 Preserved Yes
Journal of Limnology Page Press 1129-5767 1723-8633 Preserved Yes
Journal of Nucleic Acids Investigation Page Press 2035-6005 2036-7996 Preserved Yes
Journal of Public Health in Africa Page Press 2038-9922 2038-9930 Preserved Yes
Journal of Public Health Research Page Press 2279-9028 2279-9036 Preserved Yes
Journal of the Academy of Sciences Page Press 2279-882X 2279-8811 Queued Yes
Journal of Xenobiotics Page Press 2039-4705 2039-4713 Preserved Yes
Malaria Reports Page Press 2039-4373 2039-4381 Preserved Yes
Map Kinase Page Press N/A 2235-4956 Preserved Yes
Medical Education Development Page Press 2038-9531 2038-954X Preserved Yes
Mental Illness Page Press 2036-7457 2036-7465 Preserved Yes
Microbiology Research Page Press 2036-7473 2036-7481 Preserved Yes
Nanotechnology Development Page Press 2038-9671 2038-968X Preserved Yes
Nephrology Reviews Page Press 2035-8261 2035-813X Preserved Yes
Neurology International Page Press 2035-8385 2035-8377 Preserved Yes
Nursing Reports Page Press 2039-439X 2039-4403 Preserved Yes
Oncology Reviews Page Press 1970-5557 1970-5565 Preserved Yes
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Open Journal of Archaeometry Page Press 2038-1948 2038-1956 Preserved Yes
Optometry Reports Page Press 2039-4721 2039-473X Preserved Yes
Orthopedic Reviews Page Press 2035-8237 2035-8164 Preserved Yes
Pediatria Medica e Chirurgica Page Press 0391-5387 2420-7748 Preserved Yes
Pediatric Reports Page Press 2036-749X 2036-7503 Preserved Yes
Rare Tumors Page Press 2036-3605 2036-3613 Preserved Yes
Research in Geophysics Page Press 2038-9655 2038-9663 Preserved Yes
Rheumatology Reports Page Press 2036-7511 2036-752X Preserved Yes
Stem Cell Studies Page Press 2038-9558 2038-9566 Queued Yes
Surgical Techniques Development Page Press 2038-9574 2038-9582 Preserved Yes
Teratology Studies Page Press 2039-4411 2039-442X Preserved Yes
Thalassemia Reports Page Press 2039-4357 2039-4365 Preserved Yes
Trends in Evolutionary Biology Page Press 2036-2641 2036-265X Preserved Yes
Urogynaecologia Page Press 1121-3086 2038-8314 Preserved Yes
Veins and Lymphatics Page Press N/A 2279-7483 Preserved Yes
Veterinary Science Development Page Press 2038-9698 2038-9701 Preserved Yes
Wine Studies Page Press 2039-4438 2039-4446 Preserved Yes
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