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Summary of Content
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Digitized Print Electronic Current Content PCA
No Yes Yes Yes

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E-Journal Titles Table

TitlePublisherPrint ISSNE-ISSNStatusPCA
Advances in Applied Biomedicine HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2305-1604 Preserved Yes
Avicenna HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2220-2749 Preserved Yes
Contemporary Islamic Studies HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2220-2757 Preserved Yes
DIFI Family Research and Proceedings HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2309-3927 Preserved Yes
Global Cardiology Science and Practice HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2305-7823 Preserved Yes
Global Cardiology Science & Practice HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2220-2730 Preserved Yes
Innovations in Global Medical and Health Education HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2308-2526 Preserved Yes
International Review of Law HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2223-859X Preserved Yes
Journal of Emergency Medicine Trauma & Acute Care (JEMTAC) HBKU Press (QScience) 1999-7086 1999-7094 Preserved Yes
Journal of Georgetown University-Qatar Middle Eastern Studies Student Association HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2311-8148 Preserved Yes
Journal of Local and Global Health Science HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2306-0441 Preserved Yes
Local and Global Health Perspectives HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2225-9228 Preserved Yes
Near and Middle Eastern Journal of Research in Education HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 1703-1958 Preserved Yes
Perspectives in International Librarianship HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2219-8962 Preserved Yes
Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum Proceedings HBKU Press (QScience) 2220-251X N/A Preserved Yes
Qatar Medical Journal HBKU Press (QScience) 0253-8253 2227-0426 Preserved Yes
Qscience Connect HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2223-506X Preserved Yes
QScience Proceedings HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2226-9649 Preserved Yes
Sustainable Technologies, Systems and Policies HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2220-2765 Preserved Yes
Tasmeem HBKU Press (QScience) N/A 2221-9048 Preserved Yes