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Titles start with V (5,820) Information
V-1 Flying Bomb 1942-52
Author/Editor: Steven Zaloga
Series Title: New Vanguard
V1 Flying Bomb Aces
Author/Editor: Thomas, Anew
Series Title: Aircraft of the Aces
$v_{1}$-Periodic Homotopy Groups of $SO(n)$
Author/Editor: Martin Bendersky; Donald M. Davis
V-22 Osprey
Author/Editor: Hamilton, John
Series Title: A & D Xtreme
V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942-52
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steve
Series Title: New Vanguard
Author/Editor: Ib Melchior
V 3 Laches
Author/Editor: Plato.-Hardy, Jörg
Series Title: Werke / Platon, im Auftrag der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur zu Mainz herausgegeben von Ernst Heitsch, Carl Werner Müller und Kurt Sier
Vaardigheden voor het samenwerken in teams
Author/Editor: Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven; Hanneke Grutterink
Vacaciones para el Alma: Dedicándote Tiempo para Sanarte el Alma
Author/Editor: Dy Wakefield
Vacancies and Interstitials in Metals and Alloys
Author/Editor: Abromeit, C.; Wollenberger, H.
Vacant to Vibrant: Creating Successful Green Infrastructure Networks
Author/Editor: Sandra Albro
Vacanza all'inferno
Author/Editor: Justice Gray
Vacanza sugli altipiani (Amore sugli altipiani vol.1)
Author/Editor: Simone Beaudelaire
Vacas (Cows)
Author/Editor: Murray, Julie
Vacation Homes and Log Cabins
Author/Editor: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Author/Editor: Morine, David E.
Vacation of a Lifetime
Author/Editor: Sue, Brenda
Author/Editor: Jerry Bowen
Series Title: Images of America
The Vaccination Debate
Author/Editor: Sherman, Jill
Series Title: Essential Viewpoints
Author/Editor: Dyson, Howard L.; Steen, David B.
Author/Editor: Campbell, Braydon E.; Bezio, Adeline I.
The Vaccinators: Smallpox, Medical Knowledge, and the ‘Opening’ of Japan
Author/Editor: Jannetta, Ann Bowman
Vaccine Court
Author/Editor: Kirkland, Anna
The Vaccine Narrative, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Heller, Jacob
Vaccine Nation
Author/Editor: Conis, Elena
The Vaccine Religion
Author/Editor: Walene James
Author/Editor: Hand, Carol
Series Title: Medical Marvels
Vaccines and Diagnostics for Transboundary Animal Diseases
Author/Editor: Morozov, Igor-Richt, J. A.-Roth, James A.-United States
Series Title: Developments in Biologicals
Vaccines For Latent Viral Infections
Author/Editor: Liljana Stevceva
Vaccines for Older Adults: Current Practices and Future Opportunities
Author/Editor: B. Weinberger
The Vacillations of Poppy Carew
Author/Editor: Wesley, Mary
Vaclav Havel
Author/Editor: Pontuso, James F.
Vaclav Havel: Civic Responsibility in the Postmodern Age
Author/Editor: Pontuso, James F.
The Vacuum Cleaner
Author/Editor: Gantz, Carroll
Vacuum Flowers
Author/Editor: Swanwick, Michael
Vacuum Technology
Author/Editor: Hucknall, D. J.; Morris, A.
Vademecum für histopathologische Untersuchungen in der Gynäkologie
Author/Editor: Orthmann, E.G
Vademecum Metabolicum
Author/Editor: Johannes Zschocke; Georg F. Hoffmann
Vademecum Metabolicum, 3rd edition
Author/Editor: Zschocke, Johannes; Hoffmann, Georg F.
Vader, Voldemort and Other Villains
Author/Editor: Heit, Jamey
Va'era-Bo (English)
Author/Editor: CET-LE TEAM
Va'era-Bo (Hebrew)
Author/Editor: CET-LE TEAM
Va-'era' (Exodus 6:2-9:35) and Haftarah (Ezekiel 28:25-29:21): The JPS B'nai Mitzvah Torah Commentary
Author/Editor: Salkin, Jeffrey K.
The Vagabond
Author/Editor: Colette
Author/Editor: Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Vagabonding Masks
Author/Editor: Simonova-Partan, Olʹga
Series Title: Liber Primus
Vagabonding Masks: The Italian Commedia Dell’Arte in the Russian Artistic Imagination
Author/Editor: Olga Partan
Vagabond Policeman
Author/Editor: Max K. Hurlbut
Vagabonds of Gor
Author/Editor: Norman, John
Series Title: Gorean Saga
Author/Editor: Jen Minkman
The Vagaries of the Qaṣīdah
Author/Editor: Montgomery, J. E.
Vagaries of Value
Author/Editor: Rescher, Nicholas.
Vagheit im Recht
Author/Editor: Gruschke, Daniel.
The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History
Author/Editor: Rees, Emma L. E.
Vaginalmykose und perinatale Pilzinfektion
Author/Editor: Schnell, J.D
Vaginalsonographie in der Gynäkologie
Author/Editor: Krause, Bernd Th
Series Title: Frauenärztliche Taschenbücher
Vagrancy in English Culture and Society, 1650-1750
Author/Editor: Hitchcock, David J.
Vagrants and Vagabonds: Poverty and Mobility in the Early American Republic
Author/Editor: O'Brassill-Kulfan, Kristin
Vague Language, Elasticity Theory and the Use of ‘Some’: A Comparative Study of L1 and L2 Speakers in Educational Settings
Author/Editor: Grace Qiao Zhang; Nhu Nguyet Le
Author/Editor: Keefe, Rosanna.; Smith, Peter
Vagueness As a Political Strategy
Author/Editor: Scotto Di Carlo, Giuseppina
Vahlens Kompendium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre Bd. 1
Author/Editor: Bitz, Michael
Series Title: Vahlens Kompendium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Vahlens Kompendium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre Bd. 1, 5., völlig überarbeitete Auflage
Author/Editor: Bitz, Michael
Vahlens Kompendium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre Bd. 2
Author/Editor: Bitz, Michael
Series Title: Vahlens kompendium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Vahlens Kompendium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre Bd. 2, 5., völlig überarbeitete Auflage
Author/Editor: Bitz, Michael
Úvahy nad Tórou
Author/Editor: Leibowitz, Ješajahu
The Vain Conversation: A Novel
Author/Editor: Anthony Grooms
Vain Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Salyer, Gary D.
Vaishvik Jihad aur America: Iraq aur Afghanistan se Pare Shatakiya Yuddh
Author/Editor: Taj Hashmi
Vaishvikrit Duniya mein Lok Prashasan
Author/Editor: Bidyut Chakrabarty; Prakash Chand
Vaishvikrit Duniya mein Lok Prashasan: Siddhant aur Paddhatiyan
Author/Editor: Bidyut Chakrabarty; Prakash Chand
Vakuumelektronik: Zwischen Elektronenröhre und Ionentriebwerk
Author/Editor: Manfred Rost
Val and Vince
Author/Editor: Scheunemann, Pam
Series Title: SandCastle First Sounds
Valcer protiv Eintrachta
Author/Editor: Hrvoje Šalković
Author/Editor: Michael O. Holt
Series Title: Images of America
Valdosta State University
Author/Editor: Deborah Skinner Davis
Series Title: Campus History
Valence Changes in Zapotec
Author/Editor: Sonnenschein, Aaron Huey; Operstein, Natalie
Valence, Semantic Case, and Grammatical Relations
Author/Editor: Abraham, Werner.
Valences of Interdisciplinarity
Author/Editor: Foshay, Raphael
Series Title: Cultural Dialectics
Author/Editor: Götz-Votteler, Katrin-Herbst, Thomas
Series Title: Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs
A Valency Dictionary of English
Author/Editor: Herbst, Thomas
Series Title: Topics in English Linguistics
Valency in Verbs and Verb-Related Structures
Author/Editor: Anna Malicka-Kleparska; Maria Bloch-Trojnar
Author/Editor: Poigner, Emmanuelle
Series Title: Hot Pleasures
Author/Editor: Anthony, Evelyn
Valentina's Lost Days
Author/Editor: A.P. Hernández
Valentina's Lost Days
Author/Editor: A.P. Hernández
Valentina sucht das Glück
Author/Editor: Hans Kruppa
Author/Editor: Raymo, Chet.
Valentine Baker's Heroic Stand At Tashkessen 1877
Author/Editor: Frank Jastrzembski
Valentine Cowboy
Author/Editor: Drew Hunt
The Valentine Estate
Author/Editor: Ellin, Stanley
Author/Editor: Kooser, Ted.
Valentine's Day
Author/Editor: Murray, Julie
Series Title: A Buddy Book
Valentine's Day
Author/Editor: Julie Murray
Valentine's Day in Egypt: A Reading on the Religious and Cultural Argument
Author/Editor: صامولي شيلكه وأيمون كرايل
The Valentine's Day Resolution
Author/Editor: Ava Hayden
Valentine Shower
Author/Editor: John C. Houser
Series Title: A Valentine Rainbow
A Valentine's Surprise
Author/Editor: James, Melanie
Series Title: Riverton Romance
Valentine Surprise
Author/Editor: George Jacobs
Valentine the Porcupine Dances Funny
Author/Editor: Brown, Derrick.; Lewis, Jenny
Valentine T. McGillycuddy
Author/Editor: Moulton, Candy Vyvey
Valentine Wishes
Author/Editor: Daisy Banks
Valentinian Christianity: Texts and Translations
Author/Editor: Estleman, Loren D.
Valentino Affair
Author/Editor: Evans, Colin
Valentino Affair: The Jazz Age Murder Scandal That Shocked New York Society and Gripped the World
Author/Editor: Evans, Colin
Valentino As I Knew Him
Author/Editor: S. George Ullman
Valentino: Film Detective
Author/Editor: Estleman, Loren D
The Valentino Mystique
Author/Editor: Ellenberger, Allan R
Valentio Di' Buondelmonte
Author/Editor: Khatchadourian, Haig
Valenzen englischer Prädikatsverben
Author/Editor: Emons, Rudolf
Series Title: Linguistische Arbeiten
Valenzgrammatik des Deutschen
Author/Editor: Welke, Klaus
Series Title: De Gruyter Studium
Valenz, Konstruktion und Deutsch als Fremdsprache
Author/Editor: Fischer, Klaus.; Mòllica, Fabio.
Valenztheorie und historische Sprachwissenschaft
Author/Editor: Greule, Albrecht
Series Title: Reihe Germanistische Linguistik
The Vale of Laughter
Author/Editor: De Vries, Peter
The Vale of Rheidol Railway: The Story of a Narrow Gauge Survivor
Author/Editor: Peter Johnson
The Vale of Soulmaking
Author/Editor: Williams, Meg Harris
Vale of Tears
Author/Editor: Levine, Robert M.
Vale of Tears
Author/Editor: King, Peter T.
Valerias letztes Gefecht
Author/Editor: Marc Fitten
Valeria y Víctor
Author/Editor: Camarena, Cathy-Ruff, Gloria B
Series Title: Sandcastle primeros sonidos
Valerie and Greg
Author/Editor: Melanie James
Series Title: Éveiller Drive
Valerii Flacci Argonautica I
Author/Editor: Galli, Daniela
Series Title: Beiträge zur Altertumskunde
Valerius: A Roman Story
Author/Editor: Lockhart, John Gibson
Valerius Flaccus’ dramatische Erzähltechnik
Author/Editor: Sauer, Christoph
Series Title: Hypomnemata
Valerius Maximus, ›Facta Et Dicta Memorabilia‹, Book 8: Text, Introduction, and Commentary
Author/Editor: John Briscoe
The Valet's Tragedy and Other Studies
Author/Editor: Lang, Andrew
Valeurs religieuses et développement durable
Author/Editor: Kana, Célestine Colette Fouellefak
Author/Editor: Ari Bach
Series Title: Valhalla
Valhalla's Swordsmith
Author/Editor: Hill, Tom
Valhalla's Swordsmith: The Slave Girl Who Became a Viking Warrior
Author/Editor: Hill, Tom
The Valhalla Testament
Author/Editor: Land, Jon
Valiant Boys
Author/Editor: Blackman, Tony; Wright, Anthony
Valiant Deception
Author/Editor: Harvey, Michael J
Valiant for Truth
Author/Editor: McDonald, Neil-Brune, Peter
The Valiant Hearts Romance Collection
Author/Editor: Kristin Billerbeck; Darlene Franklin; Pamela Griffin; JoAnn A. Grote; Colleen L. Reece; Janet Spaeth; Jennifer Rogers Spinola; MaryLu Tyndall; Kathleen Y'Barbo
The Valiant Hours; Narrative Of “Captain Brevet,” An Irish-American In The Army Of The Potomac
Author/Editor: Thomas Francis Galwey
Valiant Minstrel
Author/Editor: Malvern, Gladys-Malvern, Corinne
The Valiant Runaways
Author/Editor: Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn
Valiant Units of the Cold War
Author/Editor: Brookes, Anew
Series Title: Combat Aircraft
Valiant Units of the Cold War, Unabridged
Author/Editor: Brookes, Anew.
The Valiant Welshman, the Scottish James, and the Formation of Great Britain
Author/Editor: Megan Lloyd
The Valiant Woman
Author/Editor: Alvarez, Elizabeth Hayes
The Valiant Women
Author/Editor: Williams, Jeanne
Series Title: Arizona Saga
Valid Analytical Methods and Procedures
Author/Editor: Burgess, C.
Validated Numerics: A Short Introduction to Rigorous Computations
Author/Editor: Tucker, Warwick
Validated Numerics, Course Book
Author/Editor: Warwick Tucker
Validating Analytic Rating Scales
Author/Editor: Berger, Armin
Validating Language Proficiency Assessments in Second Language Acquisition Research
Author/Editor: Drackert, Anastasia
Validating RDF Data
Author/Editor: Jose Emilio Labra Gayo-Eric Prud'hommeaux-Iovka Boneva-Dimitris Kontokostas
Series Title: Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Technology
Validating Your Business Continuity Plan
Author/Editor: Clark, Robert A.
Validation in Language Testing
Author/Editor: Cumming, Alister H.; Berwick, Richard.
Validation of Chromatography Data Systems
Author/Editor: McDowall, R. D.
Validation of Chromatography Data Systems
Author/Editor: McDowall, Robert
Series Title: RSC Chromatography Monographs
The Validation Process for EYPS, 2nd ed
Author/Editor: Colloby, Jennifer.
Validity and Social Experimentation
Author/Editor: Bickman, Leonard
Validity Evaluation in Language Assessment
Author/Editor: Norris, John Michael.
Validity in Educational and Psychological Assessment
Author/Editor: Newton, Paul E.; Robinson, Naomi; Lagrange, Marianne; Shaw, Stuart D.; Cambridge Assessment.
Author/Editor: Mike Sims
The Valkyrie
Author/Editor: Fisher, Burton D.-Opera Journeys Publishing
Series Title: Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series
The Valkyrie Project
Author/Editor: Kilian, Michael
Valkyrie’s Daughter
Author/Editor: John E. Siers
Valkyrie: The North American XB-70
Author/Editor: Simons, Graham M
Valkyrie: The Women of the Viking World
Author/Editor: Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir
Author/Editor: James E. Kern-Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum
Series Title: Images of America
Vallenato, tradición y comercio
Author/Editor: González, Héctor
The Valley
Author/Editor: Hinojosa, Rolando.
The Valley: A Story From the Heart of the Land
Author/Editor: McKernan, Michael
Valley Forge
Author/Editor: Lorett Treese
Valley Interfaith and School Reform, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Shirley, Dennis
Valley of Choice Trilogy
Author/Editor: Olivia Newport
The Valley of Decision
Author/Editor: Wharton, Edith
Valley of Decisions
Author/Editor: Hwande, Iorhemen
Valley of Dreams
Author/Editor: Weinbaum, Stanley G
The Valley of Fear
Author/Editor: Doyle, Arthur Conan
The Valley of Fear
Author/Editor: Conan Doyle, Arthur
Series Title: Classics to Go
The Valley of Fear
Author/Editor: Doyle, Arthur Conan
The Valley of Fear
Author/Editor: Doyle, Arthur Conan
The Valley of Fear
Author/Editor: Doyle, Arthur Conan
Valley of Light
Author/Editor: Berry, Ian
Valley of Light: The Third Book in the Saskia Story
Author/Editor: Berry, Ian.
Valley of Shadows
Author/Editor: Phoenix Emrys
The Valley of Silent Men
Author/Editor: Curwood, James Oliver
The Valley of the Fox
Author/Editor: Joseph Hone
Series Title: The Peter Marlow Mysteries
The Valley of the Kings
Author/Editor: Weeks, Kent R.-Stoy, Jon W.-Bakhoum, Dina-Hetherington, Nigel
Valley of the Kings
Author/Editor: Holland, Cecelia
The Valley of the Kings: A Site Management Handbook, Ed. [International version]
Author/Editor: Weeks, Kent R.; Stoy, Jon W.; Bakhoum, Dina; Hetherington, Nigel
The Valley of the Kings, [International version]
Author/Editor: Weeks, Kent R.; Stoy, Jon W.; Bakhoum, Dina; Hetherington, Nigel
Valley of the Lost
Author/Editor: Delany, Vicki
Series Title: Constable Molly Smith Series
The Valley of the Lower Thames, 1640 to 1850
Author/Editor: Hamil, Fred C.
The Valley of the Moon
Author/Editor: London, Jack
Valley of the Shadow
Author/Editor: Maj. Ward M. Millar
The Valley of the Six Nations: A Collection of Documents on the Indian Lands of the Grand River
Author/Editor: Johnston, Charles Murray
The Valley of the Trent
Author/Editor: Guillet, Edwin Clarence; Champlain Society.
Valley of the Vapours
Author/Editor: Dailey, Janet
Series Title: The Americana Series
The Valley of Vision: Blake As Prophet and Revolutionary
Author/Editor: Fisher, Peter F.; Frye, Northrop
Valley of Weeping
Author/Editor: Truter, Clive
Valley of Wild Horses
Author/Editor: Grey, Zane
Valley of Wild Horses
Author/Editor: Grey, Zane
Author/Editor: Logan Zachary
The Valley's Edge, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Green, Daniel R.
Valley Stream
Author/Editor: Bill Florio
Series Title: Images of America
Valmiki's Ramayana
Valmiki's Ramayana, Ed. Abridged edition
Author/Editor: Vālmīki; Sattar, Arshia
Valmiki's Uttara Kanda
Valmont, el príncipe vampiro-Trono de sangre
Author/Editor: P. Torres
Valode & Pistre Architects
Author/Editor: Jodidio, Philip
Author/Editor: Greenblatt, Mark Lee
Valoración de empresas: Una introducción práctica
Author/Editor: Francisco López
Valor, Guts, and Luck
Author/Editor: Smallwood, William L.
Valor in the Ashes
Author/Editor: Johnstone, William W
Series Title: The Ashes Series
Valor in Vietnam
Author/Editor: Clark, Allen B
Valorisation des usages de l'eau
Author/Editor: Jean-Pierre Amigues; François Bonnieux; Philippe Le Goffe; Patrick Point
Valorizar el medio ambiente
Author/Editor: Glover, David
Valorization of Lignocellulosic Biomass in a Biorefinery
Author/Editor: Kumar, Rajeev; Singh, Seema; Balan, Venkatesh
Valorizing the Barbarians, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Adler, Eric
The Valor of Cappen Varra
Author/Editor: Anderson, Poul
The Valor of Francesco D'Amini
Author/Editor: Certo, Dominic N
Valor of Many Stripes: Remarkable Americans in World War II
Author/Editor: Baron, Scott
Valor: Unsung Heroes From Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front
Author/Editor: Greenblatt, Mark Lee
Óvalos (Ovals)
Author/Editor: Teddy Borth
Valour and the Horror Revisited
Author/Editor: Wise, S. F.-Bercuson, David Jay
Author/Editor: Lanette Mullins
Series Title: Images of America
Valparaíso School
Author/Editor: Pérez de Arce, Rodrigo.-Rispa, Raúl.-Pérez Oyarzún, Fernando
Valproic Acid
Author/Editor: Boucher, Alexis.
Valéry’s Graveyard, 0002
Author/Editor: McGrath, Hugh P.; Comenetz, Michael
The Valtellina and UNESCO
Author/Editor: Puleo, Thomas J.
Valuable and Vulnerable
Author/Editor: Parker, Julie F.
Valuable Content Marketing
Author/Editor: Jefferson, Sonja.-Tanton, Sharon
Valuable Content Marketing, 2nd edition
Author/Editor: Jefferson, Sonja; Tanton, Sharon
Valuable Content Marketing: How to Make Quality Content Your Key to Success, Ed. 2nd edition
Author/Editor: Jefferson, Sonja; Tanton, Sharon
The Valuable Office Professional
Author/Editor: Burke, Michelle Marie.
Valuation and Value Creation of Insurance Intermediaries, 1 Edition
Author/Editor: Max, Claudia
Évaluation économique de la biodiversité: Méthodes et exemples pour les forêts tempérées
Author/Editor: Brahic, Élodie.; Terreaux, Jean-Philippe.
Évaluation organisationnelle
Author/Editor: Lusthaus, Charles.-International Development Research Centre (Canada)
Évaluation partenariale des politiques publiques d’éducation
Author/Editor: Huguenin, Jean-Marc; Solaux, Georges
Valuations and Differential Galois Groups
Author/Editor: Duval, Guillaume
Valuations, Orderings, and Milnor K-theory
Author/Editor: Efrat, Ido
Series Title: Mathematical Surveys and Monographs
Valuation Theory and Its Applications, Volume I
Author/Editor: Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann; Salma Kuhlmann; Murray Marshall
Valuation Theory and Its Applications, Volume II
Author/Editor: Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann; Salma Kuhlmann; Murray Marshall
Valuation Theory in Interaction
Author/Editor: Teissier, Bernard; Kuhlmann, Franz-Viktor; Campillo, Antonio
Value Added Modeling and Growth Modeling with Particular Application to Teacher and School Effectiveness
Author/Editor: Jiao, Hong; Lissitz, Robert W.
Value-added Tax (VAT) and Flat Tax Proposals
Author/Editor: Andrews, Dayna B.; Davis, Angela M.
Value Adding Webs and Clusters
Author/Editor: Festing, Marion; Royer, Susanne; Brown, Kerry; Burgess, John
Value and Validity in Action Research
Author/Editor: Schwalbach, Eileen M.
Value and Values
Author/Editor: Hershock, Peter D.; Ames, Roger T.
Value-based Marketing Strategy
Author/Editor: Lopez, Santiago
Series Title: Series in Business & Finance
Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism
Author/Editor: Intan Suwandi
Value Change in Global Perspective
Author/Editor: Abramson, Paul R.; Inglehart, Ronald.
Value Change in the Supreme Court of Canada
Author/Editor: WETSTEIN, MATTHEW, E.
Value Congruence and Trust Online
Author/Editor: Cazier, Joseph A.
Value Controlling
Author/Editor: Schierenbeck, Henner.-Lister, Michael
Series Title: Schierenbeck Management Edition
Value Creation
Author/Editor: Mahajan, Gautam
Value Creation and Opportunity Management in Africa's Leather Sector
Author/Editor: Mwinyikione Mwinyihija
Value Creation of Corporate Restructuring
Author/Editor: Erxleben, Ulrich
Value Creation: The Definitive Guide for Business Leaders
Author/Editor: Mahajan, Gautam
Value Creation Within the Construction Industry
Author/Editor: Vogt, Joachim.
Valued Daughters
Author/Editor: Clark, Alice W.
Valued Daughters: First-Generation Career Women
Author/Editor: Clark, Alice W.
Value Distribution Theory and Complex Dynamics
Author/Editor: William Cherry; Chung-Chun Yang
Value Distribution Theory and Its Applications
Author/Editor: Chung-Chun Yang
A Value-Driven European Future
Author/Editor: Bunjes, Ulrich.; Bekemans, Léonce.
Value Driven Management
Author/Editor: Pohlman, Randolph.; Gardiner, Gareth.
Value Engineering Mastermind: From Concept to Value Engineering Certification
Author/Editor: Mukhopadhyaya, Anil Kumar.
Value-Focused Thinking
Author/Editor: Keeney, Ralph L.
The Value Mandate
Author/Editor: Clark, Peter J.-Neill, Stephen
Value Matters
Author/Editor: Rescher, Nicholas
Series Title: Practical Philosophy
The Value of Academic Discourse
Author/Editor: Ph. D Miranda-Jeffrey Herr
The Value of Applied Economics
Author/Editor: Button, K.J.
The Value of Applied Economics: The Life and Work of Arthur (A.J.) Brown
Author/Editor: Button, Kenneth
The Value of Child Participation in the Arts
Author/Editor: Author Unknown
The Value of Comparison
Author/Editor: Veer, Peter van der; Gibson, Thomas
Value of Failure: The Spectrum of Challenges for the Economy
Author/Editor: Leszek Gracz; Joanna Markiewicz
Value of Government Data
Author/Editor: Humphry, Donald P.
The Value of Hawaii
Author/Editor: Howes, Craig; University of Hawaii at Manoa.; Osorio, Jon Kamakawiwoʻole.
The Value of Hawaiʻi 2
Author/Editor: Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, Noelani; Yamashiro, Aiko
The Value of Hawaii 2
Author/Editor: Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, Noelani-Yamashiro, Aiko
Series Title: A Biography Monograph
Value of Information: Intellectual Property, Privacy and Big Data
Author/Editor: Barczewski, Maciej
The Value of Labor
Author/Editor: Lampland, Martha
The Value of Life
Author/Editor: Kellert, Stephen R.
The Value of Literature
Author/Editor: McGregor, Rafe
Value of Passion
Author/Editor: Markman, Alex
The Value of Play
Author/Editor: Else, Perry.
The Value of Sacred Music
Author/Editor: Friedmann, Jonathan L
The Value of Talent
Author/Editor: Caplan, Janice.
The Value of Talent: Promoting Talent Management Across the Organization
Author/Editor: Caplan, Janice.
The Value of Time and Leisure in a World of Work
Author/Editor: Kline, A. David.; Haney, Mitchell R.
The Value of Voluntary Simplicity
Author/Editor: Gregg, Richard Bartlett
The Value of Water in a Drying Climate
Author/Editor: Crawford, Christine.-Hundloe, T. J
Évaluer et renforcer les capacités d’adaptation des agriculteurs familiaux
Author/Editor: Aurélie Toillier
Values Across Cultures and Times
Author/Editor: Lopicic, Vesna.; Ilic, Biljana Mišic.
Values and Assumptions in American Labor Law
Author/Editor: Atleson, James B
Values and Assumptions in American Labor Law, [Pbk. ed., 1983]
Author/Editor: Atleson, James B.
Values and Development in Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Mhloyi, Marvellous Mynard.-Mekgwe, Pinkie.-Müller, Hans-Peter
Series Title: Codesria Book Series
Values and Ethics for Care Practice
Author/Editor: Cuthbert, Sue-Quallington, Jan
Values and Ethics in Coaching
Author/Editor: Ioanna Iordanou; Rachel Hawley; Christiana Iordanou
Values and Ethics in Mental Health Practice
Author/Editor: Bogg, Daisy.
Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice
Author/Editor: Parrott, Lester
Values and Influence of Religion in Public Administration
Author/Editor: Shanthakumari Sunder, L.
Values and Objectivity in Science
Author/Editor: Lacey, Hugh
Values and Objectivity in Science: The Current Controversy About Transgenic Crops
Author/Editor: Lacey, Hugh.
Values and Ontology
Author/Editor: Huemer, Wolfgang-Centi, Beatrice
Series Title: Phenomenology & Mind
Values and Technology
Author/Editor: Ricci, Gabriel R.
Values and Valuables
Author/Editor: Werner, Cynthia.; Bell, Duran.
Values and Virtues in the Military
Author/Editor: Nadine Eggimann Zanetti
Values-Based Health & Social Care
Author/Editor: Rose, Pat.; McCarthy, Jill
The Values Book
Author/Editor: Pam Schiller; Tamera Bryant
The Values Book: Teaching Sixteen Basic Values to Young Children
Author/Editor: Pam Schiller; Tamera Bryant
The Values Campaign?
Author/Editor: Green, John Clifford; Rozell, Mark J.; Wilcox, Clyde
Values-Driven Business
Author/Editor: Cohen, Ben-Warwick, Mal
Series Title: The Social Venture Network Series
Values, Education and the Human World
Author/Editor: Haldane, John
Values Education in Schools
Author/Editor: Freakley, Mark-Tilt MacSporran, Lynette.-Burgh, Gilbert
Values, Ethics and Health Care
Author/Editor: Duncan, Peter.
Values & Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Author/Editor: Gillian Proctor
Values, Expectations, Ad Hoc Rules, and Culture Emergence in International Cross-cultural Management Contexts
Author/Editor: Zhang, Xibao.
Values for Care Practice
Author/Editor: Cuthbert, Sue.; Quallington, Jan.
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Vamping the Stage
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The Vamp in the Silver Mask
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Vampira and Her Daughters: Women Horror Movie Hosts From the 1950s Into the Internet Era
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Author/Editor: Mah, Amelia-Heby
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The Vampire As Numinous Experience
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Vampire bevorzugt
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Vampire in Conflict
Author/Editor: Dale Mayer
Series Title: Family Blood Ties
Vampire in Control
Author/Editor: Dale Mayer
Series Title: Family Blood Ties
Vampire in Crisis
Author/Editor: Dale Mayer
Series Title: Family Blood Ties
Vampire in Deceit
Author/Editor: Dale Mayer
Series Title: Family Blood Ties
Vampire in Defiance
Author/Editor: Dale Mayer
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Vampire in Denial
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Series Title: Family Blood Ties
Vampire in Design
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Vampire in Distress
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The Vampyre
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Van alles wat meenemen
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Van Buren
Author/Editor: Tom Wing
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Vance Packard & American Social Criticism
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Vancouver's Expo '86
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Vancouver: Wisdom Tree 3
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Author/Editor: Molloy, Tom
Author/Editor: Prokop
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Vandalia, Illinois
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Vandenberg Air Force Base
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Series Title: Images of America
Vanderbilt Basketball
Author/Editor: Bill Traughber
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The Vanderbilt Campus
Author/Editor: McGaw, Robert A.; Vanderbilt University.
Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island
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Vanderbilt Football
Author/Editor: Bill Traughber
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Van Diemen's Land
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Van Dorn
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Vane Pursuit
Author/Editor: MacLeod, Charlotte
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Vanessa and Virginia
Author/Editor: Susan Sellers-Jenny Brown
Vanessa Hudgens
Author/Editor: Tieck, Sarah
Series Title: Big Buddy Books. Buddy Bios
Van gedachten wisselen
Author/Editor: Richard de Brabander
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Author/Editor: Nichols, David P
Van Gogh Among the Philosophers: Painting, Thinking, Being
Author/Editor: Nichols, David P.
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Author/Editor: Vincent Van Gogh
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Van Gogh in Popular Culture
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Van Gogh on Art and Artists
Author/Editor: Vincent Van Gogh
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Van Gogh on Demand
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Van Gogh's Ear
Author/Editor: David Nash
Van Gogh's Room at Arles
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Author/Editor: Catalá-Carrasco, Jorge L.
The Vanguard Messiah
Author/Editor: Sami Sjöberg
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The Vanguard Of American Volunteers In The Fighting Lines And In Humanitarian Service
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The Vanguard of the Atlantic World
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Vanguard of the New Age
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Vanguard of the Revolution
Author/Editor: McAdams, A. James
Vanguard of the Revolution: The Global Idea of the Communist Party
Author/Editor: A. James McAdams
Vanguard Of Valor: Small Unit Actions In Afghanistan Vol. II [Illustrated Edition]
Author/Editor: Wright, Donald P
Series Title: Vanguard Of Valor
Vanguard Of Valor: Small Unit Actions In Afghanistan Vol. I [Illustrated Edition]
Author/Editor: Petraeus, General David
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Vanguard Performance Beyond Left and Right
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Series Title: UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE
The Vanguard’s Gift
Author/Editor: Eon de Beaumont
Van Heflin
Author/Editor: Sculthorpe, Derek
Van Heflin: A Life in Film
Author/Editor: Sculthorpe, Derek
Author/Editor: Mary McGarry Morris
Author/Editor: J.P. Barnaby
Series Title: Little Boy Lost Series