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LyX - Eine schnelle Einführung
Author/Editor: Jan Peter Gehrke-Steven Stannard
Series Title: De Gruyter Studium
The Lytle-Tate Letters
Author/Editor: Lytle, Andrew Nelson; Tate, Allen; Young, Thomas Daniel; Sarcone, Elizabeth
Author/Editor: Cheung, Wei F.; Maang, Xu Guan.
Lysosomal Storage Diseases
Author/Editor: Pastores, Gregory M.
Lysistrata, The Women's Festival, and Frogs
Author/Editor: Aristophanes.; Ewans, Michael
Author/Editor: Aristophanes.; Rudall, Nicholas.
Author/Editor: Aristophanes
Series Title: Dover Thrift Editions
Lysippus und seine Freunde
Author/Editor: Pfisterer, Ulrich
Lysias 21
Author/Editor: Aggelos Kapellos
Series Title: Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes
Author/Editor: Lysias.; Adams, Charles Darwin
Lysenko's Ghost
Author/Editor: Graham, Loren R.
The Lysenko Affair
Author/Editor: Joravsky, David.
Author/Editor: Haggard, H. Rider
Lysander und Kaliste
Author/Editor: Zesen, Philipp von-Meid, Volker-Maché, Ulrich-Ingen, Ferdinand van
Series Title: Sämtliche Werke
Lysander Spooner: American Anarchist
Author/Editor: Shone, Steve J.
Lyrische Werke
Author/Editor: Touber, Anthonius H.-Mertens, Volker
Series Title: Germania litteraria mediaevalis francigena
Lyrische Narrationen – narrative Lyrik
Author/Editor: Bleumer, Hartmut.-Emmelius, Caroline
Series Title: Trends in Medieval Philology
Lyrische Dramen nach orientalischen Quellen
Author/Editor: Rudolf Fahrner-Bruno Pieger-Stefano Bianca
The Lyris
Author/Editor: St. Vil, Lola
Series Title: Guardians
Author/Editor: Smarandache, Florentin.
Lyrik und Schäferdichtung
Author/Editor: Zesen, Philipp von-Meid, Volker.-Maché, Ulrich.-Ingen, Ferdinand van
Series Title: Ausgaben Deutscher Literatur des XV. bis XVIII. Jahrhunderts
Lyrik und Narratologie
Author/Editor: Schönert, Jörg.-Stein, Malte.-Hühn, Peter
Series Title: Narratologia
Lyriktheorie(n) der italienischen Renaissance
Author/Editor: Huss, Bernhard.-Regn, Gerhard.-Mehltretter, Florian
Series Title: Pluralisierung & Autorität
Lyrik (Minnesang - Sangspruch - Meistergesang) und Dramatik
Author/Editor: Achnitz, Wolfgang
Lyrik I. Zweiter Teil
Author/Editor: Zesen, Philipp von-Ingen, Ferdinand van
Series Title: Ausgaben deutscher Literatur des XV. bis XVIII. Jahrhunderts
Lyrik II
Author/Editor: Zesen, Philipp von.-Meid, Volker.-Maché, Ulrich.-Ingen, Ferdinand van
Series Title: Sämtliche Werke
Lyrik I. Erster Teil
Author/Editor: Philipp von Zesen-Ferdinand van Ingen
Series Title: Ausgaben deutscher Literatur des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts
Lyrik der Gründerzeit, Reprint 2014
Author/Editor: Günther Mahal
Lyrik der Gründerzeit
Author/Editor: Günther Mahal
Series Title: Deutsche Texte
Lyrics Pathetic & Humorous From A to Z
Author/Editor: Edmund Dulac
Series Title: Dover Children's Classics
Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow
Author/Editor: Alexander, Eleanor
Lyrics of Reason and Experience
Author/Editor: Mawere, Munyaradzi
The Lyrics of Noël Coward
Author/Editor: Coward, Noël.
Lyrics of Light
Author/Editor: J P Hughes
Lyric Shame
Author/Editor: White, Gillian C.
Lyric Powers
Author/Editor: Von Hallberg, Robert
Lyric Poets of the Southern Tʻang
Author/Editor: Li, Yu; Li, Jing; Bryant, Daniel; Feng, Yansi
Lyric Poetry
Author/Editor: Blasing, Mutlu Konuk
The Lyric Poems of Jehan Froissart
Author/Editor: Froissart, Jean-McGregor, Rob Roy
Series Title: North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures
Lyric Poems
Author/Editor: Keats, John
Series Title: Dover Thrift Editions
The Lyric Poem and Aestheticism: Forms of Modernity
Author/Editor: Thain, Marion
The Lyric Poem and Aestheticism
Author/Editor: Thain, Marion
Series Title: Edinburgh Critical Studies in Victorian Culture
Lyric Orientations
Author/Editor: Eldridge, Hannah Vandegrift
The Lyric of Ibycus
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Claire Louise
Series Title: Sozomena
The Lyric in the Age of the Brain
Author/Editor: Skillman, Nikki
Lyric Encounters
Author/Editor: Morris, Daniel
Lyric Cousins: Poetry and Musical Form
Author/Editor: Sampson, Fiona
Lyric Cousins
Author/Editor: Sampson, Fiona
Lyric and Polemic
Author/Editor: Rowland Smith
Lyrical Theology of Charles Wesley - Expanded Edition, Expanded edition
Author/Editor: Kimbrough, S. T.
Lyrical Theology of Charles Wesley - Expanded Edition
Author/Editor: Kimbrough, S. T
Lyrical Satirical Harold Rome
Author/Editor: Zimmers, Tighe E
The Lyrical Resonance Between Chinese Poets and Painters
Author/Editor: Pan, Daan.
The Lyrical Novel, First Princeton pbk. edition
Author/Editor: Freedman, Ralph
The Lyrical Novel
Author/Editor: Freedman, Ralph
Lyrical Nationalism in Post-Apartheid Namibia
Author/Editor: Haugh, Wendi A.
The Lyrical Lu Xun
Author/Editor: Kowallis, Jon Eugene von.; Lu, Xun
Lyrebird! a True Story
Author/Editor: Kerin, Jackie.-Gouldthorpe, Peter.-Museum Victoria
The Lyra Novels
Author/Editor: Wrede, Patricia C
Series Title: The Lyra Novels
Author/Editor: Krummacher, Hans-Henrik
Lyotard Reframed
Author/Editor: Jones, Graham
The Lyotard Dictionary
Author/Editor: Sim, Stuart.
Lyotard and Theology
Author/Editor: Boeve, L.
Lyotard and the 'figural' in Performance, Art and Writing
Author/Editor: Bamford, Kiff.
Lyon Township
Author/Editor: John Bell-Diane Andreassi
Series Title: Images of America
A Lyon's Share
Author/Editor: Dailey, Janet
Series Title: Janet Dailey American Series
Author/Editor: Mark Athitakis
Series Title: Images of America
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana
Author/Editor: Scheff, Matt
Series Title: Extreme Sports Stars
Author/Editor: Thomas Brown
Author/Editor: Thatcher Imboden-Cedar Imboden Phillips
Series Title: Images of America
Lyndon Johnson Remembered
Author/Editor: Cowger, Thomas W.; Markman, Sherwin
Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam: The Unmaking of a President
Author/Editor: Schandler, Herbert Y.
Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam
Author/Editor: Schandler, Herbert Y
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream
Author/Editor: Goodwin, Doris Kearns
Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Author/Editor: Kelly Carper Polden-Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Series Title: Images of America
Lyndon B. Johnson and Modern America
Author/Editor: Fernlund, Kevin J.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Author/Editor: Gunderson, Megan M.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Author/Editor: Nichter, Luke A.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Author/Editor: Gunderson, Megan M
Series Title: The United States Presidents
Author/Editor: Thomas S. Treer
Series Title: Images of America
Author/Editor: Reaume, Geoffrey
Series Title: McGill-Queen's/Associated Medical Services Studies in the History of Medicine, Health, and Society
Lynda Barry
Author/Editor: Kirtley, Susan E.; Barry, Lynda
Lynch-Rope Law
Author/Editor: Halliday, Brett
Series Title: The Twister and Chuckaluck Mysteries
The Lynching Tree
Author/Editor: Stein, Michael
Lynching to Belong, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Nevels, Cynthia Skove
Lynchings of Women in the United States
Author/Editor: Segrave, Kerry
Lynchings in Mississippi
Author/Editor: Thompson, Julius Eric
Lynchings in Kansas, 1850s/1932
Author/Editor: Frazier, Harriet C.
The Lynchings in Duluth
Author/Editor: Fedo, Michael W
The Lynchings in Duluth
Author/Editor: Michael Fedo
The Lynching of Mexicans in the Texas Borderlands
Author/Editor: Villanueva, Nicholas
Lynching in the West
Author/Editor: Gonzales-Day, Ken.
Lynching in America
Author/Editor: Waldrep, Christopher
Lynching Beyond Dixie
Author/Editor: Pfeifer, Michael J.
Lynching and Spectacle
Author/Editor: Wood, Amy Louise
The Lyncher In Me; A Search for Redemption in the Face of History
Author/Editor: Warren Read
Author/Editor: Bailey, Amy Kate.; Tolnay, Stewart Emory.; Project Muse.
Author/Editor: Dorothy T. Potter-Clifton W. Potter Jr
Series Title: Then and Now
Author/Editor: Dorothy Potter-Clifton Potter
Series Title: Images of America
Author/Editor: Clifton Potter-Dorothy Potter
Series Title: Making of America
Author/Editor: Nancy A. Collins
Author/Editor: Collins, Nancy A
The Lymphoreticular Tumours In Africa / Les Tumeurs Lymphoréticulaires En Afrique
Author/Editor: Roulet, F.C
Author/Editor: Hatton, Chris; Sweetenham, J. W.; Collins, Graham.
Lymphologie und Manuelle Lymphdrainage beim Pferd, 2., überarbeitete Aufl
Author/Editor: Berens von Rautenfeld, Dirk.; Rötting, Anna.; Fedele, Christina.
Lymphologie und Manuelle Lymphdrainage beim Pferd
Author/Editor: Berens von Rautenfeld, Dirk.-Rötting, Anna.-Fedele, Christina
Lymphographische Untersuchungen über das zervikale Lymphsystem
Author/Editor: Fisch, U
Series Title: Bibliotheca Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica
Lymphocyte Activation
Author/Editor: Samelson, L.E
Series Title: Chemical Immunology and Allergy
Lymph Node FNC
Author/Editor: P. Zeppa; I. Cozzolino
The Lymphatic System and Cancer
Author/Editor: Meyer, J.L
Series Title: Frontiers of Radiation Therapy and Oncology
The Lymphatic System
Author/Editor: Ramirez, Christy
Lymphatic System
Author/Editor: BarCharts, Inc.
Lyme Borreliosis
Author/Editor: Jaulhac, Benoît.-Lipsker, Dan
Series Title: Current Problems in Dermatology
Author/Editor: Mary Beth Pfeiffer
Lyman Bostock
Author/Editor: Powell, K. Adam
Lykophrons 'Odyssee'
Author/Editor: Schade, Gerson
Series Title: Texte und Kommentare
The Lyin Kings
Author/Editor: Irene Petteice
The Lying Stones of Marrakech, 1st Harvard University Press ed
Author/Editor: Gould, Stephen Jay.
The Lying Stones of Marrakech
Author/Editor: Gould, Stephen Jay
Lying in Bed, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Landis, James David.
Lying in Bed
Author/Editor: Mark Harris
Lying for Love
Author/Editor: Jocelyn Dex
Lying Crying Dying
Author/Editor: Martell, Dominic
Series Title: Pascual
Lying, Cheating, and Carrying On
Author/Editor: Parens, Henri; Akhtar, Salman
Lying by Approximation
Author/Editor: Prantil, Vincent Carl; Papadopoulos, Christopher Michael; Gessler, Paul D.
The Lying Brain
Author/Editor: Littlefield, Melissa M.
Lying at the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface
Author/Editor: Meibauer, Jörg
Series Title: Mouton Series in Pragmatics
Lying About the Wolf
Author/Editor: Solway, David
Lydia the Patriot
Author/Editor: Miller, Susan Martins
Lydia's Open Door
Author/Editor: Kelly, Patty
Lydia's Charm
Author/Editor: Wanda E. Brunstetter
Lydia's Charm
Author/Editor: Wanda E. Brunstetter
Lydia Pinkham
Author/Editor: Danna, Sammy R.
Lydia Ginzburg's Prose
Author/Editor: Van Buskirk, Emily
Lydia Ginzburg’s Alternative Literary Identities
Author/Editor: Ginzburg, Lidii︠a︡; Zorin, A. L.; Van Buskirk, Emily S.
Lydia Cabrera and the Construction of an Afro-Cuban Cultural Identity
Author/Editor: Rodríguez-Mangual, Edna M
Series Title: Envisioning Cuba
Lydia Bailey
Author/Editor: Nipps, Karen.; Library Company of Philadelphia.; Houghton Library.; Bibliographical Society of America.
Lydia As a Rhetorical Construct in Acts
Author/Editor: Alexandra Gruca-Macaulay
Author/Editor: Cunningham, E. V
Author/Editor: Author Unknown
Author/Editor: Bailey, Jacob R.
Lycoming College, 1812–2012
Author/Editor: Piper, John F.
Lycan Partnership
Author/Editor: Ariel Tachna
Series Title: Partnership in Blood
Lyapunov Theorems for Operator Algebras
Author/Editor: Akemann, Charles A.; Anderson, Joel
Lyapunov Stability of Non-autonomous Dynamical Systems
Author/Editor: Cheban, David N.
Lyapunov Exponents and Smooth Ergodic Theory
Author/Editor: Luis Barreira; Yakov B. Pesin
Lyapunov Exponents and Invariant Manifolds for Random Dynamical Systems in a Banach Space
Author/Editor: Lian, Zeng; Lu, Kening
LXX Isaiah 24
Author/Editor: Cunha, Wilson de Angelo
Léxico y argumentación en el discurso público actual
Author/Editor: Casado Velarde, Manuel; Martínez Pasamar, Concepción; Llamas Saíz, Carmen
The L Word
Author/Editor: McFadden, Margaret T.
Löwen unter dem Thron. Eine Studie über das oberste Bundesgericht der Vereinigten Staaten, bestimmt teils für solche Laien, die mehr Verfassungsrecht kennen, als sie annehmen, teils für jene Juristen, die weniger davon kennen
Author/Editor: Curtis, Charles P. jr.
Author/Editor: Muschg, Adolf
Lvov Ghetto Diary
Author/Editor: Kahana, David
L'évolution, question d'actualité ?
Author/Editor: Guillaume Lecointre
L'évolution, quelle actualité ?
Author/Editor: Guillaume Lecointre
L'éveil spirituellement incorrect
Author/Editor: Jed McKenna
L'éveil spirituel : La chose la plus dingue
Author/Editor: Jed McKenna
Author/Editor: Mark Gardner
Álvar Núñez Cabeza De Vaca
Author/Editor: Varnum, Robin
L'évaluation du travail à l'épreuve du réel, Critique des fondements de l'évaluation
Author/Editor: Christophe Dejours
L’évaluation des compétences professionnelles
Author/Editor: Chenu, Florent
L’ Évaluation de la littératie
Author/Editor: Marie Josée Berger; Alain Desrochers
Luz Fantasma
Author/Editor: E.J. Stevens
Luz de Dragón
Author/Editor: Dusty Lynn Holloway
Luxury World
Author/Editor: Tungate, Mark
The Luxury Strategy
Author/Editor: Kapferer, Jean-Noël.; Bastien, Vincent.
Luxury Indian Fashion
Author/Editor: Kuldova, Tereza
Author/Editor: Calefato, Patrizia.
Author/Editor: Nicci Sefton
Lu Xun's Revolution
Author/Editor: Davies, Gloria
Luxúria na Biblioteca
Author/Editor: Delaney Starr
Lux perpetua
Author/Editor: Andrzej Sapkowski
Luxemburgische Skriptastudien
Author/Editor: Holtus, Günter.-Völker, Harald-Overbeck, Anja
Series Title: Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie
Luxemburger Familiennamenbuch
Author/Editor: Cristian Kollmann-Peter Gilles-Claire Muller
Author/Editor: Harmer, H. J. P
Series Title: Life & Times
The Luxembourg Run
Author/Editor: Ellin, Stanley
Luxembourg in International Tax, 3rd revised edition
Author/Editor: Marc Schmitz-Philip J. Warner
Author/Editor: Sohn, Christophe.
Luxe Glamour
Author/Editor: Marr, Maggie
Series Title: Glamour Series
L’œuvre ou la vie. « Mots » d’Antonia Pozzi- L’opera e la vita. «Parole» di Antonia Pozzi
Author/Editor: Pozzi, Antonia; Labbate, Ettore.; Oliva, Laura.
L’œuvre musicale, entre orchestre et école
Author/Editor: Mili, Isabelle.
L’œuvre de Vladimir Nabokov au regard de la culture et de l’art allemands
Author/Editor: Gassin, Alexia.
Lutoslawski on Music
Author/Editor: Lutosławski, Witold; Skowron, Zbigniew.
L’utopie des crèches françaises au XIX e siècle : un pari sur l’enfant pauvre
Author/Editor: Bouve, Catherine.
Luth - Mel
Author/Editor: Herzog August Bibliothek-Peter Mortzfeld
Luther und Böhme
Author/Editor: Heinrich Bornkamm
Series Title: Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte
Luther’s Theology of Music
Author/Editor: Anttila, Miikka E
Series Title: Theologische Bibliothek Töpelmann
Luther's Revolution
Author/Editor: Montover, Nathan
Luthers Meisterwerk - Eine Bibelübersetzung macht Karriere
Author/Editor: David Käbisch-Johannes Träger-Ulrike Witten-Jens Palkowitsch-Kühl
Series Title: Martin Luther – Leben, Werk und Wirken
Luther’s «Heliand»
Author/Editor: Price, Timothy Blaine
Luther's Gospel
Author/Editor: Tomlin, Graham
Luther's Epistle of Straw
Author/Editor: Jason D. Lane
Series Title: Historia Hermeneutica. Series Studia
Luthers bleiche Erben
Author/Editor: WEBER, WOLFGANG
Luthers Auslegungen des Galaterbriefes von 1519 und 1531
Author/Editor: Bornkamm, Karin
Series Title: Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte
Luther's Augustinian Theology of the Cross
Author/Editor: Barone, Marco.-Engelsma, David J
Lutherrenaissance Past and Present
Author/Editor: Christine Helmer-Bo Holm
Series Title: Forschungen zur Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte
Luther on the Christian Life
Author/Editor: Trueman, Carl R
Series Title: Theologians on the Christian Life
Luther on Leadership
Author/Editor: Cook, David D.
Luther lesen, 2., verbesserte und um ein Bibelstellenregister erweiterte Auflage 2016
Author/Editor: Martin H. Jung; Amt der VELKD Vereinigte Ev.- Lutherische Kirche Deutschlands
Luther lesen
Author/Editor: Martin H. Jung-Amt der VELKD Vereinigte Ev.- Lutherische Kirche Deutschlands
Luther lesen
Author/Editor: Jung, Martin H.-Aland, Kurt.-Vereinigte Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche Deutschlands
Lutherjahrbuch 84. Jahrgang 2017, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Christopher Spehr
Lutherjahrbuch 83. Jahrgang 2016, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Christopher Spehr
Lutherjahrbuch 83. Jahrgang 2016
Author/Editor: Christopher Spehr
Lutherjahrbuch 82. Jahrgang 2015
Author/Editor: Christopher Spehr
Lutherjahrbuch 81. Jahrgang 2014
Author/Editor: Christopher Spehr
Lutherjahrbuch 80. Jahrgang 2013
Author/Editor: Christopher Spehr
Lutherjahrbuch 79. Jahrgang 2012
Author/Editor: Beutel, Albrecht
Lutherjahrbuch 78. Jahrgang 2011
Author/Editor: Beutel, Albrecht.-Luthergesellschaft
Series Title: Lutherjahrbuch
Lutherjahrbuch 77. Jahrgang 2010
Author/Editor: Beutel, Albrecht.-Luthergesellschaft
Series Title: Lutherjahrbuch
Lutherjahrbuch 76. Jahrgang 2009
Author/Editor: Helmar Junghans-Albrecht Beutel
Lutherisch – was ist das?
Author/Editor: Wermke, Michael.-Leppin, Volker
Series Title: Martin Luther, Leben, Werk und Wirkung
Luther & His World
Author/Editor: Tomlin, Graham
Luther, der Ketzer
Author/Editor: Reinhardt, Volker.
Lutheran Theology
Author/Editor: Paulson, Steven D.
Lutherans in Western New York
Author/Editor: Julianna Fiddler-Woite-Rev. Jamie Retallack
Series Title: Images of America
Lutheran Salvationists?
Author/Editor: Lydholm, Gudrun Maria
Lutheran Identity and Political Theology
Author/Editor: Grenholm, Carl-Henric-Gunner, Göran
Series Title: Church of Sweden Research Series
Luther: An Experiment in Biography, First Princeton University Press edition with corrections
Author/Editor: Haile, H. G.
Luther and the Jews
Author/Editor: Harvey, Richard S
Lutheran DNA
Author/Editor: Cobb, James G
Luther and Calvin on Grief and Lament Life-Experience and Biblical Text
Author/Editor: Parsons, Michael
Luther and Calvinism, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Herman J. Selderhuis; J. Marius J. Lange van Ravenswaay
Luther and Calvinism
Author/Editor: Herman J. Selderhuis-J. Marius J. Lange van Ravenswaay
Series Title: Refo500 Academic Studies (R5AS).
Luther and Calvin
Author/Editor: Methuen, Charlotte
Luther als Vorkämpfer?
Author/Editor: Werner Greiling-Holger Böning-Uwe Schirmer
Luther: A Guide for the Perplexed
Author/Editor: Whitford, David M.
Author/Editor: Haile, H. G
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
Author/Editor: Richard Faber; Uwe Puschner
Lutezia. Berichte über Politik, Kunst und Volksleben
Author/Editor: Netter, Lucienne
Series Title: Heinrich Heine
Author/Editor: Dwight, Alexis J.
The Lute in the Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century
Author/Editor: Jan W.J. Burgers, Tim Crawford, Matthew Spring
Lutèce. Kommentar
Author/Editor: Heine, Heinrich-Voisine, Jacques
Series Title: Heinrich Heine Säkularausgabe
Author/Editor: Voisine, Jacques
Series Title: Heinrich Heine
Lutar contra o Stresse em 10 pontos, FV editions
Author/Editor: Levy, Camille; Costa, Antonio
Lutar contra o Stresse em 10 pontos
Author/Editor: Levy, Camille-Costa, Antonio
A Luta Continua... (The Struggle Continues)
Author/Editor: Haslam, David
The Lusty Adventures of Theseus
Author/Editor: Arthur Griffin
Lust's Rhythm
Author/Editor: Lexxie Couper
Series Title: Heart of Fame - Stage Right
Lust's Rhythm
Author/Editor: Lexxie Couper
Series Title: Heart of Fame - Stage Right
Lustspiele III. Erster Teil
Author/Editor: Lindberg, John D
Series Title: Ausgaben deutscher Literatur des XV. bis XVIII. Jahrhunderts
Lustspiele II
Author/Editor: Hugh Powell
Series Title: Neudrucke deutscher Literaturwerke. N. F.
Lustspiele I
Author/Editor: Gryphius, Andreas.-Powell, Hugh
Series Title: Lustspiele
Author/Editor: Bernd Witte-Werner Jung-Elke Kasper-John F. Reynolds-Sibylle Späth
Lustrum Band 58 – 2016, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Marcus Deufert; Michael Weißenberger
Lustrum Band 58 – 2016
Author/Editor: Marcus Deufert-Michael Weißenberger
Series Title: Lustrum.
Lustrum Band 57 – 2015, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Marcus Deufert; Michael Weißenberger
Lustrum Band 57 – 2015
Author/Editor: Marcus Deufert-Michael Weißenberger
Series Title: Lustrum.
Lustrum Band 56 – 2014
Author/Editor: Marcus Deufert-Michael Weißenberger
Series Title: Lustrum Internationale Forschungsberichte aus dem Bereich des klassischen Altertums
Lustrum Band 55 – 2013
Author/Editor: Michael Weißenberger-Marcus Deufert
Series Title: Lustrum Internationale Forschungsberichte aus dem Bereich des klassischen Altertums
Lustrum Band 54 – 2012
Author/Editor: Deufert, Marcus-Weissenberger, Michael
Series Title: Lustrum
Lustrum Band 53 – 2011
Author/Editor: Weissenberger, Michael.-Gärtner, Hans.-Deufert, Marcus
Series Title: Lustrum Internationale Forschungsberichte aus dem Bereich des klassischen Altertums
Lustrum Band 52 – 2010
Author/Editor: Weissenberger, Michael.-Gärtner, Hans
Series Title: Lustrum
The Lustrous Trade
Author/Editor: Yarrington, Alison; Sicca, Cinzia Maria.
The Lustron Home
Author/Editor: Fetters, Thomas T.; Kohler, Vincent
The Lustre of Our Country
Author/Editor: Noonan, John Thomas
Lust, Rausch und Ekstase, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Eckart Liebau; Jörg Zirfas
Lust, Rausch und Ekstase
Author/Editor: Eckart Liebau-Jörg Zirfas
Series Title: Ästhetik und Bildung
Lustration Rites
Author/Editor: Carter, David L.
Lust 'N' Rust: The Trailer Park Musical
Author/Editor: Frank Haney
Lusting After Pipino's Wife
Author/Editor: Sam Henry Kass
The Lustful Turk, Or, Scenes in the Harem of an Eastern Potentate
Lust for Liberty, 1st Harvard University Press pbk ed
Author/Editor: Cohn, Samuel Kline.
Lust for Liberty
Author/Editor: Cohn, Samuel Kline
Lust for Gold
Author/Editor: Dale Chase
Lusternik-Schnirelmann Category and Related Topics
Author/Editor: O. Cornea; G. Lupton; J. Oprea; D. Tanré
Lusternik-Schnirelmann Category
Author/Editor: Cornea, O
Series Title: Mathematical Surveys and Monographs
Lust auf Theologie, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Dietrich Rusam
Lust auf Theologie
Author/Editor: Dietrich Rusam
Lust am Lesen
Author/Editor: Zogg, Fabian.
Author/Editor: Regan, Pamela C.; Berscheid, Ellen.
Author/Editor: Susan Minot
Luso-Brazilian Encounters of the Sixteenth Century
Author/Editor: Zir, Alessandro
The Luso-Anarchist Reader: The Origins of Anarchism in Portugal and Brazil
Author/Editor: Plínio de Góes Jr
The Luso-anarchist Reader
Author/Editor: Góes, Plínio de
Series Title: Critical Constructions: Studies on Education and Society
The Lusitania Saga and Myth
Author/Editor: Ramsay, David
Lushootseed Culture and the Shamanic Odyssey
Author/Editor: Miller, Jay
Lurps, Rev. ed
Author/Editor: Ankony, Robert C.
The Lurking Fear
Author/Editor: H. P. Lovecraft
Lures of Life
Author/Editor: Lucas, Joseph
Lure of the Wolf
Author/Editor: Keeney, Belea T
The Lure of the North: Or, Agatha's Fortune
Author/Editor: Bindloss, Harold
The Lure of the Modern
Author/Editor: Shih, Shumei
The Lure of the Mask
Author/Editor: MacGrath, Harold
The Lure of the Labrador Wild
Author/Editor: Wallace, Dillon
The Lure of the Edge
Author/Editor: Denzler, Brenda
The Lure of the Dim Trails
Author/Editor: Bower, B. M
The Lure of the City
Author/Editor: Donald, Alastair.; Williams, Austin.
Lure of the Big Screen
Author/Editor: Aveyard, Karina
The Lure of Texas
Author/Editor: Morritt, Robert D.
The Lure of Olde Arizona
Author/Editor: Morritt, Robert D.
Lure of Obsession
Author/Editor: Kessler, Lisa
Series Title: The Muse Chronicles
The Lure of Neptune
Author/Editor: Philbin, Tobias R.
The Lure of Hope
Author/Editor: Stockey-Bridge, Michaela
Series Title: Law, Culture, and the Humanities Series
Lurching Toward Happiness in America
Author/Editor: Fischer, Claude S.
L’urbanité entre sociabilité et querelle
Author/Editor: Groene, Maximilian.; Kulessa, Rotraud von.
Luray and Page County Revisited
Author/Editor: Dan Vaughn
Series Title: Images of America
Luray and Page County
Author/Editor: Dan Vaughn
Series Title: Images of America
Lupus Renal Involvement
Author/Editor: Silva, Gyl Eanes Barros
Lupus Nephritis
Author/Editor: Sheashaa, Hussein A.
Author/Editor: Neto, Davi Urgeiro; Marquez, Thiago Devesa.
Lupo scaccia lupo
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Author/Editor: Ruiz-Flores, Lupe.-Howard, Pauline Rodriguez (Illustrator)
Lupita's First Dance
Author/Editor: Ruiz-Flores, Lupe; Utomo, Gabhor; Ventura, Gabriela Baeza; Ruiz-Flores, Lupe.
Lupe Vélez
Author/Editor: Vogel, Michelle
Lupe Gómez: libre e estranxeira. Estudos e traducións
Author/Editor: Burghard Baltrusch; Teresa Bermúdez Montes; Gabriel Pérez Durán
L'uomo moderno
Author/Editor: Cristiane Serruya
L' Université Laurentienne
Author/Editor: Bray, Robert Matthew.-Ambrose, Linda McGuire
L'Univers de la création littéraire
Author/Editor: Willemart, Philippe
« L’Union fait la force! »
Author/Editor: Pierrick Labbé
Lung Transplantation
Author/Editor: Holmer, Craig A.; Ferguson, Richard D.
Lung Surfactant: Basic Research in the Pathogenesis of Lung Disorders
Author/Editor: Müller, B.-von Wichert, P
Series Title: Progress in Respiratory Research
Lung Sounds
Author/Editor: Hadjileontiadis, Leontios J.
Lungs Full of Noise
Author/Editor: Mellas, Tessa
The Lungs
Author/Editor: Dunn, Joeming W
Series Title: Graphic Planet
Lung Macrophages in Health and Disease
Author/Editor: Hodge, Sandra
Lung Function in Health and Disease
Author/Editor: Peracchia, Camillo-Anaizi, Nasr H
Lung Endothelium
Author/Editor: Mary I. Townsley; Troy Stevens
Lung Cancer Treatment
Author/Editor: Stanley, Donna R.; West, Brandon S.
Lung Cancer in Women
Author/Editor: Torres, Varetta N.
Lung Cancer: Clinical and Surgical Specifications
Author/Editor: Akin Eraslan Balci
Lung Cancer
Author/Editor: Gately, Kathy.
Author/Editor: Lunenburg Historical Society-Inge H. Hunter-G. Barry Whitcomb
Series Title: Images of America
Lune de sang
Author/Editor: Robin Saxon-Alex Kidwell
Series Title: Sanguis Noctis (Français)
Öl und Souveränität
Author/Editor: Rüdiger Graf
Series Title: Quellen und Darstellungen zur Zeitgeschichte
Lunch With a Bigot
Author/Editor: Kumar, Amitava
Lunching with Leeches
Author/Editor: Lela Stanley
Lunch Break
Author/Editor: J.M. Snyder
Lunch at the Shop
Author/Editor: Peter Miller
Lunch at the Piccadilly, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Edgerton, Clyde
Author/Editor: Elias, Megan J
Series Title: Rowman & Littlefield Studies in Food and Gastronomy. The Meals Series
Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots
Author/Editor: Kathryn Burtinshaw; John R F Burt
The Lunatic Fringe
Author/Editor: DeAndrea, William L
Lunatic at Large
Author/Editor: Clouston, J. Storer
Lunar Impact
Author/Editor: R. Cargill Hall
Series Title: Dover Books on Astronomy
Author/Editor: Steven Savile
Lunar Descent
Author/Editor: Steele, Allen
Lunar Braceros 2125-2148
Author/Editor: Sánchez, Rosaura.-Pita, Beatrice.-Chacon, Mario A
Luna Psíquica
Author/Editor: M.D. Grimm
Series Title: Los cambiantes
Luna Plateada (Luna Plateada, #1)
Author/Editor: Rebecca A. Rogers
The Luna Papers, 1559–1561
Author/Editor: Priestley, Herbert Ingram
Luna Negra (Luna Plateada, #2)
Author/Editor: Rebecca A. Rogers
Luna Exposed
Author/Editor: Kristin Leigh
Series Title: Exposure
Luna e stelle
Author/Editor: Zahra Owens
Series Title: serie Nuvole e pioggia
Luna di sangue
Author/Editor: Alex Kidwell-Robin Saxon
Series Title: Serie Sanguis Noctis
Luna di miele in strap on
Author/Editor: Ellen Dominick
Luna de Sangre
Author/Editor: Rebecca A. Rogers
Luna D'Argento (Luna D'Argento, #1)
Author/Editor: Rebecca A. Rogers
Lunacy of Light
Author/Editor: Barker, Wendy.
Luna Azul : Misterio, negra y suspense
Author/Editor: Colleen Cross
Luna Alfa
Author/Editor: Rebecca A. Rogers
Author/Editor: Anna Nihil
Author/Editor: Zeilig, Leo
Series Title: Life & Times
Lumière aveuglante
Author/Editor: Renae Kaye
Series Title: Le Tav
The Luminous Web
Author/Editor: Taylor, Barbara Brown.
Luminous Traversing
Author/Editor: Gutorow, Jacek.
A Luminous Touch
Author/Editor: Susan Laine
Series Title: Senses and Sensations
Luminous Passage
Author/Editor: Prebish, Charles S.
The Luminous Face
Author/Editor: Wells, Carolyn
Luminous Debris
Author/Editor: Sobin, Gustaf.
A Luminous Brotherhood
Author/Editor: Clark, Emily Suzanne
Luminous Bliss
Author/Editor: Halkias, Georgios
Author/Editor: King, Mike
Author/Editor: Annabelle Jay
Luminescent Materials and Their Applications
Author/Editor: Hardev Singh Virk
Luminescence, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Barrett, C. K.-Barrett, Fred-Witherington, Ben, III
Luminescence, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Barrett, C. K.-Barrett, Fred-Witherington, Ben, III
Luminescence Related Phenomena and Their Applications
Author/Editor: Virk, Hardev Singh
Series Title: Defect and Diffusion Forum
Luminescence and Display Phosphors
Author/Editor: Lakshmanan, Arunachalam.
Author/Editor: Virk, Hardev Singh
Luminaries: Princeton Faculty Remembered
Author/Editor: Marks, Patricia H.
Author/Editor: Marks, Patricia H
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
Author/Editor: Jeschonek, Robert T
Lumina Lösungsheft
Author/Editor: Ursula Blank-Sangmeister-Helmut Schlüter-Kurt Steinicke-Hubert Müller
Lumen Christi-- Holy Wisdom
Author/Editor: Merrill, Nan C.
Author/Editor: Camille Flammarion
Lumberjanes #47
Author/Editor: Shannon Watters; Kat Leyh
The Lumber Industry in Early Modern Japan
Author/Editor: Totman, Conrad D.
Lumber Boom of Coastal South Carolina, The
Author/Editor: Robert McAlister
The Lumber Boom of Coastal South Carolina: Nineteenth-Century Shipbuilding and the Devastation of Lowcountry Virgin Forests
Author/Editor: Robert McAlister
Lumbee Indians in the Jim Crow South
Author/Editor: Lowery, Malinda Maynor
Lulu's Provencal Table
Author/Editor: Olney, Richard-Peyraud, Lulu
The Lulu Plays
Author/Editor: Frank Wedekind
Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door
Author/Editor: McKay, Hilary.-Lamont, Priscilla
Series Title: Lulu:
Lulu and the Hedgehog in the Rain
Author/Editor: McKay, Hilary
Series Title: Lulu
Lulu and the Hamster in the Night
Author/Editor: McKay, Hilary
Series Title: Lulu
Lulu and the Duck in the Park
Author/Editor: McKay, Hilary.-Lamont, Priscilla
Series Title: LuLu
Lulu and the Dog From the Sea
Author/Editor: McKay, Hilary
Series Title: Lulu
Lulu and the Cat in the Bag
Author/Editor: McKay, Hilary.-Lamont, Priscilla
Series Title: Lulu
L’ultimo viaggio di Paolo
Author/Editor: Iaia, Gaetano
L'Ultimo Eroe
Author/Editor: Craig Gaydas
L'ultimo dinosauro
Author/Editor: Manuel Tristante
L'ultimo appello
Author/Editor: Ken Oder
L’Ultima Speranza: Un Racconto di Zombie
Author/Editor: Shephard, Luke-De Francesco, Laura
L'ultima concubina
Author/Editor: Catt Ford
Lullaby (with Exit Sign)
Author/Editor: Hadara Bar-Nadav
Lullaby of Murder
Author/Editor: Davis, Dorothy Salisbury
Series Title: The Julie Hayes Mysteries
Lullabies for Lieutenants
Author/Editor: Cox, Franklin
Author/Editor: Luling Main Street
Series Title: Images of America
Lula of Brazil
Author/Editor: Bourne, Richard.
Lula of Brazil
Author/Editor: Bourne, Richard
LULAC, Mexican Americans, and National Policy, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Kaplowitz, Craig Allan
LULAC, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Marquez, Benjamin
Lukurmata: Household Archaeology in Prehispanic Bolivia
Author/Editor: Bermann, Marc
Author/Editor: Bermann, Marc
Series Title: Princeton Legacy Library
Lukrecija Bordžija
Author/Editor: Johan Burhard
Luke Walton
Author/Editor: Jr. Horatio Alger
Series Title: Classics To Go
Luke the Historian of Israel’s Legacy, Theologian of Israel’s ‘Christ’
Author/Editor: David Paul Moessner
Series Title: Beihefte Zur Zeitschrift Für Die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft
Luke's Stories of Jesus
Author/Editor: Lee, David
Luke's Present
Author/Editor: Sue Brown
Series Title: Morning Report Series
Luke's People
Author/Editor: Stanford, Thomas J. F
Luke's Literary Creativity
Author/Editor: Nielsen, Jesper Tang
Luke's Literary Achievement
Author/Editor: Tuckett, C. M.
Luke’s Legato Historiography
Author/Editor: Brack, David
Luke's Demonstration to Theophilus
Author/Editor: Read-Heimerdinger, Jenny.; Rius-Camps, Josep.
Luke’s Christology of Divine Identity
Author/Editor: Henrichs Tarasenkova, Nina.
The Luke Garrison Series
Author/Editor: J. F. Freedman
Series Title: The Luke Garrison Series
Luke and Vergil
Author/Editor: MacDonald, Dennis R.
Luke and the Restoration of Israel
Author/Editor: Ravens, David.
Luke and June
Author/Editor: Sandra Iversen
Luke 6-10 MacArthur New Testament Commentary
Author/Editor: John MacArthur
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Luke 6
Author/Editor: Hudgins, Thomas W.-Black, David Alan
Luke (2 Volumes in 1 / ESV Edition)
Author/Editor: Hughes, R. Kent
Series Title: Preaching the Word
Luke 18-24 MacArthur New Testament Commentary
Author/Editor: John MacArthur
Series Title: MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series
Luke 1-5 MacArthur New Testament Commentary
Author/Editor: John MacArthur
Series Title: MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series
Luke 1-24 MacArthur New Testament Commentary Set, Digital Original
Author/Editor: John MacArthur
Luke 1-24 MacArthur New Testament Commentary Set
Author/Editor: MacArthur, John
Series Title: The MacArthur New Testament Commentary
Luke 11-17 MacArthur New Testament Commentary
Author/Editor: John MacArthur
Series Title: MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series
Author/Editor: Jan Irving
Series Title: Sylvan
Author/Editor: Ryle, J. C.-McGrath, Alister.-Packer, J. I
Series Title: Crossway Classic Commentaries
Author/Editor: C. D. Jimmy Agan III
Series Title: Knowing the Bible
Author/Editor: Tew, W. Mark
Author/Editor: Chen, Diane G.
Lukas und Q
Author/Editor: Heil, Christoph
Series Title: Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der älteren Kirche
Author/Editor: Thomas-Hörner, Petra
Series Title: Catena aurea deutsch
Lukan's Documentation for Physical Therapist Assistants
Author/Editor: Bircher, Wendy D.-Lukan, Marianne
Lujuria en la Biblioteca
Author/Editor: Delaney Starr
Author/Editor: Karl Friedrich Ulrichs
Luis, Luisito, Superluis
Author/Editor: A.P. Hernández
Luis, Luisinho, SuperLuis: (Ou como uma cueca rosa pode mudar o mundo)
Author/Editor: A.P. Hernández
Luis Leal
Author/Editor: García, Mario T
Luise von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1800-1831)
Author/Editor: Ulrike Grunewald
Luise von Preußen
Author/Editor: Schönpflug, Daniel
Author/Editor: Philipp Demandt
Luise Buechner
Author/Editor: Scharpf, Cordelia.
Luis de Lucena Repetición de Amores
Author/Editor: Jacob Ornstein
Luis De Góngora and Lope De Vega
Author/Editor: Lindsay G. Kerr
Luis De Camões
Author/Editor: John V. Fleming
Luis Buñuel, English ed
Author/Editor: Gubern, Román.; Hammond, Paul
Lui sa che mi piace guardare
Author/Editor: Dantes, Nadia-Vazzola, Stefano
Luigi Russolo, Futurist
Author/Editor: Chessa, Luciano.
Luigi, Luigino, Superluigi
Author/Editor: A.P. Hernández
Luigi Ghirri and the Photography of Place
Author/Editor: Spunta, Marina; Benci, Jacopo
Luigi Einaudi, the Father of the 'Fathers of Europe'
Author/Editor: Santagostino, Angelo.
Luigi Dallapiccola, die Wiener Schule und Wien
Author/Editor: Hartmut Krones-Therese Muxeneder
Series Title: Schriften des Wissenschaftszentrums Arnold Schönberg
Luigi Capuana
Author/Editor: Vincenzo Paolo Traversa
Series Title: Studies in Italian Literature
Luhmann on Law and Politics
Author/Editor: Thornhill, C. J.; King, Michael
Lug Your Careless Body Out of the Careful Dusk
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Joshua Marie
Author/Editor: Rhodes, Gary Don
Author/Editor: Susan Harlan
Lugar preponderante del género en la erradicación de la pobreza y las metas de desarrollo del milenio
Author/Editor: Kabeer, Naila
Series Title: Ciencias sociales
Author/Editor: Zvonimir Majdak
Lugar Marcado
Author/Editor: Tabish Khair
¡Lugares sorprendentes! (Places to Amaze You! )
Author/Editor: Hansen, Grace
Lugard in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Mellor, Bernard
Lugar de dudas sobre la práctica del análisis histórico. Breviario de inseguridades
Author/Editor: Silva Renán
Luftwaffe X-Planes
Author/Editor: Manfred Griehl
Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen
Author/Editor: Weal, John A
Series Title: Osprey Aviation Elite
Luftwaffe Schlachtgruppen
Author/Editor: Weal, John
Series Title: Aviation Elite Units
Luftwaffe Over Germany
Author/Editor: Don Caldwell; Richard Muller
Luftwaffe Over Finland
Author/Editor: Stennman, Kari.; Keskinen, Kalevi.
Luftwaffe Over America: The Secret Plans to Bomb the United States in World War II
Author/Editor: Griehl, Manfred
Luftwaffe Maritime Operations In World War II: Thought, Organization And Technology
Author/Editor: Gould, Winston A
Luftwaffe Losses Over Northumberland and Durham
Author/Editor: Norman, Bill
The Luftwaffe in Colour. Volume 1
Author/Editor: Chrsitophe Cony; Jean-Louis Roba
Luftwaffe in Colour: From Glory to Defeat
Author/Editor: Cony, Christophe.-Roba, Jean-Louis
Series Title: Luftwaffe in Colour
Luftwaffe Fighter Force
Author/Editor: Isby, David C
Luftwaffe Fighter Aces
Author/Editor: Spick, Mike
Luftwaffe Field Divisions 1941-45, Unabridged
Author/Editor: Ruffner, Kevin.
Luftwaffe Field Divisions 1941-45
Author/Editor: Ruffner, Kevin
Series Title: Men-at-Arms
Luftwaffe Bombers in the Blitz 1940-1941
Author/Editor: Saunders, Andy
Luftwaffe Bombers in the Battle of Britain
Author/Editor: Saunders, Andy.
Luftwaffe Bomber Aces
Author/Editor: Mike Spick
The Luftwaffe And Its War Of Attrition
Author/Editor: Priest, Patricia L. C
Luftwaffe Air & Ground Crew 1939-45
Author/Editor: Stedman, Robert.-Chappell, Mike
Series Title: Men-at-arms
The Luftwaffe
Author/Editor: Killen, John
Luftverunreinigung und Herz-Kreislauf-System
Author/Editor: Laszt, L.-Schaad, R
Luftverkehrsmanagement, 4., völlig überarb. und erw. Aufl.
Author/Editor: Peter Maurer
Author/Editor: Peter Maurer
Author/Editor: Conrady, Roland-Fichert, Frank-Sterzenbach, Rüdiger
Series Title: Lehr- und Handbücher zu Tourismus, Verkehr und Freizeit
Lufttechnische Anlagen
Author/Editor: Walter Wagner
Series Title: Kamprath-Reihe
Author/Editor: Siepen, Stefan aus dem
Luftqualität in Dolmetschkabinen als Einflussfaktor auf die Dolmetschqualität. Interdisziplinäre Erkenntnisse und translationspraktische Konsequenzen
Author/Editor: Daniela Eichmeyer
Luftmenschen und rebellische Töchter
Author/Editor: Heiko Haumann
Series Title: Lebenswelten osteuropäischer Juden
Author/Editor: Berg, Nicolas
Series Title: Toldot : Essays zur jüdischen Geschichte und Kulture
Luftmacht USA Die Reform der US-Air Force
Author/Editor: Detlef Buch
The Lufthansa Heist
Author/Editor: Hill, Henry; Simone, Daniel
Author/Editor: Möller, Detlev
Ludwig XIV., 1. Auflage
Author/Editor: Hengerer, Mark
Ludwig XIV
Author/Editor: Hengerer, Mark
Series Title: C.H. Beck wissen