Getting started

We work with publishers of all sizes. Please review the information below then request a Portico Publication License Agreement from

We’ll need samples of your content; please review our guidelines for journals and e-books before submitting. Once approved, you’ll be required to agree to deposit your source files in a timely manner and to let us know whether we can provide post-cancellation access in the archive on your behalf.



Annual fees for e-journals are based on total journal revenues (print and electronic subscriptions, licensing, and advertising, as well as article processing charges and other revenue streams for OA content ) as follows:

Annual journals revenue Annual archive contribution
$0-250k $250
$250-500k $500
$500k-1 million $1,085
$1-5 million $2,735
$5-10 million $5,460
$10-50 million $16,440
$50-100 million $27,320
$100-200 million $54,635
>$200 million $81,960


Annual fees for e-books are based on total e-book revenues (electronic subscriptions, sales, licensing, and advertising) as follows:

Annual e-book revenue Annual archive contribution
<$250k $1,000
$250-500k $2,500
$500k-1 million $5,000
$1-5 million $7,500
$5-10 million $10,000
$10-50 million $15,000

There is also a one-time setup fee for e-books assessed based on metadata format and complexity of the complexity of the content. The fee covers the writing of a transformation tool to convert your metadata to Portico’s format.

Digital collections

Financial contributions for digital collections by publishers are determined after we review sample content.

Email us at to get started.