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Author/Editor: Butterss, Philip
Australian Wage Policy
Author/Editor: Hancock, Keith
Australia's Economy in its International Context
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym
Australia's Economy in its International Context
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym
Behind the Scenes
Author/Editor: Llewellyn-Smith, Michael
Bridging Transcultural Divides
Author/Editor: Song, Xianlin; Cadman, Kate
The Building of Economics at Adelaide
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; O'Neil, Bernard
Changing the Victorian Subject
Author/Editor: Tonkin, Maggie; Treagus, Mandy; Seys, Madeleine
Clamor Schürmann’s Barngarla grammar
Author/Editor: Clendon, Mark
Coastal Landscapes of South Australia
Author/Editor: Bourman, Robert P.; Murray-Wallace, Colin V.; Harvey, Nick
Coastal Management in Australia
Author/Editor: Harvey, Nick; Caton, Brian
Cyber-Nationalism in China
Author/Editor: Jiang, Ying
Cycling Futures
Author/Editor: Bonham, Jennifer; Johnson, Marilyn
Dangerous Ideas
Author/Editor: Magarey, Susan
Digital Identity
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Clare
Discovery and Empire
Author/Editor: West-Sooby, John
The Economics of Quarantine and the SPS Agreement
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; McRae, Cheryl; Wilson, David
Emotions, Senses, Spaces
Author/Editor: Hemer, Susan R.; Dundon, Alison
Empire Girls
Author/Editor: Treagus, Mandy
Engaging with Carol Bacchi
Author/Editor: Bletsas, Angelique; Beasley, Chris
Explorations and Encounters in French
Author/Editor: Fornasiero, Jean; Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette
Finishing Global Farm Trade Reform
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym
Framing French Culture
Author/Editor: Edwards, Natalie; McCann, Ben; Poiana, Peter
Freedom of Religion under Bills of Rights
Author/Editor: Babie, Paul; Rochow, Neville
Global Wine Markets
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; Nelgen, Signe
Global wine markets, 1860 to 2016
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; Nelgen, Signe; Pinilla, Vicente
Growth and Cycles in Australia’s Wine Industry
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; Aryal, Nanda R
Heritage Politics in Adelaide
Author/Editor: Mosler, Sharon
History of the Australian Vegetation
Author/Editor: Hill, Robert S
A History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide
Author/Editor: Harvey, Nick; Fornasiero, Jean; McCarthy, Greg
A History of the Psychology Schools at Adelaide’s Universities
Author/Editor: Winefield, Tony; Nettelbeck, Ted
If I Say If
Author/Editor: Rolls, Alistair; West-Sooby, John; Fornasiero, Jean
Imagining Law
Author/Editor: Stephens, Dale; Babie, Paul
Imagining the Future
Author/Editor: Bulbeck, Chilla
Indonesia in a Reforming World Economy
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; Stringer, Randy; Erwidodo
Integrating Innovation
Author/Editor: Roos, Göran; O’Connor, Allan
Law as Change
Author/Editor: Babie, Paul; Leadbeter, Paul
Magnesium in the Central Nervous System
Author/Editor: Vink, Robert; Nechifor, Mihai
Mainstreaming Politics
Author/Editor: Bacchi, Carol; Eveline, Joan
Making Publics, Making Places
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Mary; Barbour, Kim
Mallarmé devant ses contemporains
Author/Editor: Hambly, Peter S
Mechanisms of Vascular Disease
Author/Editor: Fitridge, Robert; Thompson, Matthew
Navigating the Kingdom of Night
Author/Editor: Matthews, Amy T
New Directions in Dental Anthropology
Author/Editor: Townsend, Grant; Kanazawa, Eisaku; Takayama, Hiroshi
Oral Health in South Australia
Author/Editor: Beckwith, Katie; Spencer, John; Brennan, David S
Oral health of Australian children
Author/Editor: Do, Loc G.; Spencer, A. John
Publishing Research in English as an Additional Language
Author/Editor: Cargill, Margaret; Burgess, Sally
Reforming Trade Policy in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; Bosworth, Michael
SIDS Sudden infant and early childhood death
Author/Editor: Duncan, Jhodie; Byard, Roger W
Six Eclogues from William Barnes's Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect
Author/Editor: Burton, T. L
Small-signal stability, control and dynamic performance of power systems
Author/Editor: Gibbard, M.J.; Pourbeik, P.; Vowles, D.J
The Sound of William Barnes's Dialect Poems
Author/Editor: Burton, T. L
The Sound of William Barnes's Dialect Poems
Author/Editor: Burton, T. L
The Sound of William Barnes's Dialect Poems
Author/Editor: Burton, T. L
Sugar, Steam and Steel
Author/Editor: Knight, G. Roger
Tilting at Windmills
Author/Editor: Edmonds, Phillip
Tracing the Melanesian Person
Author/Editor: Hemer, Susan R
Twin Studies
Author/Editor: Townsend, Grant C.; Pinkerton, Sandra K.; Rogers, James R
Unbridling the Tongues of Women
Author/Editor: Magarey, Susan
Universities in Transition
Author/Editor: Brook, Heather; Fergie, Deane; Maeorg, Michael
Warraparna Kaurna!
Author/Editor: Rob Amery
Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where?
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kym; Aryal, Nanda R
Whose History?
Author/Editor: Rodwell, Grant
Author/Editor: Clendon, Mark
Author/Editor: Brown, Tasman; Townsend, Grant C.; Pinkerton, Sandra K