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I Walk with Angels: The Life and Work of James Engel
Author/Editor: Carl R. Ziebell
Is That Poop on My Arm?
Author/Editor: Lind-Ayres, Justin
Israel's Poetry of Resistance
Author/Editor: Page Jr., Hugh R
Israel's Last Prophet
Author/Editor: David L. Turner
Author/Editor: John Kaltner
Is God Christian?
Author/Editor: D. PREMAN NILES
Isaiah Old and New
Author/Editor: Ben Witherington III
Author/Editor: Foster, Paul
Introduction to World Religions: Third Edition, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: Tim Dowley,Christopher Partridge
Introduction to the History of Christianity: Third Edition, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: TIM DOWLEY
Introduction to the History of Christianity in the United States
Author/Editor: Nancy Koester
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Third Edition: The Writings, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: JOHN J. COLLINS
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Third Edition: The Torah/Pentateuch, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: JOHN J. COLLINS
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Third Edition: The Deuteronomistic History, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: JOHN J. COLLINS
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Third Edition: Prophecy, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: JOHN J. COLLINS
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Author/Editor: Collins, John J
Introduction to Christian Liturgy
Author/Editor: Senn, Frank C
Into the Far Country
Author/Editor: Scott A. Kirkland,D. Stephen Long
In the Midst of Chaos
Author/Editor: Miller-McLemore, Bonnie J
In the Context of Unity: A History of the Development of Lutheran Book of Worship
Author/Editor: Ralph W. Quere
Intersectional Theology: An Introductory Guide
Interreligious Learning and Teaching
Author/Editor: Largen, Kristin Johnston
Interpreting Bonhoeffer
Author/Editor: Carter, Guy C.; Green, Clifford J
The Interpreting Angel Motif in Prophetic and Apocalyptic Literature
Author/Editor: Melvin, David P
Interpreting Abraham
Author/Editor: Beach, Bradley; Powell, Matthew
Intercultural Church
Author/Editor: Marzouk, Safwat
Inspired Imperfection: How the Bible's Problems Enhance Its Divine Authority
Author/Editor: GREGORY A. BOYD
Insights from Reading the Bible with the Poor
Author/Editor: Hall, Crystal L
Insights from Performance Criticism
Author/Editor: Peter S. Perry,MARK ALLAN POWELL
Insights from Filmmaking for Analyzing Biblcal Narrative
Author/Editor: Gary Yamasaki,MARK ALLAN POWELL
Insights from Cultural Anthropology
Author/Editor: Kuhn, Karl Allen
Insights from Archaeology
Author/Editor: David A. Fiensy
Insights from African American Interpretation
Author/Editor: Mitzi J. Smith,MARK ALLAN POWELL
Innovation within Tradition
Author/Editor: Mary Frances McKenna
In Defense of Doctrine
Author/Editor: Rhyne R. Putman
Author/Editor: Niels Henrik Gregersen,Richard Bauckham,Gerald O’Collins,John Behr,Torstein Theodor Tollefsen,Jürgen Moltmann,Elizabeth A Johnson,Denis Edwards,Celia Deane-Drummond,Christopher Southgate,Holmes Rolston III,Stuart Kauffman,Dirk Evers,Robert John Russell,Jo
The Imposing Preacher
Author/Editor: Bond, Adam L
The Impassioned Life
Author/Editor: Samuel M. Powell
I Heart Francis
Author/Editor: Donna Schaper
Ignatius of Antioch
Author/Editor: Schoedel, William R
Iesus Deus
Author/Editor: Litwa, M. David
I Can Do No Other
Author/Editor: Madsen, Anna M