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Rupturing Eschatology
Author/Editor: Trozzo, Eric J
Rules for 21st-Century Radicals
Author/Editor: Ashley Sr., Willard W. C
Rooted and Renewing: Imagining the Church's Future in Light of Its New Testament Origins
Author/Editor: Troy M. Troftgruben
Author/Editor: Jewett, Robert
Roman Imperial Texts
Author/Editor: Reasoner, Mark
The Role of the Synagogue in the Aims of Jesus
Author/Editor: Ryan, Jordan J
The Role of the Bishop: Changing Models for a Global Church
Author/Editor: Maria Elizabeth Erling,Kirsi Irmeli Stjerna
Author/Editor: Daughrity, Dyron B
The Riddles of the Fourth Gospel
Author/Editor: Anderson, Paul N
The Rhetoric of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark
Reviving the Congregation
Author/Editor: Foss, Michael W
Reviving Old Scratch
Author/Editor: Richard Beck
Reviving Christian Humanism
Author/Editor: Browning, Don S
Revives My Soul Again: The Spirituality of Martin Luther King Jr.
Re-Visioning the Church
Author/Editor: Ormerod, Neil
Rethinking Faith
Author/Editor: Poling, James Newton
Rethinking Early Christian Identity
Author/Editor: Maia Kotrosits
The Resurrection of Jesus
Author/Editor: Stewart, Robert B
Resurrection as Anti-Imperial Gospel
Author/Editor: Pillar, Edward
Resisting Structural Evil
Author/Editor: Moe-Lobeda, Cynthia D
Resilient Reformer
Author/Editor: Timothy F. Lull,Derek R. Nelson
Repentance at Qumran
Author/Editor: Mark A. Jason
The Renewed Homiletic
Author/Editor: Allen Jr., O. Wesley
Remembering the Reformation
Author/Editor: Declan Marmion,Salvador Ryan,Gesa E. Thiessen
Religion in The Handmaid's Tale
Author/Editor: Tennant, Collete
Rejected Prophets
Author/Editor: McWhirter, Jocelyn
Reinhold Niebuhr in the 1960s: Christian Realism for a Secular Age
Author/Editor: RONALD H. STONE
Reformation & Resilience: Lutheran Higher Education for Planetary Citizenship
Author/Editor: Ernest Simmons,Erin Hemme Froslie
Refocusing My Family
Author/Editor: Amber Cantorna
Red State Christians: Understanding the Voters Who Elected Donald Trump
Author/Editor: ANGELA DENKER
Redeeming Fear
Author/Editor: Whitehead, Jason C
Redeeming a Prison Society
Author/Editor: Levad, Amy
Reconstructing Theology
Author/Editor: Bateman, Terence
Recognizing the Gift
Author/Editor: Daniel A. Rober
Reclaiming Participation
Author/Editor: Anderson, Cynthia Peters
Recent Developments in Trinitarian Theology
Author/Editor: Chalamet, Christophe; Vial, Marc
Receiving the Day
Author/Editor: Bass, Dorothy C
Recalling Our Own Stories
Author/Editor: Wimberly, Edward P
Reading Theologically
Author/Editor: Barreto, Eric D
Reading the Bible with Richard Hooker
Author/Editor: Daniel Eppley
Reading the Bible in an Age of Crisis
Author/Editor: Bruce Worthington
Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons
Author/Editor: Pregeant, Russell
Reading Scripture as a Political Act
Author/Editor: Matthew A. Tapie,Daniel Wade McClain,Stephen E. Fowl
Reading Richard Dawkins
Author/Editor: Keogh, Gary
The Rape of Eve
Author/Editor: Celene Lillie
Radical Theology
Author/Editor: Ingolf U. Dalferth
Radical Friendship
Author/Editor: Ryan Andrew Newson
Radical Discipelship
Author/Editor: Jennifer M. McBride
Racial Purity and Dangerous Bodies
Author/Editor: Rima Vesely-Flad