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Cancer is Funny
Author/Editor: JASON MICHELI
Can Only One Religion Be True?
Author/Editor: Stewart, Robert B
Caring Liturgies
Author/Editor: Smith, Susan Marie
Carnal Knowledge of God
Author/Editor: Rebecca M. M. Voelkel
Carrying Them with Us: Living through Pregnancy or Infant Loss
Author/Editor: David M. Engelstad,Catherine A. Malotky
The Challenge of History
Author/Editor: Chalamet, Christophe
Changing Horizons
Author/Editor: Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussler
Charles W. Ore: An American Original
Author/Editor: Irene Beethe
A Child Shall Lead Them
Author/Editor: Burrow, Rufus
Chosen Nations
Author/Editor: Littlefield, Christina L
Christ and Analogy
Author/Editor: Johnson, Junius
Christ as Sacrament and Example: Luther's Theology of the Cross and its Relevance for South Asia
Author/Editor: Jhakmak Neeraj Ekka
Christ Crucified in a Suffering World
Author/Editor: Hieb, Nathan D
Christ Divided
Author/Editor: Walker Grimes, Katie
Christian Doctrine and the Grammar of Difference
Author/Editor: Janice McRandal
Christian Economic Ethics
Author/Editor: Finn, Daniel K
Christian Ethics at the Boundary
Author/Editor: Karen V. Guth
Christianity in India: Conversion, Community Development, and Religious Freedom
Author/Editor: Rebecca Samuel Shah,Joel Carpenter
Christianity Made in India
Author/Editor: ROGER E. HEDLUND
Christian Social Teachings
Author/Editor: Childs Jr., James M.; Forell, George W
Christian Theology in African Context: Essential Writings of Eshetu Abate
Author/Editor: Samuel Yonas Deressa
Christian Thought in America
Author/Editor: Hannah Schell,Daniel Ott
Christian Understandings of Christ
Author/Editor: Jensen, David H
Christian Understandings of Creation
Author/Editor: Edwards, Denis
Christian Understandings of Evil
Author/Editor: Charlene P. E. Burns,Denis R. Janz
Christian Understandings of the Future
Author/Editor: Amy Frykholm,Denis R. Janz
Christian Understandings of the Trinity
Author/Editor: Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen,Denis R. Janz
Christ Is King
Author/Editor: Joshua W. Jipp
Christ the Light
Author/Editor: Whidden, David L
Christ the Miracle Worker in Early Christian Art
Author/Editor: Jefferson, Lee M
Church and Empire
Author/Editor: Maria E. Doerfler,George Kalantzis
The Church in Act
Author/Editor: Maxwell E. Johnson
A Church Undone
Author/Editor: Mary M. Solberg
Citizenship in Heaven and on Earth
Author/Editor: Alexander Massmann
Cleansed Lepers, Cleansed Hearts
Author/Editor: Pamela Shellberg
Author/Editor: Jensen, David H
The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Author/Editor: Best, Isabel; Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Dietrich Bonhoeffer,Victoria J. Barnett,Claudia D. Bergmann,Isabel Best,Lisa E. Dahill,Scott A. Moore,Mary C. Nebelsick,Anne Schmidt-Lange,Douglas W. Stott,Victoria J. Barnett
Colossians and Philemon
Author/Editor: Lohse, Eduard
Coming Full Circle
Author/Editor: Steven Charleston,Elaine A. Robinson
Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus: A Window into Early Christian Reading Practices
Author/Editor: BRIAN J. WRIGHT
Comparative Religious Ethics
Author/Editor: Gudorf, Christine E
Comparing Judaism and Christianity
Author/Editor: E. P. Sanders
A Complicated Pregnancy: Whether Mary was a Virgin and Why It Matters
Author/Editor: Kyle Roberts
Comprehending Christian Zionism
Author/Editor: Gunner, Goran; Smith, Robert O
Confident Humility: Becoming Your Full Self without Becoming Full of Yourself
Author/Editor: DAN KENT
Consider Leviathan
Author/Editor: Doak, Brian R
Constructing Constructive Theology
Author/Editor: Jason A. Wyman Jr.
The Contemplative Counselor
Author/Editor: Nolasco Jr., Rolf R
Contemporary Christologies
Author/Editor: Schweitzer, Don
Correlating Sobornost
Author/Editor: Ashley John Moyse,Scott A. Kirkland,John C. McDowell
A Council for the Global Church
Author/Editor: Massimo Faggioli
Couples in Conflict
Author/Editor: Richardson, Ronald W
The Courage of Faith
Author/Editor: Gaebler, Mary
Crazy Book: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Biblical Terms, Revised and Expanded Edition
Author/Editor: Rolf A. Jacobson,Karl N. Jacobson,Hans H. Wiersma
Crazy Talk
Author/Editor: Rolf A. Jacobson,Karl N. Jacobson,Marc D. Olson,Megan J. Thorvilson,Megan L. Torgerson,Hans H. Wiersma
The Creative Word
Author/Editor: Brueggemann, Walter
Creativity as Sacrifice
Author/Editor: James M. Watkins
Creator God, Evolving World
Author/Editor: Crysdale, Cynthia; Ormerod, Neil
Crispina and Her Sisters: Women and Authority in Early Christianity
The Critical Edition of Q
Author/Editor: Robinson, James M
The Cross before Constantine
Author/Editor: Bruce W. Longenecker
The Crosses of Pompeii
Author/Editor: Bruce W. Longenecker
The Cross of Reality
Author/Editor: H. Gaylon Barker
Cross Vision
Author/Editor: Gregory A. Boyd
Cross Vision Study Guide
Author/Editor: Boyd, Gregory A.; Godsey, Deacon
The Crucified God
Author/Editor: Moltmann, Jurgen
The Crucifixion of the Warrior God
Author/Editor: Gregory A. Boyd
The Cry of Tamar
Author/Editor: Cooper-White, Pamela
The Cultural Life Setting of the Proverbs
Author/Editor: John J. Pilch