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A Survival Guide for Project Managers
Author/Editor: TAYLOR, James
A Supply Chain Management Guide to Business Continuity
Author/Editor: KILDOW, Betty A
Smart Financial Management
Author/Editor: SIHLER, William W.; CRAWFORD, Richard D.; DAVIS, Henry A
Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property
Author/Editor: BOUCHOUX, Deborah E
Project Management for Non-Project Managers
Author/Editor: FERRARO, Jack
The Program Management Office Advantage
Author/Editor: TJAHJANA, Lia; DWYER, Paul; HABIB, Mohsin
The New Korea
Author/Editor: KIM, Myung Oak; JAFFE, Sam
Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z
Author/Editor: SHERMAN, Andrew J
Mastering Import & Export Management
Author/Editor: COOK, Thomas A.; ALSTON, Rennie; RAIA, Kelly
A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams
Author/Editor: ZOFI, Yael
The HR Answer Book
Author/Editor: SMITH, Shawn; MAZIN, Rebecca
Handbook for Strategic HR
Author/Editor: OD Network; Vogelsang, John; Townsend, Maya
Fundamentals of Project Management
Author/Editor: HEAGNEY, Joseph
Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance
Author/Editor: GROSS, John M
The Facility Management Handbook
Author/Editor: ROPER, Kathy O.; PAYANT, Richard P
Export/Import Procedures and Documentation
Author/Editor: BADE, Donna L
Essentials of Inventory Management
Author/Editor: MULLER, Max
The Disaster Recovery Handbook
Author/Editor: WALLACE, Michael; WEBBER, Lawrence
Chocolate Fortunes
Author/Editor: ALLEN, Lawrence L
A Blueprint for Corporate Governance
Author/Editor: KAEN, Fred R
Auditing Your Human Resources Department
Author/Editor: MCCONNELL, John H
The AMA Handbook of Public Relations
Author/Editor: DILENSCHNEIDER, Robert L.; BARTIROMO, Maria
The AMA Handbook of Project Management
Author/Editor: DINSMORE, Paul C.; CABANIS-BREWIN, Jeannette
The AMA Handbook of Leadership
Author/Editor: GOLDSMITH, Marshall; BALDONI, John; MCARTHUR, Sarah
The AMA Handbook of Financial Risk Management
Author/Editor: HAMPTON, John J
The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence
Author/Editor: CRILLY, William M.; SHERMAN, Andrew J
The AMA Handbook of Business Letters
Author/Editor: SEGLIN, Jeffrey L.; COLEMAN, Edward
The AMA Handbook of Business Documents
Author/Editor: WILSON, Kevin; WAUSON, Jennifer
The AMA Dictionary of Business and Management
Author/Editor: KURIAN, George Thomas
Accounting Demystified
Author/Editor: HABER, Jeffrey R