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A Cultural History of the Bushranger Legend in Theatres and Cinemas, 1828–2017
Author/Editor: Andrew James Couzens
The Creativity Hoax: Precarious Work in the Gig Economy
Author/Editor: George Morgan,Pariece Nelligan
The Creation of Markets for Ecosystem Services in the United States: The Challenge of Trading Places
Author/Editor: Mattijs van Maasakkers
Creating Irish Tourism: The First Century, 1750-1850
Author/Editor: William H. A. Williams
The Craft of Professional Writing: A Guide for Amateur and Professional Writers
Author/Editor: Michael S. Malone
Corporate Wrongdoing and the Art of the Accusation
Author/Editor: Robert R. Faulkner
Contemporary Art, World Cinema, and Visual Culture: Essays by Hamid Dabashi
Author/Editor: Hamid Keshmirshekan
Consumption, Cities and States: Comparing Singapore with Asian and Western Cities
Author/Editor: Ann Brooks,Lionel Wee
The Constitution of Shelley's Poetry: The Argument of Language in Prometheus Unbound
Author/Editor: EDWARD T. DUFFY
Conflict and Sustainability in a Changing Environment: Through the Eyes of Communities
Author/Editor: Gwendolyn Smith,Elena P. Bastidas
Conduct Books and the History of the Ideal Woman
Author/Editor: Tabitha Kenlon
Conditioning Democratization: Institutional Reforms and EU Membership Conditionality in Albania and Macedonia
Author/Editor: Ridvan Peshkopia
Conceptions of Dreaming from Homer to 1800
Author/Editor: G. W. Pigman III
Complexity of Transboundary Water Conflicts: Enabling Conditions for Negotiating Contingent Resolutions
Author/Editor: Enamul Choudhury,Shafiqul Islam,Lawrence Susskind
The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting: What your professors don't tell you... What you absolutely must know
Competitiveness and Development: Myth and Realities
Author/Editor: Mehdi Shafaeddin,Erik S. Reinert
Communication and Colonialism in Eastern India: Bihar, 1760s–1880s
Author/Editor: Nitin Sinha
Colonialism and Transnational Psychiatry: The Development of an Indian Mental Hospital in British India, c. 1925–1940
Colonial Childhoods: The Juvenile Periphery of India 1850-1945
Author/Editor: SATADRU SEN
The Collected Works of Ann Hawkshaw
Author/Editor: Ann Hawkshaw,Debbie Bark
Climate Change and Global Equity
Author/Editor: Frank Ackerman,Elizabeth A. Stanton
Classical Economics Today: Essays in Honor of Alessandro Roncaglia
Author/Editor: Marcella Corsi,Jan Kregel,Carlo D’Ippoliti
The Clash of Globalizations: Essays on the Political Economy of Trade and Development Policy
Author/Editor: Kevin P. Gallagher
Civilizing Missions in Colonial and Postcolonial South Asia: From Improvement to Development
Author/Editor: Carey A. Watt,Michael Mann
The City as Fulcrum of Global Sustainability
Author/Editor: Ernest J. Yanarella,Richard S. Levine
Citizenship and Statelessness in Sri Lanka: The Case of the Tamil Estate Workers
Cities, Climate Change, and Public Health: Building Human Resilience to Climate Change at the Local Level
Author/Editor: Ella Jisun Kim
Cinema at the Margins
Churchill, Eden and Indo-China, 1951-1955
Author/Editor: Nông Văn Dân
Christos Tsiolkas and the Fiction of Critique: Politics, Obscenity, Celebrity
Author/Editor: Andrew McCann
Christian Fiction and Religious Realism in the Novels of Dostoevsky
Author/Editor: Wil van den Bercken
Chinese Television and Soft Power Communication in Australia
Author/Editor: Mei Li
China and Sustainable Development in Latin America: The Social and Environmental Dimension
Author/Editor: Rebecca Ray,Kevin Gallagher,Andrés López,Cynthia Sanborn
Chechnya: From Past to Future
Author/Editor: RICHARD SAKWA
Changing France: Literature and Material Culture in the Second Empire
Author/Editor: Anne Green
Changes in Attitudes to Immigrants in Britain, 1841-1921: From Foreigner to Alien
Author/Editor: Ben Braber
A Chance for the World Bank
Author/Editor: Jozef Ritzen,Joseph Stiglitz
Challenging Misrepresentations of Black Womanhood: Media, Literature and Theory
Author/Editor: Marquita M. Gammage,Antwanisha Alameen-Shavers
Central Banking at a Crossroads: Europe and Beyond
Author/Editor: Charles Goodhart,Daniela Gabor,Jakob Vestergaard,Ismail Ertürk
Caste, Entrepreneurship and the Illusions of Tradition: Branding the Potters of Kolkata
Author/Editor: Geir Heierstad
The Case for Kosova: Passage to Independence
Author/Editor: ANNA DI LELLIO
Capital Without Borders: Challenges to Development
Author/Editor: Ashwini Deshpande
Capitalism and Freedom: The Contradictory Character of Globalisation
Author/Editor: PETER NOLAN
Can We Live Forever?: A Sociological and Moral Inquiry
Author/Editor: Bryan S. Turner