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Sustainability Is the New Advantage: Leadership, Change, and the Future of Business
Surviving Capitalism: How We Learned to Live with the Market and Remained Almost Human
Author/Editor: ERIK RINGMAR
Surgical Simulation
Author/Editor: Prokar Dasgupta,Kamran Ahmed,Peter Jaye,Mohammed Shamim Khan
Suburban Space, the Novel and Australian Modernity
Author/Editor: Brigid Rooney
Subjectivism and Interpretative Methodology in Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Fu-Lai Tony Yu
Subaltern Sports: Politics and Sport in South Asia
Author/Editor: JAMES H. MILLS
Studies on the Carvaka/Lokayata
Author/Editor: Ramkrishna Bhattacharya
Studies in the Kasikavrtti. The Section on Pratyaharas: Critical Edition, Translation and Other Contributions
Author/Editor: Pascale Haag,Vincenzo Vergiani
Studies in Hindu Law and Dharmaśāstra
Author/Editor: Ludo Rocher,Donald R. Davis Jr
Structure, Agency and Biotechnology: The Case of the Rothamsted GM Wheat Trials
Author/Editor: Aristeidis Panagiotou,Peter Kivisto
Street-Gang and Tribal-Warrior Autobiographies
Author/Editor: H. David Brumble
Stratagem of the Corpse: Dying with Baudrillard, a Study of Sickness and Simulacra
Author/Editor: Gary J. Shipley,WILLIAM PAWLETT
Stephen Wall, Trollope and Character and Other Essays on Victorian Literature
Author/Editor: Seamus Perry,Nicholas Shrimpton,Robert Douglas-Fairhurst
The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union
Author/Editor: Anthony Pym,François Grin,Claudio Sfreddo,Andy L. J. Chan
Statemaking and Territory in South Asia: Lessons from the Anglo–Gorkha War (1814–1816)
The Stakes of Regulation: Perspectives on 'Bread, Politics and Political Economy' Forty Years Later
Author/Editor: Steven L. Kaplan
Staging Memory and Materiality in Eighteenth-Century Theatrical Biography
Author/Editor: Amanda Weldy Boyd
Stages of Life: Indian Theatre Autobiographies
Author/Editor: Kathryn Hansen
The Spirit of Luc Boltanski: Essays on the ‘Pragmatic Sociology of Critique’
Author/Editor: Simon Susen,Bryan S. Turner
The Spanish Frustration: How a Ruinous Empire Thwarted the Nation-State
Author/Editor: Josep M. Colomer
South–South Trade and Finance in the Twenty-First Century: Rise of the South or a Second Great Divergence
Author/Editor: Omar S. Dahi,Firrat Demir
South of the Crisis: A Latin American Perspective on the Late Capitalist World
Author/Editor: Juan E. Corradi
South Asian Media Cultures: Audiences, Representations, Contexts
Author/Editor: Shakuntala Banaji
Sophisticated Interdependence in Climate Policy: Federalism in the United States, Brazil, and Germany
Author/Editor: Vivian E. Thomson
Social Thought and Rival Claims to the Moral Ideal of Dignity
Author/Editor: Philip Hodgkiss
Socialist Realism in Central and Eastern European Literatures under Stalin: Institutions, Dynamics, Discourses
Author/Editor: Evgeny Dobrenko,Natalia Jonsson-Skradol,Balázs Apor
Socialising the Biomedical Turn in HIV Prevention
Author/Editor: Susan Kippax,Niamh Stephenson,Simon Susen
The Social Ecology of Border Landscapes
Author/Editor: Anna Grichting,Michele Zebich-Knos
The “Slumdog" Phenomenon: A Critical Anthology
Author/Editor: Ajay Gehlawat
Sixties Radicalism and Social Movement Activism: Retreat or Resurgence?
Author/Editor: Bryn Jones,Mike O’Donnell
Sites of Performance: Of Time and Memory
Author/Editor: Clark Lunberry
Sisters and the English Household: Domesticity and Women's Autonomy in Nineteenth-Century English Literature
Author/Editor: Anne D. Wallace,Robert Douglas-Fairhurst
Signless Signification in Ancient India and Beyond
Author/Editor: Tiziana Pontillo,Maria Piera Candotti,Giuliano Boccali
The Significant Hamlin Garland: A Collection of Essays
Author/Editor: Donald Pizer
A 'Short Treatise' on the Wealth and Poverty of Nations (1613)
Author/Editor: Antonio Serra,Sophus A. Reinert,Jonathan Hunt
The Sexual Imperative in the Novels of Sir Henry Rider Haggard
Author/Editor: Richard Reeve
The Selling and Self-Regulation of Contemporary Poetry
Author/Editor: J. T. Welsch
Selected Film Essays and Interviews
Secret Agents and the Memory of Everyday Collaboration in Communist Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: Péter Apor,Sándor Horváth,James Mark
Screen Writings: Genres, Classics, and Aesthetics
Author/Editor: Bert Cardullo
Science Meets Literature: What Elias Canetti’s Auto-da-Fé Tells Us about the Human Mind and Human Behavior
Author/Editor: Dario Maestripieri
The Science Communication Challenge: Truth and Disagreement in Democratic Knowledge Societies
Author/Editor: Gitte Meyer
Science and Technology Policy for Development: Dialogues at the Interface
Science Advice and Global Environmental Governance: Expert Institutions and the Implementation of International Environmental Treaties
Author/Editor: Pia M. Kohler