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Suva Stories: A History of the Capital of Fiji
Survey Analysis for Indigenous Policy in Australia
Author/Editor: Hunter, Boyd; Biddle, Nicholas
Sung Tales from the Papua New Guinea Highlands
Author/Editor: Rumsey, Alan; Niles, Don
Successful Public Policy
Author/Editor: Luetjens, Joannah; Mintrom, Michael; t Hart, Paul
Subjects and Aliens: Histories of Nationality, Law and Belonging in Australia and New Zealand
Studies in Australian Political Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Uhr, John; Walter, Ryan
Struggling for the Umma
Author/Editor: Turmudi, Endang
Struggling for Self Reliance
Author/Editor: Breen, Bob
The Struggle of the Shi‘is in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Zulkifli, Z
The Struggle of the Shi‘is in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Zulkifli, Z
Strings of Connectedness
Author/Editor: Toner, P.G
Steep Slopes
Author/Editor: Gillespie, Kirsty
Steady Hands Needed
Author/Editor: Wilson, Trevor; Cooke, Graham
Statistical Mechanics of Nonequilibrium Liquids
Author/Editor: Evans, Denis J.; Morriss, Gary P
State, Communities and Forests In Contemporary Borneo
Author/Editor: Cooke, Fadzilah Majid
State and Society in Papua New Guinea, 2001–2021
Author/Editor: R.J. MAY
State and Society in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Ron May
The Spice Islands in Prehistory:
Author/Editor: Bellwood, Peter
Southern Limestones under Western Eyes: The Modern World Evolving in Southern Australia
Author/Editor: BRIAN McGOWRAN
Sounds in Translation
Author/Editor: Chan, Amy; Noble, Alistair
Sound Citizens: Australian Women Broadcasters Claim their Voice, 1923–1956
Author/Editor: Catherine Fisher
Songs of the Empty Place
Author/Editor: Weiner, James F.; Niles, Don
Something's Gotta Change: Redefining Collaborative Linguistic Research
Author/Editor: LESLEY WOODS
Solomon Islanders in World War II
Author/Editor: Kwai, Anna Annie
Soeharto's New Order and Its Legacy
Author/Editor: Aspinall, Edward; Fealy, Greg
The Social Sciences in the Asian Century
Author/Editor: Carol Johnson,Vera Mackie,Tessa Morris-Suzuki
Social Indicators for Aboriginal Governance
Author/Editor: Taylor, John
The Social Effects of Native Title
Author/Editor: Smith, Benjamin R.; Morphy, Frances
Social cost-benefit analysis in Australia and New Zealand
Author/Editor: Dobes, Leo; Argyrous, George; Leung, Joanne
Skin, Kin and Clan: The dynamics of social categories in Indigenous Australia
Situating Women
Author/Editor: George, Nicole
Sisters in Peace: The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Australia, 1915–2015
Author/Editor: KATE LAING
Sinuous Objects
Sin Descansar, En Mi Memoria
Author/Editor: Read, Peter; Wyndham, Marivic
Signs of the Wali
Author/Editor: Christomy, Tommy
Sharpening the Sword of State
Author/Editor: Podger, Andrew; Wanna, John
Sharing the Earth, Dividing the Land
Author/Editor: Thomas Reuter
Shared Destiny
Author/Editor: Barmé, Geremie R; Jaivin, Linda; Goldkorn, Jeremy
Shaping a Nation
Author/Editor: Blewett, Richard
Sex Discrimination in Uncertain Times
Author/Editor: Thornton, Margaret
The Seven Dwarfs and the Age of the Mandarins
Author/Editor: Furphy, Samuel
Settler Colonial Governance in Nineteenth-Century Victoria
Author/Editor: Boucher, Leigh; Russell, Lynette
Selling the Sea, Fishing for Power
Author/Editor: Adhuri, Dedi Supriadi
Seismic Wave Propagation in Stratified Media
Author/Editor: Kennett, Brian
Security and Privacy
Author/Editor: Kleinig, John; Mameli, Peter; Miller, Seumas
Securing Village Life
Author/Editor: Scott MacWilliam
Scholars at War
Author/Editor: Gray, Geoffrey; Munro, Doug; Winter, Christine