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Appalachian Curriculum: 1995
Author/Editor: Lisa Gibson,Catherine Glenn,Phyllis Honeycutt,Cindy Medlock,Diana Pennington,Karen Purcott,Crystal Chapman
Appalachian Curriculum: 1998
Author/Editor: Carolyn Pillis,Donna Wright,Diane Grant Thompson
Appalachian Scrapbook: An A-B-C of Growing Up in the Mountains
Author/Editor: Pauline Binkley Cheek
An Appalachian Symposium: Essays Written in Honor of Cratis D. Williams
Author/Editor: J. W. Williamson,Louie Brown
Archives in Appalachia: A Directory
Author/Editor: Ellen Garrison
" . . . A Right Good People"
Author/Editor: HAROLD F. WARREN
The Barter Theatre Story: Love Made Visible
Author/Editor: Mark Dawidziak
Bibliography of Southern Appalachia
Author/Editor: CHARLOTTE T. ROSS
Bits of Mountain Speech
Author/Editor: PAUL M. FINK
Blue Ridge Heritage Corridor: Celebrating Our Past, Creating Our Future
Author/Editor: Linear Parks Conference
Blue Ridge Parkway: Agent of Transition
Author/Editor: Barry M. Buxton,Steven M. Beatty,Dana Bartlett
The Brindle Mule: Stories and Poems of the Brushy Mountains
Author/Editor: Robert Rosborough Leeper
Cabin: A Mountain Adventure
Author/Editor: Barbara G. Hallowell,Aline Hansens
The Cherokee Perspective: Written by Eastern Cherokees
Author/Editor: Laurence French,Jim Hornbuckle
Colonialism in Modern America: The Appalachian Case
Author/Editor: Helen Matthews Lewis,Linda Johnson,Donald Askins
Cratis Williams Chronicles: I Come to Boone
Author/Editor: Gratis D. Williams
Emerging Patterns in the Southern Highlands: A Reference Atlas, Volume II Agriculture
The Examined Life: Family, Community, Work in American Literature
Author/Editor: Jim Wayne Miller,Karen Lohr,Jane Shook,Barry M. Buxton
For His Cause a Little House: A Hundred Year History of Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church
Author/Editor: Donald B. Saunders
The Good Life Almanac: Being Choicest Morsels of Wisdom for Reader Interested in Living, Rather than Existing
Author/Editor: Ruth Smalley
The Great Forest: An Appalachian Story
Author/Editor: Barry M. Buxton,Sam Gray,Michael Ann Williams
Hogwild: A Back-to-the-Land Saga
Author/Editor: JOCK LAUTERER,Maggie Lauterer
Laurel Leaves: Special Edition: A Checklist and Purchase Guide for School and Community Libraries in Appalachia
Author/Editor: Jim Wayne Miller
Liza's Monday and Other Poems
Looking for Native Ground: Contemporary Appalachian Poetry
Author/Editor: Rita Sims Quillen
Marrying Beauty with Utility
Author/Editor: International Linear Parks Conference
Mountain Preacher Stories: Laughter Among the Trumpets
Author/Editor: Ben C. Fisher
Mountains Have Come Closer
Only When They're Little: The Story of an Appalachian Family
Author/Editor: KATE PICKENS DAY,Margaret Pickens,Nancy Carol Joyner
Painting with a Comet's Tail
Author/Editor: Harley E. Jolley
Parkways, Greenways, Riverways: A Partnership for Beauty and Progress
Author/Editor: International Linear Parks Conference
Parkways, Greenways, Riverways: The Way More Beautiful
Author/Editor: Woodward S. Bousquet,Thomas E. Rash,Mark H. Suggs
Parkways: Past, Present, and Future
Author/Editor: International Linear Parks Conference
Partnerships and Sustainability
Author/Editor: Linear Parks Conference
Paul Green's Wordbook: An Alphabet of Reminiscence
Author/Editor: PAUL GREEN,Rhoda H. Wynn,John Ehle
People, Politics and Economic Life: Exploring Appalachia with Quantitative Methods
Author/Editor: Thomas Plaut
Promoting Student Investigation of Local Environmental Issues through the Southern Highlands Environmental Project: Project Report
Author/Editor: Woodward S. Bousquet
Reading, Writing, Region: A Checklist, Purchase Guide and Directory for School and Community Libraries in Appalachia
Author/Editor: Jim Wayne Miller
Recollections of the Catawba Valley
Author/Editor: J. Alexander Mull,Gordon Boger,W. H. Plemmons
A Southern Appalachian Reader
Author/Editor: Nellie McNeil,Joyce Squibb,Rita Quillen
The Summer People
Author/Editor: John Foster West
Symposium on Trout Habitat, Research, and Management: Proceedings
That D----d Brownlow: Being a Saucy and Malicious Description of Fighting Parson William Gannaway Brownlow
Thomas Wolfe: A Writer's Life
Author/Editor: TED MITCHELL,James W. Clark Jr.
Too Few Tomorrows: Urban Appalachians in the 1980's
Author/Editor: Phillip J. Obermiller,William W. Philliber
Village Tapestry: The History of Blowing Rock
Author/Editor: Barry M. Buxton,JERRY W. BURNS,Robert S. Jones
We Plow God's Fields: The Life of James G. K. McClure
Author/Editor: John Curtis Ager
Western North Carolina: Its Mountains and Its People to 1880
Author/Editor: Ora Blackmun
Western North Carolina Since the Civil War
Author/Editor: John J. Van Noppen