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Alfred the Great
Author/Editor: Anlezark, Daniel
The Battle of the Bard: Shakespeare on US Radio in 1937
Author/Editor: Michael P. Jensen
Books Before Print
Author/Editor: Kwakkel, Erik
Byzantine Gender
Author/Editor: Neville, Leonora
Byzantium Unbound
Author/Editor: Kaldellis, Anthony
Christ on a Donkey – Palm Sunday, Triumphal Entries, and Blasphemous Pageants
Author/Editor: MAX HARRIS,Andrew Kirkman,Elizabet L’Estrange
Classic Readings on Monster Theory
Author/Editor: Mittman, Asa Simon; Hensel, Marcus
Classic Readings on Monster Theory: Demonstrare, Volume One
Coloman, King of Galicia and Duke of Slavonia (1208-1241)
Author/Editor: Font, Márta; Barabás, Gábor
A Companion to Global Queenship
Author/Editor: Woodacre, Elena
A Companion to Medieval Translation
Author/Editor: JEANETTE BEER
The Congregation of Tiron
Author/Editor: Cline, Ruth Harwood
Demons in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Ruys, Juanita Feros
Digital Techniques for Documenting and Preserving Cultural Heritage
Author/Editor: Bentkowska-Kafel, Anna; MacDonald, Lindsay
Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts
Author/Editor: Endres, Bill
Early Medieval Hagiography
Author/Editor: Palmer, James T
Eastern Europe in Icelandic Sagas
Author/Editor: Jackson, Tatjana N
Elite Byzantine Kinship, ca. 950-1204
Author/Editor: Leidholm, Nathan
The Emergence of the English
Author/Editor: Susan Oosthuizen
European Expansion and the Contested Borderlands of Late Medieval Podillya, Ukraine
Europe, Byzantium, and the Intellectual Silence of Rus' Culture
Author/Editor: Ostrowski, Donald
Fluid Bodies and Bodily Fluids in Premodern Europe
Author/Editor: Scott, Anne M.; Barbezat, Michael David
The Future of Literary Archives
Author/Editor: Sutton, David C
The Future of Literary Archives: Diasporic and Dispersed Collections at Risk
The Hussites
Author/Editor: Lahey, Stephen E
The Jews in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Laham Cohen, Rodrigo
The Kingdom of Rus'
Author/Editor: Raffensperger, Christian
Legal Encounters on the Medieval Globe
Author/Editor: Lambourn, Elizabeth
Medieval Antisemitism?
Author/Editor: Soyer, François
Medieval Bosnia and South-East European Relations
Author/Editor: Dautović, Dženan; Filipović, Emir O.; Isailović, Neven
Medieval Canon Law
Author/Editor: Rennie, Kriston R
Medieval Cityscapes Today
Author/Editor: Clarke, Catherine A. M
Medieval Imagery in Today's Politics
Author/Editor: Wollenberg, Daniel
Medieval Islamic Sectarianism
Author/Editor: Baker, Christine D
Author/Editor: Utz, Richard
Medievalism: A Manifesto
Author/Editor: Richard Utz
Meeting the Medieval in a Digital World
Author/Editor: Davis, Matthew Evan; Mahoney-Steel, Tamsyn; Turnator, Ece
Milton’s Scriptural Theology
Author/Editor: Hale, John K
The Mongols
Author/Editor: Timothy May
Nomads and Natives beyond the Danube and the Black Sea
Author/Editor: Musteaţă, Sergiu
Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World
Author/Editor: Green, Monica H
Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World: Rethinking the Black Death
Author/Editor: MONICA H. GREEN
The Peace of God
Author/Editor: Koziol, Geoffrey
People and Places of the Roman Past
Author/Editor: Hatlie, Peter
People and Places of the Roman Past: The Educated Traveller's Guide
Author/Editor: PETER HATLIE
The Picts Re-Imagined
Author/Editor: Grigg, Julianna
Plague and Contagion in the Islamic Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Varlik, Nükhet
Primary Sources on Monsters
Author/Editor: Mittman, Asa Simon; Hensel, Marcus
Primary Sources on Monsters: Demonstrare, Volume Two
Property, Power, and Authority in Rus and Latin Europe, ca. 1000–1236
Author/Editor: Mikhailova, Yulia
Remapping Travel Narratives, 1000-1700
Author/Editor: Piera, Montserrat
Remapping Travel Narratives, 1000-1700: To the East and Back Again
Author/Editor: MONTSERRAT PIERA,Christina H. Lee,Julia Schleck
Saxo Grammaticus
Author/Editor: Muceniecks, André Szczawlinska
Saxo Grammaticus: Hierocratical Conceptions and Danish Hegemony in the Thirteenth Century
The Scholastic Project
Author/Editor: Monagle, Clare
Shakespeare and Superheroes
Author/Editor: Kahan, Jeffrey
Social Norms in Medieval Scandinavia
Author/Editor: Morawiec, Jakub; Jochymek, Aleksandra; Bartusik, Grzegorz
Teaching Rape in the Medieval Literature Classroom
Author/Editor: Gulley, Alison
Teaching Rape in the Medieval Literature Classroom: Approaches to Difficult Texts
Author/Editor: ALISON GULLEY
Today's Medieval University
Author/Editor: Toswell, M J
The Transformation of the Roman West
Author/Editor: Wood, Ian
The Viking Eastern Baltic
Author/Editor: Marika Mägi
The Vikings
Author/Editor: Sæbjørg Walaker Nordeide,Kevin J. Edwards
Worship in Medieval England
Author/Editor: Salisbury, Matthew Cheung