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Banquets, Rations et Offrandes Alimentaires au Proche-Orient ancien: 10,000 ans d’histoire alimentaire révélée
Author/Editor: Daniel Bonneterre
Barbaric Splendour: The Use of Image Before and After Rome
Author/Editor: Toby F. Martin ,Wendy Morrison
Bar Locks and Early Church Security in the British Isles
Author/Editor: John F. Potter
Barāqish/Yathill (Yemen) 1986-2007: Excavations of Temple B and related research and restoration / Extramural excavations in Area C and overview studies
Author/Editor: Sabina Antonini ,Francesco G. Fedele ,Alessio Agostini ,Sabina Antonini ,Mounir Arbach ,Vittoria Buffa ,Christian Darles ,Francesco G. Fedele ,Solèn
Barrow Old Hall and Twiss Green: Investigations of two sub-manorial estate centres within the townships of Bold and Culcheth in the Hundred of Warrington 1982-87
Author/Editor: Dan Garner ,Jennifer Lewis ,David Freke ,Martin Cleaver ,Clemency Fisher ,David A. Higgins ,Alan Moulsdale ,A. F. Roberts ,Margaret Warhurst
Bearsden: The Story of a Roman Fort
Author/Editor: Breeze, David J
The Beau Street, Bath Hoard
Author/Editor: Anthony, Verity; Abdy, Richard; Clews, Stephen
The Bell Beaker Culture in All Its Forms: Proceedings of the 22nd Meeting of ‘Archéologie et Gobelets’ 2021 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Author/Editor: Claudine Abegg ,Delia Carloni ,Florian Cousseau ,Eve Derenne ,Jessica Ryan-Despraz ,Marie Besse
Berkeley Castle Tales
Author/Editor: Stuart J. Prior ,Mark Horton ,Konstantinos Trimmis
A Bestiary of Monsters in Greek Mythology
Author/Editor: Syropoulos, Spyros
Best Practices of GeoInformatic Technologies for the Mapping of Archaeolandscapes
Author/Editor: Apostolos Sarris
Between History and Archaeology: Papers in honour of Jacek Lech
Author/Editor: Werra, Dagmara H.; Wo?ny, Marzena
Between Roman Culture and Local Tradition: Roman Provincial Coinage of Bithynia and Pontus during the Reign of Trajan (98-117 AD)
Author/Editor: Barbara Zając
Between the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BC: Exploring Cultural Diversity and Change in Late Prehistoric Communities
Author/Editor: Susana Soares Lopes ,Sérgio Alexandre Gomes
Beyond the Ice: Creswell Crags and its place in a wider European context
Author/Editor: Beresford, Matthew
Big Data and Archaeology: Proceedings of the XVIII UISPP World Congress (4-9 June 2018, Paris, France) Volume 15, Session III-1
Author/Editor: François Djindjian ,Paola Moscati
Bioarchaeology and Dietary Reconstruction across Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Tuscany, Central Italy
Author/Editor: Giulia Riccomi
A Biography of Power: Research and Excavations at the Iron Age 'oppidum' of Bagendon, Gloucestershire (1979-2017)
Author/Editor: Tom Moore ,Sophia Adams ,Michael J. Allen ,Sam Bithell ,Loïc Boscher ,Cameron Clegg ,G.B. Dannell ,Lorne Elliott ,Elizabeth Foulds
Birds, Beasts and Burials: A study of the human-animal relationship in Romano-British St. Albans
Author/Editor: Hill, Brittany Elayne
The Birth and Development of the Idealized Concept of Arcadia in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Antonio Corso
The Black Sea in the Light of New Archaeological Data and Theoretical Approaches: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on the Black Sea in Antiquity held in Thessaloniki, 18-20 September 2015
Author/Editor: Manolis Manoledakis
Blood, Faith and Iron: A dynasty of Catholic industrialists in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England
Author/Editor: Belford, Paul
æBlood Is Thicker Than WaterÆ û Non-Royal Consanguineous Marriage in Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Robinson, Joanne-Marie
‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water’ – Non-Royal Consanguineous Marriage in Ancient Egypt: An Exploration of Economic and Biological Outcomes
Author/Editor: Joanne-Marie Robinson
Bodies of Maize, Eaters of Grain: Comparing material worlds, metaphor and the agency of art in the Preclassic Maya and Mycenaean early civilisations
Author/Editor: Marcus Jan Bajema
Body, Cosmos and Eternity: New Trends of Research on Iconography and Symbolism of Ancient Egyptian Coffins
Author/Editor: Rogério Sousa
Boom and Bust in Bronze Age Britain: The Great Orme Copper Mine and European Trade
Author/Editor: R. Alan Williams
Brass from the Past: Brass made, used and traded from prehistoric times to 1800
Author/Editor: Vanda Morton
Breaking the dšr.t Vessels: An Ancient Egyptian Fragmentation Rite
Author/Editor: Elena L. Hertel
Bridge of Civilizations: The Near East and Europe c. 1100û1300
Author/Editor: Edbury, Peter; Pringle, Denys; Major, Balßzs
Bridge of Civilizations: The Near East and Europe c. 1100–1300
Author/Editor: Peter Edbury ,Denys Pringle ,Balázs Major
Bridging Science and Heritage in the Balkans: Studies in Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage Restoration and Conservation
Author/Editor: Nona Palincaş ,Corneliu C. Ponta
Bridging the Gap: Disciplines, Times, and Spaces in Dialogue – Volume 3: Sessions 4 and 6 from the Conference Broadening Horizons 6 Held at the Freie Universität Berlin, 24–28 June 2019
Author/Editor: Costanza Coppini ,Georg Cyrus ,Hamaseh Golestaneh
Bridging the Gap: Disciplines, Times, and Spaces in Dialogue – Volume 1: Sessions 1, 2, and 5 from the Conference Broadening Horizons 6 Held at the Freie Universität Berlin, 24–28 June 2019
Author/Editor: Christian W. Hess ,Federico Manuelli
Bridging the Gap in Maritime Archaeology: Working with Professional and Public Communities
Author/Editor: Katy Bell
Bridging Times and Spaces: Papers in Ancient Near Eastern, Mediterranean and Armenian Studies: Honouring Gregory E. Areshian on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday
Author/Editor: Pavel S. Avetisyan ,Yervand H. Grekyan
Bringing Down the Iron Curtain: Paradigmatic Change in Research on the Bronze Age in Central and Eastern Europe?
Author/Editor: Klara Šabatová ,Laura Dietrich ,Oliver Dietrich ,Anthony Harding ,Viktória Kiss
The British in the Adriatic, 1800-1825
Author/Editor: Malcolm Scott Hardy
Brochs and the Empire: The impact of Rome on Iron Age Scotland as seen in the Leckie broch excavations
Author/Editor: Euan W. MacKie
Bronze Age Barrow and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery: Archaeological Excavations on Land Adjacent to Upthorpe Road, Stanton Suffolk: November 2013 – March 2014
Author/Editor: Chris Chinnock ,Lyn Blackmore ,Sander Aerts ,Paul Blinkhorn ,Esther Cameron ,Andy Chapman ,Steve Critchley ,Val Fryer ,Sue Harrington
Bronze Age barrow and pit alignments at Upton Park, south of Weedon Road, Northampton
Author/Editor: Yvonne Wolframm-Murray ,Jim Burke ,Rob Atkins ,Sander Aerts ,Andy Chapman ,Chris Chinnock ,Steve Critchley ,Mary Ellen Crothers ,Val Fryer
Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Saxon settlements along the route of the A43 Corby Link Road, Northamptonshire
Author/Editor: Stephen Morris ,Simon Markus ,Jim Brown ,Rob Atkins ,Paul Blinkhorn ,Dana Challinor ,Andy Chapman ,Pat Chapman ,Chris Chinnock
Bronze Age Metalwork: Techniques and traditions in the Nordic Bronze Age 1500-1100 BC
Author/Editor: N°rgaard, Heide W
Bronze Age Monuments and Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Landscapes at Cambridge Road, Bedford
Author/Editor: Chapman, Andy; Chapman, Pat
Bronze Age Tell Communities in Context: An Exploration Into Culture, Society and the Study of European Prehistory. Part 1: Critique: Europe and the Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Tobias L. Kienlin
Bronze Age Tell Communities in Context: An Exploration into Culture, Society, and the Study of European Prehistory. Part 2: Practice – The Social, Space, and Materiality
Author/Editor: Tobias L. Kienlin
Bronze æBathtubÆ Coffins In the Context of 8th-6th Century BC Babylonian, Assyrian and Elamite Funerary Practices
Author/Editor: Wicks, Yasmina
Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Coffins In the Context of 8th-6th Century BC Babylonian, Assyrian and Elamite Funerary Practices
Author/Editor: Yasmina Wicks
Bryan Faussett: Antiquary Extraordinary
Author/Editor: Wright, David
Bâtisseurs de mégalithes: Un savoir-faire néolithique dévoilé par l’archéologie du bâti
Author/Editor: Florian Cousseau
The Buckley Potteries: Recent Research and Excavation
Author/Editor: Jones, Nigel
Building between the Two Rivers: An Introduction to the Building Archaeology of Ancient Mesopotamia
Author/Editor: Anastasio, Stefano
Buildings in Society: International Studies in the Historic Era
Author/Editor: Liz Thomas ,Jill Campbell
Building the Bronze Age: Architectural and Social Change on the Greek Mainland during Early Helladic III, Middle Helladic and Late Helladic I
Author/Editor: Corien Wiersma
Burial Mounds in Europe and Japan: Comparative and Contextual Perspectives
Author/Editor: Thomas Knopf ,Werner Steinhaus ,Shin’ya FUKUNAGA
Burials and Society in Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Ireland
Author/Editor: Cormac McSparron
Buried in the Borderlands: An Artefact Typology and Chronology for the Netherlands in the Early Medieval Period on the Basis of Funerary Archaeology
Author/Editor: Tim van Tongeren
The Busy Periphery: Urban Systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd û 3rd c. AD)
Author/Editor: Donev, Damjan
The Busy Periphery: Urban Systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd – 3rd c. AD)
Author/Editor: Damjan Donev