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The Busy Periphery: Urban Systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd û 3rd c. AD)
Author/Editor: Donev, Damjan
The Busy Periphery: Urban Systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd – 3rd c. AD)
Author/Editor: Damjan Donev
Burials and Society in Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Ireland
Author/Editor: Cormac McSparron
Burial Mounds in Europe and Japan: Comparative and Contextual Perspectives
Author/Editor: Thomas Knopf ,Werner Steinhaus ,Shin’ya FUKUNAGA
Building the Bronze Age: Architectural and Social Change on the Greek Mainland during Early Helladic III, Middle Helladic and Late Helladic I
Author/Editor: Corien Wiersma
Buildings in Society: International Studies in the Historic Era
Author/Editor: Liz Thomas ,Jill Campbell
Building between the Two Rivers: An Introduction to the Building Archaeology of Ancient Mesopotamia
Author/Editor: Anastasio, Stefano
The Buckley Potteries: Recent Research and Excavation
Author/Editor: Jones, Nigel
Bryan Faussett: Antiquary Extraordinary
Author/Editor: Wright, David
Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Coffins In the Context of 8th-6th Century BC Babylonian, Assyrian and Elamite Funerary Practices
Author/Editor: Yasmina Wicks
Bronze æBathtubÆ Coffins In the Context of 8th-6th Century BC Babylonian, Assyrian and Elamite Funerary Practices
Author/Editor: Wicks, Yasmina
Bronze Age Monuments and Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Landscapes at Cambridge Road, Bedford
Author/Editor: Chapman, Andy; Chapman, Pat
Bronze Age Metalwork: Techniques and traditions in the Nordic Bronze Age 1500-1100 BC
Author/Editor: N°rgaard, Heide W
Bronze Age Barrow and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery: Archaeological Excavations on Land Adjacent to Upthorpe Road, Stanton Suffolk: November 2013 – March 2014
Author/Editor: Chris Chinnock ,Lyn Blackmore ,Sander Aerts ,Paul Blinkhorn ,Esther Cameron ,Andy Chapman ,Steve Critchley ,Val Fryer ,Sue Harrington
Brochs and the Empire: The impact of Rome on Iron Age Scotland as seen in the Leckie broch excavations
Author/Editor: Euan W. MacKie
Bringing Down the Iron Curtain: Paradigmatic Change in Research on the Bronze Age in Central and Eastern Europe?
Author/Editor: Klara Šabatová ,Laura Dietrich ,Oliver Dietrich ,Anthony Harding ,Viktória Kiss
Bridging Times and Spaces: Papers in Ancient Near Eastern, Mediterranean and Armenian Studies: Honouring Gregory E. Areshian on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday
Author/Editor: Pavel S. Avetisyan ,Yervand H. Grekyan
Bridging the Gap in Maritime Archaeology: Working with Professional and Public Communities
Author/Editor: Katy Bell
Bridge of Civilizations: The Near East and Europe c. 1100–1300
Author/Editor: Peter Edbury ,Denys Pringle ,Balázs Major
Bridge of Civilizations: The Near East and Europe c. 1100û1300
Author/Editor: Edbury, Peter; Pringle, Denys; Major, Balßzs
Brass from the Past: Brass made, used and traded from prehistoric times to 1800
Author/Editor: Vanda Morton
Boom and Bust in Bronze Age Britain: The Great Orme Copper Mine and European Trade
Author/Editor: R. Alan Williams
Body, Cosmos and Eternity: New Trends of Research on Iconography and Symbolism of Ancient Egyptian Coffins
Author/Editor: Rogério Sousa
Bodies of Maize, Eaters of Grain: Comparing material worlds, metaphor and the agency of art in the Preclassic Maya and Mycenaean early civilisations
Author/Editor: Marcus Jan Bajema
‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water’ – Non-Royal Consanguineous Marriage in Ancient Egypt: An Exploration of Economic and Biological Outcomes
Author/Editor: Joanne-Marie Robinson
æBlood Is Thicker Than WaterÆ û Non-Royal Consanguineous Marriage in Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Robinson, Joanne-Marie
Blood, Faith and Iron: A dynasty of Catholic industrialists in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England
Author/Editor: Belford, Paul
The Black Sea in the Light of New Archaeological Data and Theoretical Approaches: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on the Black Sea in Antiquity held in Thessaloniki, 18-20 September 2015
Author/Editor: Manolis Manoledakis
The Birth and Development of the Idealized Concept of Arcadia in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Antonio Corso
Birds, Beasts and Burials: A study of the human-animal relationship in Romano-British St. Albans
Author/Editor: Hill, Brittany Elayne
Bioarchaeology and Dietary Reconstruction across Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Tuscany, Central Italy
Author/Editor: Giulia Riccomi
Beyond the Ice: Creswell Crags and its place in a wider European context
Author/Editor: Beresford, Matthew
Between History and Archaeology: Papers in honour of Jacek Lech
Author/Editor: Werra, Dagmara H.; Wo?ny, Marzena
A Bestiary of Monsters in Greek Mythology
Author/Editor: Syropoulos, Spyros
The Beau Street, Bath Hoard
Author/Editor: Anthony, Verity; Abdy, Richard; Clews, Stephen
Bearsden: The Story of a Roman Fort
Author/Editor: Breeze, David J
Barrow Old Hall and Twiss Green: Investigations of two sub-manorial estate centres within the townships of Bold and Culcheth in the Hundred of Warrington 1982-87
Author/Editor: Dan Garner ,Jennifer Lewis ,David Freke ,Martin Cleaver ,Clemency Fisher ,David A. Higgins ,Alan Moulsdale ,A. F. Roberts ,Margaret Warhurst
Barāqish/Yathill (Yemen) 1986-2007: Excavations of Temple B and related research and restoration / Extramural excavations in Area C and overview studies
Author/Editor: Sabina Antonini ,Francesco G. Fedele ,Alessio Agostini ,Sabina Antonini ,Mounir Arbach ,Vittoria Buffa ,Christian Darles ,Francesco G. Fedele ,Solèn
Bar Locks and Early Church Security in the British Isles
Author/Editor: John F. Potter
Barbaric Splendour: The Use of Image Before and After Rome
Author/Editor: Toby F. Martin ,Wendy Morrison
Banquets, Rations et Offrandes Alimentaires au Proche-Orient ancien: 10,000 ans d’histoire alimentaire révélée
Author/Editor: Daniel Bonneterre