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Göytepe: Neolithic Excavations in the Middle Kura Valley, Azerbaijan
Author/Editor: Yoshihiro Nishiaki ,Farhad Guliyev
─gyptens wirtschaftliche Grundlagen in der mittleren Bronzezeit
Author/Editor: Nutz, Rainer
Ägyptens wirtschaftliche Grundlagen in der mittleren Bronzezeit
Author/Editor: Rainer Nutz
The Gwithian Landscape: Molluscs and Archaeology on Cornish Sand Dunes
Author/Editor: Thomas M. Walker ,Rowena Y. Banerjea ,C. Rob Batchelor
Gudenus Cave: The Earliest Humans of Austria
Author/Editor: Robert G. Bednarik
Growing Up in the Cis-Baikal Region of Siberia, Russia: Reconstructing Childhood Diet of Middle Holocene Hunter-Gatherers
Author/Editor: Victoria van der Haas
The Greeks and Romans in the Black Sea and the Importance of the Pontic Region for the Graeco-Roman World (7th century BC-5th century AD): 20 Years On (1997-2017): Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress on Black Sea Antiquities (Constanţa – 18-22
Author/Editor: Gocha R. Tsetskhladze ,Alexandru Avram ,James Hargrave
Greek Art in Motion: Studies in honour of Sir John Boardman on the occasion of his 90th Birthday
Author/Editor: Morais, Rui; Leπo, Delfim; Rodrφguez PΘrez, Diana
Greek Art: From Oxford to Portugal and Back Again
Author/Editor: Morais, Rui
Greco-Roman Cities at the Crossroads of Cultures: The 20th Anniversary of Polish-Egyptian Conservation Mission Marina el-Alamein
Author/Editor: Bakowska-Czerner, Grazyna; Czerner, Rafal
Great Waterworks in Roman Greece: Aqueducts and Monumental Fountain Structures: Function in Context
Author/Editor: Georgia A. Aristodemou ,Theodosios P. Tassios
Great Cloister: A Lost Canterbury Tale: A History of the Canterbury Cloister, Constructed 1408-14, with Some Account of the Donors and their Coats of Arms
Author/Editor: Paul A. Fox ,Earl Marshal
Grabados rupestres en La Mancha centro: documentación y estudio de un patrimonio desconocido: Rock engravings in La Mancha center: documentation and study of an unknown heritage
Author/Editor: Rocío Ramiro Rodero ,Víctor Manuel López-Menchero Bendicho ,Ángel Marchante Ortega ,Ángel Javier Cárdenas Martín-Buitrago ,Pedro Miguel García Zamorano ,Jorge Onrubia Pintado
Going Underground: The Meanings of Death and Burial for Minority Groups in Israel
Author/Editor: Shay, Talia
Gnathia and related Hellenistic ware on the East Adriatic coast
Author/Editor: MiÜe, Maja
Glass, Wax and Metal: Lighting Technologies in Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval Times
Author/Editor: Motsianos, Ioannis; Garnett, Karen S
Glassware and Glassworking in Thessaloniki: 1st Century BC – 6th Century AD
Author/Editor: Anastassios Ch. Antonaras
Glass Beads from Early Medieval Ireland: Classification, dating, social performance
Author/Editor: Mags Mannion
Glass and Glass Production in the Near East during the Iron Age: Evidence from objects, texts and chemical analysis
Author/Editor: Katharina Schmidt
Giving the Past a Future: Essays in Archaeology and Rock Art Studies in Honour of Dr. Phil. h.c. Gerhard Milstreu
Author/Editor: James Dodd ,Ellen Meijer
Gifts, Goods and Money: Comparing currency and circulation systems in past societies
Author/Editor: Dirk Brandherm ,Elon Heymans ,Daniela Hofmann
Geophysical Phenomena and the Alexandrian Littoral
Author/Editor: Evelpidou, Niki; Repapis, Christos; Zerefos, Christos S
Geometric Period Plithos Burial Ground at Chora of Naxos Island, Greece: Anthropology Report
Author/Editor: Anagnostis P. Agelarakis
Geology for Archaeologists
Author/Editor: Allen, J.R.L
The Geography of Trade: Landscapes of competition and long-distance contacts in Mesopotamia and Anatolia in the Old Assyrian Colony Period
Author/Editor: Palmisano, Alessio
The Genesis of the Textile Industry from Adorned Nudity to Ritual Regalia: The Changing Role of Fibre Crafts and Their Evolving Techniques of Manufacture in the Ancient Near East from the Natufian to the Ghassulian
Author/Editor: Levy, Janet
Gematon: Living and Dying in a Kushite Town on the Nile, Volume III: The Pottery
Author/Editor: Isabella Welsby Sjöström
Gematon: Living and Dying in a Kushite Town on the Nile, Volume I: Excavations at Kawa, 1997-2018
Author/Editor: Derek A. Welsby ,Sophie Hay ,Stephen Kay ,Tomasz Herbich ,Mahmoud Suliman Bashir ,Derek A. Welsby
Garranes: An Early Medieval Royal Site in South-West Ireland
Author/Editor: William O’Brien ,Nick Hogan ,Michelle Comber ,Ian Doyle ,Lenore Fischer ,Kevin Kearney ,Susan Lyons ,Tim Mighall ,Douglas Borthwick
Gandhāran Art in Its Buddhist Context: Papers from the Fifth International Workshop of the Gandhāra Connections Project, University of Oxford, 21st-23rd March, 2022
Author/Editor: Wannaporn Rienjang ,Peter Stewart
Gandharan Art and the Classical World: A Short Introduction
Author/Editor: Peter Stewart
Gallaecia Gothica: From the Conspiracy of Dux Argimundus (AD 589/590) to Integration in the Visgothic Kingdom of Toledo
Author/Editor: Rafael Barroso Cabrera ,Jorge Morín de Pablos ,Isabel M. Sánchez Ramos ,Ricardo López Fernebrand
Gabii through its Artefacts
Author/Editor: Laura M. Banducci ,Mattia D’Acri