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I vetri del Museo archeologico di Tripoli
Author/Editor: Cingolani, Sofia
I templi del Fayyum di epoca tolemaico-romana: tra fonti scritte e contesti archeologici: Per una classificazione degli edifici sacri nell’Egitto tolemaico e romano
Author/Editor: Ilaria Rossetti
Isles of the Dead?: The setting and function of the Bronze Age chambered cairns and cists of the Isles of Scilly
Author/Editor: Katharine Sawyer
‘Isaac went out to the field’: Studies in Archaeology and Ancient Cultures in Honor of Isaac Gilead
Author/Editor: Haim Goldfus ,Mayer I. Gruber ,Shamir Yona ,Peter Fabian
æIsaac went out to the fieldÆ: Studies in Archaeology and Ancient Cultures in Honor of Isaac Gilead
Author/Editor: Goldfus, Haim; Gruber, Mayer I.; Yona, Shamir
Iron Oxide Rock Artefacts in Mesopotamia c. 2600-1200 BC: An interdisciplinary study of hematite, goethite and magnetite objects
Author/Editor: Martine Marieke Melein
Iron Age Slaving and Enslavement in Northwest Europe
Author/Editor: Karim Mata
An Iron Age Settlement and Roman Complex Farmstead at Brackmills, Northampton
Author/Editor: Chris Chinnock ,Sander Aerts ,Paul Blinkhorn ,Andy Chapman ,Rachel Clare ,Steve Critchley ,Nina Crummy ,Claire Finn ,Val Fryer
Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Settlement along the Empingham to Hannington Pipeline in Northamptonshire and Rutland
Author/Editor: Carlyle, Simon; Clarke, Jason; Chapman, Andy
Iron Age Hillfort Defences and the Tactics of Sling Warfare
Author/Editor: Robertson, Peter
Iron Age and Roman Settlement at Highflyer Farm, Ely, Cambridgeshire
Author/Editor: James Fairclough ,Sander Aerts ,Rob Atkins ,Paul Blinkhorn ,Andy Chapman ,Chris Chinnock ,Nina Crummy ,Mary Ellen Crothers ,Rebecca Gordon
The Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement at Crick Covert Farm: Excavations 1997-1998: (DIRFT Volume I)
Author/Editor: Gwilym Hughes ,Ann Woodward ,S. Barnett ,L. Bashford ,L. Bevan ,L. Dingwall ,S. Aillaud ,R. Gale ,J. Greig
Irish Late Iron Age Equestrian Equipment in its Insular and Continental Context
Author/Editor: Rena Maguire
I reperti e i motivi egizi ed egittizzanti a Pompei: Indagine preliminare per una loro contestualizzazione
Author/Editor: Nikola D. Bellucci
Invisible Connections: An Archaeometallurgical Analysis of the Bronze Age Metalwork from the Egyptian Museum of the University of Leipzig
Author/Editor: Odler, Martin; KmoÜek, Ji?φ
Invisible Archaeologies: Hidden Aspects of Daily Life in Ancient Egypt and Nubia
Author/Editor: Loretta Kilroe
Introduzione alle antichità di Ventotene: Ricerche archeologiche nell’isola di Ventotene 1
Author/Editor: Giovanni Maria De Rossi ,Salvatore Medaglia
In the Shadow of the Ancestors: The Prehistoric Foundations of the Early Arabian Civilization in Oman: Second Expanded Edition, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Serge Cleuziou ,Maurizio Tosi ,Dennys Frenez ,Roman Garba
Interpreting the Seventh Century BC: Tradition and Innovation
Author/Editor: Xenia Charalambidou ,Catherine Morgan
Inter Moesos et Thraces: The Rural Hinterland of Novae in Lower Moesia (1st – 6th Centuries AD)
Author/Editor: Agnieszka Tomas
Interdisciplinary Research into Iron Metallurgy along the Drava River in Croatia: The TransFER Project
Author/Editor: Tajana Sekelj Ivančan ,Tena Karavidović
Intellectual and Spiritual Expression of Non-Literate Peoples: Proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congress (1–7 September, Burgos, Spain): Volume 1 / Session A20
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Anati
An Intellectual Adventurer in Archaeology: Reflections on the work of Charles Thomas
Author/Editor: Andy M. Jones ,Henrietta Quinnell
In Pursuit of Visibility: Essays in Archaeology, Ethnography, and Text in Honor of Beth Alpert Nakhai
Author/Editor: Jennie Ebeling ,Laura Mazow
In Pursuit of Ancient Cyrenaica...: Two hundred years of exploration set against the history of archaeology in Europe (1706–1911)
Author/Editor: Monika Rekowska ,Anna Kijak
Innovative Approaches and Explorations in Ceramic Studies
Author/Editor: L≤pez Varela, Sandra L
“In fretta le navi correvano i sentieri pescosi": Un’ipotesi di ricostruzione delle rotte di collegamento fra area egea e Mediterraneo Orientale (1700 - 1200 a.C.)
Author/Editor: Angiolo Querci
I Nebrodi nell’antichità: Città Culture Paesaggio
Author/Editor: Francesco Collura
I Nebrodi nellÆantichitα: Cittα Culture Paesaggio
Author/Editor: Collura, Francesco
Indigenous Heritage and Rock Art: Worldwide Research in Memory of Daniel Arsenault
Author/Editor: Carole Charette ,Aron Mazel ,George Nash
In Context: the Reade Festschrift
Author/Editor: Finkel, Irving; Simpson, St John
Immagini del tempo degli dei, immagini del tempo degli uomini
Author/Editor: Parodo, Ciro
Imágenes, lengua y creencias en Lusitania romana
Author/Editor: Jorge Tomás García ,Vanessa Del Prete
Imágenes de centauros en los vasos áticos de figuras negras y de figuras rojas: Siglos VIII A.C. – IV A.C.
Author/Editor: MARÍA HERRANZ
Il sito della Rocca di Oratino: dieci anni di ricerche: Un’area funzionale all’aperto nell’età del Bronzo
Author/Editor: Valentina Copat ,Michela Danesi ,Cosimo D’Oronzo ,Vittorio Mironti ,Vanessa Forte ,Laura Medeghini
Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Properties in Arab States
Author/Editor: Anas Al Khabour
Il Duomo di Siena: Excavations and Pottery below the Siena Cathedral
Author/Editor: Gabriele Castiglia
Il complesso monumentale di Baitokaike (Hoson Sulaiman – Siria)
Author/Editor: Tarek Ahmad
Il complesso monumentale di Baitokaike (Hoson Sulaiman û Siria)
Author/Editor: Ahmad, Tarek
Identifying Brúnanburh: ón dyngesmere – the sea of noise
Author/Editor: John R. Kirby
Identified skeletal collections: the testing ground of anthropology?
Author/Editor: Charlotte Yvette Henderson ,Francisca Alves Cardoso
The Iberian Peninsula in the Iron Age through Pottery Studies
Author/Editor: Michał Krueger ,Violeta Moreno Megías