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Myths about Rock Art
Author/Editor: Bednarik, Robert G
The Mysterious Wall Paintings of Teleilat Ghassul, Jordan: In Context
Author/Editor: Drabsch, Bernadette
The Mysterious Spheres on Greek and Roman Ancient Coins
Author/Editor: Sidrys, Raymond V
My dear Miss Ransom: Letters between Caroline Ransom Williams and James Henry Breasted, 1898-1935
Author/Editor: Sheppard, Kathleen L
The Mycenaean Cemetery at Agios Vasileios, Chalandritsa, in Achaea
Author/Editor: Aktypi, Konstantina
The Mycenaean Cemetery at Achaia Clauss near Patras: People, material remains and culture in context
Author/Editor: Constantinos Paschalidis ,Photini J. P. McGeorge ,Wiesław Więckowski
Moving on from Ebla, I crossed the Euphrates: An Assyrian Day in Honour of Paolo Matthiae
Author/Editor: Davide Nadali ,Lorenzo Nigro ,Frances Pinnock
Mosaici funerari tardoantichi in Italia: Repertorio e analisi
Author/Editor: Luigi Quattrocchi
Mortuary Variability and Social Diversity in Ancient Greece: Studies on Ancient Greek Death and Burial
Author/Editor: Nikolas Dimakis ,Tamara M. Dijkstra
Mortuary differentiation and social structure in the Middle Helladic Argolid, 2000-1500 B.C.
Author/Editor: Eleni Milka
Moneda Antigua y Vφas Romanas en el Noroeste de Hispania
Author/Editor: Vila Franco, M. Isabel
Moneda Antigua y Vías Romanas en el Noroeste de Hispania
Author/Editor: María Isabel Vila Franco
Moel-y-Gaer (Bodfari): A Small Hillfort in Denbighshire, North Wales
Author/Editor: Gary Lock ,John Pouncett ,Derek Hamilton ,Michael J. Allen ,Alan J. Clapham ,Simon Callery ,Stefan Gant
Modelling Christianisation: A Geospatial Analysis of the Archaeological Data on the Rural Church Network of Hungary in the 11th-12th Centuries
Author/Editor: Mária Vargha
Mobile Peoples – Permanent Places: Nomadic Landscapes and Stone Architecture from the Hellenistic to Early Islamic Periods in North-Eastern Jordan
Author/Editor: Harmen O. Huigens
Minoan Extractions: A Photographic Journey 2009-2016: Sissi Archaeological Project
Author/Editor: Gavin McGuire
Mining and Materiality: Neolithic Chalk Artefacts and their Depositional Contexts in Southern Britain
Author/Editor: Anne M. Teather
The Middle Stone Age of Nigeria in its West African Context
Author/Editor: Allsworth-Jones, Philip
Middle Saxon' Settlement and Society: The Changing Rural Communities of Central and Eastern England
Author/Editor: Wright, Duncan
Middle Bronze Age and Roman Settlement at Manor Pit, Baston, Lincolnshire: Excavations 2002-2014
Author/Editor: Atkins, Rob; Burke, Jim; Field, Leon
The Middle Ages Revisited: Studies in the Archaeology and History of Medieval Southern England Presented to Professor David A. Hinton
Author/Editor: Jervis, Ben
Micromorphological Analysis of Activity Areas Sealed by VesuviusÆ Avellino Eruption
Author/Editor: Matarazzo, Tiziana
Micromorphological Analysis of Activity Areas Sealed by Vesuvius’ Avellino Eruption: The Early Bronze Age Village of Afragola in Southern Italy
Author/Editor: Tiziana Matarazzo
Mégalithismes vivants et passés: approches croisées: Living and Past Megalithisms: interwoven approaches
Author/Editor: Christian Jeunesse ,Pierre Le Roux ,Bruno Boulestin
MΘgalithismes vivants et passΘs: approches croisΘes
Author/Editor: Jeunesse, Christian; Le Roux, Pierre; Boulestin, Bruno
Metal Sewing-Thimbles Found in Britain
Author/Editor: Brian Read ,Mike Trevarthen
Metallurgy in Ancient Ecuador: A Study of the Collection of Archaeological Metallurgy of the Ministry of Culture, Ecuador
Author/Editor: Roberto Lleras Pérez
Metallurgical Production in Northern Eurasia in the Bronze Age
Author/Editor: Stanislav Grigoriev
Messages from the Past: Rock Art of Al-Hajar Mountains
Author/Editor: Fossati, Angelo E
Mesopotamia, Syria and Transjordan in the Archibald Creswell Photograph Collection of the Biblioteca Berenson
Author/Editor: Stefano Anastasio ,Spyros Koulouris ,Francesco Saliola
Mesoamerican Religions and Archaeology: Essays in Pre-Columbian Civilizations
Author/Editor: Aleksandar Bošković
The Megaliths of Vera Island in the Southern Urals
Author/Editor: Grigoriev, Stanislav; Vasina, Yulia
Megaliths and Geology: Megálitos e Geologia: MEGA-TALKS 2: 19-20 November 2015 (Redondo, Portugal)
Author/Editor: Rui Boaventura ,Rui Mataloto ,André Pereira
Mediterranean Landscapes in Post Antiquity: New frontiers and new perspectives
Author/Editor: Sauro Gelichi ,Lauro Olmo-Enciso ,Elisa Corro’ ,Manuel Castro-Priego
Medieval Urban Landscape in Northeastern Mesopotamia
Author/Editor: Karel Nováček ,Miroslav Melčák ,Lenka Starková ,Narmin Ali Muhammad Amin ,Jan Petřík ,Emily Neumeier
Medieval Rural Settlements in the Syrian Coastal Region (12th and 13th Centuries)
Author/Editor: Major, Balßzs
The Medieval Floortiles of Herefordshire
Author/Editor: Julie Bowen
Medieval Birmingham: People and Places, 1070-1553
Author/Editor: John Hemingway
Material Culture and Cultural Identity: A Study of Greek and Roman Coins from Dora
Author/Editor: Motta, Rosa Maria
Masters of the Steppe: The Impact of the Scythians and Later Nomad Societies of Eurasia
Author/Editor: Pankova, Svetlana; Simpson, St John
Maryport: A Roman Fort and Its Community
Author/Editor: Breeze, David J
The Maritime Transport of Sculptures in the Ancient Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Katerina Velentza
The Maritime Traditions of the Fishermen of Socotra, Yemen
Author/Editor: van Rensburg, Julian Jansen
Maritime-Related Cults in the Coastal Cities of Philistia during the Roman Period: Legacy and Change
Author/Editor: Simona Rodan
Marcadores gráficos y territorios megalíticos en la Cuenca interior del Tajo: Toledo, Madrid y Guadalajara
Author/Editor: Mª Ángeles Lancharro Gutiérrez
Mapping Society: Settlement Structure in Later Bronze Age Ireland
Author/Editor: Ginn, Victoria Ruth
Mapping Doggerland: The Mesolithic Landscapes of the Southern North Sea
Author/Editor: Vincent Gaffney ,Kenneth Thomson ,Simon Fitch
Manx Crosses: A Handbook of Stone Sculpture 500-1040 in the Isle of Man
Author/Editor: Wilson, David M
Manual de Egipcio Medio (segunda edición)
Author/Editor: Carlos Gracia Zamacona
Manual de Egipcio Medio (segunda edici≤n)
Author/Editor: Gracia Zamacona, Carlos
Man and Bird in the Palaeolithic of Western Europe
Author/Editor: Anne Eastham
Managing Archaeological Collections in Middle Eastern Countries: A Good Practice Guide
Author/Editor: Dianne Fitzpatrick
The Maltese Archipelago at the Dawn of History: Reassessment of the 1909 and 1959 Excavations at Qlejgħa tal-Baħrija and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Davide Tanasi ,David Cardona
Making Pictures of War: Realia et Imaginaria in the Iconology of the Ancient Near East
Author/Editor: Laura Battini
Making a Mint: Comparative Studies in Late Iron Age Coin Mould
Author/Editor: Landon, Mark
Magan – The Land of Copper: Prehistoric Metallurgy of Oman
Magan û The Land of Copper
Author/Editor: Giardino, Claudio
Macedonia – Alexandria: Monumental Funerary Complexes of the Late Classical and Hellenistic Age
Author/Editor: Dorota Gorzelany
Macedonia û Alexandria: Monumental Funerary Complexes of the Late Classical and Hellenistic Age
Author/Editor: Gorzelany, Dorota