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Rushen Abbey, Isle of Man: A Hundred Years of Research and Excavation
Author/Editor: Peter Davey
Rus Africum IV: La fattoria Bizantina di A∩n Wassel, Africa Proconsularis (Alto Tell, Tunisia)
Author/Editor: de Vos Raaijmakers, Mariette; Maurina, Barbara
Rus Africum IV: La fattoria Bizantina di Aïn Wassel, Africa Proconsularis (Alto Tell, Tunisia): Lo scavo stratigrafico e i materiali
Author/Editor: Mariette de Vos Raaijmakers ,Barbara Maurina
Rural Settlements on Mount Carmel in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Dar, Shimon
The Rural Hinterland of Antipatris from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine Periods
Author/Editor: Amit Shadman
Rural Cult Centres in the Hauran: Part of the broader network of the Near East (100 BC–AD 300)
Author/Editor: Francesca Mazzilli
Rural Cult Centres in the Hauran: Part of the broader network of the Near East (100 BCûAD 300)
Author/Editor: Mazzilli, Francesca
RΘpertoire de fleurons sur bandeaux de lampes africaines type Hayes II
Author/Editor: BussiΦre, Jean
Répertoire de fleurons sur bandeaux de lampes africaines type Hayes II
Author/Editor: Jean Bussière ,Jean Claude Rivel
Royal Statues in Egypt 300 BC-AD 220: Context and Function
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Brophy
The Route of the Franks: The Journey of Archbishop Sigeric at the Twilight of the First Millennium AD
Author/Editor: Cristina Corsi
Roots of Reform: Contextual Interpretation of Church Fittings in Norfolk During the English Reformation
Author/Editor: Jason Robert Ladick
Roots of Nationhood: The Archaeology and History of Scotland
Author/Editor: Campbell, Louisa; Wright, Dene; Hall, Nicola A
Rome and Barbaricum: Contributions to the Archaeology and History of Interaction in European Protohistory
Author/Editor: Curc?, Roxana-Gabriela; Rubel, Alexander; Symonds, Robin P
Roma prima del mito: Abitati e necropoli dal neolitico alla prima eta’ dei metalli nel territorio di roma (VI-III millennio a.C.)
Author/Editor: Anna Paola Anzidei ,Giovanni Carboni
Romans, Rubbish, and Refuse: The archaeobotanical assemblage of Regione VI, insula I, Pompeii
Author/Editor: Charlene Alexandria Murphy
Roman Pottery in the Near East: Local Production and Regional Trade
Author/Editor: Fischer-Genz, Bettina; Gerber, Yvonne; Hamel, Hanna
Roman Pottery and Glass Manufactures: Production and Trade in the Adriatic Region and Beyond: Proceedings of the 4th International Archaeological Colloquium (Crikvenica, 8-9 November 2017)
Author/Editor: Goranka Lipovac Vrkljan ,Ana Konestra ,Anamarija Eterović Borzić
Romano-Celtic Mask Puzzle Padlocks
Author/Editor: Slocum, Jerry; Sonneveld, Dic
The Romano-British Villa and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Eccles, Kent: A Summary of the Excavations by Alex Detsicas with a Consideration of the Archaeological, Historical and Linguistic Context
Author/Editor: Nick Stoodley ,Stephen R. Cosh ,Jillian Hawkins ,Courtnay Konshuh
The Roman Municipia of Malta and Gozo: The Epigraphic Evidence
Author/Editor: George Azzopardi
Roman Funerary Rituals in Mutina (Modena, Italy): A Multidisciplinary Approach
Author/Editor: Federica Maria Riso
Roman Funerary Monuments of South-Western Pannonia in their Material, Social, and Religious Context
Author/Editor: Migotti, Branka; Jamison, Marjeta Sasel Kos; Radman-Livaja, Iva
The Roman Frontier with Persia in North-Eastern Mesopotamia: Fortresses and Roads around Singara
Author/Editor: Anthony Comfort
Roman Frontier Studies 2009
Author/Editor: Hodgson, Nick; Bidwell, Paul; Schachtmann, Judith
The Roman Bridge between Dolni Vadin (Bulgaria) and Grojdibodu (Romania)
Author/Editor: Bondoc, Dorel
Roman and Late Antique Wine Production in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Comparative Archaeological Study at Antiochia ad Cragum (Turkey) and Delos (Greece)
Author/Editor: Emlyn K. Dodd
Roman Amphorae in Neuss: Augustan to Julio-Claudian Contexts
Author/Editor: Gonzßlez Cesteros, Horacio; Millet, Piero Berni
Roman Amphora Contents: Reflecting on the Maritime Trade of Foodstuffs in Antiquity (In honour of Miguel Beltrán Lloris): Proceedings of the Roman Amphora Contents International Interactive Conference (RACIIC) (Cadiz, 5-7 October 2015)
Author/Editor: Darío Bernal-Casasola ,Michel Bonifay ,Alessandra Pecci ,Victoria Leitch
The Role of the Lector in Ancient Egyptian Society
Author/Editor: Forshaw, Roger
The Role of Anglo-Saxon Great Hall Complexes in Kingdom Formation, in Comparison and in Context AD 500-750
Author/Editor: McBride, Adam
Rocks of Ages: Developing Rock Art Tourism in Israel
Author/Editor: Joshua Schmidt ,Davida Eisenberg-Degen ,Ron Frumkin ,Dan Gur ,Liora Kolska Horwitz ,George Nash ,Steven A. Rosen ,Sara Levi Sacerdotti ,Eli Cohen-Sa
Rock Art Studies: News of the World VI
Author/Editor: Paul Bahn ,Natalie Franklin ,Matthias Strecker
Rock Art Studies: News of the World V
Author/Editor: Bahn, Paul; Franklin, Natalie; Strecker, Matthias
Rock Art of the Vindhyas: An Archaeological Survey: Documentation and Analysis of the Rock Art Of Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh
Author/Editor: Ajay Pratap
The Rock-Art Landscapes of Rombalds Moor, West Yorkshire: Standing on Holy Ground
Author/Editor: Vivien Deacon
Robert AdamÆs London
Author/Editor: Sands, Frances
Road Archaeology in the Middle Nile: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Mallinson, Michael; Smith, Laurence
Römisches Zaumzeug aus Pompeji, Herculaneum und Stabiae: Metallzäume, Trensen und Kandaren
Author/Editor: Christina Simon
R÷misches Zaumzeug aus Pompeji, Herculaneum und Stabiae
Author/Editor: Simon, Christina
Rivers in Prehistory
Author/Editor: Vianello, Andrea
Ritual in Late Bronze Age Ireland: Material Culture, Practices, Landscape Setting and Social Context
Author/Editor: Katherine Leonard
Rise of the Hyksos: Egypt and the Levant from the Middle Kingdom to the Early Second Intermediate Period
Author/Editor: Anna-Latifa Mourad
Ricerche Archeologiche a Sant’Andrea di Loppio (Trento, Italia): L'Area della Chiesa
Author/Editor: Barbara Maurina ,Carlo Andrea Postinger ,Milena Anesi ,Maurizio Battisti ,Cinzia Borchia ,Roberto Cabella ,Florence Caillaud ,Sabrina Calzà ,Claudio
Ricerche Archeologiche a SantÆAndrea di Loppio (Trento, Italia): Il Castrum Tardoantico-Altomedievale
Author/Editor: Maurina, Barbara
Ricerche Archeologiche a SantÆAndrea di Loppio (Trento, Italia): L'Area della Chiesa
Author/Editor: Maurina, Barbara; Postinger, Carlo Andrea
Rethinking the Concept of ‘Healing Settlements’: Water, Cults, Constructions and Contexts in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Maddalena Bassani ,Marion Bolder-Boos ,Ugo Fusco
Rethinking the Concept of æHealing SettlementsÆ: Water, Cults, Constructions and Contexts in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Bassani, Maddalena; Bolder-Boos, Marion; Fusco, Ugo
The Resurgam Submarine: ‘A Project for Annoying the Enemy’
Author/Editor: Peter Holt
Representations of Writing Materials on Roman Funerary Monuments: Text, Image, Message
Author/Editor: Tibor Grüll
Representations of Animals on Greek and Roman Engraved Gems: Meanings and interpretations
Author/Editor: Idit Sagiv
Remembered Places, Forgotten Pasts: The Don Drainage Basin in Prehistory
Author/Editor: Tim Cockrell
Religious Practice and Cultural Construction of Animal Worship in Egypt from the Early Dynastic to the New Kingdom: Ritual Forms, Material Display, Historical Development
Author/Editor: Angelo Colonna
Reinterpreting chronology and society at the mortuary complex of Jebel Moya (Sudan)
Author/Editor: Michael Jonathan Brass
Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautorum: Acta 46
Author/Editor: Viegas, Catarina
Rediscovering Heritage through Artefacts, Sites, and Landscapes: Translating a 3500-year Record at Ritidian, Guam
Author/Editor: Mike T. Carson
Recommendations for best practices in data acquisition methods for natural and cultural heritage management of Moroccan coastal wetlands: Recommandations pour les bonnes pratiques en matière de méthodes d’acquisition de données pour la gestion du patrimoi
Author/Editor: Athena Trakadas ,Nadia Mhammdi
Recent Investigations in the Puuc Region of Yucatán
Author/Editor: Meghan Rubenstein
Ramla: City of Muslim Palestine, 715-1917: Studies in History, Archaeology and Architecture
Author/Editor: Andrew Petersen ,Denys Pringle ,Maher Y. Abu-Munshar ,Gideon Avni ,Michael H. Burgoyne ,Katia Cytryn-Silverman ,Peter Edbury ,Matthew Elliot ,Amir G
Rainfed Altepetl: Modeling institutional and subsistence agriculture in ancient Tepeaca, Mexico
Author/Editor: Aurelio López Corral
RACTA II 2021: Ricerche di Archeologia Cristiana, Tarda Antichità e Alto Medioevo: II Colloquio Internazionale tra dottorandi e dottori di ricerca: Roma, 1-3 febbraio 2021
Author/Editor: Domenico Benoci ,Dino Lombardo ,Federica Tagliatesta
RACTA 2018: Ricerche di Archeologia Cristiana, Tardantichità e Altomedioevo
Author/Editor: Chiara Cecalupo ,Giovanna Assunta Lanzetta ,Priscilla Ralli
Racconto dÆEgitto: Trascrizione e traduzione del manoscritto di ?Abd al-La??f al-Ba?d?d? (con brevi note di commento)
Author/Editor: (null)