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Systemizing the Past: Papers in Near Eastern and Caucasian Archaeology Dedicated to Pavel S. Avetisyan on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
Author/Editor: Yervand H. Grekyan ,Arsen A. Bobokhyan
Suyanggae and Her Neighbours in Haifa, Israel: Proceedings of the 20th (1) Congress June 21–28, 2015
Author/Editor: Sharon Gonen ,Avraham Ronen
Survey tra Fiumi, Pianure e Colline: L’evoluzione del paesaggio archeologico nel territorio di Santa Croce di Magliano
Author/Editor: Pasquale Marino
Sur les chemins d’Onagre: Histoire et archéologie orientales: Hommage à Monik Kervran
Author/Editor: Claire Hardy-Guilbert ,Hélène Renel ,Axelle Rougeulle ,Eric Vallet ,Vincent Bernard ,Michel Boivin ,Eloïse Brac de la Perrière ,Dejanirah Couto ,Jul
Sur les chemins dÆOnagre: Histoire et archΘologie orientales
Author/Editor: Hardy-Guilbert, Claire; Renel, HΘlΦne; Rougeulle, Axelle
Substantive Evidence of Initial Habitation in the Remote Pacific: Archaeological Discoveries at Unai Bapot in Saipan, Mariana Islands
Author/Editor: Mike T. Carson ,Hsiao-chun Hung
A Study of the Deposition and Distribution of Copper Alloy Vessels in Roman Britain
Author/Editor: Lundock, Jason
Studies on the Vignettes from Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead: I: The Image of mś.w Bdšt in Ancient Egyptian Mythology
Author/Editor: Mykola Tarasenko
Studies in Archaeometry: Proceedings of the Archaeometry Symposium at NORM 2019, June 16-19, Portland, Oregon, Portland State University. Dedicated to the Rev. H. Richard Rutherford, C.S.C., Ph.D
Author/Editor: Mario Ramírez Galán ,Ronda Sandifer Bard
Structured Deposition of Animal Remains in the Fertile Crescent during the Bronze Age
Author/Editor: José Luis Ramos Soldado
Stone Vessels in the Near East during the Iron Age and the Persian Period: (c. 1200-330 BCE)
Author/Editor: Andrea Squitieri
Stone Trees Transplanted? Central Mexican Stelae of the Epiclassic and Early Postclassic and the Question of Maya æInfluenceÆ
Author/Editor: Jordan, Keith
Stone Trees Transplanted? Central Mexican Stelae of the Epiclassic and Early Postclassic and the Question of Maya ‘Influence’
Author/Editor: Keith Jordan
Stone Tools in the Ancient Near East and Egypt: Ground stone tools, rock-cut installations and stone vessels from Prehistory to Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Andrea Squitieri ,David Eitam
Stone Carving of the Hospitaller Period in Rhodes: Displaced pieces and fragments
Author/Editor: Anna-Maria Kasdagli
St Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale, North Yorkshire: Archaeological Investigations and Historical Context
Author/Editor: Philip Rahtz ,Lorna Watts ,R Bailey ,E Craig-Atkins ,J Senior ,A Aspinall ,S Bowman ,P Craddock ,M Edmonds
Stamps on Terra Sigillata Found in Excavations of the Theatre of Aptera, Crete
Author/Editor: Martha W. Baldwin Bowsky
Spring Archaeology: Atti del Convegno, Siena, 15-17 maggio 2020
Author/Editor: Andrea Bellotti ,Luca Luppino ,Maria Messineo ,Mickey Scarcella
Spectacle and Display: A Modern History of Britain’s Roman Mosaic Pavements
Author/Editor: Michael Dawson
Spatial Christianisation in Context: Stratigraphic Intramural Building in Rome from the 4th û 7th C. AD
Author/Editor: Mulryan, Michael
Spatial Christianisation in Context: Stratigraphic Intramural Building in Rome from the 4th – 7th C. AD
Author/Editor: Michael Mulryan
South by Southeast: The History and Archaeology of Southeast Crete from Myrtos to Kato Zakros
Author/Editor: Emilia Oddo ,Konstantinos Chalikias
South Asian Goddesses and the Natural Environment
Author/Editor: Marika Vicziany ,Jayant Bhalchandra Bapat
Sources of Han Décor: Foreign Influence on the Han Dynasty Chinese Iconography of Paradise (206 BC-AD 220)
Author/Editor: Sophia-Karin Psarras
Sources of Han DΘcor: Foreign Influence on the Han Dynasty Chinese Iconography of Paradise (206 BC-AD 220)
Author/Editor: Psarras, Sophia-Karin
Sounion Revisited: The Sanctuaries of Poseidon and Athena at Sounion in Attica
Author/Editor: Theodoropoulou-Polychroniadis, Zetta
Some Thoughts about the Evolution of Human Behavior: A Literature Survey
Author/Editor: Arthur J. Boucot ,John M. Saul ,John B. Southard
SOMA 2015: Time, Space and People: Proceedings of the 19th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology
Author/Editor: Murat Arslan
SOMA 2014. Proceedings of the 18th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology: Wrocław – Poland, 24-26 April 2014
Author/Editor: Blazej Stanislawski ,Hakan Öniz
SOMA 2013. Proceedings of the 17th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology: Moscow, 25-27 April 2013
Author/Editor: Sergei Fazlullin ,Mazlum Mert Antika
Soldados, Armas y Batallas en los grafitos históricos
Author/Editor: L. Alberto Polo Romero ,Gonzalo Viñuales Ferreiro ,Francisco Reyes Téllez
Solarizing the Moon: Essays in honour of Lionel Sims
Author/Editor: Fabio Silva ,Liz Henty
Softstone: Approaches to the study of chlorite and calcite vessels in the Middle East and Central Asia from prehistory to the present
Author/Editor: Carl S. Phillips ,St John Simpson
Social Interactions and Status Markers in the Roman World
Author/Editor: Cupcea, George; Varga, Rada
Social Identity and Status in the Classical and Hellenistic Northern Peloponnese: The Evidence from Burials
Author/Editor: Nikolas Dimakis
Social complexity in early medieval rural communities: The north-western Iberia archaeological record
Author/Editor: Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo
Small Things – Wide Horizons: Studies in honour of Birgitta Hårdh
Author/Editor: Lars Larsson ,Fredrik Ekengren ,Bertil Helgesson ,Bengt Söderberg
Small Things û Wide Horizons
Author/Editor: Larsson, Lars; Ekengren, Fredrik; Helgesson, Bertil
The Small Finds and Vessel Glass from Insula VI.1 Pompeii: Excavations 1995-2006
Author/Editor: Cool, H.E.M
Slingers and Sling Bullets in the Roman Civil Wars of the Late Republic, 90-31 BC
Author/Editor: Lawrence Keppie
A Slave Who Would Be King: Oral Tradition and Archaeology of the Recent Past in the Upper Senegal River Basin
Author/Editor: Altschul, Jeffrey H.; Thiaw, Ibrahima; Wait, Gerald
Sites of Prehistoric Life in Northern Ireland
Author/Editor: Welsh, Harry; Welsh, June
Siruthavoor: An Iron Age-Early Historical burial Site, Tamil Nadu, South India
Author/Editor: Haricharan, Smriti
Sig y análisis espacial en la arqueología de cazadores recolectores de Magallania (extremo sur de Sudamérica)
Signalling and Performance: Ancient Rock Art in Britain and Ireland
Author/Editor: Aron Mazel ,George Nash
Shipwrecks and Provenance: in-situ timber sampling protocols with a focus on wrecks of the Iberian shipbuilding tradition
Author/Editor: Sara A. Rich ,Nigel Nayling ,Garry Momber ,Ana Crespo Solana
Shipwrecks and Global ‘Worming’
Author/Editor: P. Palma ,L.N. Santhakumaran
The Shipwreck of Gnalić: A Mirror to the Renaissance World
Author/Editor: Irena Radić Rossi ,Mariangela Nicolardi ,Mauro Bondioli ,Katarina Batur
Ships, Saints and Sealore: Cultural Heritage and Ethnography of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea
Author/Editor: Dionisius A. Agius ,Timmy Gambin ,Athena Trakadas ,Harriet Nash
Shifting Sand: Journal of a cub archaeologist, Palestine 1964
Author/Editor: Berry, Julian
Sharma: Un entrepôt de commerce medieval sur la côte du Ḥaḍramawt (Yémen, ca 980-1180)
Author/Editor: Axelle Rougeulle ,Vincent Bernard ,Charlène Bouchaud ,Annabelle Collinet ,Rémy Crassard ,Vladimir Dabrowski ,Thibaut Deviese ,Danièle Foy ,Delphine
Shaping Regionality in Socio-Economic Systems: Late Hellenistic - Late Roman Ceramic Production, Circulation, and Consumption in Boeotia, Central Greece (c. 150 BC–AD 700)
Author/Editor: Dean Peeters
Settlements and Necropoleis of the Black Sea and its Hinterland in Antiquity: Select Papers from the Third International Conference ‘The Black Sea in Antiquity and Tekkeköy: An Ancient Settlement on the Southern Black Sea Coast’, 27-29 October 2017, Tekke
Author/Editor: Gocha R. Tsetskhladze ,Sümer Atasoy ,Akın Temür ,Davut Yiğitpaşa
Settlement, Communication and Exchange around the Western Carpathians: International Workshop held at the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, October 27–28, 2012
Author/Editor: T. L. Kienlin ,P. Valde-Nowak ,M. Korczyñska ,K. Cappenberg ,J. Ociepka
Settlement and Land Use on the Periphery: The Bouros-Kastri Peninsula, Southern Euboia
Author/Editor: Jere M. Wickens ,Susan I. Rotroff ,Tracey Cullen ,Lauren E. Talalay ,Catherine Perlès ,Floyd W. McCoy
Set in Stone?: War Memorialisation as a Long-Term and Continuing Process in the Uk, France and the USA
Author/Editor: Emma Login
The Secret Life of Memorials: Through the Memory Lens of the Australian South Sea Islanders
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Julie
The Search for Winchester’s Anglo-Saxon Minsters
Author/Editor: Martin Biddle ,Simon Hayfield
‘Scènes de Gynécées’ Figured Ostraca from New Kingdom Egypt: Iconography and Intent
Author/Editor: Joanne Backhouse
æScΦnes de GynΘcΘesÆ Figured Ostraca from New Kingdom Egypt
Author/Editor: Backhouse, Joanne
Scelte tecnologiche, expertise e aspetti sociali della produzione: Una metodologia multidisciplinare applicata allo studio della ceramica eneolitica
Author/Editor: Vanessa Forte ,Michela Botticelli ,Laura Medeghini
Scambi e commerci in area vesuviana: I dati delle anfore dai saggi stratigrafici I.E. (Impianto Elettrico) 1980-81 nel Foro di Pompei
Author/Editor: Darío Bernal-Casasola ,Daniela Cottica
Saxa loquuntur: Roman Epitaphs from North-Western Croatia
Author/Editor: Migotti, Branka
Sasanian Archaeology: Settlements, Environment and Material Culture
Author/Editor: John Simpson
Santuari e spazi confessionali nell’Italia tardoantica
Author/Editor: Alessandro Luciano
Sanctuaries in Roman Dacia: Materiality and Religious Experience
Author/Editor: Csaba Szabó
Samoan Archaeology and Cultural Heritage: Monuments and People, Memory and History
Author/Editor: Helene Martinsson-Wallin
Ōsaka Archaeology
Author/Editor: Richard Pearson